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[Magician] Sasha Kreutzev

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[Magician] Sasha Kreutzev Empty [Magician] Sasha Kreutzev

Post  [Old] Sasha Kreutzev Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:29 pm

Sasha Kreutzev

Castigo201 "The Hammer of God will pass Righteous Judgment." 

[Magician] Sasha Kreutzev Sasha3_zpsf7be38fe

"Question no.1 - Which do you prefer, hammers or screwdrivers?"

FULL NAME: Sasha Kreutzev
GENDER: Female
SCHOOL: Recently Transferred to Tokiwadai Middle School
FACTION: Annihilatus, Russian Orthodox Church

Sasha can easily be distinguished by her signature look, a red hood and cape (which hides her long curly blond hair) and matching pointy red shoes. Her torso and limbs are covered with leather belts, and has metal braces on her ankles, wrist and waist, the latter being used to carry her many eccentric weaponry which can be compared to the Seven Tools of the the Tower of London. Under is small layer of clothing that covers her torso and her arms up to the wrist, and acts like a thigh-high socks, they are form-fitting which naturally shows Sasha's figure. Sasha's skimpy dress can be attributed to her female superior, Vasilisa – who forced Sasha to wear it as part of her hobby by abusing her authority. Sasha's bangs covers her eyes in most of her appearances.

[Magician] Sasha Kreutzev Sasha6_zps93812fa3

HEIGHT: 148cm
WEIGHT:  Mystery
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: "Unique" outfits provided by her superior Vasilisa who is a perverted otaku and a repeat sexual harasser. 


She is a quiet and introverted person with a mysterious past and hides her eyes behind her bangs. She holds the distinction of being one of the youngest individual ever appointed to the Exorcist of Annihilatus at the age of 10. She is shown to have a lack of emotion and speaks only when necessary.

She's well mannered and polite, as if to make up for her sharp tongue and attitude that wants to get down to the point without necessarily dragging out the conversation. 

As with the custom of all members of Annihilatus she drinks alcohol like it's water and seems to feel empty without it. Among all alcohol she seems to prefer Vodka or Brandy. One logical reason behind her drinking habits could potentially be credited to the cold environment she is deployed in added to the 'special' costume Vasilisa has forced her to wear which isn't exactly the warmest clothing available for field operatives such as Sasha. 

Closet Sweet tooth 
'Sweets are demonic luxury.' 

Russian Orthodox Church has preached their younger followers to stay away from it as it can cause toothaches and rotten teeth, a clear sign of a work of the devil himself.  

She is humble and never acts like she is better than anyone else even when she outperforms her peers, she usually stays quiet and dissuades unnecessary praises. She can also come off as a shy individual who keeps physical contact to a bare minimum. 

Not to the extent of Sister Angelene and most definitely doesn't show but under the stoic monotone exterior that lacks expressions she seems to have a rather normal side to her for a girl her age. Supposedly she's actually quite cute...supposedly...

Vodka and Brandy
Sweets though she won't openly admit them 
Big open (and silent) spaces. For example a library 
Vasilisa, rarely when she isn't talking or even rarer when she's actually doing her job properly (without trying to sexually harass Sasha at the same time)

Vasilisa, only when she's being an annoying pervert which is 95% of the time
People like Index who are loud and inquisitive 

She is good at holding her alcohol
Reliable ally especially when it concerns physical strength
Strong common sense
Can work independently and as a group but likes to work efficiently
Excellent crowd control

Weak at small chitchat poor conversation partner
Doesn't express much emotions
Seems cold and hard to approach

War orphan, auctioned slave, human experiment lab rat, she's experienced them all. Throughout early parts of her life, or at least the earliest she can remember, she was a homeless urchin living off scraps, scavenging the bare necessities from dead bodies strewn or dumped in the snow. For all she knows, she might not even be a true Russian descent as her origin was as clouded as the dirty shade of snow that covered the cities wrought by civil wars. Smell of gunpowder and bleeding corpses rotting in the sun was a everyday occurrence for Sasha, be it during her rare opportunity to eat cold half eaten rations or sleep if the weather permitted. 
[Magician] Sasha Kreutzev Snow_zpsda56c87c
For god knows how long, she remembers living inside a destroyed wreckage that was once a tank after she removed the former occupants and their coats. Had it been in relative one piece, it might not have been a bad shelter against rain and winter but through the cracks and crevices seeped out cold that clung heavily against the skin buried deep in blanket made of dead soldiers coats. She can't remember how long she continued living like that, mindlessly or instinctively searching for food and taking shelter from harsh weather and armed militias. What she does remember is the abrupt way she parted with her so called home by being struck in the head with a blunt object only to wake up in the midst of crowd that stared up at the stage. Stage where young kids were led off one by one, collar chained to their necks and led by a leash like some kind of animals. 

Below the stage gathered crowds of men, some richer than others but none too poor and eagerly waiting to study each and every child that was taken to the stage. Sasha remembers each and every one of them as she inevitably reunited with the most of those same men in her future line of work as an Exorcist. Magicians, some native and others from foreign origins came to the auction seeking raw materials for unauthorized human experiments for a cheap price. Her living condition mildly improved in exchange for freedom to move about, always being locked away in chains while magicians conducted experiments with her body. 

[Magician] Sasha Kreutzev Chained_zpsd27c62d8

It was only after she became an Exorcist, she learned that she was bought off as one of the lab rats designed for experiments to contain malicious spirits within the human flesh in an attempt to create human weapons for the ongoing civil war efforts. Her freedom came in the form of several nuns dressed in red and bathed in blood of her captors. But by the time she was freed, she had no place in this world as her body was no longer considered normal. Not that her life would have improved anymore even if she returned to the life of a scavenger in the snow. 

While the rest of the orphans were sent to an orphanage run by the Russian Orthodox Church, Sasha was taken back to Annihilatus where she was re-educated as a sister in training. Her first encounter with her soon to be superior started off with Sasha being exposed to the perversions of Vasilisa who claimed that Sasha must have been used as a human vessel to possess the spirit of St.Samson [an obvious lie, something even Sasha was able to tell at the time] which explained the theory behind her "holy" strength and attempted to study her body closely by attempting to strip the sister in training naked, until she was sent flying with a knee-kick to the face. 

[Magician] Sasha Kreutzev Sasha4_zps1db62baf

From then on Sasha slowly adjusted to her renewed life as a Exorcist of Annihilatus, gradually learning the ways of a nun as well as specialized training fit for field operatives under Vasilisa. She learned many things in the time she spent in Annihilatus, ranging from drinking vodka to exorcising spirits and magicians involved with such experiments. Sasha was baptized and given the sorcery name Castigo201 "The Hammer of God will pass Righteous Judgment." 

One day she was summoned by Vasilisa to be transferred to Academy City as an official Ambassador of the Russian Orthodox Church. Nobody, not even Sasha herself knows the true reason why she was picked as an Ambassador. Several theories float around that seems to depict this as a calculated move by the Russian Orthodox Church to gauge their potential ally or foe's strength, god forbids for a world war may be at stake. It could alternatively be a way to create a peace treaty with Academy City. 

[Magician] Sasha Kreutzev Sasha5_zps50490adc
New Tokiwadai Transfer Student Sasha Kreutzev 

RANK: Exorcist

(MAGIC NAME): Castigo201 "The Hammer of God will pass Righteous Judgment." 

(ABILITY NAME): Runic Alchemy 

Her sorcery name is Castigo201 "The Hammer of God will pass Righteous Judgment." Sasha is a well recognized member of the Annihilatus Exorcists, attaining high recognition in decoding and analyzing runic language despite being one of the youngest field operative. Unlike Stiyl Magnus of Necessarius who utilize Runes to create a bounded field that manifest or strengthen his fire magic, Sasha is proficient in ancient metaphysical science that allows her to manipulate and alter matter by using runic equation. With a total of 24 runes carved on the nails she carries around in her pouch, she can intercept, comprehend and reconstruct or deconstruct by placing the nail into the resource she wishes to transmute all of which are activated by voice command therefore it could be said that majority of her spells can be perceived as a remote controlled delayed spells. Her manipulation of the magical equation can also have an impact in the limited form of Spell Intercept though in Sasha's case it could be easier to call it a Spell Disruption. 

Will elaborate further with mod approval of the basic nature of her rune magic. If it looks ok will list out 24 runes and specific spells. 

Example application of this power

1. Limited imitation of Kabbalah magic that allows near instantaneous creation of tall walls made of stone for makeshift cover

2. Deluge, affects the nearest source of water (so imagine a runic nail stuck inside a pond or a pool of rain water) to change it's density values to either become a clingy substance that sticks to the skin or solidify. 

3. Spell Disruption. She can intercept long magical equations and creates a loop array that can either cancel the channeling of the spell or creates malfunctions in them causing a rebound effect on the caster/ritual area. It's exclusively effective against very large scale Area of Effect spells that is casting. If Index' Spell Intercept is effective against active spells with almost no cast time, then reversely Sasha's Spell Disruption is equally effective against spells that cannot be simply Intercepted.


Monstrous Strength 
Contrary to Sasha's small, delicate appearance she possess immeasurable physical strength. Her choice of weapons are nameless custom forged tools each weighing at 188 tonnes crafted by a Dvergr [Dwarven] blacksmith. It should be noted that the runic nails she carries around also weighs a considerable weight [Each weighing 33 tonnes] and is near impossible to pull out once she has hammered it in. It goes without saying she can smash through walls or create a small quake by beating her fist into the unfortunate target of her brute strength. 

Monstrous Tolerance to Alcohol 
Among the sisters of Russian Orthodox Church whom most if not all religiously drinks alcohol, Sasha is one of the few who shows near endless tolerance to alcohol and drinks it as one would drink water everyday. Within Russian Orthodox Church her tolerance is second only to Vasilisa. 

Figure Skating 
Although she was forced into competing due to Vasilisa's abuse of her authority, She finished the tournament and came 2nd in the Moscow Under 16 Nationals the year before transferring to Academy City and this seems to have attracted some interest from her new classmates. Despite being forced to participate as a contestant in Vasilisa's excuse to see Sasha in a embarassing costume, Sasha appreciates the sport mainly because it involves no communication unlike the popular team sports in Russia. 

Cooking Borscht 
She is good at cooking Borscht as she is at destroying things. As there is a saying "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" there is a popular belief that a good wife must be able to cook a good Borscht. Unfortunately Borscht is the only thing she learned how to cook and comparatively she is terrible at cooking anything else. 

Quick to Adapt to Technology 
She's not completely useless to technology as seen by sisters of Anglican and Roman Catholic Church. She claims to be able to comprehend and understand the basic structure and mechanics of modern day technology through the use of her runes but...yeah 

She has photographic memory and will remember how to use modern day technology after her first encounter with them. In theory this means that while she's just as bad at technology as the other sisters, in "theory" she would be able to pilot a helicopter after being shown how to pilot one on second attempt.
Acute Sense of Hearing 
One of the side effect or perks of being a naturally silent individual, Sasha is also highly perceptive and is able to detect phenomena that escape most people’s attention, such as sounds from far away. Sasha can 'sense' an individual by hearing their breathing or from their footsteps. 



RATING: [Magician] Sasha Kreutzev Ratingsymbol_ec_zps9f59b1ed

FACE CLAIM: Sasha Kreutzev [To Aru Majutsu no Index]


MISC. INFORMATION: I've fabricated quite a lot I think. With mod approval I'm thinking of integrating her into the Science side of the plot as well as Magic side. Things I wanted to include in the history but it kind of got left out, as I've mentioned she'll be a special good will ambassador who will be sent to Academy City as a transfer student from Annihilatus. Yes Aleister would be very well aware of who she is and what she's doing here both as ambassador and spy, latter of which I highly doubt he even cares. It was Aleister's suggestion to have her enroll as a student rather than doing nothing in the VIP suite prepared for her and so she'll be enrolled in Tokiwadai. Now you must be wondering but what happens to a magus that enrolls into a Esper Middle School? Wouldn't they become like Tsuchimikado by undergoing the Power Curriculum? My answer to that is she's received special exemption from the Curriculum. As for her "Esper" power, Aleister has pulled some strings to sweeten the deal with the Russian Orthodox Church and decided to add her monstrous strength "Lv3 Limit Break" into the databanks. Like Index she has a official Academy City Social Security ID. I think that's all I wanted to add but kind of ended up leaving out because I missed the opportunity to add them into the history. Also I forgot to add but I linked her monstrous strength as something she started to live with after being host to monstrous spirits which were exorcised by Vasilisa but the side effects remained with her body. Also not covered in greater depths but I feel that the reason why Sasha is accustomed to drinking alcohol and smoking isn't exactly because it's common in Russian Orthodox Church but because it's part of the "supplies" she found in dead bodies, at least according to the fabricated history I came up with.
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