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[SNPC/Magician] Francesca Purezza

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[SNPC/Magician] Francesca Purezza Empty [SNPC/Magician] Francesca Purezza

Post  Leivinia Birdway Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:18 pm

[SNPC/Magician] Francesca Purezza 6e35azsa

FULL NAME: Francesca Purezza.
AGE: 16 years.
GENDER: Female.
A beauty with deep scarlet eyes and long wavy black hair reaching down to her bosom, usually seen wearing a plain black nun’s habit with the fitting cap on her head and a simple golden cross around her neck, she leaves everything in the same pure state it originally held. However to ruin the first impression one might have, instead of simple worn out loafers she’d actually wear pure white trainers most of the time, for her own convenience’s sake.

✝ Kindhearted Saint
Being a nun of the Roman Catholic Church, Francesca actually fits the picture book ideal of her role. She is kindhearted, welcoming to all in need of help and always finds the right words to comfort others. She is easily drawn towards children, especially orphans, given them all the care she can. A helper for anyone in need, a supporter of anyone in doubt and the gentle hand that’d lead all those lost on the confusing road that is life. However only if they are believers on the right path.

✝ Free of Ill Intent
In all truth Francesca is not a bad person, let alone evil. Being a kind soul she does not bear anything she herself or those around her would define as ill intent. She does neither lie, nor does she commit criminal acts. She’d never betray those she considers her comrades or even hide something from them. In a sense she follows quite some admirable honour code, that is bound by definitions made by the ones running the Inquisition.

✝ Mind of the Strong
While she does not yet assume a great role in the organisation she belongs to, nor holds any relevance for those that stand at the top, Francesca actually is capable of leading a pack on her own, due to holding to her own believes in a manner so strongly, it actually makes her truly a strong person. She does not let down, nor does she let herself be suppressed by those in the wrong. If she sees opportunity or need to speak up, she’ll take it.

✝ Pure
Purity is what defines her as a person. She is pure in any way possible. As a virgin who has never held any indecent thoughts, Francesca is seemingly quite naive and plain. She does not hold any desires in her soul, despite her grudge which very well falls under the definition of purity she has been granted. Therefore all she is, is a pure maiden, desiring to spread purity over the world, in the way the Roman Catholic Church has done for the last two centuries.

✝ Executioner
Following her ideal of purity, she is quick to punish each and any individual staining the world’s purity, sometimes going too ahead of herself. Since anybody who is not part of the Roman Catholic Church or in any way christened in their way, can be considered impure, she takes a liking in erasing all those stains’ existence, however only if her superiors would allow her to do so. Truthfully, she is quite thorough at that.

Life is a terrible sensation. Francesca Purezza was originally intended to follow an ordinary life, filled with ordinary deeds and events. Her family was neither rich nor poor, but they did hold strong believe in the great Lord and Saviour, God. As devote believers they would live obeying to the Ten Commandments, believing the words Christ had given. Each family member would hold their own copy of the New Testament, always keeping it by their sides, always praying, every single day. When they got up, when they came together for lunch and dinner and before they went to bed. In fact they belonged to the most devote among the sheep.

At least until they all were murdered.

It was a kind of murder very much befitting the modern days, an act of blatant ignorant and heartless terrorism. On a typical day out, the father, mother, son and daughter did not have much in mind, beyond exploring the beautiful sights the great european city of Rome had to offer, until the despair of a man shouting a religious message in a foreign language would shatter it all. Following the cliche such actions held in modern minds, the man blew himself up, taking along the lives of a vast number of innocent civilians, who in his eyes were fully deserving of this cruel justice.

However, among the 30 victims of this act of cruelty, there was but a single survivor.

Francesca Purezza, age 11.

A girl that had spent the entirety of her life devoting herself to belief, unable to yet grasp the full extents of the concepts that were death, murder or war. As such she was heavily shaken upon being confronted with the cruelty of all her loved ones being blown into bits of flesh accompanied blood and their inner organs raining down upon her.
That was how hard reality had hit her.

Heavily traumatised the girl had distanced herself from any human soul, spending her times in loneliness, kneeling in front of Christ’s statue and praying, praying and praying. All was lost, besides the one thing her family had left behind for her: Belief.

In the end Francesca Purezza would follow that belief, taking on the path of a nun of the Roman Catholic Church at such young age.

The time with the church would allow for her pure heart to blossom. Extending her kind hand to all in misery, she truly fit the ideal image of a nun. However it was only those that were properly christened, that she would do good for, the rest would fall victim to the grudge she held ever since the loss of her family. A grudge that was sure to be exploited by those lurking in the depths of the world’s largest faith organisation.

Each powerful group has their darker secrets, especially one like the Roman Catholic Church, which’s history was written in blood. No matter how pure the desire or belief, in the end it escaping the truth is not a feat man is capable of. Thus, Francesca Purezza who was still slave to her grudges, was drawn into that darkness. She, a symbol of purity would become servant of the Roman Catholic Inquisition, a group specialising in extinguishing all those of the wrong belief who’d dare to set foot onto the church’s holy territory.

It was around that time she was introduced to one of the truths of the world: Magic. A tool used to fight al those heretics and pagans luring in the world, a tool used to crush all those that would oppose the holy doctrine, a tool used to spread the ideal that was purity.

Claror049 - «O, lead all to the pure white»

Carving that name upon her soul, Francesca’s devotion to her belief and the purity she sees as the highest value in the world are all that now matter to her.

✝ Holy Nails Replica
According to the legend Christ was nailed to the cross upon execution. Supposedly the nails used for that deed were recovered and are treated as important treasures of the Roman Catholic Church, meaning their value is too great to ever hand them out to simple subordinates. However, there is a number of replicas being passed along by the various parts of the large church, some of which pose as the favourite equipment of Francesca Purezza.
The nails she uses are a well crafted replica, given a form similar to throwing darts or knives, allowing for usage as mid distance weapons as well as on close range. As the nails are replicas of items used to restrain the Son of God, they still do hold a 100th of the original’s power, enabling them to possibly even pierce the skins of and restrain saints. Therefore it is only logical to assume that said nails are very well capable of breaking through most defences easily, bringing along the effect of fixing all those pierced at their current position instantaneously. Of course the latter effect is hardly applicable if said nails simply pierce through you.

✝ Combat Expertise
Francesca as a member of the Inquisition has to be capable of fighting face to face with pagans, witches and thus Magicians. Since her fighting style is focussed on the usage of the Holy Nails, she underwent thorough training, guided by pure effort. Her capabilities are therefore great, making her a great threat for all those she is faced with, naturally through her physical prowess alone. As a weapons user she is of course the most specialised in using those, thus aiming and throwing.

✝ Acrobatic Queen
As her fighting style tends to involve mid-range tactics, not concepts of close range, her true strength isn’t to fight with bare fists or muscles, but in the art of keeping herself safe while countering with quick attacks. Therefore she adapted a style focussed on acrobatic movements, which she is quite fond of. She can move her body quite some ways, you’d be surprised.

FACE CLAIM: Takagi Yumiko from Hellsing.
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