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A Certain Experiment's End (Arc 3 Epilogue)

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A Certain Experiment's End (Arc 3 Epilogue) - Page 7 Empty Re: A Certain Experiment's End (Arc 3 Epilogue)

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:09 pm

For anyone who knew how much this woman could disappear the second anyone did as much as not focus on her if she so wished it, it was plain as day that she had purposely slowed down her walking pace for a simple reason: the conversation with Index's saviours had yet to end and she knew that well. It had simply ended for one of them and Index herself, and her slow pace gave prompt for the other to catch up to her after mere minutes to carry it on.

If not sharp enough to have realised the inconsistencies of Index's “condition” for years, Kanzaki Kaori remained a woman who at least knew when it was time for a discussion to truly end, and when one of the participants were left with something crucial they wanted to say.

“What is it?” She asked, the sound of steps following shortly after had brought her to a stop.

Slightly tilting her head to the side though without fully turning around, she could tell that it was indeed Guy who had followed her, and she well-imagined that it was because of matters that would send Touko into a frenzy were she to hear of them.

"Are you really okay with the way things turned out? You may think this is an acceptable resolution. But have you considered the reasons for it happening this way? The reasons why the ones pulling the strings in the Church and in Academy City are fine with things turning out this way? Neither would allow it unless they thought it gave them the upper hand in some way. So what angle are they playing? Clearly both the Archbishop and the one in charge here have their own motives. And their own plans for Index.”

He had asked as if to provoke her yet had left just as fast without caring for the answer, only leaving a small comment on his way. One that annoyingly implied that she hadn't been wrecking her mind over it for days already. Kanzaki observed his rapidly retreating back, irked by the implications of his interrogations as her mind wandered back to the matter for the nth time.

With the days that had been spent pondering since the incident, it was a question they both had the answer to: this current situation was only momentary peace. Whether in months, weeks, or even days from now, the eternal war that battled on between the science and magic side would eventually affect Index and the people around her. There would be no miraculous outcome for the bearer of the forbidden library to live the life of any normal young girl of her age.

Originally, for all that was taken from her, Kanzaki felt at least glad that she'd be able to spend some time as one without losing her memories of it, as someone who would be damned to live a long and excruciatingly difficult life as someone who holds the magic side's deepest secrets as she grew older and older.

But now, with the fact that their resolution had brought about such a considerable miracle already, she had been led by the two to question if that was another “truth” of Index's life or yet another charade from the people manipulating her?

“Both of them are oversimplifying this so much...” Kanzaki mulled over an answer no one would hear or be here to listen to anyway, a steady flame of determination growing in her as she clenched a fist around her absurdly long, sheathed blade. “It doesn't matter in whose plans Index is involved. I will make sure she lives the life she wants and deserves regardless.”

The woman who stood as one of only twenty Saints in the world vowed as such: Index would never again be treated as an object whether by the magic side, science side, or any individual naïve enough to face her.

She would dedicate all of her strength to see to it personally, and she was certain that Stiyl Magnus would as well.

With a renewed dedication she could never thank the two enough for, Kanzaki resumed her stride back to meet her colleague in another continent. But this time, her stride was not one of a pessimistic woman who had given up on everything.

It was one of unrivalled and firm resolve.
Hujisaka Natsumi
Hujisaka Natsumi
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A Certain Experiment's End (Arc 3 Epilogue) - Page 7 Empty Re: A Certain Experiment's End (Arc 3 Epilogue)

Post  Guy Li Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:46 pm

The Steel Mill, August 5th 00:00 AM

“Hey boss.” Itsuki sat atop the empty shipping container, swinging one leg over the side as he spoke into the cellphone. “I've got my report. Everything went as planned.” The fox-eyed teenager stated.“Academy City is in possession of the Index and the Church of England can't raise a hand in protest. They'll be too busy barking at each other to cause us any trouble for a while at least.” He paused, waiting for the other caller's response.

“Oh? The Catholics? They did exactly what was expected of them. In the end they weren't hard to steer at all. There's something to be said about dogma and blind faith after all, I guess.” His carefree tone betrayed a mocking indifference to those he'd so casually manipulated with only a few carefully chosen words. If Shinichiro or Shirou could have heard him they would have been furious.

The voice on the other end followed up with a question.

“No. Academy City doesn't have a clue we're involved. Well, maybe the General Superintendent might, but if he does he's not telling. That worries me tho-” He stopped abruptly, interrupted by a terse response from the other voice. “Understood. I'll leave it in your hands.”

Itsuki looked out over the city that stretched out in front of him. The site of last night's battle was still like a fresh wound in the urban landscape. Even this city's cleanup crews would have trouble covering up something so much destruction. They'd settled on labelling it an 'industrial accident' in the end.

“So everything's set. The only real loose end is the alchemist, but he's in no position to do anything bothersome right now. We can take care of him at our leisure.” He glanced down at the dossiers spread over the container, his eyes resting upon a photograph of Aurelius Izzard.

“Even the hiccup with the Level 5s worked in out favour.” He leafed through more documents. They had expected a Level 5 to fall that night, for certain, but with the bearer of a certain right hand otherwise occupied it had been predicted that the outcome would be far removed from the one that had occurred. “Yeah. In the end it was Accelerator who was defeated.” Another question from the other end of the call. “The Railgun and her allies.” He reached for the small point and shoot camera in his pocket, opening up a video of the fateful confrontation. “That's right. Even without Imagine Breaker. This should upset things around here enough to make a few waves.” His already broad grin widened with an almost silent chuckle.

“But that's not the interesting part.” He sat up excitably. “Get this. The one who took him down was some no name. And he did it with his bare hands.” Itsuki sounded curious, almost wary. “I know, right? The technique he used... That kind of accuracy isn't something a normal person could achieve. In fact I can think of a few 4th degrees who'd struggle to pull it off.”

The lack of emotion from the other caller only made Itsuki more intrigued.

“Got it. I'm sending you the video now. In the meantime I'll keep an eye on him.” The boy ended the call with a formal sign off and slipped the phone into his pocket.
Guy Li
Guy Li
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