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Alex's idea box

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Alex's idea box Empty Alex's idea box

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen Thu May 18, 2017 3:29 pm

Alex's idea box


Imperium (Tales of Albion)
Harold, the High King has returned to the royal court after grieving over the death of his wife. He returns to find reports of missing people and strange creatures in the north while parliament that he helped to create has been locked in political turmoil over the future of the Albion Empire.

As he attempts to manoeuvre through all these issues he realises that the world has become a dangerous place as it stumbles towards a global war. His position though would be questioned as he avoids committing his nation to this growing conflict and yet his biggest battle would be with his children as the future generation prepares to take centre stage.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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Sir Alexander Beathen
Sir Alexander Beathen

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Alex's idea box Empty Prologue

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen Sun May 06, 2018 12:22 am


What makes history important? The simple answer would be for us to learn from our mistakes and not to repeat them. But how do we know what is the truth? More often than not, victors in war paint themselves in a better light than those they have conquered.

This deception of history has only brought disaster to the world, condemning it to a cycle of insanity which is doomed to repeat over and over again. Their suffering cried out like an echo throughout the ages, until one day, it was finally answered in the form of a little box.

It was a metal box covered in runes beyond the knowledge of humanity. It appeared before many like a test; its presence was a riddle waiting to be answered. The one who would manage to solve it would be known as the Loremaster, whose role in the world was to witness and protect the truth of history. Their mission was to share the knowledge of the past and seek the truth of a world yet to be learned.

And while no one would understand its origin, its impact on the world would be forever felt like a constant reminder to never forget what has become before them. However, the Loremaster is only mortal, and there has been many throughout time. The truth is one person can only do so much against the darkness that inhabits humanity.

We can only hope that humanity learns the hard lessons before time runs out.

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Sir Alexander Beathen
Sir Alexander Beathen

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Alex's idea box Empty Re: Alex's idea box

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen Sun May 06, 2018 12:25 am

Chapter One

At the far corner of the Albion empire, where only a few had ever seen, was the snowy mountain range known as The Helm. Here there were rumours of beasts never seen before within the empire or the entire world.

Those stories had varied in all matters of absurdity, yet from first glances, the mountain range is a quiet, desolate wasteland.  While there are traces of life, not many have gone into the heart of the mountains and returned to tell the tale.

Something had to be done and so on this evening on the 360th year of the Empire Age, the first military expedition to the heart of The Helm Mountain range begun. Its goal was to establish an outpost within and uncover the reason for the increasing number of missing individuals that has brought a concern to the local authorities.

Many sceptics had called this a waste of money in a time of decolonisation and claimed those who have gone missing weren't prepare for the climate within The Helm mountains. This outcry would go unheeded as while budgets are tight, the higher-ups within the capital ordered the expedition regardless.

Men dressed in steel plate armour and cloaked in cloth marched towards one of the mountain passes. The snow was at least a twenty inches thick and more was falling by the second, for any other group, this would be almost suicidal to travel through, especially while wearing heavy armour while guiding caravans. However, this expedition was being led by the 3rd Legion, who specialise combat in unforgiving environments and this was shown by all but one of the knights not being affected by the snow.

"Bloody hell, how are you guys keeping it together? I'm freezing my bollocks off." said one near the end of the marching column who was struggling to walk through the snow. It wasn't because of his armour which was a standard issue with the recommended enchantments already active.

"It's because you picked the wrong cloak back at the barracks in Dunloy." said another who was walking beside the failing knight. "Huh? Then why didn't you warn me? Sir Addington? You know I can't read enchantment spells." the troubled knight complained which was met with laughter by the one known as Addington. "Because you always refused to ask for help Sir Paxton due to your absurd sense of pride. Don't you think that is very detrimental to the legion's teamwork you know?"  Addington explained his actions as the troubled knight known as Paxton flustered in his stance before he responds. "I know! I know! Just fix it already! Please?!"

Addington sighed as he turned to his fellow knight while they marched and touched the cloak with his right hand which was glowing with a bluish aura. And upon that contact, the magic that was radiating from the cloak shattered.

"As you know physical items can only hold a few enchantments depending on the material. Cloaks can only hold one so I had to dispell the original." Addington explaining feeling the need to teach his fellow knight the basics of enchantments. "I know, just do it already," Paxton said while shivering from the cold and Addington only silently nodded not willing to push it further for now. "We should continue when we get back to Dunloy," Addington responds as he proceeds to enchant Paxton's cloak appropriately and this was done by taking out a fine purple power which glowed with magic from a small vial. Most enchantments are the result of alchemy techniques and all they had to do was spread the enchantment powder over the cloak.

Addington had done this enchanting the cloak with the same magic on his own, though the results weren't immediate it wouldn't take long for Paxton to keep up with everyone else.  While he would normally be grateful it was that same damn pride which stopped him from showing it.

Though silence would follow their interaction, it wasn't because of Paxton's lack of gratitude, but because of what they were seeing.  As the marching column entered the pass they were bewildered by the shimmering light reflecting off the mountainsides and the serenity of the environment.

Though there is something about being too peaceful and this had made Addington worried. Out of the two, he was more attuned to the way of the land and the magic that runs through them. While Paxton had already proven the magical arts aren't his strong suit.  

"There is something different about this place," Addington said who seemed worried about what they're marching into. "Yeah, it has gotten much colder. And don't you think this answers the mystery?" Paxton asked him. "Huh? What do you mean?" Addington was thrown by the question, but he felt like this would result in the same topic that has dominated everyone's conversations today.

"Think about it? Even the most inexperienced knight is vastly stronger than a normal human. Probably worth ten people put together and yet we still had to use specialised equipment with the correct enhancements to ensure efficiency. Hell even the caravans themselves took a while to prepare and I'm not talking about the supplies to establish the outpost. All this and more cost money and time, enchanting equipment isn't cheap and the skill isn't readily available to citizens." Paxton explained his view to which Addington had finished it for him.

"So you're theorising that all the missing are due to preparing for the weather?" Addington asked not fully convinced by that claim.

"And you think rumours of mythological creatures like the Garitia, Tarak and even Bigfoot is more of a plausible reason?" Paxton said while challenging Addington.

"Of course not, but did you see who was up there with the commander?" Addington said who has seemed to be thinking about this for some time. "A member of the King's Guard. Meaning, this expedition was signed off by the High King and I don't think he is concerned about the weather." Addington explained leaving Paxton surprised.

"You're kidding, so we're not here by the orders of parliament? But the High King?" He questioned yet Addington only shrugged.  "By the way, Paxton that wasn't what I mean by something being wrong. Can't you feel it? This land is dead." Addington revealed his concerns but from there standpoint, it would be hard to make any sense of it. However, right at the front of the marching column just as Addington mentioned there was a King's guardsman along with the commander of the 3rd legion.

"So Commander, what is your take on this place?" The King's guardsman said who was identified by his armour having a golden trim compared to the usual standard equipment. This was a simple identifier and yet was known all around. As only the best knights of the army would ever grace the positions of the King's guard. "I don't really know, but the lack of leylines might be my first concern." The Commander responded who was the only one there without a helmet and was shown to be a grizzled man with a red trim identifying his armour as a different rank. "You would be right on that and would explain why this land had turned into a cold and unforgiving environment." The King's Guardsmen would respond as both leading the column would finally arrive in an open valley within the Helm mountains.

It was big enough for the purpose to establish a military outpost, though they probably would have to flatten the ground due to the many uneven surfaces presumed to be boulders covered with snow. There were even cave systems about and why this could be a concern, they don't expect foreign troops to attack them here. Though the lack of ley lines was a major concern and that seemed strange due to the reports of some wildlife.

However, those reports were made long ago and hadn't been renewed due to the upheaval of decolonisation. Anything could've happened since then and what may have happened during that time was heavily weighing on the guardsman's mind.

"Ah, Sir Bradford! The scouts you sent out are back."  The commander mentioned notifying the King's guardsman known as Bradford. Hearing this he thought it was best he speaks with them privately. "Commander, we should set up camp" he suggested and the Commander agreeing before going off to organise the Legion to fulfil that task.

The men of the 3rd legion poured into the valley and under the commander's guidance, they started to spread out to prepare the camp. Some helped with the building, some brought out the supplies off the caravans and many started to patrol the area. One of those who went to patrol was the duo act of Addington and Paxton.

While this happened, the scouts met with Sir Bradford in private. Taking off his helm revealing to be much older looking than even the Commander; with his grey short hair and clean-shaven face, he was someone who had seen numerous battles from the scars on his face alone.

"So, you guys have been gone for a few days. Took you that long to get around the mountain range?" Bradford said starting the conversation to which one of the scouts answered.

"Yeah, thankfully there is nothing but the open sea north of the mountain range or we would've been gone longer. The locals often got in our way, questioning why the Empire hasn't given them independence yet?" The scout mentioned though Bradford seem disinterested as he has already answered that question numerous times. "The Royal family and parliament agrees that they have no desire to free any region with problems like this one. Consider it our way to atone for Imperial attitudes."  Bradford explained who went on further. "Not everyone sees it though, but even if this region was staying under our rule we can't ignore whats happening here forever."

"What is actually happening that would require those sigils placed around the land routes into the mountain range? And would magic on that scale even work?" The scout asked and while Bradford was none the wiser regarding the current situation he had to reassure them about the task they just performed.

"Those sigils were made by the Loremaster himself, so don't be concerned if they will work or not. Let us just hope we don't have to resort to using them. " Bradford said whos conversation would be cut short by numerous knights running in one direction and the Commander shouting in the distance.

"Sir Robert Addington and Sir Aaron Paxton! What have you found?!"

For two knights who entered the valley last, they surely had the unfortunate luck of stumbling onto something first within one of the caves causing Paxton to turn away with disgust. "Look, this is the bloody last time I'll be teaming up with you. We always find shit that we have to report on later!" he complained though Addington could only casually respond simply saying  "You just don't like the paperwork." just as the Commander reached their position.

"Commander, we seemed to have found some of the missing people,"  Paxton said seeing him arrive first.  

"Fucking hell, what happened here?" the Commander's reaction could only sum up the mood any sane person would have upon seeing what they have found.  As over the ridge within the valley and in one of the many caves, were ashen bodies that looked fragile to the touch. There were many of them, some look worse than the others as any sign of facial features were all gone.

"I'm not sure Commander, it would seem they had been turned to ash? But how? There is no sign of magical residue or flames." Addington thought while Paxton couldn't even look into the cave. "Rumors of the Tarak are true?" Commander thought who barely believed the possibility, but they matched what they knew about the Tarak.

"According to mythology, the Tarak are messy eaters so if that was true wouldn't there blood sprays everywhere and the bodies in less pristine condition? They seem like statues." Paxton said who still looking away would find Bradford fast approaching.  

"Their spiritual core has been taken?" he suggested to which made Addington curious enough to approach his superior without the concern of protocol. "What brought you to that conclusion? And is that even possible?" he asked though Bradford didn't seem to mind at this point.

"During the civil war, the former Emperor had been experimenting with forbidden magic by strengthening his soldiers by enhancing them with other spiritual cores and what you see here is the same result of taking them. So if you know your basics of magic, without a spiritual core you cannot use it and you cannot be technically alive. Life is a product of magic and is also the fuel that powers it. That is why necromancy is possible because the caster implements their own magic into the raised bodies. But this? The former Emperor torn the cores from his victim's bodies, these looked like they were drained. Similar to a Tarak in the stories, but they would require biting down on the victim's neck causing blood sprays. However, none of these bodies  seem like they were munched down on." Bradford had explained as the Commander took this all in.

For the others who were too young to experience the civil war, what the former Emperor had done was a shock too Addington and Paxton. Then there were others like the Commander and Bradford who had experience those events 26 years ago. Though the former Emperor was overthrown by his younger brother the now High King of Albion, the scars of his reign remain to this day. It came clear to those who knew that this expedition was signed off by the High King that what they see within this cave was the true reason that concerned his Majesty.

"Alright, everyone search the nearby caves and I want a team to go down this one. Also please try to avoid stepping on the bodies they still offer us some clues." the Commander ordered taking the first necessary response.  The 3rd Legion was like a well-oiled machine, they valued teamwork above everything and how they organised the search groups showed it. Though as more knights started to move across the valley, their actions and preparations will disturb those sleeping within the alley.

"Commander, you may want to see this?" Paxton shouted being the first one at the cave to notice what was happening, as what was presumed as boulders covered in snow had begun to move across the valley.

Monstrous roars would follow as chaos erupts.
Sir Alexander Beathen
Sir Alexander Beathen

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Alex's idea box Empty Re: Alex's idea box

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen Fri May 18, 2018 1:03 am

Chapter 2

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away across swaths of land and sea was the island of Albion. It was the heart of the Empire that shared its namesake. The island was made up of a union of four nations, known as Albion, Caledonia, Cambria, and Hibernia. Each country of the union had their own royal family and yet only shared one parliament. That parliament which represents the will of the four nations and empire located in the capital city called Elysium right in the middle of the island. Surrounded by open fields of wheat and honey on the crossroads between Albion, Caledonia and Cambria.

It was here where spectators and officials from all corners of the island and empire had made their way to see the first public return of the High King after many months of absence. Though he has already been active with a parliamentary hearing regarding the military budget, the High King was to preside over parliament this evening officially for the first time.

It corresponded with the expected arrival of his children back to the capital.

Before his absence, Harold had ordered his son, the Royal Highness Prince Christopher Albion, to live and train under his Uncle Emirs who was also the King of Cambria. His daughter, the Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth Albion, had been sent with Claire, the Queen of Hibernia for education.

The Hibernia Queen was known for her timekeeping and so without issue, the Princess would likely to arrive in time for their father's first parliament session. Though Uncle Emirs was an entirely different story, who seems to be easily distracted by domestic issues along the way.

So within the lone carriage marked by the royal seal, being pulled along the road by a complex system of magic circles. The Cambria King and the Albion Prince made their journey to Elysium.

"Wasn't it heartwarming to help that family out back there?" Emirs spoke with a smile while sitting opposite of the prince in the royal carriage. "How was it heartwarming? We got embroiled in an argument regarding a wheel of cheese and why were we competing against each other?" Christopher snapped in response, remembering the ridiculous race he had taken part.

Uncle Emirs though didn't pay much attention to his response. "Chasing after that wheel of cheese down the hill was truly fun." Emirs laughed once more as he tried to lighten the mood as the Prince stared outside clearly annoyed.

"Hmm." Emirs thought having felt worried about what the prince was thinking, since those close to the Albion Royal family known that Harold had a troubled relationship with his children.

"You know, that scruffy black hair and those blue eyes remind me of your mother. Your Father probably also think that as well, though it may remind him that he lost that bet." Emirs said who was thinking about the past. "Bet?" Christopher asked in response as Emirs smiled seeing he got the young prince's attention. "Yeah, not long after your mother was pregnant with you; your father and I went drinking. You should've seen how hysterical the Kings guard were looking for us." he laughed as he continued. "We stole some clothes we found in a citizen's backyard and dressed up to blend in. Though that didn't bother us, we both have lived that life once so it felt like we finally returned home. That is beside the point, as the King's guard was going mad we had a drink at the Golden Horn! There we argued about what you would look like, and your father bragged that his ash-blonde hair would be more dominate than my black. And I went bollocks; my family always breed black hair offspring. Well, I didn't know that, but since me and your mother both had black hair we were pretty sure that was the case. Shame about your sister, though we loved her all the same." Emirs said with the biggest smile.

Christopher seemed overwhelmed by his Uncle's energy in telling this story and wondered if he would get to the point. "Anyway, so I bet your father if you were born with black hair that he would have to perform traditional exercises every week, on the coldest hill in Albion! And in his bloody underwear! And you know what? He did! Without fail for an entire year!" Emirs couldn't stop laughing as even the prince chuckled at the thought. "Imagine that? The High King! The one who won the civil war was working it out almost naked for almost everyone to see! Talk about embarrassing, though the strange thing is it never seemed to faze your father. " Emirs continued with his laughter though it slowly faded as he looked towards his nephew.

"I know it has been hard for you both, but try to forgive your father." Emirs spoke as he leaned forward to pat Christopher on the shoulder. "Just like the reason we both wear these formal military uniforms as a sense of duty to our station. Your father upholds his own to both his roles and that has been a great burden. " Emirs advises to his young nephew, though it didn't seem to have the effect he hoped as it only made the Prince seem frustrated with him.

"I will not accept that as an excuse, he was never there when Mother was alive and wasn't certainly here when she died. Instead, he sent his children off on their own at the moment when we needed each other most. He didn't even say goodbye, to either of us. We only got told that our father doesn't want to be disturbed." Christopher had said revealing his anger over his father.

It became clear to Emirs that no matter what he said, there was no easy fix to the relationship between Harold and his children. Though despite the uneasy relationship, Christopher never allowed it to interfere with his duties as the next in line. "Very well." Emirs spoke as he leaned back in his seat to look outside as the carriage started to move down the road which overlooked fields of wheat that went as far as the eye can see and just over the horizon you could begin to notice what resembled a city.

"Elysium City," Christopher said as he smiled upon seeing it. It was his childhood home, and despite everything, he seems glad to be back. "It shouldn't take us long now" Emirs mentioned as the Prince wondered what was waiting for him at the capital.

It would take him just less than an hour to arrive, but already within the city, the Princess had made it though not in the usual matter. They appeared deep within the Palace dungeons, that being one of many dark and damp cells which is particular bigger than the rest.

"It's not the most esteemed way for a royal princess to arrive, Elizabeth, but Hibernia is the furthest away from the capital, so we're the only ones allowed to use this transportation. " A mature spoke dressed in the royal garb towards the princess as they stood over a strange rune circle. Elizabeth wasn't worried about where she arrived and more curious about how they got here.

"Claire? It.. felt like.. the physical world was bent to allow us to travel. I think?" Elizabeth had tried to explain, but the experience was nauseating. Claire who was the Hibernia Queen known didn't bother to answer her straight away, deciding to hold Elizabeth's ash-blonde hair, thinking she may be sick.

"Come now, try to get control of your breathing, and you will be fine, let me see you," Claire spoke as she knelt down to check Elizabeth over first and seen her green eyes have dilated. Though after a brief inspection there was no significant concern and helped the Princess back up to her feet.

"What happened?" Elizabeth asked, and this time Claire responded to her curious nature. "You would be right to think something happened to the physical world. We were just in Hibernia, and now we stand under the Elysium palace. Your father would say that our sense of space had been warped making it like seamless teleportation. Though it's important to remember it has done nothing to our bodies, though the sudden change of space does make you feel nauseated." she explained who felt sorry for her young companion.

"Why weren't you affected?" Elizabeth asked who was starting to recover from the experience. Though Clarie only seemed to pat her on the back and moved towards the only exit before she responded. "I've been using them all my life, so you will eventually get used to it. Now come on! Before you get those clothes dirty in this dreary dungeon." Clarie had spoken urging the young Princess to follow her lead.

Though she did stumble from the effects, the princess quickly regains her footing as she managed to follow the Queen of Hibernia out of the cell, only to find guards outside having not expected their arrival.

"Its the Hibernia Queen? And the Royal Princess?!" two guards in full plated armour spoke in surprise, and Elizabeth smiled upon seeing them. "How do you do Gentlemen?" she asked before rushing past before they could even answer.

"Welcome home!" shouts another as both ladies pass the lone guard, that was patrolling through the dungeon. This one though stopped and watched as the Princess past, she wasn't able to recognise him due to him wearing a helm, but he knew the princess from many years ago.

That guard would remove his helm to reveal being a man in his earlier twenties with short blonde hair styled in the military haircut given to all male soldiers. "She is wearing a military uniform?" he asked as one of the other guards smacked him across the head from behind. "What are you doing Alex? You're supposed to keep the helm on even when nothing is happening." the guard spoke towards the disobedient guard he had called Alex.

Hurting from the slap as the other guard used his metal gauntlet, Alex quickly placed his helm back on as he spoke. "Sorry, just its been a while since I seen her up close. I also didn't think she would join the military."

The other guard laughed before he answered him "Yeah, she was wearing the red styled formal military uniform required for all those of high ranks. Though did you see the gold trim? That's only for those of royalty, to make them stand out among the others. You can tell though she's not one for that sort of thing. And besides..." the guard explained before placing his hand on Alex's shoulder.

"You're only a common guard, and shes the princess of the Albion Empire. Sure she is pretty cute and genuine, but you must realise that soon enough her father will marry her to a foreign power. Its how it all works for them. So its best you forget about it, now get back to your post." The guard spoke as he waited for Alex to move, but he didn't go straight away as he looked towards the stairs.

"Alex!" the guard shouted towards him and this time he moved.

"Alright, no need to shout," he responded as he heads back to his patrol.

Speaking of the Princess, she along with Claire had made it to the grand hall located within the palace which connected the chambers of parliament with the royal court. With its high ceilings, wooden and marble fixtures you could stand a thousand people within its area alone. It was this place where commoners, the elite and royalty would meet under the watchful eye of the royal guards.

People were standing at the side, waiting for a glimpse of their sovereign who has been distant from them for many months after the death of his Queen and wife. It was clear from the noise of the crowd that many here cared for their High King and even for their former queen. At the grand doors which lead to the royal court, numerous flowers and messages were laid in honour.

Seeing this, Princess Elizabeth was amazed by the memorial who had so far gone unnoticed until one of the King's guards in service to her father had noticed.

"Make way for Claire, the Queen of Hibernia and the Royal Princess Elizabeth Albion." He announced to the hall as immediately the people took note, seeing the Princess and Hibernia Queen standing behind the crowd this entire time brought them to in respect. It was an awkward feeling for Elizabeth who walked forward with Claire as the people made way. Having made her way towards the Kings Guard she now stood in the middle of the path which her father would soon walk, and there she figured it wasn't awkward due to the sudden attention.

No, it was because for the first time she had realised that not only she had the right to morn, but so did the people. Like her, they probably did in their way, but there was meaning in honouring someone's memory they all cherished together. The Albion people were known for their steadfast resolve, so the very act of silence was heartwarming enough for even the coldest souls.

It was that moment when the princess had realised the people cared for those that ruled them. So with a warm smile, as she placed her hair in a ponytail, she decided to honour that devotion by reading the many messages written by the people.

At the memorial, there was cards, pieces of paper mixed into bunches of sunflowers, known to be her mother's favourite flower. Famously the High King had an entire field planted for her wife to stroll through in her leisure. It was repurposed later as a public space for the people to enjoy as well. There were also knives and bowls of fruit around the memorial, which represented various traditions of the island.

She couldn't but help to smile, and there were signs of support from across the island and even faraway places of the Empire. She also noticed letters from ambassadors of nations formally under their control. All these and more had brought sweet memories of her younger years, and she would be lost in those thoughts even when the ambience changed.


A sombre voice spoke which shattered her resolve having not heard it for over half a year. She slowly turned towards that voice not sure if it was real, only to be surprised upon seeing he was standing there with a humble smile. Though it wasn't his sudden appearance that surprised her since she expected her father to arrive here. Maybe it was because she just missed him, Elizabeth hasn't seen him for over a year.

No, she was surprised by what she saw, and it wasn't the uniform he wore which tradition dictated them to wear. It wasn't the blue eyes filled with warmth and wisdom nor was his infamous rough stubble. The crown he wore was the same, golden styled, with a clear crystal embedded in the middle.

It was his hair; she had inherited her hair colour of ash-blonde from her father. His was often kept neatly for regular appearances, but, the difference was now his hair was a mix of its usual tone and white streaks.

This was not a style choice or a sign of his growing age. It was clear to the princess not having seen her father for many months that something was wrong. Though her mind may have fallen to the messages wishing to her father's health, she hadn't thought more of it until now.

"Come, stand with me." Her father spoke offering his hand to help her up, and she took the offer without much thought. She felt like crying, seeing her father had made her feel confused. Elizabeth wanted to shout at him, she also wanted to hug him at the same time, but now wasn't the appropriate time.

"My kin--" She attempted to follow proper procedure for once and was stopped in her tracks as it was her father who took the initiative. Who could blame him? The High King hadn't seen her daughter for a long time and wanted to share a hug with his child. "I'm sorry for everything," Harold spoke towards her as she struggled to control her tears. "You must have many questions, but let's discuss this after your brother arrives," he continued as Elizabeth wanted to say something, but the sudden cheering of the people would keep her silence.

It was solidarity, the entire family wasn't here at this moment, but it was good to see that even the royal family shared the same emotions as them. They cheered for their good health and in honour of their name, as the High King and Princess decided to make their way to Parliment on the other side of the grand hall; Harold though had more to say to his daughter as they walked.

"I had planned to let your brother do this, but with your Uncle Emirs, I should've expected them to be late. So, Elizabeth do you want to open parliament in my place?" he asked as he moved his towards her and opened his palm revealing a beautiful white spark.

The spark of authority, it was a symbol granted to those of parliament to make decisions in the High King's name. It was an honour only customarily reserved for the ruler and his heir, but this time he offered it to his daughter. She knew what this means, it was a sign of confidence from her father, and she accepted it willingly.

"Yes," she spoke taking the spark into her hand, it was a magic that felt divine, and it only her encouraged with confidence as she would walk with her father to parliament. When they pasted the Queen of Hibernia; Harold and Claire just exchanged a token greeting, knowing they would speak more with each other later.

Though unlike Elizabeth, Claire knew what ailed the High King.

"Marie Antoinette syndrome. What could have possibly caused that to him of all people?" Claire asked herself before following them in only thinking about the possible cause. Of course, the loss of a beloved one could cause stress, but never to that extreme.

Though unbeknownst to her and many within the capital, many miles to the north in the Helm mountain range. The third legion was facing a horrifying event that would undoubtedly be something to fear, as snow stained with blood under the numerous knights, that have been mangled and torn apart across the valley.

Though that wasn't the end of it as sounds of battle continued throughout as the third Legion fights for their lives.
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