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Upcoming Forum Changes

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Post  Hujisaka Natsumi Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:00 pm

Hello, everyone.

As of late, I've noticed certain tendencies and behaviours persistently plaguing the forum. Though their origin were somewhat justified (graduations, lifestyle changes, recent member bans, etc), in retrospect I realise that I've been far too lax in quelling those troublesome attitudes and in turn, it's been heavily affecting both forum activity and motivation.

This post will be going over a couple of the behaviours I will now work towards eliminating, as well as what I will expect from you guys moving forward in 2018.

The first behaviour I've been wanting to address (and repeatedly attempted to in the Masked Man OOC, seemingly in vain) is the lack of discipline in regards to maintaining duties within respectable deadlines and, short of being able to do that, communicate with the others to find a solution. It's been breeding the nastiest of “everyone is so slow, so I'll take my time posting as well” mindsets which is entirely against the rules and when confronted with it was met with more effort in excuses after the fact than actual justifications during.

I've therefore decided that as of next year, the forum will reinstate the rule of allowing GMs to NPC delayed posts from uncommunicative (or otherwise heavily delaying) players or otherwise skip their turn(s) entirely. I've noticed a tendency for people to give themselves additional free reign by claiming they'll post when threatened to be skipped/NPC'd and ultimately not post until a possibly long while later, and as such players will only be given the opportunity to discuss of a flexible deadline that works for them and the other players before it becomes a problem unless it's part of an extenuating circumstance that arose recently.

If those deadlines aren't actively discussed by the concerned player to consolidate everyone's needs, then the GM will have full permission to NPC their character without prior warning besides an initial one at the start of the thread. This will hopefully encourage communication between players and GMs, as well as give an avenue for GMs to prevent their threads from continually stalling.

Players who persistently stall threads will also be given reduced thread slots in order to prevent biting off more than they can chew and impacting the other players' experience with their posting pace while they're at it.

And yes, I hear you.

“What about cases where it's the GM that's stalling things?”

Likewise, measures will be taken to prevent unjustified and abrupt stalling from the GM's side, though closer on a case-by-case basis than for regular players due to potential behind-the-scenes difficulties.

Nonetheless, GMs will not be exempt from the idea of smoothing forum experiences for everyone unless it's agreed with all players beforehand that casual delays (we're not talking weeks on end here, though) on their part are acceptable.

In the past we used to enforce the rule that players could only create one character at a time until they'd prove they were worthy of further character creation. This also applied to SNPCs where they were only allowed creation within the reasoning that they would either be relevant to the PC themselves, or in an immediate thread.

I've been allowing this rule to change after being convinced that some people liked the more “dynamic” Kamachi writing of mainly writing throw-away characters and preferring introducing newer concepts over expanding upon older ones, and all I've noticed is people abusing of the SNPC system without a single care for PCs, creating in turn a problem where basically no one has any reason to get involved anywhere and keep getting shoehorned into plots they weren't created for because they never grow beyond their initial concept enough to be a malleable character.

This will also change.

As of next year, all players who have been noticed to have this behaviour will be forced to return to a single character (either canon or OC) and start over their cycle of activity proof by completing a thread with that single character (or more depending if there are issues in how that thread unfolds) before they're allowed to create any more. SNPCs may no longer be used as a loophole to this as I will strictly manage their creation until I deem that their usage has returned to what it was originally meant; as support cast for threads/plotlines where canons and OCs weren't appropriate or specific enough for certain roles as opposed to free character slots, rather than a free character creation factory.

This is to encourage hard-work and diligence, and accepting the fact that threads come with consequences; you can't always throw away what you write when you decide you're bored with it, especially since that's not the point of it, and I notice the number of people who pull through and give development to their characters beyond the initial phase of their concept is far too scarce for what this forum aims to achieve. I will also not accept bare minimum writing in order to pass the character creation clearance, as you will need to complete multiple threads if I see that your primary focus is on trying to get more characters rather than work with what you already have.

Lastly, with the recent announcement of the third season of Index, the forum will be going through a phase of readjustment to prepare potential waves of members we'll be getting during and after its airing.

We're aiming to update the rules to adapt for recent situations that arose since the last time we modified them, therefore asking you guys to be diligent in keeping up with their updates, as well as establish a bit more world building and background information to adjust to anime-only viewers who won't read the novels (the days of elitism are over, lads), so in the coming months, a lot of things will be changed to look prettier and make a lot more sense for the average newcomer than before. Our miscellaneous lists will also be updated and aimed to being kept maintained regularly.

For those who're willing to assist us in ensuring the forum is well-prepared for a potentially large wave of members (either newcomers to the series or veterans who fell out with it since it last aired), all we can ask of you guys is to submit thread and rumour ideas that are flexible enough to have any kind of cast within them.

I've noticed we've been having massive struggles to fit new members in a thread due to everyone being oversaturated with other threads (even if they only use NPCs in those threads), and so to remedy that, I figure writing a couple plots prepared for those who are motivated to pick them up will do us some good as we'll be running out of rumours eventually and none have been submitted since the list went up in the first place. Naturally, we will still favour members having enough independence to write and suggest threads of their own, but I figure it'll also train you guys in the art of writing a thread truly anyone can participate in.

I'll also be managing thread slots in order to facilitate access to newer threads for people who already have a fair amount going for them until we have once again enough of a memberbase to manage its own weight.

If you've read this far without skipping paragraphs you thought were unnecessary or didn't apply to you, congratulations, you earn yourselves happy staff points!
If you earn enough happy staff points, you can repel a ban card by proving you're crawling closer to an upstanding member!
If you have, well, shame for you, I'll be drilling this back into people's heads until I deem the forum to deserve leniency again. These measures will be applied some time throughout January and February in order to give everyone ample preparation and adjustment time as the festive season settles down, but also to make sure you fully understand what is going to change around here and more importantly, why.

You're welcome to ask any questions in regards to these measures, or submit any fancy idea you may have to improve forum experiences and we will consider it.

I'll now free you from this wall of text.

Merry upcoming Christmas weekend! Very Happy
Hujisaka Natsumi
Hujisaka Natsumi
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