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Ba-Zhen-Tu Empty Ba-Zhen-Tu

Post  [Old] Index on Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:43 am

Limberry Isle

By the time Pilgrimage came to the end of its journey, the train was found to be on a forest. Thick with trees that could easily be mistaken for something ripped straight out of the film Jurassic Park, tall vegetation surrounded the steel construct almost like a jungle. There were no tracks as far as the eyes could see which would raise the question how the train travelled from one part of Britain to a remote island officially said to be located in the North Sea between the ocean borders of United Kingdom and Denmark. It should also be noted that the island in question wasn’t reachable by sea despite it being an island.

Said to have been a magically bounded field that was created in the early 6th century by an infamous wizard who sought salvation in self imprisonment. Limberry Isle was the name given to the island theoretically belonged to the ancient hermit of the Arthurian Tales, an island that was unreachable by any means, and also the earliest example of a successful Mobile Fortress. It had been the headquarters of a group of magical cults founded with the fall of the Golden Dawn which operated in the coasts between Florida and Puerto Rico, now known as the Bermuda Triangle where commercial airlines have said to have gone missing from time to time.  Since the time Necessarius had purged the cultists, the island was moved to its current location and rested 20km above sea level to avoid similar tragedies from re-occurring.

The skies above them were scarcely visible, sunlight penetrated through the thick forest only to provide bare minimum light. The steel construct that was best remembered as a moving fog creature than a train was covered by an equally large cloth as it remained stationary whilst allowing it’s passengers safe passage, a scene that may have featured on a national television as part of a certain illusionist’s most iconic trick.

If all that wasn’t magical elegance in all it’s glory, what followed afterwards would give the passenger’s a rude awakening as they boarded off the train. Her sight covered by the drapes of cloth that seemed to stretch to every inch of Pilgrimage, Sister Angelene rushed out of the doors only to flip upside down and kiss the dirt as she fell planting her face first into soft earth. The Pilgrimage was placed upside down but the center of gravity did not change…. At least not until you boarded off the train.

Ba-Zhen-Tu Forest_zpspya7stnl

“Gyaafuh!” as the small nun shouted a painful groan the trees rustled as tropical birds that silently watched the swelling of the enormous shroud flew off in all direction at the birth of a dirt kissing nun.

Unlike her fellow battle nun, the tall blonde sister landed on her feet with no problem as the center of gravity shifted the moment she left the train.

“Sister Angelene. It serves you right for acting like a child, a proper nun should always move with grace!”
Annoyed yet as if she had anticipated such outcome, Sister Lucia rushed to Sister Angelene, raising her back to her feet.

“Ungraceful as it was, at the very least you managed to erase the foul odor of that heretic chips you were sneaking away.”

Nenthra-kaaya oopperi were a type of fried banana chips originally manufactured in Indian state of Kerala. The type Sister Angelene had been sneaking away were coated with pungent masala powder which produced a spicy and sweet variant at the expense of it’s eater gaining the smell that resembled a curry restaurant. Coincidentally the smelly curse had been administered on the next small nun that followed them out of the train, Sister Mecharossa who had the misfortune of having the contents of Sister Angelene’s bag erupt right on top of her head.

Much like there were terminology such as a Walking Church, Sister Mecharossa could have been mistaken for a Walking Curry Store by the pungent odor of masala still stained into her clothes and hair.

But was it truly misfortune or fortune? Due to the side effects of the pungent smell, Sister Mecharossa was generally avoided by those who may have suspected her of being unfamiliar. Fellow Battle Nuns of the Agnese Forces made sure to create enough distance away from her so that they would not be tainted by the smell of heretical masala. An idea Mark Space would have approved.

“Sister Mecharossa… you and I are in a dire need of a 2nd baptism…” Sister Angelen cringed as she commented on the pungent smell approaching them whilst she pinched her noise in an attempt to protect herself from the smell.

A palm silently covered the face of Sister Lucia as the comment was made.
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Ba-Zhen-Tu Empty Re: Ba-Zhen-Tu

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Sat Jul 25, 2015 2:29 pm

Fresh air to carelessly breath in, the calm sight of a deep forest and the life filled silence nature was so loved for.

Sister Mecharossa wasn’t able to taste any of that. That rigid smell of a full curry house, that nagging dwarf and that large breasted avatar of diligence had just been that much to handle. That humiliation she had been forced to overcome for the past few hours. That utterly terrible train ride she was hoping to forget as soon as possible, as otherwise the fires of rage would truly explode devastating a vast amount of the beautiful scenery, frying the innocently singing birds to crispy untasteful chicken wings.

Truly. If she didn’t have to keep her cover there would have already been the first few dead bodies to be discovered in the forest, suffocated in a pot of boiling hot curry and sliced apart like from a professional Japanese high class cook.

But God wasn’t that nice an existence.

A collection of deep breaths and quick steps.

She had used that opportunity given to her to at least build up a certain amount of distance from the other two. Sticking together may have been better for keeping her cover, at least from a tactician’s perspective, but right now that secret invader had reached the point where she considered even walking up to the pope and kicking him in the balls as safer than staying anywhere near those two...

Thus she had settled on pretending to be interested in sight seeing, the nature and all those little precious things. After all this kind of attitude wasn’t that far fetched.

Any information she could gather about this island would be to her advantage later on. Escape routes, hidden traps, surveillance methods, even the Magic that had become source of this phenomenon, all could be useful to someone like her.
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