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Important Locations

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Important Locations Empty Important Locations

Post  Aleister Crowley on Thu Jun 14, 2012 9:12 pm

Important Locations:

Academy City is the primary setting of the Toaru Majutsu no Index series, it's side stories and this RP.
As the city's name suggests, it is a city of several schools and institutions of higher learning from kindergarten to university level that learn side-by-side along with the scientists who research on psychic powers and higher technology, the latter being one of the primary reasons for its establishment. The city was founded by the magician Aleister Crowley to do studies and research on the development of preternatural abilities. It is the most advanced city in the world and its technology is said to be 30 years ahead of the world. Nearly all inhabitants of the city of Japanese descent, though there are some foreign inhabitants of the city. Only a handful of residents are aware of the existence of magic.

According to some, the students in Academy City are just being used to further the research and development in the achievement of a Level 6. Academy City uses the mystique of gaining powers to promote people to send their children into the city as well as to attract sponsors, events which showcase Esper powers which are normally prohibited by the city, are an example of this. Such events bring in thousands of spectators into the city, which is normally closed to outsiders.

Aleister Crowley is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and holds absolute power of the city, however, he usually doesn't concern himself with government affairs and delegates them to the 12 members of the Board of Directors. According to Aleister, the members of the board of directors are expendable and can be replaced any time. The government has absolute power regarding policies, as adults have no say regarding policies being implemented. There is no suffrage since the majority population are minors.

Academy City is the first to successfully create artificial Espers. Because of this many organizations desire the secrets of the program and others, such as the Magic side, wish to eliminate it. As consequence to this, security in the city is tight with three surveillance satellites above the city and a wall that separates the city from the outside world among others.

Located just west of Tokyo, Academy City is composed of 23 districts, which are simply called School Districts and are numbered from one to twenty-three. Each of these districts has a specific purpose; below lists all 23 School Districts of Academy City, including their functions and purposes:

District 1 Where most of the city's administration is located
District 2 Training areas for Judgment and Anti-Skill, military-related facilities
District 3 Accomodations for authorized outsiders (which also includes hotels, private pools, etc.)
District 4 Food-related facilities, including experimental crop growing
District 5 Mostly filled with universities and junior colleges
District 6 Recreational facilities, which also includes an amusement park
District 7 Middle and high schools, school dormitories, boarding houses, hospitals, the "Windowless Building" where Aleister Crowley is located
District 8 Mainly for the various teaching staff of the city
District 9 Industrial arts and fine arts schools
District 10 Reformatories, nuclear energy research facilities, the city's only cemetery
District 11 Goods transfer
District 12 Theology system schools
District 13 Kindergartens and primary schools
District 14 Accomodations and various other facilities for overseas students
District 15 A large district consisting of the city's major shopping district and mass communications facilities
District 16 Focuses on commerce
District 17 Railway cargo storage and organization
District 18 Kirigaoka Girls' Academy and Nagatenjouki Academy
District 19 Uncertain; has been in a decline recently
District 20 Schools focused on raising athletic students along with their esper abilities
District 21 Dams for water storage; observatory in the mountains.
District 22 The smallest district in terms of surface area; this district is mainly for developing technology for an underground town in the face of land shortages in major cities
District 23 Airline companies and aeronautics and space development

A map of Academy City: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101019073816/to-aru-majutsu-no-index/images/thumb/f/fd/Academy_city_map.jpg/459px-Academy_city_map.jpg
Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley
General Superintendant of Academy City

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