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Just a thought. (suggestions)

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Just a thought. (suggestions)

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen on Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:04 pm

I had two thoughts on my mind, something I don't think will hurt sharing. Disapprove them as you please as it doesn't mean much to me other than convenience, and I guess a more user-friendly experience for everyone?

Revamp the Thread Idea section.
Treat thread ideas like character applications. Give them a familiar template of what you want to know about this idea and information required. Some of you may not like hand feeding people to get a proper roleplay together, but this is more about being user-friendly. Based on my experience it was hard to understand what the GM wanted regarding forwarding planning and information they like to know before approval. And doing this all by PM seems rather suffocating, using the same idea as hiding the text from onlookers who haven't posted in the thread. It will allow the GM team to see the I relevant information in an open thread and personally to me would feel much more friendly to get the details down.

As I would repeat saying sorting this stuff out by PM is suffocating.

I would also use this chance to give some need to know tips to what should be expected in the role of a GM. While many do it differently, there is the usual don'ts which should be at least mentioned somewhere to avoid another GRAIL RP. And If these are mentioned anywhere than ignore this little bit.

Need to know information

What you guys have so far in the guide section, actually is rather good so no major missing information. But I think it can still go a bit further like the interaction between certain groups and a bit more about how society works especially for those players who haven't yet had time to get through the giant mass of volumes this series has gotten to this point.

Such information can be overlooked over so many volumes and just simply forgotten. While I know, many of you don't have memories issues like me, but a bit more information in this section never hurts. And especially information you wouldn't think about straight away.

For example about group interaction for magic, the side would be the three factions.

For example that the House of Parliment in Westminster is a political battleground between the three factions to apply pressure or raise concerns in response to either side's action. And that each faction as their group of MPs sent here to represent them.

And the relationship between the three factions isn't as clear cut as it seems. While all three have the tense relationship, this is also enhanced by the four cultures making up the UK. Leading to incidents that church members from one of the four nations like Wales arguing with another in England. But in some cases, we have a Knight and magician working together to smuggle money or information.

I believe this is vital need to know information that should be made clear and other interactions between groups to allow people to choose a set path and not feel restricted in interacting with others because they're in another group. Such information that requires some studying, on the subject which may need going through different volumes. This at least would make it easier for people to construct a character without having spent so much time digging through a huge series.

Of course, you always need a real reason to interact with someone but to imply there have been possible relationships should make it easier for current or new members to get an idea of what it can be and what it could become in the future.

That is just an example if you guys do agree to expand the guide section a little bit I think asking the other members of what would be useful would be a great way to beef it up.
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