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[Magician] Seluna Wilson

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[Magician] Seluna Wilson Empty [Magician] Seluna Wilson

Post  Seluna Wilson Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:30 pm

Seluna Wilson

Voluntatis323 - "The will to carry the burdens of light"

[Magician] Seluna Wilson 2e5d7488-3432-4cbb-af08-7b72b2722f70_zps18cbaa4b

"You won't find anything truly meaningful in life haha just make one up and live under a foolish value makes things easier"

FULL NAME: Seluna Wilson
OTHER ALIAS: Undertaker, Sweeper.
GENDER: Female
FACTION: Necessarius


Selune is a young woman reaching her twenties, her figure and build can be described as toned and athletic yet feminine regardless. However, despite still looking young Seluna has a feline like air about her that some take as a sign that she is both very comfortable and predatory. She has light brown hair of medium length but ties it down in twin pony tails. Seluna dressing style remains constant regardless of her apparent age, she tends to use sporty and practical outfits. Her regular style of clothing is a sport tank top covered by a beige jacket, that exposes her navel, uses a beige combat or outdoor pants with many pockets and below them uses tight sport pants.

HEIGHT: Five feet six inches
WEIGHT: Fifty two kilos


Mature & Immature
Seluna general personality tends to vary between being childish and playful to being sober and colder or older than what someone her age would act. Seluna is the type of person that acts befitting the situation she is in, her attitude can either be considered a teaser and someone who likes to play around but if she is working or involved in a "serious" situation, Seluna can be considered sober and rationally cold. Regardless of her occasional and apparent naivety and childish behavior Seluna is someone who has seen and been part of the not so pretty and bright parts of life and has therefore learned to appreciate the brief moments of "sunbathing" peace. She has resigned herself to the duty of sweeper for Necessarius because, she thinks is necessary rather than out of any particular reason other than her sense of duty.

Seluna at her core is a practical person, she isn't fuzzy and likes things to be simple. Is not one for embellishments nor is the type that has particular "fine" tastes and consequently is not really comfortable with luxury. Seluna is more down to earth than anything, needs little to survive or be content and anything more is momentary luxury, beyond that she considers to be decadent fancies. However, Seluna's guilty pleasure are pastries and sweets and when her enjoyment of those is discovered Seluna tries to stubbornly deny it.

Cold & Kind
Seluna is in the end an honest person, she may come across at times even as good natured but not soft in nature. She is the type that generally forgoes trickery and one can see a type of honor in her actions, she faces threats head on and treats people fairly and evenly. However, there is a harsh part to her honesty that can even be also called cruel. Seluna's sense of compassion can be considered twisted, she is not the type that lends a helping hand and sees careless compassion as a weakness to both the benefactor and benefited to Seluna this equals to cheapening life, and is more of the thought people should do things by themselves. Due to her particular line of work in Necessarius, Seluna has a "merciful" side but her mercy cannot be called exactly good. Rather she is the type that brings quick ends to everything, whether its a life or a problem. This extends to bystanders, she is not the type that ignores and lets go an innocent person that has unluckily gotten involved, so instead she simply silences them as painlessly and quietly as possible.

Orders are orders for Seluna, in particular those that Laura Stuart gives her. If there is a person who Seluna trusts completely is the head of the Necessarius and Angelican Church. Because she was saved by Laura, she has dedicated her strength to the Archbishop because Seluna truthfully believes that Laura means good, regardless of the shadowy jobs Seluna is given.




Her job
Loud noises
Underground areas
spineless people


Seluna is an avid historical enthusiast, she has a habit professional and personal like toward reading history and while she can hardly be called a know it all, she is particularly well educated in European history and mythology but lacks knowledge on Asian, African and american subjects.

A strength and weakness of her, despite past experiences Seluna is uncompromising. She is not the type that uses or plays by underhanded tactics, while she acknowledges tactical values and uses, if she doesn't deem something "honorable" (In her own scale of values) then Seluna will not hesitate to make clear her distaste and will simply not partake in it. This doesn't mean Seluna is stuck up or inflexible nor condemning but rather if she doesn't like something she simply forgoes it.

Due to her uncomplicated nature and her honest personality, Seluna is the type of person that adjusts to her surroundings rather quickly. Her lack of strong desires or dislike for things makes her someone that is comfortable with most things life throws at her. At the same time this trait can be considered negative, her accepting nature can make her in the end be someone who acknowledges and lets wrong doings be.

Regardless of the situation and the grimness of her path, Seluna honestly believes that what she is doing is for good. No matter how many people she has and will trample along her way as well as for the sake of her missions she deep down is convinced that what she has done and does is for a greater good. There is no hesitance in Seluna actions.


Technological klutz
Seluna is infamous among even the rest of Necessarius magicians as someone who has infinite bad luck when it comes to technology. While not oblivious to their works or the form of operating them like other magicians, Seluna is nevertheless has the luck to always screw up when it comes to handling technology. There was even a case when she broke an elevator by merely pushing a button, or a cellphone spontaneously combusted in her hands.

Lack of patience
Contrary to her behavior and her intellect, Seluna is an impulsive person. She may seem calm and under control most of the time, but when push comes to shove Seluna patience is quite short tempered. She hates waiting and particularly hates doing nothing. This can make her reckless more often than not, as Seluna will jump into situations without full consideration or with a sound plan.

I'm scum
While not in the extend or degree that Seluna hates herself. She is the type that will willingly call herself scum in public or when confronted. Seluna doesn't want sympathy but merely states it as a fact, she is scum to keep other people from being scum. Going by the view that she will scrub the world and take any sin so that others don't have to see the darkness.

It's my problem not yours
Seluna takes very seriously her job and the burdens she has been given. A sure way to get the otherwise calm Seluna upset is to look down upon her beliefs, ridicule her burdens or the path she chose. Seluna is very sensitive to it and even wording it wrong or careless can get Seluna upset or outright angry. She is also the type that doesn't appreciate hand outs or little acts kindness, seeing such things are as robbing a person of the enrichment that life challenges provide.

You got one chance
Seluna is the type that has different standards between opponents and enemies, an opponent is someone to beat and kill if ordered or otherwise a challenge to surpass, she bares no hatred toward them and instead at times harbors the desire of mutual understanding and in some cases considering or wishing to become friends with them, at least if its someone she can respect. However, the only thing that Seluna doesn't take lightly are enemies, to her these are people who have personally hurt her or betrayed her and she has no amount of compassion to them. In short betraying Seluna leaves no room for forgiveness.

Verbal tic
Seluna has the habit of chuckling while talking, whenever she is speaking and pauses a "haha" emerges rather than a pause. This can get annoying to some people.


Born in a little village in northern Ireland to a family of magicians. From an early age Seluna was exposed to the magic side of the world. Her family the Wilson had been in the service of the Angelican Church for generations and so it was natural that Seluna would be inducted into the church once she was deemed ready by her parents. Coming from a big family, Seluna's upbringing was an active one and as the eldest sister of three she was taught to be helpful and an example for her younger siblings from a young age. However, this didn't stop Seluna from having a mostly normal childhood. That is until her eight year, she was with her mother went to Dublin to visit a distant relative. Since it was her first time in a big city Seluna was both amazed and mystified and it was here that she learned of her terrible luck with machinery. The true tragedy was not that but a series of events that separated Seluna from her mother. By unfortunate coincidence while entering an underground metro station a radical political terrorist group bombed the area. The explosions and rubble separated Seluna from her mother and left her trapped underground. Hurt and alone Seluna cried until she was found by two other survivors a collage student and a elderly man in his sixties. Between the three they tried moving down one of the tunnels to escape via another station and on the way they encountered a destroyed train, finding several trapped survivors the elderly man rushed in despite his own wounds and attempted to free the trapped people, Seluna attempted to help too but was stopped by the younger man who carried her away from the train. The old man effort was in vein as a section of the tunnel collapsed and buried the train and the elderly man. Angry Seluna kicked and cried at the young man for not helping save the others, but was scolded and told that "He couldn't possibly save them all, the old man made his choice and sacrificed himself in vain, not knowing your own strength and jumping into situations will do more harm than good" for this Seluna hated him, thinking his philosophy wrong.

Two days later Seluna was rescued, her outlook on life changed for a young girl. She learned how harsh the world could be, but refused to submit like her fellow survivor, thinking that there should be a way to save everyone. The answer came soon enough, with the power of magic she would be able to prove that man wrong or rather that belief. Seluna submerged into the magic side and was trained by her parents and at the age of twelve she was deemed presentable and fit for service for the English Church. Seluna never took any vows or became a nun but rather was placed as a magician in service to the Necessarius branch. Seluna was often paired with her parents and participated in witch hunts, although her roles mainly consisted of assisting more experienced members. Meanwhile Seluna was trained in spearsmanship, swordsmanship and various combat styles. She received a formal invitation to the Knights of Englands, but Seluna politely refused.

Seluna's patience ran out by the time she was fourteen and petitioned Laura Stuart to be given jobs of more important nature. Seluna was warned that they wouldn't be pretty but she replied by stating her magical name. It was so that Seluna became one of Laura Stuarts more often played pawns, doing the dirty jobs for Necessarius or otherwise cleaning up the remnants of said jobs. It was in that world that Seluna learned that her naive thought of saving people was just a childish naive thought. Although in place of despair, Seluna came to see how through the darkness Laura managed to save others, used them as well but she could bring and even save people from the darkness. It was then that Seluna vowed to serve Laura and continued working as one of the shadows of Necessarius, she gained the title sweeper and undertaker. Although Seluna came to dislike her job, she also came to understand it and see it as necessary to protect the smiles of others. Her most recent job, perhaps a small respite from the underworld. Seluna was tasked by Laura to keep an "eye" on Index and her caretakers, not to be one but rather just observer and only intervene in the case of an emergency. In short to be on stand by and only interact if Index is in danger and her real caretakers can't deal with it.

RANK: Sweeper of Necessarius, covert agent and assassin.
Voluntatis323: "The will to carry the burdens of light"


*Lugh Armory: A collection of idols and spiritual items Seluna's family has gathered through the ages, they are replicas based on the myth on the items of the god Lugh from Celtic Ireland mythology cycles wielded and claimed. The total armory is composed of five spears, a slingshot, a sword and a ship, suit of armor, harp and several more items. However, Seluna has not inherited all the items of her family. Each of this items is magical in their own right and each carries a different magic based on their original. For obvious and practical reasons Seluna doesn't carry everything and only goes out with what she considers necessary. The items Seluna has are:

*The Five Treasured Spears: The pride of Seluna and the items that see more regular uses. Of the five spears Seluna only has two in her possession.

The first spear is named Gae Assail and can be described more like a javelin than an actual spear. The spear has two abilities when the incantation "Ibar" is made the spear is thrown and will gaining a homing property, meaning that the spear becomes extremely hard to dodge and is powerful enough to go through an armored car. The second ability is activated by the incantation "Athibar" which makes Gae Assail return to Seluna´s hand. The range of the throws can go up to one hundred and fifty meters (world record is like 99) and matches the speed of a bullet. The homing property only takes effect if the target is visible at the moment of throwing. At its maximum the speed can reach its range max and return to Seluna in four seconds.

The second spear Ibar Alai is a spear made completely out of yew wood. The length, width and size of the spear is prone to alteration. This trait makes Ibar Alai extremely versatile and easily concealable as it can take the size of a toothpick but at its maximum can grow to be twenty meters long or wide. Its often used more a clubbing weapon than a piercing one due to the blade being also made of wood. The spear also has the ability to repair itself although the term regrow is more accurate.

*Fragarach: A magical longsword. The sword of Manannan mac Lir and Lugh. When held at one's throat, the sword was said to prevent them from telling a lie, hence its name, meaning 'Answerer'.


*Martial Training: Seluna is very proficient in the use of pole weapons, to the level that she can be considered an expert in the field. She has training in the use of swords and her skill with the sling is to be respected.

*Runes: Seluna has an elementary education on runes. The main use she has is to create a magic array is using the Opila runes to make a field to disperse by standards or clear people from an area.

*Acrobatic: More than anything Seluna is flexible and agile, easily compared with a gymnast and acrobat. This makes Seluna very apt at climbing and moving around. Think of Altair's or Enzio ability to move around from assassin creed.

*Mix martial arts: Seluna has trained in several martial arts for the purpose of subduing and self defense. At her level and with the incorporation of various styles Seluna hand to hand combat form is apt enough to have no real weakness yet at the same time having no real strengths. She is above average and can adapt herself to counter other styles yet in the face of a master she can only be called proficient. Her hand to hand combat techniques are used more to augment her spear play.


Main Theme
Battle theme
Time for sweeties!!

RATING: M for Mature

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Seluna Wilson
Seluna Wilson

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[Magician] Seluna Wilson Empty Re: [Magician] Seluna Wilson

Post  Seluna Wilson Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:32 pm


Seluna half yawned, half stretched and half groaned as she roused from her sleep. Her body ached but that was understandable she had just spent the night on a bench. Lazily she got up and yawned once more then began the process of thinking where the hell she was supposed to go. To her big cities modern cities looked all the same to her, it was just pavement and windows going up the sky. Academy city was perhaps the best example of that view, damn city was all white and full of windows dotted with large buildings all around. It made navigating hell for her, specially because she had tried out what people call a GPS but turns out it only worked if she was in the middle of a street where the cars go by. She had no car, would like one for sure but it wasn't really practical and besides it look like a hassle in a state of the art city. So Seluna was forced to map the city with her head by walking around, she was the type or rather had the type of mind that memorized by doing rather than by seeing, a map would be as useful as a tissue to her but if she walked around and tried to find distinguishable landmarks she might be able to map the city a bit better. Hell it might make her job a lot more easier.

"Some covert guard I am haha losing them and then getting lost myself haha" Seluna said, it wasn't a complain or a form to punish herself but more of a form of teasing herself and looking for the bright side. "Well no sense standing around haha" she said smirking and pulling out a coco explosion mint lollipop, it was a strange but oddly appealing taste that she had come to like. "On the plus side maybe I'll find a pastry store again" She whispered carefully, there wasn't anyone in the park but Seluna was stubborn even to herself to acknowledge that she had a voracious sweet tooth.

Savoring her breakfast, Seluna pulled a long cylindrical case from under the bench and began to walk away. It slightly larger case than what people used to carry paintings or blueprints but it was because this one contained a spear. That wasn't the only weapon she carried a second spear was tucked in her pocket and was currently the size of a toothpick but that was just a reserve.

Her job was perhaps the dullest one she had ever gotten from Laura Stuart, at least it wasn't what Seluna had expected. Sure the premise was interesting enough, keep an eye on the new custodian of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. A girl by the name of Touko who wasn't related in any way to the magic side. It puzzled Seluna slightly why Laura would allows such a thing but then again trying to understand the archbishop was a quick way to lose a few bolts in the head. An order was an order, keep an eye out on them and only interfere to protect Index if her custodian failed. Seluna was just a backup and emergency contingency, that was fine enough. The real problem one was that she was simply dropped in Academy City and surveillance could quickly get boring for Seluna, it was the least enjoyable task of her otherwise not enjoyable work.

"Bah If I keep thinking like this haha I'll get depressed haha no sense doing that, I should get a hobby to pass up the time yeah that be nice haha"

So Seluna walked out of the park, in search of the one she is supposed to protect if all failed and for something to keep her preoccupied while that happened.
Seluna Wilson
Seluna Wilson

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[Magician] Seluna Wilson Empty Re: [Magician] Seluna Wilson

Post  Guy Li Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:53 am

I'll be posting the character discussion in here once we've established what needs to be done.
Guy Li
Guy Li
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[Magician] Seluna Wilson Empty Re: [Magician] Seluna Wilson

Post  Guy Li Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:54 pm

Cool character. I think she'll make a good addition to the cast.

The only things I have to mention are in regards to her arsenal. As I say to everyone, I'm fine with characters progressing power-wise through the RP, so her acquiring more weapons/equipment in line with the 'idol' she's imitating isn't out of the question. 

However, for a starting character she'd need to be toned down a little.

I'd recommend sticking to an initial armory of 1-3 weapons. This should keep variation in her abilities without it being too overpowered initially.

Sleg: Will need some reqorking I'm afraid. The ability as it stands needs more definition and limitations before I can approve it.

Gae Assail seems like a cool weapon. How quickly/often can she use its ability? Is it rapid fire or does it have a warm-up/cool-down?

Areadbhar is more or less fine as it is.

Ibar Alai is also pretty cool, reminds me of the monkey king's weapon from Chinese myth. No complaints.

*Cloich Tabaill works, but would probably benefit from removing the electrical element altogether or making it the primary feature.

*Fragarach: Again, no particular problems. Answerer sounds like a cool ability.

*Wave-Sweeper: I'm no stranger to outlandish abilities (hell, the To aru series has more than I can remember) but I can't see this fitting in as it stands. Unless you've got a particular use for it in mind I think I'll have to veto this for the time being.

Other than that, it might be better to give each of the elemental weapons in her arsenal (assuming you keep them) a specific ability connected with the element rather than simple 'control over wind, control over fire etc' style powers.

That's pretty much it as far as I can see right now. Let me know what you think.
Guy Li
Guy Li
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[Magician] Seluna Wilson Empty Re: [Magician] Seluna Wilson

Post  Seluna Wilson Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:50 pm

Edits made.

I'l have Seluna start with Fragarach, Gae Assail (The throwing spear, added more detail on range and usage.) and Ibar Alai (and yes it was inspired by the monkey king Razz)

Hope its all go
Seluna Wilson
Seluna Wilson

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[Magician] Seluna Wilson Empty Re: [Magician] Seluna Wilson

Post  Guy Li Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:55 am

Looks good to me. I'd still like some details on how quickly she can repeat fire her homing spear, but given the changes you've made I'll say she's approved.
Guy Li
Guy Li
A Certain Mysterious Teacher

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[Magician] Seluna Wilson Empty Re: [Magician] Seluna Wilson

Post  Seluna Wilson Wed May 14, 2014 2:42 am

Alright slight revision from my part, of a thing I noticed.

Fragarach has been changed from:

*Fragarach: Its a long sword with two magical abilities, its more geared toward support uses than actual combat but is nonetheless a dangerous weapon. The first ability under the name "Answered" allows for the wielder to obtain a lie detecting instinct and allows the wielder to act as an effective interrogator as they can expose lies. The second ability under the name "Slaughterer" allows Seluna to use wind based magic for as long as Fragarach is in her hand. With Fragarach Seluna can produce sharp currents of wind that can be used to increase the cutting range of the sword or to fire them and slice from afar, the winds produced by Fragarach are capable of cutting through steel or a solid wall without much effort.


*Fragarach: A magical longsword. The sword of Manannan mac Lir and Lugh. When held at one's throat, the sword was said to prevent them from telling a lie, hence its name, meaning 'Answerer'.

Since I now know there is a canon entry.

I also took the liberty of adding this:

*Runes: Seluna has an elementary education on runes. The main use she has is to create a magic array is using the Opila runes to make a field to disperse by standards or clear people from an area.

Since it makes sense for a person who usually "cleans" up.

That is all.
Seluna Wilson
Seluna Wilson

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[Magician] Seluna Wilson Empty Re: [Magician] Seluna Wilson

Post  [Old] Index Wed May 14, 2014 4:28 am

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