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Sea of Stars [Jcink Prem] [Epic Spaceship Sci-Fi]

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Sea of Stars [Jcink Prem] [Epic Spaceship Sci-Fi] Empty Sea of Stars [Jcink Prem] [Epic Spaceship Sci-Fi]

Post  Madd on Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:34 am

Sea of Stars [Jcink Prem] [Epic Spaceship Sci-Fi] Site-Ad-8-kyd

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Phoenix Trappist left Earth 262 years ago. Since that time, she has seen a revolt, conspiracies, and martyrs. Filled with patches of wilderness and tiny towns, she also holds over 3,000 humans. She, the ship, is a tiny version of their homeworld, and she's heading for a habitable planet in the Trappist system. Even with the stable government that has seen roughly 60 peaceful terms, she has her share of challenges. She is not as young as she once was. Her soil is not as nutritious, her moving parts not as quick. The AI alerts the humans to these issues. They work on them, toil alongside her. Some wonder if they will make it.

Sea of Stars is an 18+ roleplay set in the year 2371. The ship's current count is 3,466 souls. This is an in-depth space roleplay with a small town vibe. We encourage member input and worldbuilding. With multiple factions and political intrigued aboard the ship, there’s something for everyone.

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