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[Magician] Index Librorum Prohibitorum

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[Magician] Index Librorum Prohibitorum Empty [Magician] Index Librorum Prohibitorum

Post  [Old] Index Sun Jul 14, 2013 2:13 pm

Index Librorum Prohibitorum


[Magician] Index Librorum Prohibitorum Indexportrait_zpsd74bae90

"Uu…uuuuuuuu…Touma really is stupid!! There was nothing but bread, cereal, biscuits, canned food, ham, bacon, bananas, and apples in the room! Does he not know that people can starve to death!?”

FULL NAME: Index Librorum Prohibitorum
OTHER ALIAS: Dedicatus545 - The dedicated lamb protects the knowledge of the strong.
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Nun in Training.
FACTION: Necessarius

[Magician] Index Librorum Prohibitorum Index4_zpse920ac3f

HEIGHT: 148cm

She is often elated by things that an adult would find mundane and is slightly ignorant and curious of modern technology. She is usually gentle and polite with people and has a kind nature, as shown when she picked up a stray kitten and took it home, although /             / initially refused. She can be easily irritated in a similar manner to how a child reacts to something they don't like- especially when it comes to /             /, who usually ends up angering her in some way as a consequence of his own bad luck. He is often bitten by Index as punishment. It is a recurring gag for Index to bite /             / whenever he has inadvertently annoyed or irritated her in some way(much like Misaka Mikoto's habit of trying to electrocute him whenever she is annoyed at him), occuring even in serious situations or in front of important individuals. However, it is noted that it is a sign of affection towards him, as /             / is the only person whom she likes bites.

Learning about Academy City/Espers/Etc
Experiencing mundane experiences such as going to the bath house
Eating delicious food

Starving to death
Bad people

Analyzing situations

She possess no mana hence cannot perform any magical spells

Much of her background is currently unknown because of the periodic memory loss that was brought upon her. Although, Index states that she was born and raised in St. George's Cathedral, there is not enough evidence to corroborate this, as Index as well is unsure of it. It is not known if 'Index' is her true name or if it is a name given to her because she holds within her the 103,000 grimoires. It is confirmed that Index was specifically chosen as the vessel for the 103,000 grimoires because she has the ability to perfectly memorize things and also because she is unaffected by the books' debilitating effects. She possesses no mana and therefore cannot use the grimoires. She is accompanied by Stiyl around the world in order to memorize grimoires, from the Pataliputra ruins to the Vatican Library.

After being liberated from her fate of having her memories erased by being saved by a certain boy, she has been given supervised freedom to spend some time within Academy City away from Necessarius, to live in with Touko who saved her from her cruel fate. She is constantly being supervised by Aleister Crowley and Magicians from Necessarius.

(MAGIC NAME): Dedicatus545

Photographic Memory:
She is capable of perfectly memorizing anything, such is one of the reasons why she was chosen as the vessel for the 103,000 grimoires, magic books that are poisonous to the mind.

Spell Intercept
By using Notarikon codes, a quick Kabbalah reading method that uses only the first letter of a word, she can hijack the spell formula that the caster has been conjuring in their head and causes the magic to go berserk or be outright cancelled.

Sheol Fear
"Voice of Defacement" is an ability in the form of choir that points out and impeaches the contradiction of the basis of the religion or theory of magic that has been cast and causes a break down in the enemies mind. Although this can be bypassed if there are belief systems nearby, such as an Amakusa Christian near a group of Romant Catholics, or when the intended target cannot hear it such as when the Agnese Force nuns jabbed their own ears to block off the sound.

John's Pen
Referenced by Index as her "awakening." Here, her voice becomes machine like and toneless. Her speech becomes blunt and to the point. It appeared when Index's life was in a dire situation, and is seemingly immune to pain. She cannot do magic at this point, and it seems that it's only purpose is to take over Index's body, when she herself cannot do it, like an Automatic Secretary.

St. George's Sanctuary
A high class defensive spell which distorts space-time.

Dragon's Breath
A high class offensive spell that has the same amount of power as the legendary dragon of Saint George. This spell casts a beam of light at the target, destroying everything in it's path. It has been shown to have very long range, like when it destroyed Academy City's satellite that housed the supercomputer, 'Tree Diagram', in outer space. It is also shown that the first level of this spell is enough to surpass the cancelling speed of /             /'s Imagine Breaker and at it's second level, is enough to blow away Innocentius with ease.

Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani
Is a powerful anti-Christian spell which throws a powerful bloody-red beam of light.

Scarlet Stone of Pexjarva
This spell causes the bones in the target's feet all the way up to his knees to feel a deep pain started to swell up. This feels like the pain from the joints between the bones being forcibly stretched apart. This invisible attack seems to be coming up from the floor and seeped into target's body from there.

Sulfur Rain will Scorch the Earth
A area spell attack which throws about 50 arrows appearin from above which strucks down like guillotines piercing and burning through the target. Just an arrow alone is enough to turn stone into dust.


She also displayed the ability to summon legendary weapons and artifacts creating multiple copies of the same and use them to attack, all of them 'being able to suffocate the enemy just by floating in the air', some of the weapons mentioned are:
The Sword the Harvest God Freyr: or Sword of Victory, the magic sword of the god from the Norse Mythology, which fights on its own "if wise be he who wields it" and was stated its wielder has never suffered defeat.

Crimson Wings
Said to be angelic wings, with them it's enough to dissipate Innocentius and blow his user away by just flapping them.



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[Magician] Index Librorum Prohibitorum Empty Re: [Magician] Index Librorum Prohibitorum

Post  Guy Li Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:49 pm

We still need a test post and the background and personality sections will need editing to remove reference to Touma as he's not appeared in this universe yet. Aside from that we're looking fine.
Guy Li
Guy Li
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[Magician] Index Librorum Prohibitorum Empty Re: [Magician] Index Librorum Prohibitorum

Post  [Old] Index Mon Jul 15, 2013 4:44 am

9am in the morning. The weather turned from light drizzle to a sunny day immediately as if someone had flipped the switch just in time to answer the weather forecast schedule shown on the blimp floating above Academy City. Yet it was neither the sunlight sneaking through the curtains nor the alarm clock that was ringing above the table that awoke Accelerator from his slumber but the foul stench of blood that seeped in through his clothes from the experiment last night. To be more precise, due to the nature of his power there was no physical evidence that a single drop of blood had been spilled on him as anything with motion was bound to be reflected automatically, yet it was a stench he could sense not in a physical sense but perhaps something he was imagining through his head. Was it a sense of guilt? After all these times killing those excessive waste products?

The thought of becoming soft disgusted him and the stench of death would not cease to part with him as he muttered, "The weather sure is nice, what a shitty way to start the morning."

Accelerator opened the screen door to the balcony, where he hoped to escape this stupid train of thoughts and smell the fresh air to wash away the stench of guilt he was subconsciously drowning in. He lived in a one room apartment when his daily earnings could have afforded him all the luxuries Academy City could have granted him. Only the bare necessities was all that he possessed and from first glance one might have considered his room too plain or ordinary. It was about as ordinary as any, he chose to live alone which removed the possibility of anything going missing as well as the possibility of finding something unexpected lying around in the room.

So the appearance of what seemed like a human figure collapsed across a metal rod, a girl with her waist pressed up against the balcony railing came as a surprise for the strongest Lv5 Esper in Academy City.


It was unmistakably a human girl, she looked to be 14 or maybe 15 years old with her body bent on the railing as such that her arms and legs were dangling straight down. How did she get there in the first place or better question is why was she dangling on his balcony? He must have thought about it for less than a second before shutting off his reasoning to let the corpse hang there for all he cares while he started to close the door on the seemingly still unconscious body of a nun.

But as he turned away, he felt a strong grip on the hem of his clothes and when he turned around the small gentle hand of the nun grabbed him by the back unwilling to let go of the salvation she sought out for.


Her cute but slightly dried lips slowly moved.

"I'm hungry."

Wait how was she touching him in the first place? Everything that comes in contact with him by now would have been reflected and yet...?

Walking Church. The garments she wore using the cloth weaving, line stitching and embroidery, everything successfully took in all essential elements of a church to replicate the Holy Shroud of Turin, a defensive ability that could stand superior to a nuclear bomb shelter was absorbing the effects that would have otherwise crippled her in a heartbeat the moment she came in contact with him.

"How many times.... am I going to have to tell you that I am hungry?" The tone sounded irritated as she continued to hang there by the balcony, expecting her savior to produce a warm meal and expressing a ever so tightening grip around the back of his clothes.

Just what did the strongest Lv5 got himself involved in...?
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[Old] Index

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[Magician] Index Librorum Prohibitorum Empty Re: [Magician] Index Librorum Prohibitorum

Post  Guy Li Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:40 pm

Not quite what I had in mind as far as editing goes, but I think we're all familiar enough with the title character of the series that it won't be problematic. Plus, I enjoyed your test post.

Guy Li
Guy Li
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[Magician] Index Librorum Prohibitorum Empty Re: [Magician] Index Librorum Prohibitorum

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