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Urban Legends

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Urban Legends Empty Urban Legends

Post  Accelerator Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:04 pm

Urban Legends:

Within Academy City there exist a number of unexplained or mysterious occurrences. These rumours offer a glimpse at the inner workings of Academy City for those willing to delve deep enough.

What are Urban Legends?

Missions and Urban Legends are small scale events that are open to all characters. Players may choose from a list of these events, each with their own requirements and objectives. Once complete a mission or Urban Legend may result in a reward or bonus for the characters involved and may lead to further related stories. Some are serious, plot centred stories. Others are just meant for fun. Urban Legends may take anything from one scene to several threads to complete.

To start a mission or Urban Legend, simply PM Accelerator. Once the requirements have been met (some missions can only be attempted by members of certain factions or require a minimum/maximum number of participants for instance.) a new thread will be opened. Urban Legends and missions will not always be easy to solve and may involve some risk to your character.

If you have an idea for a mission or Urban Legend then contact a Moderator and assuming the idea gets the go ahead it will be listed with the others.

Urban Legends of Academy City:

Project Radio Noise
Misaka Mikoto's DNA map is being analysed and used as the basis for the development of military grade clones. According to these rumours, girls around Academy City are reported to possess the original’s ability and appearance. So far no evidence has been found to verify these claims.

What is the purpose behind the sinister project? And can you put an end to it once and for all?

Prerequisites: Party must contain character Misaka Mikoto.

Tree Diagram Simulations

Aboard Academy City’s orbital satellite, Tree Diagram is believed by many to be the world’s most powerful super computer (It is often claimed that the machine is so powerful that it would take 25 years for any other machine to catch up to its level). It serves as a powerful computation device for many sectors of Academy City, fulfilling many important functions. Ostensibly created for weather forecasts, it predicts the movement of the particles in the atmosphere of the entire globe and calculates one month's worth of weather at a time.

However, according to rumour, another use of this computer is to aid researchers with their experiments such as drug treatments. Since Academy City's Board of Directors are the only ones who are able to permit access to Tree Diagram, only the most important projects are allowed to make use of its immense computational ability.

What secrets does Tree Diagram hold?

Prerequisites: None

The Windowless Building

Rumor has it the highest leader of Academy City is living in a special building that can even survive a nuclear attack. The identity of this person, as well as their true role, remains unknown. However the building itself must surely house some answers for those able to penetrate its defences.

Can you discover what lies within the mysterious Windowless Building?

Prerequisites: Party must include at least one character with a teleportation ability.

Robot Maid Project

Rumours circulate of an ongoing project within Dangai University to create artificially intelligent robots able to serve humans and perform menial tasks.

Does the Robot Maid Project exist?

Prerequisites: None

Level Upper

Surely it’s too good to be true? An item that increases your level just by using it. But more and more incidents of Espers displaying powers beyond their level are being reported. Could there really be a way of increasing one’s level so easily? There’s only one way to find out.

Will you use the Level Upper for your own gain or eradicate it once and for all?

Prerequisites: None

The Level 0 that can best the Railgun

Reports and rumors claim that at least one unknown level 0 has walked away unharmed from an encounter with the infamous Railgun. These people must be formidable opponents in their own right to survive the wrath of a level 5.

Do you dare hunt them down?

Prerequisites: None

Someone's Watching You:

A famous urban legend that tells of the victims of a peculiar form of paranoia. The paranoia manifests itself as feeling of a gaze piercing through their backs even when alone. the gaze keeps closing in and closing in, and the gaze itself can be felt even at strange places.

Prerequisites: Party must include at least one Electromaster or other Esper with an affinity for electricity.

The Masked Man

A rumour regarding an enigmatic figure prowling Academy City’s streets. A number of sightings of the ‘Masked Man’ have been reported by residents of the city in connection with attacks on Espers and Skill Out gangs. Accounts of the figure have proven inconclusive and at times contradictory. Theories so far range from simple explanations such as a vigilante Esper, to outlandish tales of an inhuman monster preying on the city’s inhabitants.

Can you track down this dangerous apparition?

Prerequisites: None (Multi episode rumour.)


An outbreak of violent attacks committed by Espers has been linked to a new drug known as ‘Intensify’. The substance causes a temporary boost in the user’s ability, the upper limit of which is still unknown. Continuous usage of ‘Intensify’ leads to cerebral haemorrhaging and psychotic behaviour which is believed to account for the recent incidents. These side effects, as well as the power gain only increase with time, requiring another dose to control. Repeated use of one’s powers while under the influence of ‘Intensify’ leads to death in most cases as the Esper’s ability rages beyond their control, often consuming them and those in the immediate vicinity.

So far no source has been found for the drug, though it continues to circulate among the disenfranchised Level 0s.

Can you put a stop to this dangerous addiction?

Prerequisites: None (Multi episode rumour)

False Stars

They say not all the stars in the sky are real. According to rumour there are 'false stars' which can only be observed with the naked eye. Attempts to view these celestial bodies using astronomy equipment have yielded no results, as they cannot be picked up by instruments, no matter how advanced.

It is unknown exactly when these stars appeared, only that they are a world wide phenomenon, visible from any part of the planet.

It is said that whenever one of these stars flare up, disaster follows...

Prerequisites: None


Located within District 19. The PANDORA (Physicalquantity Alternation Natural Deconstruction Organized Research Agency) institute's research facility is one of the world's most advanced laboratories. The facility is heavily guarded and all staff closely monitored to prevent security leaks with most workers living on the site for shifts of up to 12 months.

Exactly what research occurs within PANDORA is unknown at this time, however it is known that divisions within the facility include 'Theoretical physics', 'Applied Quantum Physics' and 'Anomalous Materials Research'. The exterior of the PANDORA facility consists of a large wall with a single reinforced gate for vehicles.

Numerous staff members and temporary workers have gone missing within the facility and it is widely believed that even more incidents have not been reported. More worrying is the tendency for those workers who spend time in the facility to return with severe mental illness. Symptoms are varied but consistent, with sufferers reporting vivid visual and auditory hallucinations as well as traumatic memories of an indescribable nature.

Just what is going on inside PANDORA?

Prerequisites: None (Will become available as the main plot progresses.)

The Hidden Wall

Within District 19 there exists an impassable barrier. This wall cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Rumours abound about what lies beyond the wall. Some claim it is a secret laboratory connected with PANDORA. Others claim that it is an unearthly paradise where one's wishes will be granted. None can say for certain as none have ever returned from beyond the wall.

What secrets does the Hidden Wall conceal?

Prerequisites: None (Will become available as the main plot progresses.)
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