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[Magician] Dagain Askelin

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[Magician] Dagain Askelin Empty [Magician] Dagain Askelin

Post  Askelin Tree Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:41 pm

Versare712: He who changes the principles of the world.

[Magician] Dagain Askelin GxM0Ejd

"Even a little pawn on a chessboard can take on the power of a queen. In such a way, even an ordinary boy can become a hero.”

FULL NAME: Askelin Dagain Connalleigh
OTHER ALIAS: Ascendent Tree, One Eye Ask, He who Lost the Territory of Heaven.
OCCUPATION: An established professor of philosophy.
FACTION: Member of Necessarius and ambassador to Roman Catholic Church.

APPEARANCE: Dagain has glaring crimson eyes, one of which is covered by a black eyepatch, framed with short cherry red coloured hair, well kept, above his usually unreadable visage of an expression. His lightly tanned skin provides a sumptuous contrast with his vibrant red hair, but is marred by the presence of a thin scar that runs down his right eye.

  He usually wears a tight fitting V-neck of which the hem and rim are silver, underneath a red fur-hooded coat, along with a pair of black denim trousers. On his hands, he wears a pair of black leather fingerless gloves which compliment the silver bracelets which line his arms. Around his neck is a silver cross which has a hemisphere bored out of the area where the two bars intersect, while his left ear is pierced and adorned with a silver lily, with his right ear bearing two metal studs. Around his hips, he has leather belts crisscrossing each other, each of which are lined with several utility pouches, while leather boots hug his legs, their silver laces contrasting with the black material.

HEIGHT: 6’1”

WEIGHT: 177 lbs

[ Social Butterfly ]
Dagain is something of an extrovert and social butterfly; he often mingles himself into crowds and he enjoys conversing with a variety of opinions. By using a likeable front, asserting himself into the situation, and making himself over the crowd, he can draw in the minds of those who he talks with. Despite this, a conversation that one might have shared with him is akin to being in a hypnotic trance, traces of his physical appearance and vocal features disappearing with his departure.

[ Cultured ]
Growing up in a household full of educated professors and budding scholars, Dagain received a great education from an esteemed university that allowed him to truly appreciate great literature and the like. This has resulted in him being on a perpetual hunt for material to satiate his curiosity and tastes.

[ Observer ]
Dagain, while seemingly brash and loud, is always observant of his surroundings, watching everyone's movement's, watching every detail, watching even the smallest thing, allowing him to pick out targets amongst a crowd, and apply his magic to them. Dagain is always planning, always thinking of possibilities and what he should do to move him in front of others. He rarely does something without consulting about the possible consequences and resulting events.

[ Manipulative ]
Dagain is quite proficient at manipulation, either by subtly corrupting his target's own goals, omitting parts of stories or events to his own benefit, or by appearing to share their beliefs. Dagain is a strong believer that the ends make up for the means and is willing to do things of a dark nature in order to achieve something good or vice versa.

[ Far-Sighted ]
To Dagain, everyone is a piece on a chessboard that must be moved further in order to accomplish and advance his plans, which he does by working out the key players in the game and carefully setting up situations which will allow for them to move in accordance to his ideas - and just as in a game of chess, he has many ways of winning, adapting to the situation when he might have failed in his initial plan.

[ Calming Strolls ]
There is nothing all too exciting about going on a walk, yet he loves going on them. It's a time away from the rush of his life, and it is enjoyable to just take a step back from everything and relax.

[ Reading Books  ]
A true fan of the literary arts, Dagain enjoys sitting down with a good book, whether it be reading up on the most recent philosophy, current events, or a collection of short stories from a favourite author of his. In his home in London, he owns an extensive library full of books as high as his house allows which is, in fact, the most popular piece of furniture in his home, with a growing collection of tomes joining those which have been read so many times that the covers had become torn with use.

[ Fine Music ]
He is a great fan of good music, having favourites in all genres from pop to classical, rock to country as he finds it soothes the soul. He also quite the talent in playing the flute, a perhaps unexpected trait that he plays such a delicate and sweet instrument when he has such a rough look about him, but excels further in the sphere of singing.

[ Strategic Games ]
A hobby of his that grew from the constant challenge of chess that he and his father played, with him always losing despite the paternal handicap, which eventually developed into a flawless way for him to simulate his own tactics with his ability flourishing to the point where he was second only to those who called themselves masters of the art, bringing his unique method of formulating and thinking of possible routes and forcing out a desired outcome.

[ Unclouded Mind ]
He believes the most appropriate way to carry oneself is with full awareness of one’s surroundings, which requires a body devoid of substance which may alter the mind - helped by his great tolerance of alcohol and his taste for mocktails, of which a Virgin Mary would never be unwelcome.

[ False Judgement ]
Dagain hates it when people judge a person due to an initial impression, be it negative or positive, without engaging in any proper interactions with that person. Perhaps it is due to his studies into the workings of the mind that he came up with this dislike, as he is all about looking through the surface and onto deeper reasonings.

[ Stagnant Views ]
He has a great distaste for stubbornness due to his childhood and career that was rife with fools who were unchanging in their opinions - holding it dearer than themselves - which he believes wears away at the soul in the wake of being unable to appreciate multiple viewpoints.

[ Futile Struggles ]
He would much rather simply acquire his aim without any wasted effort, preferring to not involve himself in needless fights when there is a possibility of obtaining the objective with its absence - expanding to his own dislike of battle, it is merely a means to an end, one that can be averted due to his belief that there are multiple ways to achieve a result.

[ Impatient Actions ]
For him, patience is certainly a virtue, and one that should be heeded in his presence - for all of the work he does is after decisive calculation and astute observation, it requires a mind free of the constant need to speed up a process.

[ Strong Coffee ]
Due to his heritage, he has a hatred of the richer coffee served in European establishments - opting for either a cup of Earl Grey or a fruit-based alternative or, if he must, simply adding milk several times over.

Cooking, ranging from western to eastern cuisines, both provincial and haute.
Music, excelling at relevant theories and performance.
Research, analysing details on his potential targets to a fine degree, which passes to his normal subjects of interest.
Knowledge, has a wide range of arcane wisdom and modern education.
Genius, managing to devise a magic capable of dwarfing the Saints.
Strong, developing a system of melee combat based on the stances used in fencing, which he is well-versed in.

Clumsiness, has a surprising tendency to lose his grip on objects.
Trust, possessing an inherent distrust of others, forcing himself to take the burden of his deeds.
Distant, despite putting on a front of confidence, his action and thoughts are often separate and different to each other.

HISTORY:  Most tales tend to start from the beginning, do they not? Though this may not have an end as of now, let the beginning be told first. This tale started with a simple question; what is it that defines the laws of the world? The world operates under a set of consistent laws, both physical and abstract, which allow for what is able to occur and what cannot. These laws can be seen through the observations of science and musings of philosophy, but can never truly be defined by human knowledge. So, if not humans, what other being has the intellectual capacity to understand and define the laws of the world?

   Such a question lingered long in the mind of a young Dagain, the third child of a union between the second-eldest son noble house descended from the land of the fae, and the woman at the head of a family well-acquainted with the powers which ruled that city of fog, magic and torture. Despite having both a brother and a sister older than him, the youngest of them was the only one to become embroiled in the workings of magic. His father disapproved - his wish not to involve his family in the politics of magic as he left that to his eldest brother - his mother intially failing to sway their son. He took up the faith of his father’s roots which inspired in him an interest in theology and philosophy - such that he continued his studies in the stronghold of Catholicism. But that question hounded him even there, his previous interest becoming a burning desire to find the answer. He had found that religion was filled with just as many problems as it did solutions with the theologians he studied under having contradictory ideas on such matters, but he did not lose his belief.

    Upon returning to his home country, Dagain approached his mother about her connections on that other side of normal society. He decided that he would devote himself to the study of magic in order to develop a system in which the laws of the world were consistent, unlike the current one which has so many flaws born through disorder. He carved that into his heart as Versare712, using the various people he came into contact with as a means to obtain further knowledge. he was given the offer to join that organisation of witch-hunters, having recognised their vast libraries of tomes would offer the knowledge he was searching after. He managed to achieve success in their entrance exam and enjoyed a brief respite that allowed him to continue his studies - becoming their ambassador to the Roman Catholic Church when they needed a representative - but it was not to last.

   The gaze of the demon known as the Archbishop had fallen upon him, determining that Dagain’s objective of unifying the laws of the world was in opposition to her own plans of dispersal and resolved to show him her thoughts on him. While he was abroad gathering information in their foreign libraries, a remote spell activated and robbed his most precious possession from him. His eye. It dealt him a cursed wound to his eye, his eye that had read the many texts with which his ideal magic had been developed from, his eye which had been the cornerstone to maintaining the perfect beauty for his ideal magic.

   With his sight, he lost his objective and drearily accepted the blood-soaked offer that the Archbishop gave - in exchange for the chance to secure the one way he could return his eye, he had to become an operative in that murky darkness arisen from the misuse of magic. He could only guess that it was her who had ordered this be done but, so devoted to his objective he was, he could only do as she said. With each case he resolved, he became steeped further into the crimson waters that hid the secrets of Necessarius, that blood-red colour staining his mind with whispers of unimaginable horrors. He saw atrocities that should not be possible by the common sense he held yet it was only after coming that far that he realised something that seemed so important.
   That question he had hounded in his academic years was not some abstract thing to simply be thought on, it was a problem that hindered the development and well-being of many. There needed to be something that bound humanity to a set of morals - he needed to create a system that could arrange the very laws that governed the world. He had exhausted the conjecture that fell into the domain of religion and had nowhere to continue, for he was unable to find a foundation solid enough within them upon which he could build his magic; with belief came the possibility of contradiction. He needed something that could make a basis that would bind his magic together.

    The chessboard had expanded: When science and magic cross paths, the story begins.

MAGIC NAME: Versare712: He who changes the principles of the world. This refers to his desire to overturn the current system of the world that crystallised through his experience of the inherent sins of mankind and his own inability to change that.

ABILITY NAME: [ The Blessed Fragrances of the Root ]

[ Foundations - Sephirotic Nature ]
Across the world, touching cultures far and wide, is a base but complex idea of the utility of herbs and spices as well as of oils and balms. Through their meditative qualities and health benefits, they have been revered as possessing magical qualities - either by being eaten as they are, or imbued into another object. As such, they serve as the foundation of many magical systems, and can be used to - even simplistically - describe the rules of their theories.

    The basis of this magic lies in utilising ten spiritual plants and associating their properties with the ten spheres of the sephirot in order to create spells that emulate the qualities of God due to the nature of the sephirot in being a tree that reached for the divine.

   As this magic is based upon the use of the sephirot’s emanating spheres, it is not directly applicable as an offense, but an aid to the human body to ascend to greater levels closer to the divine. In order to enhance the magical effects produced by spells of such a symbolism, the sephira is paired with a Hebrew number corresponding to another sephira; as they exist most naturally in pairs.

[ Progressions - Symbolic Worlds ]
This magic relies upon his four spice-grinders which contain the relevant materials for these spells. By releasing the spices through an imprinted gauze of their corresponding Hebrew number on the top of these spice-grinders, symbolising the spiritual sephira coming into contact with the physical world, their effects come into existence. This can only work with the containers filled with the necessary materials and are free to be dispersed through the imprinted gauze - without going through the gauze, the symbolism cannot be enacted.

    On his person, Dagain carries four traditional metal containers that are engraved with various scenes depicting sacred trees and their branches folding around the spice grinders. In these, he keeps his stock of dried herbs and spices - he prefers to use fresh parts of the same, but they are not cheap nor easy to come across - which are kept in compartments that can be accessed by a simple mechanism to allow for him to use them at moments’ notice. Each spice grinder has some templates with imprints of Hebrew numerals on them which the ground-up versions of the herbs and spices are released through to activate their relevant effects. The spice grinders are individually identified by separate patterns adorning their outside facade, which defines them as either Pshat, Remez, Deresh or Sod.

    This magic relies upon his four spice-grinders which contain the relevant materials for these spells. By releasing the spices through an imprinted gauze of their corresponding Hebrew number on the top of these spice-grinders, symbolising the spiritual sephira coming into contact with the physical world, their effects come into existence. This can only work with the containers filled with the necessary materials and are free to be dispersed through the imprinted gauze - without going through the gauze, the symbolism cannot be enacted.

    Using his spice grinders as a baseline for the four worlds used in various religions, Dagain can turn them into symbolic weapons representing the classical four elements. He may ordain his spice grinders as equivalent to one of the worlds according to their names, with Pshat being Assiah of the earth, Remez Yetzirah of the air, Deresh Beri’ah of the waters and Sod being Atziluth of the fires. Upon ordination, he may utilise spells based upon the element derived from the relevant world. Spells include rotating Sod to produce a circle of fire, swiping Remez to create a blast of air and so forth. These basic spells can only produce elemental spells that correspond to such directional movements and have a limited range of around five metres. By themselves, their strength is above-average: Sod can create fire hot enough to burn through fabrics easily but not materials such as brick along with being very quick, but Pshat could create rocks which could easily break through brick yet is quite slow. However, he is able to use the Four Worlds in combination with the Blessed Fragrances at the same time, allowing for a unique combat style of constantly supporting his offensive spells. He may only use two of his spice-grinders at one time - he must switch between them to change the elements - and cannot use the same sephira twice in a row.

[ Consequences ]

[ Earthen Assiah - Pshat ]

[ Bitter Galbanum - Malkuth ]
Galbanum is a resin with a bitter taste and sweet smell embodies the ability for opposing values to exist in a unity and the separation of united values into an opposition, like Malkuth. By waving Pshat downwards to the left side of the body and releasing Galbanum, that which is opposite can be made single - Dagain may disguise one elemental spell under another.

[ Airy Yetzirah - Remez ]

[ Warm Clove - Yesod ]
Clove is a warm spice that represents the ability to increase the value of a condition, as Yesod does. By waving Remez upwards to the right side of the body and releasing Clove, one can reinforce the physical and spiritual - Dagain may create a barrier which may absorb the impact of one strong attack, though it can only absorb impacts up to a truck being driven into it. This has the value of the number Ten.

[ Musky Spikenard - Tipheret ]
Spikenard is a root with a musky scent which embodies the ability for one to mediate between two opposites to provide harmony, like Tipheret.
By waving Remez diagonally downwards from the right side of his body to his left and releasing Spikenard, one can provide a substitute opposite to a target - Dagain may disappear in anticipation of an attack and reappear after said attack has been registered as done. This has the value of the number Nine.

[ Watery Beri’ah - Deresh ]

[ Pungent Cinnamon - Hod ]
Cinnamon is a leaf with a pungent taste demonstrates the ability to determine a clear objective for one to look after, like Hod. By waving Deresh in a clockwise circle and releasing Cinnamon, one can realise the manifest truth - Dagain may reveal all hidden things within his field of vision. This has the value of the number Seven.

[ Aromatic Cassia - Gevurrah ]
Cassia is an aromatic bark that symbolises the ability to provide a boundary and restrain a value, like Gevurrah. By waving Deresh diagonally upwards from the left side of his body to the right and releasing Cassia, one can use it to gather abstract values and separate them from a target - Dagain may take control of a spell and utilise its intended effect. This has the value of the number Six.

[ Fired Atziluth - Sod ]

[ Bright Saffron - Netzach ]
Saffron is a bright spice that represents the ability for one to move towards an objective with a constant pace, as Netzach does. By waving Sod downwards to the left side of his body, that which is far can be reached - Dagain may instantly travel to any person within his field of vision. This has the value of the number Eight.

[ Sweet Myrrh - Chessed ]
Myrrh is a resin with a sweet smell that represents the ability to remove a boundary and unbind a value, like Chessed. By waving Chessed anti-clockwise and releasing Myrrh, one can increase a target’s parameters outside of the ordinary - Dagain may force a spell to go out of control, and deviate randomly from its intended course. This has the value of the number Five.

The final three spheres are the origin point for the subsequent ones and as such are used as the base for every blend in the Ascendent Value, with [ Heavy Frankincense- Da’at ] along with [ Pleasant Helichrysum - Binah ] and [ Delicate Costus - Chochmah ] being utilised as a method of calming the mind.

[ The Ascendent Value of the Tree ]

[ Foundations - True Light ]
The actual truth behind Dagain’s magic is derived from the innate power which resides within his body, which holds an unrefined nature that has been honed into becoming a vessel for his own ideals; this is likened to the idea of the primordial man known as Adam Kadmon which was not filled with the divine light of God. The unfiltered power can be converted to something new, as on its own it is impossible to be used, it requires being channeled for it to take effect.

   Due to this, he has used this mysterious power to attempt the creation of a system in which the qualities of all world-trees are united into one common format and as such can disregard the rules enforced upon them by their mythologies. In order to preside over such a hierarchy, he developed a set of three laws which must be fulfilled to attain a power surpassing the divine by emulating their qualities. He could have chosen the qualities of any highest power from any given mythology, but his were based on the three laws of the classical theistic God. Those laws were agreed to be the objective of benevolence, of wisdom and of might due to observing various religious beliefs and determining these classical theistic properties to be recurring themes.

   This benevolence has been reduced to the single requirement that this magic is utilised to advance his objectives, which must themselves be for the benefit of man. This requires him to adhere to the personal ideals which he subscribes to and not lose faith in them being the sole path to a better world, to not do so would produce a dilemma that would result in an intense conflict in the mechanics of his magic as it was designed to change the world for the better according to his design.

   The wisdom has become the capability to create a rule-system to be controlled by him with a degree of certainty, similar to the natural laws which govern the external universe - his magic being similar to an internal world. The mathematical calculations needed to be performed for such a premise to be fulfilled being so out of his mental abilities that he cannot fully control the rules which he creates. For this to be fully controlled, he would require a terminal which can perform the various formulae for him and allow him to obtain the perfect values to control the rules.

   The might has taken the form of his physical perfections, which must return to the original form closest to harness the creative powers that man can potentially utilise due to being a blueprint of the divine body. This beauty had once been attained by him, but was lost upon the ratio he had created was ruined by the destruction of his right eye that produced a permanent scar - upon its removal he could access this requirement, which is the reason for his search to find a power greater than the magic which placed it there.
[ Progressions - Required Values ]
Due to his inability to fulfill the requirements needed for him to attain the full position at the head of this tree, he is only able to access a third of its true power which he can make use of by producing branches of this tree to briefly change the laws of the world. Since the new tree represents the inner world he is cultivating within by his inherent power, the branches symbolise the capacity for that microcosm to interact with the macrocosm of the world - drawing power from the representations of the branches of world trees from various mythologies. These branches manifest themselves as hazy lines, as if struggling to assert themselves, which vary in thickness according to the quality that has been allocated to them. As he possesses only the requirement of benevolence, he can use the branches just to interfere passively against threats as if a simple weapon. They can be conjured from anywhere around Dagain within one metre, extending outwards from their origin point for five metres and changing direction at forty five degree angles, before disappearing after they have grown the full distance. They are as fast as a professional swordsman’s strike, but much slower when changing direction. The stake-like tips are powerful enough to pierce bone while the body is blunt but sturdy enough to parry a steel blade. However, only five of them can manifest at one time and they take several seconds to form again once they have been used.

    However, he can grant partial access to the requirement of wisdom by aligning his body with his ‘false’ magic system of the Blessed Fragrances. He equates the various parts of his body to his magic according to Kabbalah tradition, with each movement that he makes being a way to build up magic power. As his body is the Ascendent Value itself, he has no need to use an outside magic system to define his magic but used this ‘false’ magic system in order to clearly display a rule-system by which he can access the requirement of wisdom. He has simulated the calculations using this rule-system to ascertain the coordinates of five potential branches. These calculations can be achieved by chaining together the various spells of the Blessed Fragrances in accordance with the numbers they correspond with in order to equal the sum of the branches’ coordinates. The spices themselves are not the key to this, but the movements associated with each of the spells which represent the relevant number. It must equal that sum - not more and not less - with the same restrictions of the Blessed Fragrances about not using the same value twice. If interrupted during the chain, the sum is disrupted and must be begun again. He may not use the Four Worlds while utilising any of the five potential branches, as they are incompatible systems, but he may conjure his branches. By chaining together those numbers, he may calculate and access the relevant coordinates of those branches. In doing so, he is able to apply rules to these branches according to the various qualities of God which can allow him to partially transcend the world’s laws.

[ Consequences ]

[ That Which Strikes Everything ]
The coordinate of this branch is the sum Fifteen. The branch becomes a bright flower whose petals fall like blades onto their targets. Utilising the singular aspect of Existence, this spell produces as many petals as Dagain actively registers there are opponents - he is able to alter the amount of petals based on his situation. They fall with a linear path from above Dagain with straight trajectories automatically.

[ That Which Alights Somewhere ]
The coordinate of this branch is the sum Seventeen. The branch becomes a radiant bloom which bares itself as several explosive burst around their targets. Utilising the plural aspect of Existence, this spell produces as many blooms as Dagain passively faces as opponents - he is unable to alter the amount of blooms based on his situation. They burst at random areas around Dagain with hazy flickers beforehand.

[ That Which Enforces Rules ]
The coordinate of this branch is the sum Nineteen. The branch is conjured into an immense white light which surges upon targets in it. Utilising the plural aspect of Essence, this spell works in several rounds, its power increases with each round that hits - one round merely making movements slightly dull until, with five rounds, it impossible to move a limb. Each round occurs when Dagain wishes it and affects an area round ten metres away from him. The area is signified by a hazy shadow that appears upon the ground. It does not physically harm but the target is weakened by the spell draining their strength from the core of their bodies.

[ That Which Reaches Anything ]
The coordinate of this branch is the sum Twenty-Two. The branch transforms into a golden circle revolving about Dagain before locking onto a target and being launched as a sharp stake. Utilising the singular aspect of Essence, this spell increases the density of magical power as the distance of the target from Dagain increases, constantly honing in on a target. At a close distance of a few metres, it is akin to being hit with a traffic sign, and a further distance of five kilometres, a missile. However, it reduces the density of magical power of the distance decreases. It only stops once it hits its target or something sturdy enough to bear its force. It bypasses most spiritual defenses to deal damage to the spirit itself, spreading damage across the entire body.

[ That Which Eludes Logic ]
The coordinate of this branch is the sum Twenty-Five. The branch is turned into a vaguely golden sphere around Dagain which rotates at extremely high speeds. Utilising the absolute aspect of Eminence, this spell absorbs the force of assaults made against the sphere and converts the relevant energy into magical power which then serves as a source for the expansion of the sphere’s perimeter. It initially is of three metres perimeter, growing half a metre with along with each assault to about five metres, whereupon it disintegrates by itself. This sphere can be shattered by an assault which has a total force greater than the previous total force applied to the sphere. For example, the initial sphere can take an assault with the force of a full-speed truck before shattering. However, if it has received several weaker assaults and grown in size, the total force required to shatter the sphere would be the force of a full-speed truck in addition to the previous forces applied. At the maximum perimeter of five metres, it could receive the force of a ballistic missile before shattering.

OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.

[ Remote Directions ]
Each element corresponds with a cardinal direction: Water to the North, Air to the East, Fire to the South, and Earth to the West. By imprinting the symbolic figure for each cardinal direction upon a surface, he may create a remote spell - For Water, he must draw a downwards-pointing triangle and to activate call a chant similar to: ‘The North moves from its position above, VAM!’ This would conjure a simple geyser of water to burst forth, but could be used to coat its surface in slippery ice or to create a fog with more complex chants. For Air, he must draw an upwards-pointing triangle with a horizontal line through its middle. The chant goes similar to: ‘Bring the East from its position below. PAM!’ This would create a gust of wind strong enough to lift a person off their feet, but could be used to create a sword of wind. For Fire, he must draw an upwards-pouting triangle. The chant goes similar to: ‘Take the South towards its position above, RAM!’ This would create a fire strong enough to burn through fabric and skin, but could be used to create an explosion like a contact explosive. For Earth, he must draw a downwards-pointing triangle with a horizontal line through its middle. ‘The West leads towards its position below, LAM!’ This would create a sturdy pillar of earth, but could be used to create a deep hole or opening. These remote spells can only work with both symbol and chant so, if the symbol is erased or changed - breaking the symbol’s shape - it will not take effect.

[ Ringed Pillars ]
Silver rings line his arms and legs which equate to the three paths to perfection - such as the pillars of the tree being Mercy, Justice and Knowledge. These paths are imperfect by themselves, but grant greater power to whoever walks upon one. Dagain may use them to increase the strength of his spells used with any one spice-grinder, to the extent of conjuring fires as hot as those in a furnace, but reducing the opposing elements’ spells to practically useless, like rainwater dripping into the pavement. He may activate this by crossing his arms and using the chant, ‘Guide my power to perfect harmony’ and then calling out the name of one of the spice-grinder. This effectively limits him to one spice-grinder and is cancelled once he switches any of the spice-grinders he is using.

[ Reverse Symbolism ]
Due to his wide range of knowledge pertaining to the far reaches of the religious landscape, Dagain can quickly formulate countermeasures to most foundational spells from many different magic systems.

[ Sleight of Hand ]
Not necessarily the sort which involves fraudulent card tricks but rather a method of quickly moving objects around his person. In this way, he can easily change the spices within his containers and switch those in his hands with those in his coat without much hassle.

[ Simulated Games ]
Within his labyrinthine mind, Dagain is able to produce a three-dimensional space in which he can simulate every manner of situation which he may find himself in - but this only works when he knows the factors in play, if there is an unexpected factor which enters, his simulation will not provide accurate results.

[ Rounded Tastes ]
As he deals with aromatic spices within the bounds of his magic, he has managed to formulate astounding dishes using creative balances of spices which would only be possible by his amazing sense of taste.

CHARACTER THEME: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx0U9UsUgpI





PLAYER'S NAME: Versare712
RATING: Any and all
MISC. INFORMATION: I may need help formatting and adding picture...

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[Magician] Dagain Askelin Empty Re: [Magician] Dagain Askelin

Post  Askelin Tree Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:43 pm

The howling winds scraped against the dying trees, dancing among the dishevelled leaves as they struggled to reach their resting place; ravens circled overhead of a ruined monument, their death-cries the only sound other than the constant winds, paying homage to their brethren who lay beneath the leaves. The broken floor of stone was pierced with fingers of wood while the strong odour of black earth made wet by torrential showers hung in the night’s air, a once-great castle having returned to its former state with the loving embrace of nature.

Hidden among the shadows cast by these looming structures lay a simple slab of stone. It was unadorned, but stained with white where defiant crows had defecated this resting place of an unknown person. It seemed as though this grave had been unattended to since it had been first put in place, yet a simple bouquet of pink blooms had been left askew upon it, adorning the head of the stone slab.

Left sitting among the ruins of his once-great castle, a red-haired man dressed in a sinister black coat looked on with a vacant expression at the hill which blocked his beloved’s resting place from view. His surrounding air had the resignation of one in mourning, but his expression lacked any feeling that would confirm such, no tears brimmed in his eyes nor did limbs tremble with emotion. He could not feel, yet this same lack of feeling did not concern him at all. He knew of the problems that lay in feeling, he had experienced it before. The feeling of grief at the loss of a sister, the rage of being branded a traitor, the hopelessness of being alone. He wished for none of it ever again.

The howling winds scraped against the dying trees, dancing among the dishevelled leaves as they struggled to reach their resting place; no sight of ravens overhead anymore, they lay beneath the leaves where their brethren embraced them in death.
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[Magician] Dagain Askelin Empty Re: [Magician] Dagain Askelin

Post  Vita Vesta Caesar Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:49 am

[0] - The Prologue
So, after many long months and year have passed, at last the great Dagain Askelin shall be evaluated. Now let's see, what do we have here...

Oh, this is a pretty neat profile.

Hm? Is it still going?

...Wow, this magic section is long.




Okay, let's get this eval started!

[1] - The Formatting
So, before anything else, I shall address the very first thing that anyone will notice when looking at your profile: the complete and utter lack of BBCode. You have sort-of-paragraph-indents with two spaces, no bold, no centering. It's like reading a .txt file, but worse! Visually all of the different sections just blend into each other, and when you have as many sections as you do (especially in the area of your magic), it makes it all the more difficult to parse.

So therefore, I shall give you this order: make it pretty! Make it beautiful to look at! Put it in line with all the others profiles on the forum. I've seen your Kyouka profile; I know you can do it!

And also, ditch the pseudo-paragraphs. I'm sorry man, but you're just gonna have to give up on the idea of paragraph indents here on Forumotion. You may mourn it (as I once did, sob), but you must conform.

Oh, and give the account a profile picture, will ya?

[2] - The Personality
I'd approve you just on virtue of him being a coffee-lover, but Iva would kill me. (Nats would obliterate me.) So unfortunately, the play must go on.

Not actually much of anything to discuss here; ya did good.

[3] - The History
'aight, there be more than a few things going on here that need correcting. But let's start from the top.

First off, you mention that he's from a noble house... And then proceed to completely ignore that for the rest of the profile. Elaborate, please. He's aristocracy, but what kind of aristocracy? Are his parents in a position of power within modern magical England? Or is it simply a hereditary title without any actual power attached to it? What connection does that have with his relationship to triumvirate forces of magical British politics, the Royal Family, the Knights of England, and Necessarius? There is much to discuss here.

And really, you need to elaborate on both sides of his family. From what I can tell, one side is nobility that may or not have traditionally been involved in the magic side, and the other is simply somehow involved with the British magic side? I've already mentioned how you need to elaborate on the aristocracy part, but I'd to request that you do the same with the other half as well, regarding exactly who they are, where they came from, how they factor into Dagain's life, etc.

And next, he studied in the Vatican, and then returned to Britain to join Necessarius? That is a considerably more complicated process than you let on. The Vatican is not some sort of study center for fledgling magicians to read books in; it is the base of the Roman Catholic Church, one of the most powerful factions in the entirety of the magic side, and one of the greatest rivals of Necessarius. Getting in and doing what you said he did in the first place would mean joining the Roman Catholics, and leaving to join Necessarius would entail betraying the largest magic cabal on the planet and running off to join their greatest enemy, and with a head full of their magical knowledge, at that. In light of this, please rethink this portion of his history.

And as for his coming under the control of Lola, well. Her taking his eye is rather... Direct of her. Her directly coming out and ripping his eye out of its socket is extremely out of character for her. She manipulates from a distance, using her influence to dole out favors and blackmail in equal measure to indebt and coerce people into joining and remaining with Necessarius, and largely of their own will at that. Such blatant violence is not in her modus operandi and moreover wholly unnecessary for her. She has far more effective methods to achieve such goals. And moreover, why did she even perceive him as a threat in the first place? Between her [NT SPOILERS] and position of Archbishop of Necessarius, what on earth could Dagain have known or possessed that would cause her to perceive him as such a threat? How did a simple magician such as himself cause Lola Stuart, one of the most powerful magicians in the world, to perceive him as such a threat?

Also, you mention him being dragged into a blood-drenched world of atrocity after Lola grasps him reins and blackmails him, but that's kind of just normal Necessarius. It ain't a pretty job, not in the slightest. They see bloody corpses, horrors, atrocities. Murder, death, and gore. It simply comes with the territory, and any magician of Necessarius (and really, most magicians in general) wouldn't find anything especially special about it.

And lastly for this section, him going to Academy City. So first off, if Lola really saw him as such a threat, why on earth would she have let him go to such a place and blatantly break the Magic-Science Treaty, as well as continue amassing the very knowledge that she ripped out his eye to prevent him from obtaining? And moreover, the forum ban of magicians being based in Academy City still stands. It was originally instated to allow the formation of an actual magic side, instead of having every magician in the forum being magicians living in Academy City for some reason, and that reasoning still stands. So that part is unfortunately nixed without question.

[4] - The Magic
So, the first thing that stands out to me is that he is really freaking strong. Like, goddamn. He can hit someone from across a city with an attack that gets stronger the further away they are, conjure an unlimited number of blades to strike an unlimited number of targets, freely teleport, automatically knock people out, and universally immobilize anyone without super-strength who comes to close to him. He's super-mobile, if you run away he'll snipe you with a tracking attack, if you stick close you get pounded to the ground, and if you come in number he just geeks all of you at once. On top of that, with Symbolized Four Worlds he can just use powerful elemental magic, and isn't half-bad at close combat either. He can do anything and everything, and doesn't have even a single weakness.

There's also a lack of information regarding limitations and requirements. The range of That Which Reaches Anything is ridiculous, but what's its actual power? How much does it scale with distance, and what kind of output is it capable of at some example distances? How weak is it up close, how strong is it a city away? How powerful is That Which Strikes Everything? How many times can it (and all of the other spells, really) be fired in succession? How far can he teleport with That Which Rends Laws? Is there any wind-up? Cooldown? What is the range of That Which Eludes Logic? Also, for just the branches without the assistance of the scents, what exactly is their capabilities? Range? Dexterity? Power? Speed?

Symbolized Four Worlds deserves far more information than it currently has. That's a main spell in itself right there, but it has almost no details on its exact capabilities. How freely can it be used? How does it combo with The Blessed Fragrances of the Root? Range? Types of techniques? Maximum output? Requirements for use? Is there a cooldown or wind-up?

You may be sensing a theme here.

All in all, you have a really, impressively interesting ability written up here, but it just completely lacks balancing. Dropped into the story as he is, he would wipe the floor with other other PC on the forum barring the likes of the Level 5s, which just goes to say the level of his power. Saints and Level 5s are restricted in the extreme; as someone without even a single thread under your belt, you're just not going to get approved for that level of power.

And furthermore, regarding your talk about the third tree...

Late NT Spoilers Lie Within:
We see an example of a third tree in the series proper: Clonoth. In order to create it, it required the ritual murder of over ten thousand specially bred sacrifices, a twenty-thousand strong hivemind existing beyond life and death that can persist even with the utter destruction of the entire world by the likes of a magic god, an esper who can stop the rotation of the earth and do battle against freaking angels (who, to remind you, are capable of casually rearranging the stars in the sky light years away and destroy the world with a torrential flood) and also reached into the deepest depths of enlightenment of the Aeon of Horus, and also spreading the nine-thousand living members of that hivemind across the planet, in addition to the creation of Academy City and development of the Curriculum in the first place. And it all had to be dreamed up by Aleister Crowley, creator of the magical system used by 99.99% of all living magicians over the course of multiple decades, a feat he had to develop science some forty-years in excess of the rest of the world to accomplish.

And well, do you get what I'm saying about Dagain having access to that kind of thing? To be clear, it's not something that's necessarily impossible for me to be sold on, given adjustments of its power/potency both in terms of practical balancing and in-universe magical achievement such that you see it was made in acknowledgement of what 'the real, successful thing' is like, and that it's something attempting to reach that, but obviously not being anywhere near there yet. Or else making it clear that its something significantly more minor, internal, not something that's actually pressed upon the world itself but just something internal that can't exist outside. But I do need to see it acknowledged, and that's the crux of things.

Also, I do see your angle there, with the Personal Reality parallels and trying to take him to Academy City. But do tread lightly; if you're just setting up interesting parallels to maybe be addressed someday in the plot or just neat details to admire in his profile, that's one thing. Actually addressing the matter directly, on the other hand, touches directly on some matters of the deep ToAruverse that, frankly, are of a higher power and priority level than the players, characters, and events of our forum are currently running. So do be aware of that.

[5] - The Epilogue
Overall, Dagain is a font of wonderful and interesting ideas is just a very well-written profile. But that's in a vacuum. In the setting of the forum, as he is now, he simply doesn't fit. Far too much power, lack of attention paid to practical matters of balancing, and involvement in some lore matters are simply beyond the scope of the forum at the moment. The issue, primarily, is that he simply doesn't seem to have been written as an RP character.

On the other hand, though, that doesn't change the fact that the ideas and concepts behind him are fascinating, and its not as if I'm rejecting the profile as a whole. Ultimately, the issues I have pointed out, while many, are largely (really, almost entirely) technical details, and the greater concepts behind his personality, history, magic name and magic are all largely salvageable, if in need of editing at all.

He needs to be balanced so that he is not overpowered, but The Blessed Fragrances of the Root's Idol Theory is perfectly unobjectionable, and its not so much the uses of his magic so much as its sheer strength that is an issue. And the ideas of having his magic sealed/taken, him being betwixt the influences of Necessarius and the Roman Catholics, his search for knowledge, and his being under the yoke of Necessarius are all perfectly reasonable on their own. Their implementation need simply be polished.

To conclude, I am looking forward to your edited profile, and do indeed believe it is very much worthy of editing. I don't know if it was overshadowed by the rest of the eval, but I really am in love with this wonderful magic concept you've thought up. Hopefully this doesn't scare you off.
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[Magician] Dagain Askelin Empty Re: [Magician] Dagain Askelin

Post  Askelin Tree Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:12 pm

Thank you, Miss Roman, for your response. I have now made the following amendments:


As regards to his family, I have made more references to their part in his story, but I feel that they are not as important as might be let on. His father has now been clarified as the second son, not much involved in the politics of magic, and his title is more status than practice. He is an explanation as to how Dagain is able to buy his own house in London - house prices are bloody expensive, and getting higher still. His mother is more complex, as has been hinted there. I used her family as a way of explaining how Necessarius gets a steady stream of operatives. We see in Norse SS that they sometimes kidnap children, but that does not seem to be a steady stream. As such, his mother’s Family is one such stream. This family, let us call them the ‘Brandyfills’, train up one or two of their children usually and send them to Necessarius. However, this time round, since Dagain’s father stopped his mother from interfering, Dagain grew up with not much practice but some definite knowledge of magic. Thus, their roles have been clarified.

His studies in the Vatican has been changed to be, simply-put, nothing to do with magic. The idea is that he goes there to study theology. Just religion, not magic. Then, after studying there and building up relations, he returns to England thinking that theology on its own can give him no answers and turns to magic. Here his mother comes in, as explained before, and recommends him to Necessarius. Thus, the problems of the Vatican and Necessarius being enemies is resolved, as Dagain was not affiliated with Necessarius not fully integrated with the magic side yet. However, I do recognise his potential to bridge the gap after that by his position as ambassador to the Vatican from Necessarius. This is plausible by the relations he built up while there.

I took on board the idea of Laura and have amended it. Laura herself has not been named as the caster of the curse but it is implied she had a big hand in it, and I have two reasons why should be against Dagain: One is stated in the profile and relates to NT.
She is about the natural breakdown of mankind for its stagnation and all man-made things, including the phases, while Dagain is the opposite. Rather than destroy humans for their stagnation, he wants to find some underlying structure which he can alter to make into something that will spur on man’s progress - something that will justify their existence. He doesn’t want to destroy. He wants to create. His goal opposes hers, and she is very particular about rooting out any opposition that could potentially harm her plans.
In the other hand, there’s the simple idea that Laura works that way. She blackmails people so they work for her without complaining - especially if he has relations with the Vatican.

The whole ‘blood and gore’ section is twofold: Firstly, Dagain would probably have served a function more similar to the encryption experts or personnel such as Jeans Shop Owner and Tour-Guide Operator before his accident. Thus, after that accident, he was being dragged into the real job of Necessarius. Secondly, it was simply to emphasise that he was starting to see the problems with humanity and why they needed to change.

The part about wanting to go to AC has been knocked off but has been left open for future plots.

By Jove, there have been some changes... After rereading Blood Sign, I have changed the Blessed Fragrances and Ascendent Value to something reminiscent of the Summoning Ceremony. This both limits his use of AV by forcing him to make chains, and has conflated the Four Worlds with BF. I have nerfed AV’s effects by removing That Which Rends Laws and adding extra requirements and signs/drawbacks. Remote spells have been added because I love Kaballah, so I’m sorry... And I’ve nerfed  BF and FW through limiting its range and power as well as versatility while adding one of the old functions as a seperate spell with Ringed Pillars since that’s an integral part of the idea of the tree he is evoking.

That leads me to the idea itself. I articulated myself badly the first time by mentioning the idea of a third tree. This magic essentially uses Symbokic Magic to map out the locations of beaches of world-trees and then alter them by his own True Light, twisting them to create his own effects. At this point, he is nowhere near creating his own tree as was mentioned, which is the end-goal of his magic - to essentially alter all the world-trees, the underlying structures of various religions and relevent Phases.

Also... umm... he ain’t a good fencer. He clumsy after all.
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[Magician] Dagain Askelin Empty Re: [Magician] Dagain Askelin

Post  Vita Vesta Caesar Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:50 am

[1] - The Formatting
Oh so close, but still a simple step away. You forgot the name that should be far up at the very, very top. With proper text size, bolding, and alignment. Remember to consult the handy template!

[3] - The History
Regarding his family, it's not a vitally important detail to be expounded upon, true. Normally, it could be largely skipped over entirely. However, when you mention such things as nobility in a world where nobility still influence one of the largest and most important powers in the world, at least a basic overview is needed. That said, it is a basic overview which you have in fact now provided, and as such it's no longer a problem~ I do hope you understand why I asked for it, though.

In terms of studying at the Vatican, remember that in the Toaruverse the distinction between religion and magic isn't nearly as thick as one might believe. And he isn't just a believer or researcher coming there to learn, he's a magician. They would be questioning his motivations and allegiances, and I highly doubt he would be allowed into their stronghold to study without giving something in return; service to the Roman Catholic Church, most likely. And even beyond that, he's not just a magician - he's the son of British nobility and a family with close ties to Necessarius. He has strong ties to the Anglicans, which complicate things even further in terms to his relations with the Roman Catholics. For that reason, I will have to categorically reject him entering the Vatican for the reasons listed above.

In terms of having a relatively friendly relationship with the Catholics in terms of being a Catholic in Anglican territory as well as studying with them, rather than the Vatican, something like forming a relationship with another parish would be more feasible. You don't seem to quite understand the significance that the Vatican holds; it is one of - if not the - best defended locations on the planet, with over a thousand years of defensive formations built up with the power of literal billions of believers, and at the same time guarding countless secrets, grimoires, and other artifacts of equal measure, certainly equivalent to if not surpassing the danger and firepower of modern nuclear weapons. His entry there is therefore a far more sensitive matter than you might imagine. On the other hand, there are also countless other non-Vatican Roman Catholic strongholds, churches and individuals that he could still receive the equivalent intended studying and relationships at without treading on quite the same political red tape.

Late NT Spoilers:
I am also going to have to more fully reject the matter of Lola interfering with him for the simple reason that it makes him into far too much of a big deal. She is Coronzon, the demon who guards the paths of the Sephirot to drive away those who attempt to ascend it without having made the commensurate preparations or possessing the suitable qualifications. The decay that she enforces and the stagnation that she resents is something on the level of the eternality of the accursed grimoires that eat into the very laws of the world and the magic gods which have risen far above them. Dagain is simply one magician out of countless many; what matters is not the subject of his thesis but the extent of his power. Her interfering with him implies that the implications of leaving him as he is reach onto that sort of amazing scale. That is what it means for someone to catch the eye of Coronzon in that manner.

His being dragged into Necessarius (if he must be dragged) must not be done by Coronzon, the demon dwelling in the Sephirah. It must be done by Lola Stuart, head of the 0th Parish of the Anglican Church, Necessarius of the Necessary Evil. Treated in the same manner as any of the other magicians who were lured, blackmailed, or manipulated into joining the ranks of Necessarius, and having been targeted in the first place for similar reasons: that being the possession of some trait, quality, ability, or relationship that could be of benefit to Necessarius.

Beyond that, you still left his interest in blatantly breaking the bounds of the Magic-Science Treaty much more clear-cut than I'd like. I'd like to request that rather than him being looking into things beyond the field of magic right now, that he simply be left at a wall in his research, not sure where to go from there, or else simply be in the process of accomplishing his ideal of an all-encompassing moral code as a normal magician. His gaining the idea (or rather, temptation) of looking beyond the field of magic for the sake of accomplishing his goals being left to a possible plot/character development in the future.

[4] - The Magic
So first of all, in terms of the branches, they're a bit overpowered as they are now. Moving as fast as a professional sword strike and being capable of piercing bone, any of which appearing from anywhere in a full 360 degree radius around him - that's pretty much an entire ability all on its own. Power and durability need to be nerfed as a matter of course, no negotiation so long as the rest of the his magic retains its current standard of power. And the stronger you choose to retain them at, the more you need to consider tells or delays in regards to their manifestation and use.

And speaking of delays, that's the next biggest request. So he has two different systems of spells: the Four Worlds, containing both the elemental spells and the miscellaneous effects from the spices, and the Ascendant Value, containing the branches and their five consequences. Dagain already can't use both systems at once, but there's no information on exactly what consequences that has. Not being able to use the branches while casting fireballs or teleporting is good, but if he can swap between the two systems with no delay time or consequence, it doesn't actually provide any real limitations in terms of practical usage. I would also like to suggest some delays in regards to the Ringed Pillars. Likewise as for the Ascendant Value and Four World systems, if he can swap between enhanced elements without any delay or consequence, practically speaking it's the same as having all elements permanently at that level of power.

In terms of the spice effects in the Four Worlds system, you don't have me quite convinced in terms of their effects being what they are in comparison to the symbolism and requirements involved. The ability to use multiple abilities is certainly one among the key distinctions between espers and magicians, but when it comes to quite so powerful and distinct abilities as teleportation, spell interference, or spell hijacking, there's a higher standard in terms of making sure they mesh properly with the rest of the skill set and have the commensurate symbolic justification. And in terms of particularly those three that I just listed, they're lacking in precisely those areas. They feel as if they were mostly just tacked on for extra power or versatility, instead of properly integrated into his ability set. And considering their power and distinctiveness, the minor validation they've been given isn't near enough. Justifying them would require integrating them in a more thorough fashion than simply adding more detail to their specific sections, but rather linking higher towards the basis of the Blessed Fragrance of the Root/Four Worlds itself. It could certainly be done, but it would require a rather heavy reworking of your current abilities.

You have essentially two sets of powers: Four Worlds and Ascendant Values. You swap between them. Because you have two sets, you have to balance the two of them with the fact the other exists in mind; because you have two of them, you can't make either quite as powerful as you could normally make them if you had just one, but they make up for that by Dagain having access to the both and being able to swap between them. And within the Four Worlds, you have the elements and the spices, and you have to do the same with them. Taking into account that you have access to both, you have to make sure they are on similar power levels and that those power levels were made with the others' existence in mind. That's where the distinctiveness, specificity, and power of Gevurrah, Chessed, and Netzach fail to satisfy. Each of them are almost or actually capable of standing alone as their own individual subsystems in comparison to the whole of the spices or elements. And furthermore, more powerful versions of them could be used to form spells that stand equal to the whole of the Four Worlds or Ascendant Values systems themselves, and you fail to explain their level of power so as to specify that they don't stack up to that tier of ability.

For the above reasons, I would recommend dropping them and rearranging the abilities of the spices such that they form a more cohesive system of abilities, on a more similar power level and carrying a more significant similarity of theme.

Lastly, some requests for specific power clarifications. For the air blades or similar uses from Remote Directions, exactly how powerful are they? They concern me slightly because given that they seem meant to be used primarily as sneak attacks, if they could sever a limb or even cause a deep enough cut they would venture into instant-kill territory. Likewise, please describe the capabilities of that That Which Strikes Everything similarly. Please describe the explosive power of That Which Alights Somewhere. For That Which Enforces Rules, rather than having it be an area of effect-type spell, I'd suggest making it a targeted one, such that it can potentially be dodged. Else consider including an enforced delay between pulses or a way to counter or lessen the effect. As for That Which Reaches Everything, giving Dagain a missile-on-command for sniping really is a bit too much in terms of power. Please nerf this one significantly, maybe even rearrange its effects as a simple magic missile entirely. Also, I'm not sure what 'the density of magic power' is supposed to indicate. And finally, as for That Which Eludes Logic, while the effect as a whole is mostly fine (quite nice, actually!) its initial durability is a bit much; please nerf that so as to place emphasis on the importance of building up its durability from the beginning.

Oh, and you apparently saw his fencing ability as great enough to warrant its own section in his Other Abilities, so I considered it appropriately~ I see that you undid that, though, so it's no problem now.
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[Magician] Dagain Askelin Empty Re: [Magician] Dagain Askelin

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