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[Magician] Alec Heston

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[Magician] Alec Heston Empty [Magician] Alec Heston

Post  Alec Heston Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:09 am

Alec Heston

Ulciscor989 - "Forgive not those who shun the light."

[Magician] Alec Heston 2rms2zd

"Quote by your character, establishing their personality."

FULL NAME: Alec Heston
OTHER ALIAS: Any nicknames, code names or aliases your character is known by.
OCCUPATION: Magic Tutor, Necessarius Operative
FACTION: Necessarius

APPEARANCE: Alec is a clean-shaven adult male with rusty brown hair which is often slicked back and oddly upwards pointing on top, though remaining shoulder length on the locks. Most often, he likes to wear a white blouse, with black slacks, and nice dress shoes, along with glasses he uses for reading particularly small text. When out and being social, or doing fieldwork for Necessarius where it's not important to be unnoticed (such as social info gathering work), tends to wear more 'hip' clothing, as his relatively youthful appearance will help him blend in with crowds that would be 'in the know' on subjects.

When he's planning on going into battle, Alec will wear a more archaic outfit. Black short robe top with red trim, red pants, with a regal red mantle, with a black and gold sash worn around his waist, a few heart shaped gold pendants with red jeweled crosses hanging from red ribbons. He still wears nice dress shoes, however. While wearing this outfit he'll usually be seen cradling an ornatr zweihander as tall as he is, which itself is wrapped loosely in a lengthy red tassel (similarly to how snakes typically coil around swords in art). He also doesn't bother styling his hair, since it's just going to get messy again.
HEIGHT: 5'10" (180 cm)
WEIGHT:  178 lbs
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Some proclaim his hair to look like fire. Nothing outright distinguishing though.

As a man who prizes the spreading of knowledge above most else, Alec is all but too willing to share the trivial information he's gathered about the world around them. While he's not so daft as to openly chat about magic in a public setting even when openly confronted, and especially won't spill about Necessarius and their allied factions, the rest of his knowledge is usually at the disposal of anyone kind enough to join him at a café.
His knowledge spreads relatively deeply into many subjects, and thusly he has a lot of different ideas to draw from in just about every sense of the phrase. When a direct thought doesn't suit a task or obstacle, he can think around it from many different mindsets. Despite not being an 'expert' in any given field or school, he can solve problems using what he does know a great deal of the time, unless the problem is far too specialized. And even then, odds are he can do a patch-job until the experts can arrive. In an unexpected situation, he's probably the most reliable guy in the organization.
Alec is very confident in his vast array of knowledge and contacts, and basks in compliments to his intellect much like any scholar would. If put to a challenge of wits, he rarely declines even if the mission would be jeopardized. While some might argue that he's well within his rights and can back himself up, his prideful attitude towards his talents can be a curse.
Open Minded 
Unlike his more elderly counterparts, he doesn't take what he knows as concrete fact, any conjectures Alec makes are believed by him to be theories at best. Should one come to him with more valid proof than what he has used to come to an initial conclusion, he can gladly accept this change to a different mindset. That said, it's become increasingly difficult to blow his mind as he progresses as a Magician. Essentially, just because he's confident in his know-how in general does not mean he isn't willing to accept his incorrectness when proven.
Alec is a man of knowledge, patience, humor and fun. He isn't one to push people to do things they don't want to unless orders say so. He shares what he knows openly, waits for people to understand. He'll play games with people to pass the time. But he has a hatred for a certain brand of person, those who live by a single book and demand others burn away perfectly good ideas and knowledge in conflict with their beliefs, to conform to their perception of reality. He believes in enlightenment, and thusly that people should respect all mediums of knowledge enough to allow their existence. He generally keeps away from the internet unless it's to read up on published information, because he's exceptionally easy to troll on commentary mediums.

He holds a grudge against anyone who dares do harm to the pursuit of knowledge. Those who attack libraries foremost due to personal reasons, but even governments who shut down leak websites hold his ire. He is especially vengeful towards Magicians and Espers, Scientists and Scholars, who do such things. Holders of knowledge that restrict it's spread for any reason short of possibility of widespread panic are scum.

LIKES: Talented Individuals, Seekers of Knowledge, Coffee, Books, Snack Cakes
DISLIKES: Voluntary Ignorance, Destroyers of Knowledge, Instant Drink Mix, Lizards, Even Slightly Burnt Foods
STRENGTHS: Versatility, Problem Solving, Teaching, Learning, Patience, Generally Above Average Statistics
WEAKNESSES: Unspecialized, Often Unprepared, Talkative, Lackadaisical, Distractable, Weaker Stats than Specialists

HISTORY: Alec was the son of a wealthy business mogul. He lived on an estate for most of his early life, being set up on play dates rather regularly for the sake of networking skills. However, his best friend was almost certainly his father's sizable library, which was comparable in size to government funded ones in metropolitan cities. He loved books, they were his favorite thing. Each one was jam-packed full of information, capable of sending the reader on an adventure in a unique world with intriguing characters. His affinity towards books resulted in him having grammar far above his grade level, but his friends and family thought it endearing.

One day, he discovered a secret shelf, one hidden behind some others which contained some strange books. Most of them were in a language he didn't understand, but one was a book full of research notes, and what they revealed to him was... interesting. It turned out that magic was real, these notes detailed certain principles that could be used to perform miracles, and also detailed said miracles in action. The easiest one for him to practice in secret for the time being was one involving green origami. He found himself learning with relative ease, likely due to his innately studious nature.

Not understanding at the time that this was some sort of forbidden, secret knowledge, he decided it would make a super cool parlor trick to show off to his friends. It turns out that the Green Spell he learned qualified as an attack spell, and one of his his friends wound up on the business end of a vine snare covered in thorns. The injuries he caused and the panic swept up by his friends caused a radical reaction from their families, and his home was burnt down in a modern witch-hunt purge, like something out of the dark ages.

His family was okay for the time being.

Ulciscor989: "Forgive not those who shun the light." This was the vengeful promise which he carved into his soul when he decided to become a wizard. It is a vow to persecute all who would turn away from the truth in favor of their beliefs, but on a more personal level, it was originated as a self-centered quest of vengeance, which lead him to his current life.
Jack of All Schools: Many of his peers in life have studied deeply into a school of magic they felt deeply passionate about. This brought about powerful abilities which made them strong. The great spells they could manifest with their research certainly proved worthwhile, they became assets to Necessarius by virtue of their immense power. In fact, this much is the norm in terms of Magicians.

Alec, however, is the other guy. He fell in love with all types of magic, he couldn't pick one over the others. In fact, he decided not to in the end, and concentrated on learned all the different schools of magic, gathering an impressive arsenal of relatively typical and weak spells from as many schools as he could muster.

Biblical: Hamesh Avanim
More commonly called 'Five Stones', this spell is based on the biblical tale of David vs Goliath. In the tale David used only a sling loaded with small rocks against a towering fully armed philistine warrior. After casting 4 stones as warning shots representing his patience, a fifth shot struck true, hitting a vital spot and knocking the philistine unconscious, causing him to collapse onto his own sword and behead himself.

Using the five total stones as a premise, Alec can take a handful of small rocks, at least five, and cast them, imbuing them with a bit of magic. One in five of these stones will find themselves becoming encased in energy, and propelled towards the target. The 'stones that will unerringly strike' will home in on and hit the foe, as though he cast them without magic, ignoring any distance or visual hindrances such as invisibility or fog. The stones homing ability does not bypass or go around cover, however.

The stones that strike do not possess the ability to target pinpoint locations on purpose, in fact, all they do is guarantee a hit, whether it's the head or the toe. A target can somewhat influence where the stone hits by interposing the part they designate without entirely moving out of the way. If the stone strikes the target in the head, it will deal exceptionally increased damage, as well as render them unconscious for a short time, roughly 1 post (or around 10 seconds, whichever is more narratively applicable).

This spell forgoes the concept of warning shots, with an incantation representing them so that he may cast all stones simultaneously, "You Have the Right to Reform", followed by a steady countdown in Hebrew gematria, "He (5), Dalet (4), Gimel (3), Bet (2), Alef (1)", strong emphasis on Alef. Once the countdown ends, the spell's requisites are completed, and he may cast stones as frequently as he can collect them up until his foe 'reforms' (essentially, surrenders completely). He may reuse stones that didn't launch to keep firing more rapidly. It should be noted that he doesn't need to use his hands: He can also fling a bunch with a kick through some gravel, use a shovel, dump out a sack of pebbles.

Arabic: Alfu Laylatin wa-Laylah
Also called "The One-Thousand and One Nights", this is a hypnosis spell based on the rather promiscuous protagonist, Scheherazade's, ability to weave a story so enrapturing that it stalled a king's bloodlust for 1001 Consecutive nights. With the mere verbal line of 'What sort of tale is it that you desire?' he will immediately enrapture anyone who can hear him speak, like a child getting ready for story time.

After which he can say literally anything, as long as he keeps talking, the victims can see him, and he's not taking any hostile actions, they will be mesmerized by the spell. Of course, the spell will be negated if they stop being able to hear him. Whatever he tells them will be remembered with vivid clarity much like an epic movie, even if it was something exceptionally dumb like repeating to word 'Nacho' over and over again for several minutes. He can end the spell properly by saying 'and such was this story.'

This spell can be broken with exceptional willpower, as well as resisted entirely by any Espers above Level 2, due to AIM interference. One of its major weaknesses is that it cannot affect new victims once it starts. This compounds with the fact that a given individual can only be affected once per day, such that he only gets one shot to make it worthwhile.

General: Runecasting
Many schools teach some form of Runes for magical purposes, and he is quite familiar with all of them. He proficiently utilize runes from each and every school that teaches them, even one after the other. The primary fault in this is that runes from different schools don't interact appropriately with one another, and a lot of Runes overlap with one another even between schools. While he is familiar with unique runes belonging to certain schools, there is far from enough to create every conceivable effect. Their best uses are for minor magical effects, but in a pinch runes can used like makeshift talismans.

Onmyoudou: Shikigami Pact
The Onmyoudou are associated with the supernatural by virtue of their profession, and obviously they couldn't do it all on their own. Shikigami are invisible spirits associated with the elements, whom the Onmyoudou form contracts with similar to a Witch's familiar. While invisible most of the time, they can be made visible by storing them into paper which will fold into artful origami manniquens.

His Shikigami of choice is a wood elemental fox, known as Izuna. They are associated with the color Green, the planet Jupiter, the season Spring, the elements Wood and Lightning, and the Cardinal Direction East. In Chinese Medicine, it's associated with Idealism, Spontaneity, Curiosity, Anger, Kindness, the Liver, the Gall Bladder, the Eyes, Sight, Tendons, Tears, the Index Finger, Sour flavors, Rancid odors, Early Childhood, and Scaley animals.

For all intents and purposes, this makes his Shikigami rather versatile albeit it requires a great deal of set-up to do anything more than Scouting and Tracking. More specifically, in order for him to scout, Izuna can only scout in an eastern direction. So long as he's at the eastern side of a building, in a green room, or near a large green plant, his contract with Izuna will allow him to drink without getting drunk, and also prevents him from bleeding to death when his liver is punctured. If he closes his eyes, he can see from Izuna's eyes, and the Shikigami reacts effectively to gesture commands issued with the Index finger. Alec could point to a green sheet of paper without verbal commands and Izuna would use that a temporary housing and fold it as appropriately. Finally Izuna can manipulate his fingers and toes if his tendons are rendered unusable, and support him if his Achilles tendons are slashed.

Situationally, if he is in a green, eastern room, surrounded by plants, during spring, he can regeneratively heal his eyes, liver, gall bladder, and tendons. All of this will take a full night to complete even when the conditions are complete.

Feng Shui: Green Spell
In accordance with the principles of Feng Shui, he makes use of a Green Origami sculpture and after a ritual chant, he ensnares a foe with spontaneously generated vines, roughly an inch and a half thick, which are anchored in the ground. They have sharp thorns, which will puncture unprotected flesh, and if stuggled against, will scratch them and make them bleed. This act requires there soil nearby. The vines aren't anything special, but are thick enough that a normal person can't rip them apart.

By channeling Izuna into the vines, he can apply the Element of Lightning as well, causing a flashy albeit underwhelming electric shock, roughly on par with a taser.

The Chant: "With Green As A Catalyst, Delay Their Progress." ('Stab into them and take root. Bury them if you can.')

Onmyoudou: Anti-Spirit Trap
Following the disciplines of Tao, and the knowledge of Tiānxiān, it uses all Eight Trigrams of the Yin Yang to channel both Heaven and Earth, disrupting Qi, Chi, Ki, and similar back into the individuals within. This spell is a specialized anti-Magic ritual, forcing the Mana emitted back into their appropriate vessels, however, this spell does not function on that which draws from the Earth or Heaven itself (Ley Lines or Angelic Magic, and similar). It's primary weakness is that it must be set as a trap, which means knowing where his targets will be, and it doesn't actually ensnare the victim. This does, however, pair well with his Green Spell, which draws from the Earth.

Aztec: Nahui Ocelotl
A recreation of the genesis of the first sun in the cycle of suns in Aztec Myth. A rather quick ritual, he uses some cat-shaped idol to represent the jaguar, lighting it ablaze to create a sun. The size of the sun depends on the size of the idol, from a marble at the smallest with perhaps a Hello Kitty sticker, to about the size of a car, if sacrificing an idol roughly the size of a jaguar (like a stuffed jaguar). This sun is exceedingly hot in any regard and can be thrown for considerable damage.

Astrology: Starmap
A basic means of tracking at nighttime, using the stars in the sky in tandem with a picture or personal belonging of an individual to map out a route to that individual's location. It requires a clear night sky, with no clouds blocking it. After about a minute of stargazing, Alec will divine their location no matter there they are, but he will not know what they are doing, where they are going, or who else is with them, primarily because he isn't actually that good.

Obeah: Papa Legba
Invokes the divine favor of the first of Obeah's Seven Powers, Papa Legba the Trickster. This is done through the process of sending burnt offerings, one of his favorites, tobacco. Invoking Papa Legba will allow Alec to transcend his self-imposed limits, allowing him to move faster, hit harder, think more clearly and process information more quickly. However, this will only work for as long as the tobacco is burning, and once it stops or runs out, the penalties kick in, generally rendering him quite sore and tired, unless he didn't use it particularly much. Alternatively, while burning tobacco, he can send remote messages via magic, letting Papa Legba carry his words to it's intended recipient. Makes for an excellent alternative to burner phones.

For practicality, he carries a pack of cigarettes with him.

Kingsblade: The Ubiquitous Sword of Rule
The perks of being a jack of all trades as a magician is that you learn the differences and similarities between multiple schools. Alec is familiar with numerous forms of magic and mythology, and he's found than a vast many seem to find one thing in common: The sword is the weapon of a king.

Thusly was born the Kingsblade, a Zweihander as tall as Alec himself, which is to be carried whilst he wears his 'Royal Regalia', an outfit designed to emulate royalty in a ubiqitous manner. The Kingsblade is an ornate instrument, jeweled with red and decorated with patterns and shapes of gold, and even draped in a royal cloth. The whole thing is very regal, yet woefully generic.

The ability of Kingsblade is not one it possesses of itself, but one which only functions in the skilled hands of The Jack of All Schools. Because of it's regal yet generic design, it could symbolize any number of mythological swords belonging to Kings and King-like figures. In fact, that is exactly its purpose: By varying the type of mana he is using to fuel the sword, he can make it emulate different legendary blades.

In order to do this, he must sheathe the blade, and chant an incantation and channel the appropriate type of mana through it. Once he does, he may draw the sword, possessing traits unique to the sword in question, which he may use for either a short time, or as a one-off spell, depending on the example.

The primary weakness of the Kingsblade is that it is exceptionally big. He cannot just carry it everywhere he goes in a practical manner, especially since it requires he wear the Royal Regalia to use it anyways.

Chants and Blades
"I draw unto this blade the right to rule. Excalibur!": The foremost mythological sword of rule, which promises its holder certain victory. Once invoked, he will draw a blade of gleaming light for a while which will blind those who gaze upon it like the sun itself. Not hindering the holder in the same way, this effect grants them a distinct advantage in close combat, and lasts for up to 2 posts, or about a minute if more narratively applicable.

"I draw unto this blade an insatiable bloodthirst. Tyrfing!": A sword designed to take a life every time it's drawn, this spell requires a small blood sacrifice on top of its incantation. The blade glows a crimson veil of mist, which extends like a whip when the sword is swung, and gouges into foes before him, capable of dealing lethal blows. However, the attack is a one-off, and doesn't actually have a need to kill anyone, the act of drawing blood is sufficient to symbolize 'taking a life'.

"I draw unto this blade the flames of victory. Dyrwyn!": The flaming sword wielded by the king of Danes, Rhydderch Hael. When he draws the sword, it is wreathed in scorching hot flames, which are so hot that the air around them can ignite flammable things in the area, turning the environment into a wildfire zone. With a single stroke he converges all flames in the area and launches them all as a powerful bolt.

"I draw unto this blade the spirit of the Royal guard. Skofnung!": A legendary sword imbued with the spirits of twelve Berserker bodyguards. It is said a cut from Skofnung spreads until it rips the person apart. When drawn, the blade will contain a unique attribute for two posts (or one minute), wherein damage compounds on itself over time, so a single cut is not special, but a second cut also deepens and spreads the first, and so on.

"I draw unto this blade the gift of knowledge. Nandaka!": A sword attributed to the Hindu god Vishnu. However, Vishnu had multiple mortal incarnations, including a king, allowing a mortal to access such a blade. The Nandaka symbolizes knowledge, which allows him to use this blade for interrogation. Every time he lands a cut over the next two posts (or one minute) he can extract one question's answer from their mind untainted by things like personal or surface thoughts.

"I draw unto this blade unyielding force. Fragarach!": While often attributed to Lugh and Cu Chulainn, this blade was also wielded by a High King of Ireland, Conn of the Hundred Battles. When drawn, this sword will not be impeded by armor of any sort, including barrier spells and Esper abilities, for two posts (or one minute).
Spell Discernment 
What most people who opt for expertise in a single area of Magic don't know is that the different Magic Schools have a different 'flavor' of magic needed to cast. As someone who has delved into just about every school, Alec is something of a connoisseur of magic 'flavors'. Thusly simply by how a spell's presence feels, he discern it's school, making it that much easier to discern how it works and develop countermeasures.
Literary Polyglot 
He knows many, many languages, due to his time spent learning different schools of magic from books and scrolls. It's safe to say he can read and even roughly translate any language into any other language, give or take idioms. He's not even conversational in most languages though and would fumble over his words trying to speak anything except English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, and Japanese.
Speed Grapher 
He is able to draw pictures, geometric shapes, and words with almost unrealistic swiftness and precision. He could draw a complicated magic circle with chalk on asphalt in about 5.6 seconds.
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A brief description of this ability.

CHARACTER THEME: A selection of musical tracks to act as your character's motif or background music. Can include as many or as few tracks as you wish.

PLAYER'S NAME: Your username.
FACE CLAIM: Percival from Granblue Fantasy
-Hamesh Avanim is an Arabic game consistent of throwing a stone into the air, picking up four stones from the ground and catching the first stone as it comes down, like the ancient Greek game, Knucklebones.

Alec Heston

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