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[Other] Guy Li

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[Other] Guy Li Empty [Other] Guy Li

Post  Guy Li Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:39 am

Guy Li

A Certain Mysterious Teacher

[Other] Guy Li 6071811

"Life's too much fun to just throw away."

FULL NAME: Guy Ashton-Li
OTHER ALIAS: 'Mr Ashton', 'Ashton-Sensei', (Alternately 'Mr Li' or 'Li-Sensei', though he dislikes them.)
OCCUPATION: Part-time Student and English Teacher
SCHOOL: Dangai University (Student)
Sakugawa Middle School, Tokiwadai Middle School, A Certain High School (Substitute Teacher)

APPEARANCE: A tall, athletic young man of mixed Asian/Caucasian race. His hair is a thick black mop in a shaggy fringe with a short, bristly ponytail and his features are soft and boyish with intense, intelligent blue eyes. His physique is lean and toned, standing at a considerable 6"2'. He typically dresses sharply in a light suit and shirt which he keeps open and loose, matching his casual manner and easy going smile.
HEIGHT: 188cm
WEIGHT:  71kg

Devil May Care
Guy is extremely laid back and quick with a crack, making light of even the most perilous situation. In fact he seems to have trouble holding his tongue in check. A self described 'charming rogue', he likes to think of himself as having a silver tongue, but his sharp wit has landed him in hot water more times than he’d care to recall. Though he is usually relaxed he has something of a hot temper and loves to argue if provoked.
Guy possesses a confident, almost arrogant personality, rarely doubting his own ability, sometimes regardless of evidence. He’s something of a loud mouth, often teasing those he’s fond of and taunting those he’s not.
A Lover not a Fighter
Guy considers himself a ladies man. However he also believes that he is cursed, owing to his way of attracting trouble and his lack of success romantically. He often claims to be a ‘lover, not a fighter’ and he will happily let others deal with any fighting unless absolutely necessary. A 'loveable lech', Guy can often be found ‘appreciating’ beautiful women wherever he can find them. This includes, but is not limited to his own students.  That said he has displayed an oddly chivalrous side in regards to women.
Quick witted
Guy is adept at thinking on his feet. He can be remarkably resourceful and if he's unable to talk his way out of a confrontation he'll come up with a plan to deal with it, by escaping if preferable or through force if necessary. A poor fighter, Guy prevails through his uncanny luck more often than not. Usually through a series of lucky 'accidents' in his favour. When confrontation is unavoidable he prefers to use his environment and trickery to come out on top.
Strong willed
Guy appears idealistic and even a touch naive on the surface. He’s passionate and friendly to others and always ready to lend a helping hand to someone in need. However the truth is he is something of a cynical romantic at heart with a fatalistic philosophy on the world. Nevertheless he will never surrender in the face of adversity, standing by his decisions regardless of the consequences. He stands by a strong moral code, one that regularly comes into conflict with authority and he has been known to 'bend the rules' when he feels like it.
An Addictive Personality
Guy is something of a heavy drinker and smoker, indulging in his vices regularly despite Academy City's strict regulations on smoking and his duty as a role model for his students.
The Devil's Luck
Guy is the kind of person who laughs in the face of danger. He seems to have very little regard for his own safety or well being and has been described by others as having ‘no sense of self preservation’. And while he finds trouble around him at all turns he always lands on his feet, seemingly by the most incredible strokes of luck. Like a cat, Guy seems to have nine lives.
A Heart of Gold
Guy is intensely loyal to those close to him and despite his carefree persona he has a soft spot for women and children, especially the vulnerable and needy. Though he tries to hide it he will often go out of his way to help them and enjoys taking care of others, having a strong, nurturing side.  He also seems to have a soft spot for animals, particularly cats.

Cute things (He’ll never admit it.)
Cooking (He’s surprisingly good.)
Art/music/poetry etc (Though he’s terrible at all of them.)
Being bored
Hang overs
Being called by his Chinese name (Gai Li)
Incredible luck has ensured his survival through overwhelming odds.
Quick wits and strategic/tactical cunning allows him to out think more powerful opponents.
Remarkable endurance and a stubborn temperament mean he can withstand a surprising amount of punishment.
Stubbornness and a loud mouth have a tendency to land him in dangerous situations.
Lack of an Esper ability, magic or other supernatural power makes him vulnerable to powerful opponents.

HISTORY: Guy's past is something of a mystery. He rarely speaks about himself and usually dismisses any attempts to with a flippant remark or changing the subject. After all, he claims, his life has been pretty boring.

Gai (Or 'Guy' as he prefers) Ashton-Li as his official documents reveal, was the raised in a strong mixture of western and eastern cultures. His early years were spent in England, though he recounts growing up primarily in China. From various anecdotes he appears to have spent some time travelling in the past.

Recently he was offered the chance to study in Academy City as a foreign exchange student and he jumped at the chance, earning his way as a substitute English teacher at various schools around the city. Little does he know that he is about to be drawn into the conflict between Science and Magic.

Guy is strangely resistant to injury, taking hits that would incapacitate a regular person and bouncing back from recovery with abnormal speed. He possesses above average stamina, and it is said among his friends that 'no one is better at running away'.
Guy always lands on his feet, no matter what absurd situation he finds himself tangled up in. He jokingly labels it 'his ability', though those who have witnessed it first hand remark that he simply has a 'talent for surviving'. It is perhaps this that leads to his brash, overconfident nature.
Guy has demonstrated a cool head under pressure and an ability to use any means available to him when dealing with problems. He seems to have a natural awareness of his surroundings and a knack for coming up with ingenious solutions on the fly.


Super Black- Darker Than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha OST
Go Dark- Darker Than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha OST
Outside- Darker Than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha OST
Kurasan- Darker Than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha OST
Kuro- Darker Than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha OST
Jesus Cloud- Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini OST
In Tae-Sik's Memory- The Man from Nowhere OST

RATING: R for Restricted (Explicit violence and sexual content. Must be kept offsite.)
FACE CLAIM: Hei, Darker than Black.

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Guy Li
Guy Li
A Certain Mysterious Teacher

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[Other] Guy Li Empty Re: [Other] Guy Li

Post  Guy Li Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:39 am

Same as last time, I'll post a test post for him tomorrow. 'Night.

EDIT: And here it is.

The first thing he noticed was a strong draft hitting his face. He watched, disheartened as the tip of his cigarette was blown away, leaving only the unlit half between his lips. Guy reached down into his jacket pocket, fishing for his lighter.

He barely seemed to register the missing store front and the crowds who ran screaming from the building.

Guy flicked his lighter open, striking the flint several times before it ignited and he brought the flame up to the cigarette in his mouth, shielding it from the air with his free hand as he stepped inside the ruined restaurant. Inside a group of teenagers loomed over the store owners, who cowered in terror.

"Excuse me." Guy said aloud. "Are you open? I'm starving." He looked around at the interior of the restaurant. One of the teenagers turned to face him.

"Listen old man, just mind your own business." The boy sneered and he ran at Guy, who stepped quickly to the side and watched as the teenager toppled painfully to the pavement, tumbling across it roughly before skidding to a stop on his face. Guy winced.

"You should watch where you're going, kid." Guy commented, thrusting his hands into his pockets as he stood back to take in the scene.

"You bastard!" He heard another voice. Directly behind him this time and he wheeled around, finding himself face to face with a stern looking young girl. "What the hell are you trying to pull? You trying to be a hero?" She snarled, her lips twisting in a half-grimace, half-frown as she seized him by the collar and lifted him off the floor in a surprising display of strength.

"I don't even know what's going on. I was just passing by!" Guy sighed wearily and raised his hands. He looked down at the girl. She was pretty despite her scowl, with long, wavy brown hair and fierce looking brown eyes. A hint of a smile cracked Guy's lips. "Though I'm sure we can sort things out." He continued, ignoring the growing anger in the girl's eyes. "We could find somewhere nice, just the two of us..." She pulled her arm back, clenching a fist slowly and he could almost feel the power in her hand. One hit from that fist and he'd be out for the count. By now a sizeable crowd of bystanders looked on, seemingly content to keep their distance.

A quick flick sent a spray of ash into her face and she sputtered, stumbling as she wiped her eyes of the burning embers. Guy dropped to his feet and dusted off his collar gently. By now the first assailant was back on his feet, the boy's face was scratched and scuffed from his painful tumble and he turned his rage on the man who had tripped him, charging forward with a wide, swinging punch. The surprise attack almost caught the taller boy and he reeled backwards, falling hard to the floor. His foot went out to catch his balance, swinging up hard into his attacker's groin with a clumsy, accidental kick. The boy gasped, groaned and then finally fell, clutching his tender nether-regions.

By now the rest of their gang had entered the fray and Guy scrambled to his feet, clumsily ducking under their blows. The girl, still blinded by the ash in her eyes, was swinging wildly. She felt someone approach her from behind and she lashed out on instinct, striking her companion in the face hard enough to eject his teeth. He tumbled in a heap. Another wild hay maker and the last of the gang was sprawled unconscious on the floor.

The girl blinked, shaking her head vigorously as her eyes cleared. Through blurred vision she saw Guy and in her rage she lunged towards him. She felt her foot catch on something heavy but it was too late to stop herself and she pitched forwards over the body of her friend just as Guy stepped from her path. She didn't see the street light that broke her fall.

Guy stood amidst the chaos, seemingly untouched. He reached for his lighter, reigniting his cigarette for the second time and the young man looked about at the scene surrounding him with a bemused expression.

"Hold it right there! I'm from Judgement!" A young girl called out from behind him.

Guy sighed wearily.

Took me a while coming up with a scene. Nothing too original but I think it sums him up pretty well.
Guy Li
Guy Li
A Certain Mysterious Teacher

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[Other] Guy Li Empty Re: [Other] Guy Li

Post  Aleister Crowley Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:20 pm

Great. I love it!

Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley
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[Other] Guy Li Empty Re: [Other] Guy Li

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