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[Magician] Pierre Lockwood

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[Magician] Pierre Lockwood Empty [Magician] Pierre Lockwood

Post  Pierre Lockwood Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:40 am

Pierre Lockwood


[Magician] Pierre Lockwood 2cy4ok0

"You can try to keep up, mon amie, but as the jerks back in Paris will tell you, I'm notoriously hard to catch."

FULL NAME: Pierre Jean-Paul Lockwood
FACTION: Necessarius

APPEARANCE: A tall and slender young gentleman with long features, especially his legs. His thin shoulders and shoulder-length brown hair give him an attractive albeit feminine appearance. His eyes are small and lazy, with a honey-colored hue. His body is toned from plenty of exercise. His attire is often merely a purple button up with indigo-colored jeans, and a belt, possessing a sun and moon engraved buckle crafted of silver. Atop his head is a purple cabbie hat, befitting his occupation. A pair of red shoes finishes the look, velcro strapped. On the job, he dangles eight ropes from his beltloops, each ending in some lucky horseshoes, by the look of it. He wraps them around his waist like a belt, and weaves the shoes through the loops, creating a ring around his waist. He lets them hang freely when he's in action.
HEIGHT: 185.42cm (6'1")
WEIGHT:  77kg
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Cabbie hat and a belt of horseshoes. Mixes French into his sentences with rather obnoxiously proper inflection.

The forefront of Pierre's personality appears to be 'the funny guy'. He likes to crack jokes and keep the good vibes rolling during social interactions. During hard times he's awkward to be around because he eases his pain with some good-natured, albeit moderately dark jokes, likely at his expense. Self-depreciative humor seems to be his strong suit.
He does his best to make good impressions on folks and even in conflicts he's usually smiling and chatting with foes. A person who considers him an enemy is genuinely getting the wrong idea of him, so to speak. Obviously, he's used to being targeted by interceptors, but he even fails to be truly hostile against that sort.
He has a strong disdain for bullying, for personal reasons. This translates to occasionally (verbally) lashing out at people who are mistreating others. He also acts as an emotional rock for people to spill their guts to, because nobody deserves to keep their feelings bottled up. Finally, he doesn't like violence, and regularly adjusts his tactics to ensure the survival of all parties involved, enemies included.
Confident Coward 
He is very confident in his ability to escape a bad situation, and will generally not hesitate to provoke others in order to divert danger to himself. Of course, this only ever seems to garner him a reputation as a coward, which is a badge he wears with pride.
What folks don't know is that he has a no-man-left-behind policy, and has trouble even seeming to betray his allies. Thusly, while he may appear to be fleeing from a bad situation in which his allies are captured, there exists a great likelihood that he's merely hiding and awaiting the optimal opportunity to save his friends.

Aged Cheeses
Classic Rock
Superheroes (Especially in Western Comics)
Wine and Mead
Rural Sensibilities
Bullies (a lot)
Olives and Asparagus
Modern Rap (increasingly dislikes it as it evolves)
Alcoholic Beverages besides wine and mead.
Asian Architecture (so gaudy)
Masterful Escapist
Good Spatial Awareness
Immense Speed
Considerable Stamina
Cheerful Demeanor
Terrible Fighter
Poor Situational Awareness
Piss-Poor Strength
Low Durability
Borderline Pacifist
Gaudy Aesthetic Preferences

HISTORY:  Born into a family of the highest class in Paris, France, Pierre was the son of magicians. The Lockwood family, while fabulously wealthy were suspected to be the result of dealing with devils and demons, as they earned their fortune primarily on what seemed to be luck. In actuality they were using magic for the purposes of divining on the international stock markets, and made a killing over the generations. The ire of the masses was felt.

Constantly under the eye of public scrutiny, it became more difficult for the family to keep divining such successful results. By the time Pierre was born, the family was on the decline. Their riches were quickly depleting away on bad investments in order to obscure themselves, but they could not seem to escape the rumors. In fact, it only seemed to worsen their public image, as they seemed flippant with their expenditures at this point. Hoarders of wealth and luxury, spenders on decadence and entertainment.

They had a lot of unwelcome visitors. Pierre knew they weren't welcome because his mother always cried when they left. They said mean things to his father and he didn't know why. Pierre had not been informed of Magic for the first 10 years of his life. When he turned eleven, his father tried to preserve the family legacy by teaching Pierre a spell, the divination spell used by his forefathers to play the stock markets. That way when the family was finally in his hands, Pierre could play the role of the prodigy, and bring his family back from the brink.

It was while practicing this spell, carefully and as instructed, that a window peeker caught a glimpse of the process. While they didn't see the result, they did proceed to spread further rumors of dealings with the devil. The next day, he discovered this treachery, and started to suffer bullying as somebody who'd sold their soul. It started off funny enough. Pierre was always well-humoured in school. He wasn't one to overreact to things. He tried to laugh off the jokes.

Sometime within a few months they started to hurt, and soon it wasn't just his feelings getting hurt. Physical bullying started soon enough. Teachers were less amicable towards him than they would be to his peers in the same situation. The board didn't care much more than to send a written warning. It would be a while before the bullying was halted, and in the mean time, Pierre was locked in hell. All he could do was learn to run away. He learned the national martial art of Parkour, and made it difficult to bully him in open and obstacle ridden places over the course of a few months. He was quite gifted as a freerunner, and he used this gift for self preservation.

When kids finally started getting punished for their misbehavior, they took their aggressions out of the academic intitution. They told their parents, their parents were already biased against him, and in typical french fashion, they opted to burn the witch. Of course they've been looking for a reason to persecute his family since the third fortune they made on the stock market.

First came his mother, who they captured while out on business. While holding her ransom, acting like normal kidnappers, they also got his dad, killing them both at the Rendezvous to pay them off. Pierre had a single sympathizer, who discovered just too late what his father had done. A text message arrived on his phone, telling him of his parents' fate. He had to escape, he was next.

His escape was swift and easy enough. Passports and travel visas were part of the package for his upbringing, even a 12 year old could manage. He moved to Britain, a place where he wouldn't be recognized, and took refuge in the Anglican Church. It wouldn't be too long before he was discovered practicing the ritual his father taught him in private, and rather surprisingly, they offered him instruction.

He carved upon his soul that which drove him to keep practicing, his magic name of, Vincere555, and he accepted their instruction openly. His desire to prevail in the end pushed his studies forward, prying heavily into learning to cast spells properly and safely. However all he was good for was running away. It didn't suit him to strike people with fireballs, or freeze them in ice. That would simply be stooping to their level. He needed to find a way to overcome violence without need for violence. The impossibility became his drive.

In the years between, he mastered a handful of spells, and used them to get inducted into Necessarius. As a specialized freerunner, and loyal church follower, he was trusted with the transportation of important packages and information. He eventually met with a man by the name of Nikolas Remes, a pub owner and field agent. It turns out their specialties serendipitously synchronized, so Pierre received orders that posted him at the Bar in Germany.

RANK: Field Agent, Recon and Messenger
Vincere555: The One to Prevail Over Gods and Kings. Etched into his soul in honor of the survivalist's urge to learn magic in the face of fierce attrition. Not out of vengeance, but perhaps out of spite, Pierre seeks to overcome his weaknesses, overcome his bullies, overcome everyone and everything that dares to stand in his way. Come hell or high water, he will watch the obstacles stack up before him, and he will prevail using his personal skills, wit, and magic.

Sleipnir: The legend of the Eight Legged Horse, steed of Odin and theorized to be the spiritual guide which guides souls to the afterlife, Sleipnir. The first child of Loki, a demigod horse which was the greatest of horses amongst gods and men. Indeed this steed is unmatched in speed amongst the heavens and earth, and has ferried men both mortal and otherwise. This unmatched speed is what Pierre sought to emulate with his magic.

Using the rules of idol theory, he captures the essence of the steed. For the eight legs, looped belt tassels holding grey iron horseshoes which hang from his belt, resting just at shin level circumfrentially about his body. However, this alone is not enough to bring to life the legend: He must also get them wet. The name Sleipnir translates roughly to 'slippy', in the manner of a puddle of water on a smooth floor. Using a small spray bottle with a variable setting ranging from long range laser to a fine mist (which he uses most often). By getting all 8 horseshoes even slightly wet, he channels the aspects of Sleipnir.

The foremost and arguably most important aspect is the steed's immense speed. Unmatched by any horse in or under heaven, he was suitable for the greatest of heroes and the head god. Merely emulating this steed enhances his already impressive footspeed and reflexes eightfold, from 25 mph to 200 mph! With this speed, he can easily outrun most cars in an urban setting, while easily weaving between traffic thanks to his compact size. He also gains an immunity to friction while moving this fast, so that the air doesn't shred his body.

He is also capable of instead, animating the horseshoes to move at these incredible speeds themselves, trading away his own footspeed for the duration. They spin in place and unhook from their looped tassels, in order to shoot in a tri-dimensional movement range. Due to their heft they actually pack a surprising degree of force, easily shattering bones if they strike clean, allowing these hooves of Sleipnir to trample his foes. However, the primary reason Pierre would release the horseshoes in such a mannerism is for their 3-D Maneuvering. They can stop mid air in order to become stepping stones, allowing him to reach higher places than he normally would.

He can let out a whistle which will return the horseshoes to their respective loops, even if they are otherwise inactive, preventing him from needing to go back and recollect them. They are on a timer based on the current weather, in regards to the moisture on the horseshoes. During the summer and winter seasons, he can sustain them for 3 posts before the water on the shoes evaporates or freezes respectively. If the water is not in a liquid state, the horseshoes are not wet, and thusly the spell deactivates. During the temperate seasons of spring and autumn, the horseshoes can operate while retaining moisture for up to 5 posts per dose of water, due to the temperatures not promoting either evaporation or freezing, leaving them to airdry instead, which is hampered thanks to the friction resistance.

Finally, if it is raining in a thread, they will sustain until it stops raining without using his own supply, and then five posts afterwards, unless it is winter, in which case, merely one post afterwards. They don't have a cooldown, but due to the size of his spray bottle, he only has about 24 spritzes per thread unless he has time to refill it. This translates to three activations per thread barring external sources of water or refills.

Hati and Sköll: The legend of the twin wolves, sons of Fenrir, who like their father, sought to devour the sun and moon. They chase their prey across the sky, perpetuating the cycle of night and day until they finally catch them during Ragnarok. The premise of this spell is their futile chase.

Using Idol Theory, his belt buckle standing in as the sun and moon goddesses, he essentially becomes the sun and moon both! He can then select two individuals, and call them "Hati" and "Sköll" respectively. They do not need to accept their names, he must merely thrust them upon them. (e.g. "I'ma call... you Hati, and you Sköll.") He can change who has these designations about as easily.

Once he has given them these names, they are unable to physically catch him or harm him in any way, so long as his feet are not on the same surface as theirs are. This manifests as a spacial disjunction, anytime they come within five feet of him they are spacially displaced another ten feet backwards. Anytime one of their attacks would come close to hurting him, they are displaced in a random direction that will miss him entirely, be it something they projected like a spell or esper ability, or something they threw like a knife or rock, or even an incidental result of their attacks such as a building collapsing. Attacks which appear on him, will instead result in him being spacially shifted to avoid it, which can actually become quite frustrating, since he has no control of where he winds up.

There are three ways around this spell. One is to bring more than two people to the fight. Another get him to waste name designations on things that don't exist, and then let him continue believing they are there and a threat. And the last is to prevent him from leaving the same surface as your own somehow.

Sun Eater/Moon Eater: Another spell branched off of Hati and Sköll. Since he is using Idol Theory to become the Sun and Moon, he can use further Idol Theory to affect himself in the same manner. Wearing wolf-tooth rings on both hands' index, ring fingers and thumbs, he can use them to emulate the wolves

With a gesture with one hand waving over his face, he can render himself invisible in either light or shadow. His left hand will 'eat the sun', making him invisible in both direct and indirect light, while his right hand will 'eat the moon' rendering him invisible in the shadows of night and shade. He cannot use both at once, however, as both being eaten would symbolize ragnarok, and thusly kill him. This means that he can be tracked using imposed shadows and light respectively.


Hardcore Parkour 
Pierre is fleet of foot, capable of moving through heavily obstacle and jump infested terrain without slowing down even a little bit. He can easily scale urban and suburban buildings freehand, except for sheer surfaces without handholds. Two parallel buildings is the perfect excuse to perform anime/video game wall jumps for him.
Spray Bottle 
Arguably the mightiest weapon in his arsenal. A bottle full of water that can be squirted as either a mist, or a laser. Small and compact in size, provides 24 spritzes for a variety of purposes, such as wetting one's hair, or punishing a rowdy pet.
Native in French, fluent in German, English, and Japanese.
Man Purse 
If the squirt gun isn't his mightiest weapon, this large one-strapped satchel is assuredly in its place. Used for containing precious cargo, it can be used as a bludgeon, provided the contents aren't fragile.


PLAYER'S NAME: Pierre Lockwood
CHATANGO NAME: ParcelMaestro
FACE CLAIM: Shuu Todomatsu from Nanana's Buried Treasure
MISC. INFORMATION: Special Thanks to Libertas and Iva for basically building my kit for me... Also, I fully intend to use google translate for all Pierre's French speaking, no matter how poorly it translates.

Pierre Lockwood

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[Magician] Pierre Lockwood Empty Re: [Magician] Pierre Lockwood

Post  Leivinia Birdway Tue Oct 30, 2018 4:47 pm

Now that more than two weeks have passed since the initial posting of this profile and there hasn't been any testpost provided, I need to ask: Is this still being worked on?
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[Magician] Pierre Lockwood Empty Re: [Magician] Pierre Lockwood

Post  Leivinia Birdway Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:35 pm

As more than four weeks have passed and there has not yet been any addition of the test post and thus no completion of the profile or any sort of response to my warning note I'm left with no other choice: This profile is...

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Leivinia Birdway

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[Magician] Pierre Lockwood Empty Re: [Magician] Pierre Lockwood

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