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The Zyver Region | Exclusive Pokemon | Active Community

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The Zyver Region | Exclusive Pokemon | Active Community Empty The Zyver Region | Exclusive Pokemon | Active Community

Post  Willow Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:07 am

The Zyver Region | Exclusive Pokemon | Active Community Pm91N1
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An AU Pokemon role-playing-game with an active and established community. Our own region, plots, and Pokemon are made exclusively for Zyver. We focus on character journey and growth, with less emphasis on data-driven calculations - to increase creativity and personal style. Anyone can play regardless of their Pokemon knowledge/experience.

Years after a destructive event known as the "Time of Chaos", a new era begins. Pokemon have adapted, becoming wilder and stronger than those in other regions. It's time for trainers to return and help shape the future of Zyver, especially when dangers continue lurking in shadows. Some fear the devastation may one day begin anew.

The Zyver Region | Exclusive Pokemon | Active Community PmeO3x

Main Features
- 162 exclusive Pokemon to capture, train, battle, and befriend
- A battle system that requires minimal effort from players
- Voice Actors bring characters to life for special events and announcements
- An inventory with useful items and new Pokeballs
- Story advances over time, shaped by our members
- Freedom to choose your trainer's goals and story - the league is one of many
- Trainers have skills and levels too, unlocking new potential
- A community and RPG where everyone has fun and works together
- Changing seasons and weather renew the RPG experience
- Town festivals, a Safari Zone, puzzling challenges, and unlocking new areas - there's plenty to do!


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