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Digimon: Union - Our War Game [AM]

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Digimon: Union - Our War Game [AM] Empty Digimon: Union - Our War Game [AM]

Post  DUStaff on Mon Apr 06, 2020 2:31 pm

[div align="center"][a href="https://digiunion.boards.net/"]

[img src="https://images2.imgbox.com/6a/7f/Gp9vkO7Q_o.jpg" alt="Digimon: Union"]
[a href="https://digiunion.boards.net/"]SITE[/a] - [a href="https://digiunion.boards.net/thread/6/plot-war-game"]PLOT[/a] - [a href="https://digiunion.boards.net/thread/2/application"]APP[/a] - [a href="https://digiunion.boards.net/thread/25/00-welcome-message-hub"]GUIDE[/a] - [a href="https://digiunion.boards.net/board/18/plug-advertisements"]ADVERT[/a] - [a href="https://discord.gg/4ZGFb8r"]DISCORD[/a]

Digimon: Union is an Alternative Universe Digimon RP taking inspiration from the Adventure series. Join the great War Game in Union Ridge City alongside other Digidestined. Wield the Digivice Gauntlet, its Programs, and the power of your Crest alongside your Digimon Partner to take on Missions and save the world.

We're a lowkey, 18+, story focused roleplay with optional battle system elements.

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