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The Story So Far...

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The Story So Far...

Post  Aleister Crowley on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:42 am

A Certain Alternate Universe

The Story So Far:

As unknown forces infiltrate Academy City, its inhabitants find themselves drawn into a clandestine war between forces they can scarcely comprehend. A magician with a connection to Academy City's enigmatic founder appears, intent on his own mission of redemption. Elsewhere one unfortunate girl is dragged into the city's dark side as she joins forces with one of the Science side's strongest Espers and an unwitting teacher to combat a gang of dangerous criminals. In doing so they have attracted the attention of sinister forces whose plans for them will change Academy City and the world forever.

Arc 1: A Certain Mysterious Stranger

Academy City, the world's first and foremost technological capitol and pioneer in the field of psychic powers. In this futuristic city live Espers; human beings gifted with incredible psychic powers. They are taught to use and develop their powers within the confines of the city's specialised 'Power Curriculum Program'. Those who fail to display any power whatsoever are classified as Level 0 and are swept aside in favour of their more talented peers.

Following an unfortunate misunderstanding Kamijou Touko, a 15 year old Level 0 with the ability to cancel any supernatural effect with her right hand, fends for her life against an enraged gang of Level 0s known as Skill Outs. Just as she is about to give up, her tormentors are dispatched by the Level 5 Esper and Electromaster, Misaka Mikoto. Misaka, frustrated at her defeat at Touko's hands previously, confronts Touko with her electricity powers. Touko defends herself ably and the two part ways.

At the same time a new teacher arrives in Academy City. The young man, Guy Ashton-Li, quickly finds himself in trouble when he and Misaka cross paths. His attempts to save the girl from a gang of 'admirers' are short lived as the Esper makes short work of her unwanted fanclub, leaving Guy the only man standing. Stunned at his ability to resist her powers, as well as his altruistic behaviour, Misaka attempts to question him only to be left more confused than ever when she discovers that he has no Esper ability.

Due to a complication with accomodation, Guy is forced to live in a small apartment in the student dormitories, much to his chagrin. A brief meeting between Touko and Guy ends prematurely when the exhausted boy proves less than responsive.

The next day and Touko's friends harass her to join them for a night out. She reluctantly agrees. Noticing the odd behaviour of her teacher Tsukuyomi Komoe, Touko approaches the woman. She discovers that an old student of Tsukuyomi's is causing trouble for the teacher.

Meanwhile, following another frustrating encounter with Guy, Misaka is given the job of introducing the boy to the city. Unable to refuse, she finds the new teacher less than cooperative as he abandons her in favour of finding somewhere to eat lunch. Misaka gives chase, hoping to stop him before he gets her in trouble.

On his way to lunch, Guy meets and consoles a distraught Uiharu Kazari. The girl, a prospective member of Judgement, is afraid that her lack of athletic ability will prevent her from joining the organisation, a long held wish of hers. He offers a advice and support to the girl, who thanks him for his kind words.

Shortly afterwards Guy stumbles upon an group of delinquents savagely beating another boy. He intervenes, only to find himself arrested by Shirai Kuroko, a member of Judgement, while the real perpetrators escape. Among them he recognises Kenji Kurama, a small time thug and former student of Tsukuyomi's.

On her lunch break, Touko unexpectedly runs into Misaka, who enlists the other girl's aid in tracking down Guy. The two eventually arrive at the local Judgement office, where Guy is being held. While there Touko meets and befriends the sister of the boy who was attacked. They decide to pay the boy a visit. With no evidence against Guy, Judgement are forced to let him go. An exchange between Misaka and Guy only deepens Shirai's mistrust of the boy. Just as soon as they are reunited, Guy vanishes again, leaving Misaka furious.

Touko meets with the young girl's brother, Ryo, and comes to learn that his attack is linked to Kurama, the former student of Tsukuyomi's. She decides to investigate further, however Ryo convinces her to take care of his sister, Yui until he is discharged from hospital. The two girls head back to Touko's apartment to rest.

The peace is short lived however, as Yui receives an urgent message from her brother and races to his side. Touko can only wait anxiously until Yui returns, begging for her help.

It transpires that Ryo has been abducted by Kenji and his gang for unknown purposes and is being held in the gang's hideout in the North of District 15. The two girls hurry to find him before it is too late.

At the same time, Guy has also been investigating Kurama, using his friendship with Tsukuyomi to gain more information. He quickly finds the inhabitants of District 15 less than cooperative, however.

While Yui hides nearby Touko breaks into the gang's hideout, hoping to free Ryo. She is discovered before they can escape and it seems that their fate is sealed. Only the sudden appearance of Guy saves them both, the boy incapacitates her attacker and is almost successful in bluffing their way out of the hideout when his cover is blown. A quick diversion by Touko allows the three to narrowly escape and regroup with Yui.

Their ordeal isn't over yet, as Touko and Guy lead Ryo and Yui to safety through the back alleys of District 15. The chance appearance of Misaka and the arrival of their pursuers forces Touko to split from the group and while Guy and Misaka fight off the Skill Outs Touko has to face Kenji alone. It is only then that Kenji, previously believed to be a powerless Level 0 reveals his ability, Kinetic Drive, which he uses to bombard Touko with deadly projectiles.

The battle ends decisively, with Touko emerging the victor by a single punch. Kenji is arrested by the local law enforcement, Anti-Skill and taken into custody. Meanwhile, Misaka eliminates the Skill Out gang using her power while Guy holds them at bay. However when one of them produces a gun, Guy dives to protect Misaka, shielding her with his body.

As luck would have it Shirai arrives just in time to apprehend the gunman and take the others to hospital. Yui and her brother experience a tearful reunion and Ryo thanks Touko for her help. At the same time Misaka berates Guy for his irresponsible behaviour and upon accidentally stumbling on him following a shower, is surprised to find herself developing a crush on the young teacher. Touko's arrival gives Misaka little time to think however, and she chases the unfortunate Level 0 into the night.

Later, at Anti Skill HQ, a despondant Kenji is visited by a mysterious figure who seems familiar with the boy. Kenji , apparently unhinged by his defeat, vows revenge on Touko.

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Re: The Story So Far...

Post  Aleister Crowley on Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:44 am


This post will contain a list of current and completed stories and their place in the timeline if known. Please make things easy for us by noting the start date in your opening post and notifying an Admin with details of your RP once complete.


16/06 'Reunion with the Lost' Side Story takes place (Complete)

17/06-18/06 'Arc 1- A Certain Mysterious Stranger' Main Story takes place (Complete)

19/06 'A Certain Unexpected Incident' Side Story takes place (Haitus)

20/06 'A Certain Dangerous Intruder' Side Story takes place. (Complete)

25/06 'First Class' Side Story takes place. (Complete)


8/07 'Intensify' Side Story takes place. (Complete)

10/07 'A Certain Part-Time Job' Side Story takes place. (Ongoing)

15/07-? 'Intensify- Episode 2' Side Story takes place. (Ongoing)

20/07-24/07 'A Certain Magical Index' Main Story takes place. (Complete)

21/07-24/07 'Radio Noise' Side Story takes place. (Complete)

24/07-? 'A Certain Scientific Experiment' Main Story takes place. (Ongoing)

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