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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Empty FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Post  Aleister Crowley Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:45 pm

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Here is where you will find the answers to the most common (predicted) questions about this RP.

Question 1: So what is A Certain Alternate Universe?

A Certain Alternate Universe is a fan RP taking place in the To Aru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index) universe with a few twists. For information on the setting, the basics are outlined here. More in depth information (and spoilers for the series to date) can be found on the To Aru Wiki.

Question 2: Will we be following Canon?

While the RP will include Canon characters from the original Light Novels and Anime/Manga adaptations we will not be adhering strictly to the Canon plotline. First of all because that would be no fun Razz. And secondly because diverging from Canon gives us more opportunities to bring in new characters and plot elements.

Question 3: So it's a remake?

Yes and no. While we'll be beginning the RP timeline at the start of the Light Novel storyline nothing is set in stone beyond the basic outline and plot arcs. This means that different characters might be present and the entire outcome of the plot could alter dramatically. What if Touma hadn't been present in the SISTERS arc? Would the experiment have continued or would Mikoto have prevailed against the odds? What would happen in the aftermath? Furthermore new plot threads featuring Original characters and a new faction will add a few surprises.

Question 4: What will change?

That's up to you! Your input and your characters' actions will determine the course of the RP. Perhaps your character will get drawn into the conflict between Magic and Science. Or perhaps they'll ally themselves with Academy City's dark side, acting as an undercover agent for the antagonists. Depending on the outcome of certain events and scenes some subplots and even entire arcs may be delayed or hastened or even removed entirely.

Question 5: Will it be all action?

No. Part of the series's charm is its ability to combine slice of life and comedy with action packed drama and we intend to keep that balance. For the most part we'll be following the characters as they interact in their everyday lives and the plot unfolds, leading to the exciting action set pieces we all know and love.

Question 6: Reishi? Nine Dragons? What the hell?

In addition to the Magic and Science factions, A Certain Alternate Universe also contains a third, Original faction, known as Reishi (Spirit User) who make use of their Chi to generate superpowers. Inspired by The Breaker's Murim and Avatar's Benders among other sources, these characters will form the primary antagonists of the RPs Original arcs. They are currently restricted to antagonist NPCs, though they may become available as Player Characters as the RP progresses.

Question 7: How will the main plot be handled?

Stories are handled in several ways.

Site wide events. Or 'Plot Arcs'
Plot Arcs encompass large scale or important events that shape the RP in dramatic ways. They may span multiple threads or 'Episodes'. These are handled solely by the site staff, though ideas for future developments and plot arcs are always welcome and should be submitted here.

Personal plots. Or 'Side Stories'
Side Stories are smaller scale stories created by a member and usually involving a handful of characters. These stories should be kept to a single thread and are primarily for character development. They can be more light hearted (or darker) than the main plot and can be entirely unrelated to it. This is where you can have fun RPing new situations.

Missions, & Rumours
Missions and Rumours are small scale events that are open to all characters. Players may choose from a list of these events, each with their own requirements and objectives. Once complete a mission or rumour may result in a reward or bonus for the characters involved and may lead to further related stories.

To start a mission or rumour, simply PM the Moderator in question. Once the requirements have been met (some missions can only be attempted by members of certain factions or require a minimum/maximum number of participants for instance.) the Moderator will open a new thread. Rumours and missions will not always be easy to solve and may involve some risk to your character.

If you have an idea for a mission or rumour then contact a Moderator and assuming the idea gets the go ahead it will be listed with the others.

Question 8: How do I apply?

Simply familiarise yourself with the Rules and refer to the  Open Character Slots before applying to avoid any confusion and post a character sheet and sample post. The mods will look it over and either approve your character or refuse them and offer advice on how to improve them.

Once approved you are free to post.

Question 9: Which character slots are still open?

Please refer to the appropriate post: https://academycity.forumotion.co.uk/t13-open-character-slots#13

Question 10: I completed a Side Story. What do I do now?

First of all congratulations! Upon completing a Side Story, you should contact a Moderator who will lock and preserve the topic as well as add the completed thread to the thread cataloguing the events of the RP. This way those who are interested can read your characters adventures. You should also include a brief summary of the plot's major points so that any changes can be adopted in the main RP where appropriate.

Question 11: What about stats?

We here at A Certain Alternate Universe are dedicated to bringing high quality plotlines and events to you, our players. That means our focus is less on stats and power levels than it is on character interaction and story. It shouldn't matter whether character A is stronger than character B or possesses more mana or whatever. Players should be mature enough and possessing of enough common sense that they can decide the resolution to conflicts without arbitrary ratings. Fights between characters should be less about power levels and more to do with the writers' abilities and imagination. A well written Level 0 can still beat a Level 5 despite their power difference, though it'll be tough depending on their respective abilities and how they use them.

In short, don't get worked up over stats. Moderators are on hand to make sure characters abilities are kept reasonable and if you feel that there is a problem then contact a Moderator and they'll help.

With all that said, we will be running a poll to find out the general opinion on stats systems and whether they should be employed. If the vote comes up positive then it will be introduced on a trial basis on select parts of the site. Don't say we're not fair. Razz

Question 12: Can I be a Moderator?

We're still a new site with only a few members, so for the moment we will not be recruiting for Moderator/Admin positions. However, knowing how these sites tend to grow we will eventually be opening up Moderator and Admin positions on a trust system. That means that members known to be trustworthy and active will be given positions. If you want to be a Moderator, then help us out, keep active, don't cause trouble and advertise to help the site grow.

Question 13: Touma's a girl? This is terrible. I'm leaving.

Yeah, I know. It's strange. And a long story.

Our founder and previous admin decided to play alternate universe Touma as a girl for reasons. Now that I (Accelerator/Guy Li) have taken over the role of admin I've started the process of returning Touma to his rightful state.

Tl;dr: Touma will be back soon, so everyone calm down.
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