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Who's your favorite Forum Character?

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Who's your favorite Forum Character? Empty Who's your favorite Forum Character?

Post  Tomokota Renavin Thu Jan 22, 2015 12:46 am

We've got a rather abundant list of characters on this forum, so the point of this Topic is obvious, given the name. Who is your favorite Character on the forum? Just reply to this message giving your answer(s), and the reasons why if possible.


  • You may not vote for your own character
  • You may not vote for Canon Characters
  • If you have more than one choice, you are limited to three.
  • You may not vote for an SNPC
  • And the character must be Active on the Forum.

I can't really pick a favorite so I'll go with the three who've actually left good impressions:

Jack Nightingale: Ah the blonde freelancing magician. He's a likable character and was very well made. Can't say i've RPed with this character enough to get a full impression, but from what I've got, I can't help but find the character interesting to watch.

Hujisaka Natsumi: Can't help but put her on this list. Perhaps it might be because her personality is one i find great in some other characters i've seen in other shows, and has some rather interesting background info. Plus she provides me plenty of entertainment...even if some of it involves beating up a certain delinquent.

Furuhashi Gou: The useless Judgment officer himself. A man who devotes his whole being to his work...only to hardly do anything. Hell, I've only RPed with him once, but I can already tell why he'd be described as the way he is. As my character is a delinquent, it's always nice to think of ways to ruin his day. THANKS IVA!
Tomokota Renavin
Tomokota Renavin

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Who's your favorite Forum Character? Empty Re: Who's your favorite Forum Character?

Post  Tanaka Kazuki Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:03 am

I'll pick two for my favorites that aren't me.

Furuhashi Gou: I've RPed in two threads with him and being a constant thorn in his side is quite fun due to his quite satisfying reactions to my  many shenanigans.

Damion Koyoko: Had fun RPing with him in my first thread and his consent misfortune always makes me happy. and hopefully my vote will get me the bown of ramen he still owes me
Tanaka Kazuki
Tanaka Kazuki
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Who's your favorite Forum Character? Empty Re: Who's your favorite Forum Character?

Post  Mugino Shizuri Thu Jan 22, 2015 4:23 pm

It’s impossible for me to determine a favourite character; first of all because a mod shouldn’t pick any favourites and second of all because every character on this forum is awesome in their own way. I can say that because I spent a lot of time reading profiles more than once, getting deep into the matter and learning to understand them by doing so.

Following my personal preferences and my interest in posting with a character, I’d say that Eto Fuuka is my “favourite” one. I simply am into that kind of characters and would like one of my characters to meet her over the course of the RP.

However as I said: I won’t prefer any character over another.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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Who's your favorite Forum Character? Empty Re: Who's your favorite Forum Character?

Post  Kihara Kisue Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:28 pm

Disclaimer: The entirety of this post is composed of my own personal opinions and impressions, and all conjectures herein may or may not be proven to be absolutely false or absolutely true by future events.

Ishida Gina
Gina seems like the type of character that seems like a different person to different people. One person in front of a teacher, another in front of a friend, yet another before an employer, juggling dozens of personae with ease. This type of character is extremely unlikely to bare her true thoughts to anyone, except perhaps someone she truly, absolutely detests. I look forward to the day she meets such a person!

These kinds of people are great fun...
Kihara Kisue
Kihara Kisue
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Who's your favorite Forum Character? Empty Re: Who's your favorite Forum Character?

Post  Kerri McKinley Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:06 am

Well, here are two of my favorites, I guess.

Hujisaka Natsumi: Not sure exactly what I'm supposed to say. I just find her to be fairly cool as a character. Also her... 'interactions' with Koyoko are fun.

Guy Li: This one is a little easier. I just happen to enjoy Guy because he's a nice... person, and how he'd tease Misaka in posts... and that's all can think of.
Kerri McKinley
Kerri McKinley
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Who's your favorite Forum Character? Empty Re: Who's your favorite Forum Character?

Post  Misaka Mikoto Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:34 pm

I don't have favourites, but here's a few characters whose development I look forward to observing.

Tomokota Renavin – From what I've seen of Renavin so far, he strikes me as somewhat of an idiot who yet can be very intelligent and serious when needed a la Sora if we go by his faceclaim, or Natsume Kyousuke from Little Busters. I find these characters to have quite interesting development later down the road, and he's pretty amusing to read.

Akiyama Rika – Though she has a personality that'd make me want to hit her in real life, I feel like she could bring a nice aspect to the whole ojou-sama setting of Tokiwadai. Seeing her interact with other Tokiwadai characters and grow sounds quite entertaining.

Furuhashi Gou – By development I mean seeing him transform into a normal teenager at some point. He's an... interesting balance between a normal person and a completely abnormal one (then again, it's not like we actually have normal characters on this forum, lol).

As far as characters I'm really familiar with go, here's my honourable mention, since I'm rather certain none of the new members have RPed with him.

Guy Li – @Kerri: Hahaha... He's a pretty fun and interesting character, but it takes RPing with him to quickly come to the (ma foi) interesting conclusion that you'll never know what to expect from him. Never...


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'Mikoto thinks'

Misaka Mikoto
Misaka Mikoto
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Who's your favorite Forum Character? Empty Re: Who's your favorite Forum Character?

Post  Yamaguchi Hiromi Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:16 pm

This was actually one of the first threads I have read even before joining. It was one of those that I liked reading and encouraged me to join.

I apologize for posting in an "old" thread, but I kinda wanted to post here ever since I read it for the first time xD

(And who knows, it might revive activity in the general chat section Razz )

So, I do have a lot of favorites. But I would have to choose 3. Hmm...

Hujisaka Natsumi - Even before joining I have been interested in this character when I read her profile. And then I just found myself reading most of the IC threads she features in without stop xD because I liked her parts in those. I would say her personality is one that I like a lot. And her interractions with Guy and Mikoto are just so fun xD would love to RP with her someday Very Happy

Guy Li - Same as Natsumi, I have been interested in Guy before joining and I enjoyed reading his IC parts as much as her. And I should say that, just from the very small amount of RPing I've done with him till now, I do agree with what Natsumi said: he really is unpredictable xD And that is fun to read, and is even more fun to RP with xD I'm looking forward to the rest of our RP ^^

Damion Koyoko - While wasn't initially one of my most favorites when I read his profile (Not that the profile was bad, no it was enjoyable to read, but I just tend to dislike cold characters), he was surprisingly very enjoyable to read IC, a rare occurence for this kind of character but a very nice surprise. And while I RPed with him, the character just grew on me even more. I hope I can RP with him in a canon thread in the future Very Happy

☆ Honorable mention:

While he is no longer a PC, so I can't really include him anymore, I would like to mention Furuhashi Gou who has been one of my favorite characters even before I joined.

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Yamaguchi Hiromi
Yamaguchi Hiromi
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Who's your favorite Forum Character? Empty Re: Who's your favorite Forum Character?

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