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[SS] Watery Paradise in the Concrete Jungle (OOC)

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[SS] Watery Paradise in the Concrete Jungle (OOC) Empty [SS] Watery Paradise in the Concrete Jungle (OOC)

Post  Kira Kohaku on Fri Jul 12, 2019 11:35 pm

[SS] Watery Paradise in the Concrete Jungle (OOC) BOrYVTX

Summer brings forth the inescapable cage of sweltering heat compounded by dense humidity. Such are the months of June, July, and August in that fair city.

But, fear not. This is Academy City, the city of science and students. All it takes is one crazy idea to wipe the summer heat away.

Introducing the Great Academy City Water Gun War. In an attempt to downplay certain stereotypes and cool off in the summer heat (as well flaunt their superiority in advance of the Daihaseisai), Nagatenjouki Academy's Student Council decides to host a district-wide water gun fight in collaboration with Kirogaoka.

Of course, the organizers are not sticklers from exclusivity as students, both young and old, from all across the city are invited to take part.

As the District erupts in an all-out war, the wet, wacky, and wild games begin.

Please wear swimwear to minimize heat stroke.
Please be mindful to not get hurt or hurt others.
-Signed: Kira Kohaku of the Medical Committee

The water gun war has started. Sign up at the desks, choose your guns, and mingle!
Most importantly, have fun!
The war begins in only 45 minutes~
Kira Kohaku
Kira Kohaku
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