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The Rules of A Certain Alternate Universe

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The Rules of A Certain Alternate Universe Empty The Rules of A Certain Alternate Universe

Post  Aleister Crowley Fri Jun 15, 2012 3:24 am

The Rules:

Section 1: General Site Rules
Section 2: Character Rules and Guidelines
Section 3: RP Rules and Guidelines
Section 4: Posting Rules and Guidelines
Section 5: Discord Rules and Guidelines
Section 6: Warnings
Section 7: Where to start

Section 1: General Site Rules:

Welcome to A Certain Alternate universe.

Please take a moment of your time to familiarise yourselves with the rules of the site. If a rule should be broken it's no cause for concern as long as the mistake is corrected. However, if problems continue to occur further action may be taken.

1) Do not harass other members. This should be obvious. Please respect each other and try to get along.

2) Be active. Please keep your posting regular and inform us if you plan to be absent for any length of time.

3) Keep OOC chat to the Discord or appropriate OOC threads. The Discord and OOC threads are intended for casual discussion of character creation, the RP and off topic subjects.

4) Keep all adult content off-site. While we respect your right to engage in adult storylines and scenes please keep all overtly mature content to IM or another method of contact. This is due to our host's rules and if not followed could result in the forum's closure.

Section 2: Character Rules and Guidelines

Character Application Moderator:, Iva

1 ) There is a 2 character cap per player, and a 3 character hard cap. Exceptions will be made on moderator decision.

2 ) Second characters require a proof of activity. One needs to at least complete one thread with the previous character(s). Third characters also require explicit moderator approval.

3 ) Character levels will be assigned by moderators. We will come to a decision following discussion and careful consideration of your character's abilities.

4 ) Discussion of character applications will take place in the character app's thread. If you wish to discuss parts privately then you may PM the moderator handling your app.

Section 2.5: NPC Rules and Guidelines

1 ) Players must request control over a Canon NPC Permission will be granted on a thread by thread basis. This is to keep characters consistent and ready for player adoption if/when necessary. Contact a moderator for approval.

2 ) SNPCs will be exclusively under the control of their creator unless otherwise specified.

3 ) SNPCs, just like normal characters, require moderator approval

Section 3: RP Rules and Guidelines

1 ) One character per account. Please make each post with the appropriate character.

2 ) Your screen name is to be the same as your character's. Please follow conventional naming standards for that character's culture. (e.g. A player intending to make a profile for Kanzaki must name their profile Kanzaki Kaori while a profile for Stiyl would be named Stiyl Magnus.)

Titles will be given according to your character, outlining their level and ability name in Espers and your Magic Name in magicians. Non Magic or Science Side characters will be given titles based on other attributes such as profession.

3 ) Avatars and Face Claims must be of your character. To maintain consistency, please use anime/manga images, not CGI images or photographs.

4 ) Unclaimed characters will be treated as NPCs. Until a Canon or Abandoned character is claimed they are considered an NPC and can be utilised by any player. In order to keep the storyline consistent please post your intentions in the OOC thread to inform other players who may be planning on making use of the character before making an IC post controlling them.

5 ) Please post a Test Post with your application. To help the Moderators in dealing with your application please supply an example scene of your character in action. Refer to existing posts for examples of the accepted style.

6 ) All characters must be approved before posting IC. After creating a new account please make sure to post an application in the relevant forum. Applications will be dealt with promptly by the Moderators, who will decide on whether or not any changes need to be made. Once any such changes are complete your character will be approved and you will be free to post on that profile. This also entails SNPCs.

6c ) Complete character applications within 4-6 weeks. After that period has elapsed your character will be considered abandoned and may be deleted.

6b ) PM Mods with any secret plans. If you have a secret backstory for your character you don't wish to reveal, or other plans you want to remain a surprise post an application minus the relevant details and PM a Moderator with the missing info. Your secret will be safe with us.

7 ) No new Level 5s or above (high level Espers), Gemstones (naturally occurring Espers), members of the Kihara family, Saints (high level magicians) or Magic Gods (extremely high level magicians). Too many overpowered characters will break the RP, so they will be strictly regulated. Characters may possibly attain these levels of power over the course of the RP with Moderator approval.

8a ) Mark threads appropriately. Side Stories should be marked with the tag [SS] (Thread name). Non Canon Side Stories should be marked with the tag [NC] (Thread name). Urban Legends and Superstitions should be marked with the tag [?] (Thread name).

8b ) Please discuss threads with the community and staff before launch. This is to ensure that threads stay consistent with the overall setting and forum plot, leave enough room for players to involve themselves and prevent legacy issues ahead of time.

8c ) The thread creator/GM is responsible for their own threads. If you create a thread you have to ensure that it keeps moving forward.

9 ) Only make as many characters and RPs as you can handle. If you cannot maintain a consistent rate of posting with your existing characters and threads you will be asked to drop one of them.

10a ) The Moderators' decisions are final. We want people to enjoy this RP and create their own storyline, and that means compromise. However there will be times when a decision must be made one way or the other and it will fall to the Moderators to do so. Please respect their decisions.

11 ) Talk to us. We, the Moderators are here to help and we're eager for you to enjoy yourselves here. If you have an issue with the RP or the site in general contact us and we'll work something out.

Section 4: Posting Rules and Guidelines

1 ) No godmoding, autoing, bunnying, etc. Do not control another player's character and do not play your character as invincible or flawless.

2 ) Use correct grammar and spelling. Self explanatory. No chatspeak, please.

3 ) The Discord is for OOC discussion. General chat is fine, but please do not troll or spam the box.

Section 5: Discord Rules and Guidelines:

1 ) Keep discussion of character apps to constructive criticism.

2 ) No spamming nonsense.

3 ) No 'serious' topics (politics, news, religion etc).

4 ) No trolling other members.

5) No sharing illegal content.

6) No harassing other members.

Section 6: Warnings:

In the event of a failure to follow the rules a warning will be issued. The warning will outline the problem and what you can do to address the issue. Failure to do so will result in a further warning urging you to fix the problem. If this final warning is not followed action will be taken depending on the severity of your infraction. These actions can range from suspension of a character to your being banned from the site.

Breaking forum rules = 3 warnings followed by a ban.

Discord = 1 warning followed by a ban. (Strict, but fear will keep you on your best behaviour.)

Section 7: Where to start:

Hello to all new members! We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you all. This simple guide will take you through the process of signing up and applying for the RP.

1: Read the rules.

The rules are pretty simple and most of them are common sense, however as with any RP site we do have our own way of doing things.

We expect everyone to abide by the rules without exception. You should also read our FAQs located here, as it will tell you more about the kind of site and RP that will be running here.

2: Read the background information:

Even if you're familiar with the series and setting, please pay attention to the background information found here.
These threads contain information on new characters, factions and mechanics current and past events of the RP. It is important you know what's going on before jumping in.

3: Check the open character slots:

Looking to play as your favourite Canon character? Check to see if they're still available here or on the Character Statistics Sheet.
If they've not been taken then you're good to go.

This applies to OCs as well, who will be posted alongside their face claims to avoid confusion.

4: Create a new account:

Sign up a new account for your character and introduce yourself to everyone in the Roll Call section and join the Discord Server.
Take a load off in the OOC section and chat with other members while you write your application.

5: Post your character application:

Once you're done writing out your character application, please post them, along with a test post in the profiles section.
The moderators will review your application and either contact you with any changes you need to make or approve your application.

6: Post!

Once you've been approved, either begin planning a new RP with friends, post a request for an RP or partner or sign up for a slot in an upcoming main story arc.
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