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Post  Misaka Mikoto Mon Feb 16, 2015 4:33 pm


[Lag Interface]
Yashiro, Tsunemori Lifeline
Through the use of 17th dimension calculations, is able to suspend sentient beings from the normal passage of time, essentially putting them in stasis. It does not work on inanimate objects, nor does it cancel forces such as inertia.

[Sound Cancel]
Koumori, Seichi
Can completely deaden all sound waves within a limited area for a certain period of time, resulting in complete silence.

Akira, Kin
Through a limited application of telekinesis, is able to manipulate discrete masses of minerals.


Oda, Taichi
Passively but unreliably creates a weak membrane to bridge the gaps between broken blood vessels, staunching bleeding and assisting in the healing process.

[Kinetic Drive]
Kurama, Kenji
Allows for the absorption and later release of kinetic energy. The release may be effected either directly through the body or through the medium of a foreign object.

Fujiwara, Ami
Passively intensifies surrounding sound waves, rendering quiet noises more audible. Output is weak, but also cannot be controlled.


[Flash Frost]
Kurohasu, Naomi
By touch, can dampen the net energy contained within an object, effectively sapping heat and flash freezing it.

[Kami Kami]
Hakosho, Tsuru
Can weakly manipulate paper within a short distance of self, to the point of being able to fold origami.

[Particle Dampener]
Kurohasu, Naomi
By slowing down the movement of particles, it allows the user to use one hand to lessen a target's overall temperature, as well as reducing sound by slowing the air particle's vibrations


[Aero Hand]
Damion, Koyoko
By manipulating gas and air molecules, it allows the user to control the flow, density, pressure and temperature of air.

Matsuo, Imae
Forces the characteristics of Alkali Metals into None Alkali Metals, a stable element gets turned into a non stable element. The element’s contact with air or water will force a chemical reaction causing the object to heat up rapidly resulting in an explosion.

Murakami, Takashi
Manipulates both the wind's direction and velocity, also allowing to move objects with sufficient boost.

[Empty Orchestra]
Sakaguchi, Ran
The capability to manipulate the sound waves produced by one’s own voice. Power is weak, but control is delicate enough for impersonation, ventriloquism, or cancelling other sounds by generating on opposing sound wave.

[Jamais Vu]
Kita, Tsukiko
A light manipulation ability, can create illusions up to an average person in size. Not entirely static, but maintaining realism in motion is difficult.

[Kinetic Flux]
Saito, Hirashi
A general telekinetic ability requiring line of sight with the target. Relatively weak but extremely precise.

[Light Decay]
Himura, Kyouka
Is able to cause light to decay into infrared light within specifically demarcated areas. This causes the area to be shrouded in darkness due to the lack of light as well as generate a large amount of heat from the infrared radiation.

[Lightning Recall]
Oshiro, Masaru
Grants the user control over the electrical impulses of their own own neurons, used to directly connect the user's mind with a surrounding world, allowing them to memorise any form of "data" faster by using a process similar to scanning it.

[Limit Overload]
Isamu, Gaji
Is able to increase the power output in systems such as lightbulbs or electrical lines in an extremely efficient manner, preventing the increased output from destroying the subject for a limited time. Is not limited to electronic devices, but is more efficient with them.

[Location Read]
Springs, Autumnus
Creates a field allowing the user to read the locations of anything within its reach, also detecting signs of life.

[Malicious Fake]
Kobayashi, Iori
Allows control computers without the use of peripherals like a keyboard or mouse; granting possibilities of advanced hacking.

Iwasaki, Kazuko
An ability that allows the user to accelerate their own brain’s processing speed, slowing down their perception of time.

Rindou, Kyou
Enables the user to predict another person’s actions a few seconds before they actually occur.

[Radio Noise]
Misaka 10032
A deformed type of the Electro Master ability exclusive to the Sisters, allowing them to generate electricity of about 50000 volts. Exclusive to this ability is the capability of creating a network of brainwaves, enabling transfer of information similar to telepathy.

[Skin Hardening]
Zukuchishi, Takuto
By re-arranging their body's carbon atoms, the user of this ability can change the characteristics of their skin to either harden it, or make it as sharp as possible.

[Sting Glow]
Blau, Mack
A photokinetic ability, is able to absorb photons over time for later release. They may be released steadily for a flashlight-like effect, or else in bulk to blind.

Mitayama, Mirai
The capacity to communicate with others mentally, without speaking aloud or using tools. Functions by creating a ‘wire’ between the targets; if the wire were to be cut, so would the connection.

[Violence Donut]
Kumokawa, Maria
Increases centrifugal forces by 1.5 to 3 times, allowing for superhuman feats or enhanced use of certain tools. Does not fortify the body, meaning careless use can lead to self-harm.

[Volt Streamer]
McKinley, Kerri
Grants the capability of control over the flow of electricity. However while the user can control and absorb electricity into their body it is impossible for them to generate electricity themselves.

[Voodoo Doll]
Eto, Fuuka
Creates a one sided mental link to another person via invisible psychic wires, letting them experience the same physical sensation of pain as the user.


[Battou Kanon]
Yamato, Trystan
A telekinesis variant, allows for the use of six telekinetic ‘arms’ of force which act with equivalent strength and precision to the user’s own arms, though the range extends beyond. Use of the arms is extremely demanding of stamina.

Tachibana, Toshiro
Allows the user to gather from water from a puddle or pool, up to the moisture of the air, and slow down the movement of atoms to make it freeze.

[Deep Blood]
Himegami, Aisa
An ability that grants the owner’s blood the special characteristics of luring vampires in with its scent and killing them among consumption.

[Dummy Check]
Yanagi, Miiru
Allows the user to minimise her presence to a point where they won't be noticed. This only affects other people, not reflecting or recording objects.

[Echo Over]
Naoki, Keima
Based on controlling sound, it allows the user the manipulation of sound. They are then capable of manipulating sound waves, frequency, pitch, tones or even its direction.

[Electro Master]
Fuyuki, Chisa
Grants the user the ability to generate electricity and control electrical phenomenons like electromagnetic fields, electrons and such. Additionally, the user gains the capacity to sense electrons and the like.

[Electron Shell]
Aoki, Aiko
Is able to generate a thin film of electrons in the shape of a dome around the user, and subsequently alter any electromagnetic radiation which passes through. Can be used to block off light, amplify lasers, and divert electric currents, among other things.

[Force Recorder]
Yugoro, Matsuma
Passively absorbs kinetic energy up to a certain threshold, which can then later be released. Energy dissipates over time or upon unconsciousness, and excess energy is immediately discharged.

Tsuchimiya, Ihachigo
Applies a field around an object defying the gravity of the Earth as well as air’s friction around it, allowing for the user to emulate the cosmic space’s conditions.

[Hydro Hand]
Fukui, Yukari
Allows control over the flow of water, though only over a greater body of water instead of single drops or particles.

[Immobile Cannon]
Zuisho, Ryuketsu
By forcing electrons into a state between wave and particle form, it enables the user to fire highly destructive beams.

[Mass Teleport]
Yamaguchi, Hiromi
The ability to switch numerous items in the user’s surroundings between the 3rd and 11th dimension, allowing to move them ignoring the 3rd dimension’s limitations. The user can only target objects in their surroundings, not themselves

[Military Oil]
Omamori, Cartin
The ability to manipulate oils. The user may alternately either manipulate the oils telekinetically, or else break them down molecularly and reassemble them into different types of oil.

[Open Fire]
Adachi, Tetsuya
The ability to use the surface of metal as a conduit to generate flame.

[Phase Shift]
Kashiwagi, Mai
The ability to render matter intangible, maximum output being roughly four people’s worth of mass at a time. While control is enough to allow contact with solid ground, air will pass through, limiting the practical duration of the ability.

[Pheromonal Guide]
Kirishima, Haruna
Is able to control living creatures other than humans through manipulation of the flow and secretion of hormones and pheromones. Also allows for a limited understanding of intent and emotion. Additionally, the user’s AIM field passively induces docility and amiability among surrounding creatures.

[Proximity Teleport]
Mori, Kita
Allows one to move things from the 3rd dimension into the 11th dimension and vice versa, enabling one to use a set point in that dimension as a storage space for objects of their choice.

[Radiance Genesis]
Akiyama, Rika
Categorised as photo kinesis, the user of this ability is capable of generating light as well as manipulating the light’s intensity, either to blind a target or to cause phenomena like an actual laser.

[Remote Reach]
The ability to manipulate solid objects over a longer distance through Telekinesis.

Hayami, Saori
Allows for the manipulation of silicates, ranging from sand and glass to concrete and quartz.

[Silver Lining]
Ausama, Abel
Allows one to sense and control metal, range of control being from density manipulation up to being capable to change the metal's shape itself. However, the user has no way to create their own metal.

[Spatial Control]
Tsukomata, Kana
A general telekinesis ability, allowing the user to effect motion remotely. As a derivative application, is also able to ‘feel’ out the contents of her surroundings, sensing any motion even without visual or auditory confirmation.

[Spatial Lock]
Tayamiya, Jin
Is able to lock the coordinates of a solid object in place relative to the earth, rendering it practically invulnerable.

Speed Check
Shizuko, Jun
Allows the user to either double or halve the speed at which an object is traveling. However, using it on her own body results in 3 minutes of involuntary slowness.

Kuramoto, Minako
A general telekinetic ability.

[Temporal Hack]
Hisakawa, Miyako
Allows for the manipulation of others’ perception of time, causing them to perceive events as rapidly speeding up or slowing down.

[Trick Art]
Yanagi, Mila
By manipulating light around them, the user can produce illusions of either themselves or thoroughly inspected objects.

Viscoelastic, Impulse
Kaneko, Mirai
Manipulates and reinforces the tensile strength of the user’s leg muscles, allowing for superhuman feats.

[Volt Charge]
Kanabe, Kyouko
Allows for the manipulation of electricity, but not generation or the perception of electromagnetic fields, greatly limiting potential use. May store electricity within her body for later use for a limited time, but unconsciousness will result in immediate discharge. Additionally, her AIM field causes minor disturbances in local electromagnetic fields.

Tanaka, Kazuki
Creates wormholes in order to link two locations in space with each other, enabling instantaneous transportation.


[AIM Stalker]
Takitsubo, Rikou
Allows for the sensing, memorization, and tracking of the unique AIM fields of espers. Once an AIM field is memorized it cannot be forgotten, the range of the tracking is essentially unlimited, and the precision is exact.

[Atomic Restraint]
Kinoshita, Nori
Allows for the restriction of motion within a system, reducing heat and creating great cold. Due to it preventing heat transfer, safe handling of extremely hot objects becomes possible. The strain of the ability is severe.

[Diagnosis Touch]
Kira, Kohaku
A subset of psychometry, allowing the user to read all vital signals in the human body upon contact. At a high Level, it also allows to detect an issue with a human body (e.g: torn muscle, poisoning, or other internal damage).

[Fairy Glass]
Mitsui, Kohane
An ability enabling the user to force photons into a crystalline structure, creating a unique substance of solid yet flowing nature, often referred to as hard light.

[Flash Point]
Sakamoto, Meirin
Relies on quick acceleration of atomic movements within an object at touch to increase the temperature within said object. It also grants its user manipulation of thermal energies, and extended heat protection.

[Force Command]
Makinami, Mari Illustrious
Though it only works on solid objects, it allows the manipulation of force applied to or released by the user's own body.

Ishida, Gina
Allows limited control over gravity so that its user may either push or pull objects, and increase or decrease Earth's gravitational pull around their position.

Florentine, Laetitia
Allows for the telekinetic manipulation of bodies of water. Also, by increasing the density of the water within her body, allows for temporarily superhuman endurance.

Hujisaka, Natsumi
Allows the user to accelerate atomic movements within an object or air particles, forcing them to heat up and ignite.

[Offensive Armour]
Kinuhata, Saiai
Creates an invisible barrier around the user by controlling the nitrogen in the air. The nitrogen can also be compressed, granting the user super human strength.

[Selective Severing]
Oda, Rin
A telekinesis variant, it allows the user to cut parts away from an object by severing their molecular bonds before taking control of the severed part.

[Solid Air]
Haragi, Faye
By separating Oxygen Molecules from Oxygen Gas, it creates Oxygen Free Radical Molecules that enable the user to either cause dangerous explosions by increasing the entropy of the molecules in their macrostate system, or solidifying them into crystal-like forms.

Shirai, Kuroko
Allows its user to switch between the 3rd and the 11th dimension at pure will, permitting one to travel from one place to another, ignoring the 3rd dimension’s limitation and therefore to teleport. The user may teleport themselves and objects they come in contact with.

[Tremor Touch]
Furuhashi, Gou
Causes particle vibrations within an object capable of damaging the object from within, creating mini-earthquakes, or cause the object itself to vibrate at a high frequency.


[Accelerator (Vector Change)]
Rather unique, this ability grants its sole user full control over any vector he touches. Though its most basic use is reflection, acting as a shield, Accelerator is capable of using it in a myriad of ways. This ability, however, requires constant complex calculations.

[Electro Master]
Misaka, Mikoto
Beyond the basic uses Electromastery has to offer, at her level she can also feel electromagnetic waves that allow her to perceive an image of the room she's in three-dimensionally and fire metal object at three times the speed of sound (though the distance depends on the object itself). This is known as her Railgun, what she's named after.

Mugino, Shizuri
Similar to Electromastery in a fundamental way, this ability allows its user to force electrons into a state between particle and wave form, enabling the user to fire breams capable of great destructive prowess.

[Mental Out]
Shokuhou, Misaki
Allows manipulation of the secretion of chemicals in a person's brain to control their mind at the fullest extent. Though telepathy, brain washing and reading memories are all basic uses of Mental Out, the Level of the user may grant him much more in terms of uses and capacity.


"Mikoto speaks"
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