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Other Factions and Terminology

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Other Factions and Terminology

Post  Aleister Crowley on Thu Jun 14, 2012 9:10 pm

Other Terminology:

Reishi is the term used for practitioners of Spirit Arts. Reishi have existed in one form or another since the dawn of humanity, first as gifted individuals with a natural sensitivity to the energy around and within them. Over generations these individuals cultivated their ability and developed techniques to utilise that power. The earliest record of these teachings and their practitioners dates back to 6th Century BC India. However most modern practitioners claim lineage from the Chinese branch, established in 4th Century BC China and it is this sect, in the form of the Nine Dragons who form 96% of Reishi in the modern world.

Spirit Arts are the techniques practised by Reishi. Developing Spirit Arts takes years of training, during which the practitioner learns to harness the world's intrinsic energy, or 'Chi'. Through ancient techniques of spiritual and mental cultivation the practitioner can use their Chi to strengthen their bodies and enhance their physical and mental attributes. Through these techniques a Reishi can harden their body like steel or generate enough force to shatter diamonds. However, Spirit Arts are at their most potent when the energy is focused outside of the user's body, allowing them to perform feats like teleportation, high speed movements, invisibility, generation of specific energies (concussive force, fire, electricity etc) illusion and hypnosis. Many of these techniques require overt movements of the body in the form of martial arts techniques. However others are the result of pure mental and spiritual focus and can be used at any time. Extended use of Spirit Arts can leave a user exhausted and, if continued can be fatal.

Chi refers to the energy used by Reishi for their Spirit Arts. Chi is directly related to the 'Power of the World' as it is understood by Magicians. Rather than Mana, which comes from the lifeforce of the Magician, Chi is intrinsic to the world, permeating everything even in a vacuum. According to Reishi teachings, Chi flows from Heaven and Earth, with the body acting as a conduit. When this energy is stored and cultvated it can be used in Spirit Arts for a variety of effects. It is believed that without Chi, life is impossible.

Other Factions:

The Nine Dragons are an organisation of Reishi who follow an unknown agenda. They have remained neutral in the conflict between Magic and Science, offering their services as spies and assassins to various factions. They usually work for the highest bidder, but have been known to operate independently in their own interests. Little else is known of them at this time.

Heavenly Way are a terrorist organisation composed of Reishi, Magicians and Espers. Established in the wake of the Vladivostok incident 1 year ago the group claims to stand for the rights of powered individuals the world over. Actions by the group so far have been largely isolated and targeted at high profile individuals within the major powers. However in recent months they have begun stepping up their actions to include attacks on a larger scale with little regard for collateral damage.
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