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[SNPC/Esper] Yashiro Tsunemori Lifeline

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[SNPC/Esper] Yashiro Tsunemori Lifeline

Post  [Old] Index on Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:54 pm

FULL NAME: Yashiro Tsunemori
AGE: 17
ALIAS: Lag Interface

One of the more promising survivors of the experiment publicly known as AIM Dispersion Field Control Experiment spearheaded by Kihara Gensei. It's actual archive ID was Experiment on the analysis of the laws of induced explosions on runaway espers which rendered many of the Child Errors in a comatose state with some permanent casualties involved. Yashiro Tsunemori was pulled from the experiment merely due to his unique ability that was considered more valuable kept under their possession than to lose it among the hundreds of other Child Errors chosen to be sacrificed in the experiment.

But instead of returning to Kiyama Harumi, he was entrusted to Therestina Kihara Lifeline to take custody of the boy until they figured out what experiments to perform on him. While they got off on the wrong foot, it didn't take long for Yashiro to become attached to the cold heartless Therestina despite her sole interest in abusing his abilities for her own agendas.

Before long, he was registered under her care and took up the name Lifeline.

At present, when he is not in school he often acts as her secretary within the MAR office during the day. Though it was never made public, Yashiro is already an accomplished Power Suit Pilot and is able to take active duty within MAR activities in Academy City. Both legally and illegally.

Paired with his abilities, he is a dangerous enemy for Magicians and Espers alike.


Lag Interface requires the manipulation and calculation of the 17th dimension, and thus require more concentration compared to other abilities. An ability to suspend the subjective sense of time of anyone within a given range of up to 200 meters. Those under its effect are frozen in place for the duration of its activation. Its range is determined at activation while no upper limit is given, it can at least reach several hundred meters at maximum capacity. Physical obstacles or electronic equipment do not hinder its effectiveness.  However, it can only stop sentient beings, such as humans and theoretically animals, but it is unable to stop inanimate objects or physical phenomena such as speed and momentum. For example, it can neither stop a clock nor a projectile in mid-flight

FACE CLAIM: Original artwork by 2D
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