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[Esper] Sakaguchi Ran

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[Esper] Sakaguchi Ran

Post  Sakaguchi Ran on Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:26 pm

Sakaguchi Ran

(Your character's Level and Ability name.)

"There's a first time for everything, every time!"

FULL NAME: Sakaguchi Ran
OTHER ALIAS: Recycle Subject
OCCUPATION: Test Subject

Due to the long period of testing before his consciousness was restored, Ran's body has not developed as completely as other males his age. The various chemicals and treatments meant to keep him alive during this time has kept his bodily hormones from being fully expressed and it has resulted in somewhat softer facial and body features; He has blue eyes and a round, childish face, as well as a slim, almost underdeveloped form. Along with his generally slim and shorter stature, Ran allows his hair to grow somewhat long, his bangs reaching his eyes and the rest of his hair framing his face.

As for dress, Ran has little to no experience picking his own clothing, as his employers will often desire he appear different ways for different tasks. The clothes having been picked for him, generally end up being oversized and drab in color, only barely fitting Ran's slim form. Because of this, he tends to favor wearing clothing fit and sized for a female his age, with softer color and material; a side effect is somewhat more exposure of the neck and shoulder, but Ran has never seen it as particularly risqué or indecent.  

HEIGHT: 5'6", 167.64cm
WEIGHT: 115 lbs, 52.16kg
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Ran's most distinguishing feature is his soft, somewhat androgynous facial features and slim form. Aside from that, a childish curiosity about the world has him swinging his head about conspicuously and it is somewhat rare to see him walk rather than run. His blue eyes are also somewhat distinguishing, for someone of his proclaimed descent, perhaps hinting at a racially mixed coupling of parents or at least some ancestry from central Asia.

Ran is cheerful and curious, and somewhat childish in terms of humor and demeanor; The missing years and difficulty in creating new memories create a distinct gap between his personality and his body. Strangely enough, this cheer is not lost nor hidden even when Ran is working.

Rote violence is a significant portion of his tasks, but even then, Ran will do so cheerfully. Very much a child whom might kick or torment a cat or dog out of curiosity, the consequences of his actions are somewhat lost on him; especially if he knows he will forget about most horrible things he's done. Even in taking a life, Ran is devoid of malice, simply enjoying the literal once-in-a-lifetime spectacle for what it is.

Like many a child, the concept of pragmatism is somewhat lost on Ran. Without a long history of consequences or discipline to reflect upon, Ran has become free-willed and whimsical, willingly doing a thing for the purpose of doing it, as opposed to for the result. Any attempt to discipline him is happily forgotten; or at least Ran feigns having forgotten until his controllers give up, unable to fully know what Ran remembers. This streak manifests itself most in his unprofessional manner of work.

Ample cheer is Ran's default mood, and it's somewhat rare to see him thinking about anything seriously or grieve over something lost. With few meaningful memories to hold or make, Ran lives life with far fewer worries than a normal person his age, only thinking as far ahead as his current activities.


Though he knows he may forget, the substantial gaps in his knowledge and memory allow him to have a "first-time" experience with many things repeatedly. He enjoys the sense of discovery when trying a new thing or exploring a new place, even going so far as to be disappointed if he can remember when he learned it last. This is actually a carefully trained behavior from previous test groups to make him enjoy and look forward to wiping his memories.

Empathy Deficit

For Ran, killing a person simply ensures they will not appear again after being forgotten next. Insulting a child today and having them be mean to him the next day in retaliation simply seems to Ran as if that child was mean all along. Without concrete memories on human interaction and their consequences, Ran draws few conclusions on how other people would think or react to what he does or says.

Ran's current hobby is borrowing people's voices and using them for mischief. He cares little about the chaos he creates, and simply enjoys witnessing people's unique reactions to his abilities.

Last Words
When someone dies, to Ran, his entire memory of them culminates to only what he can remember hearing from them. A person's last words, then, is a culmination of their entire life and something special that Ran can remember forever. An irreplaceable part of most people he has killed lies in him, tucked away in his head as a library of gasp, gurgles, or whimpers.

To Ran, a musician is something akin to a magician. He can create new things, new memories, out of known sounds, seemingly at whim. The ability to create music, then, is something close to being able to create entire worlds of experiences for Ran. Because he is denied the opportunity to pursue the development of such skill, Ran is as jealous as he is reverent of those who can create music.

A child's brain craves stimulation, and waiting is, if anything, stressful and irritating for Ran. While he has become adept at entertaining himself, if he is asked to wait at attention, one would find that Ran's patience is in short supply.

Ran believes his condition is fine, and if anything, exciting. He enjoys the discovery of "new" things, even if he's aware they couldn't possibly be "new". Often, someone might assume his situation is to be pitied, and Ran couldn't disagree less.

Laws and standards to follow are an annoyance, but morals pushed upon Ran are insulting. When you subscribe to a philosophy of living life to the fullest in the present, someone telling you how to do this seems horribly out of bounds.

When learning is so fun, it's hardly surprising Ran is a quick and thorough learner. He is fast to pick up new things or strengthen his understanding of older concepts. That said, he is also quick to lose these memories, so while he might be good at learning, he could hardly be called knowledgeable on most obvious subjects.

Lurking Knowledge
Ran has interesting situations where he might know, for example, how to disassemble a gun, even if he felt it was his first time seeing one. This is because a person stores his memories in more ways than just shelving it in his brain. The spinal column and subconscious sectors of his brain sometimes exhibits memories that Ran's conscious brain does not. Perplexed, Ran often blames his researchers for putting something strange into the memory-assisting devices in his brain; an accusation that is not completely without merit.

Physical Exertion
Ran's general physical strength and stamina is poor for someone his age. His somewhat repressed bodily hormones has made his body weaker and slower to develop than most males and he doesn't get to go outside very often to adjust this.

Being "raised" in hidden facilities with narrow corridors and rooms his entire life and mostly interacting with the outside through monitors and microphones has left Ran with little experience in dealing with large, outdoor places. An open sky or unbroken field unnerves him when seen in person.

"Sakaguchi Ran" may not be his real name. He was never sure, but he always assumed it was a name someone at the facility gave him, some time after he awoke. If you wanted to keep someone hidden, wouldn't the first thing you do be to change it's name?

"Ran", as he calls himself now, was told he had been a boy like any other at Academy City; this boy he had been had a rather mundane ability to raise or lower the pitch of his voice by stretching or sharpening it's vibrations. Nothing of note, really, a boring bit of history that Ran wouldn't even know if he hadn't written it down. What mattered was that this boy had been swept up in an "accident" that was never officially reported. His body had survived the brunt of an explosion, but his brain had been injured seemingly beyond repair. He was left in a coma, and because the incident never officially happened, his body was taken to be disposed of in secret. Whatever name he must have had was likely stricken from the records at this point.

Luckily, this boy was a somewhat remarkable case of a fully functioning and intact body housing a slumbering consciousness. Instead of being disposed as originally intended, his body was sent to a hidden research facility for experimentation. He was used to test a great many things, most notably, his body was used in testing a derivative of the Coffins weapons, as part of an experiment to see if his slumbering body would better control a Coffin rather than an actual corpse. After many attempts to make him more suitable, including fully resuscitating him and restoring consciousness, they ultimately marked him as a failure and he was removed, but not released, since he was technically supposed to be dead. It was then that he was given the name, "Sakaguchi Ran" by a researcher, and was truly "born" into this world.

When he had regained consciousness, he could still recognize the sounds of different instruments, cars, nature, and even remember the sound of his mother's voice, but never the words she was speaking; it was a form of mild aphasia which his damaged brain had tried to cover by expanding upon his undamaged sectors. Indeed, during the experimentation for Coffin, his researchers had purposefully promoted this effect of neuroplasticity, hoping to make his brain more suitable for use in the Coffin by covering the damaged sectors with his strong memory of sound. They had hoped to convert his slumbering mind into a unified device used to project his esper ability. On that part, it was a middling success; his esper power had become significantly more robust, able to cancel or create new sounds altogether, even if he never reached the standards they had hoped for.

From then, he spent multiple years at various hidden research facilities as their test subject, growing as a child would, with little to no memories of a life he had before awakening as Ran. He went through rehabilitation and regained almost full functionality, but his researchers quickly discovered he could not create new memories without the assistance of devices placed in his brain that helped him form and store new experiences. In testing the functions of his esper brain, they would periodically wipe or upgrade these devices and have him learn things all over again, repeatedly.

Eventually, one group saw value in this child's peculiar brain; beyond just that of a reusable test subject. Deciding to make use of his robust sound recognition, this group would train him to recognize specific threats or objectives within ambient sound, allowing him to provide improved situational awareness to a team in the field. When combined with gain increasing microphones from drones or cameras saturating an area, he can almost quite literally hear danger approaching a mile away; and with his ability to create new sound, he could distract or lure the unsuspecting with a familiar voice. On top of this, he had a special brain that could be wiped of it's memories at will, remotely, should the unexpected happen; He was the perfect candidate for clandestine operations.

So trained, Ran has been lent or handed off between different enigmatic handlers or secret societies, often having his memories reset each time. It would be in another one of these hand-offs and fresh memory resets that Ran would find himself at the present.

Empty Orchestra

Ran can create new sounds or cancel sounds at will, by altering his voice. Because this is an effect of the conversion of his actual voice, he can only create and cancel sounds within the normal range of decibels a human voice can output. Anything louder would sound conspicuously quieter when reproduced or would only be muffled by sound cancellation.

Creating sound starts from sound coming from his own throat; this sound is distorted and recreated before exiting, resulting in any kind of sound that he can imagine. This can then be projected and enhanced with devices like megaphones or speakers. That said, while he could create a sound as if it came from an opposing direction, his voice cannot actually change it's trajectory in air. This is the same method that a ventriloquist might employ to "throw" his voice.

Cancelling sound applies the concept of active noise reduction, where Ran would create a new pressure wave (sound) with an opposed phase to incoming sound, resulting in a new, cancelled sound wave. This means that Ran is only able to cancel sounds he is prepared to intercept; he can use this to kill the sounds of his own footsteps or those of his nearby companions, as long as they walk in a regular rhythm. It can also be used to cancel the sounds of something that might have a regular and repeating sound, such as the ticking of a clock or metronome, or the sounds of a song he is strongly familiar with over a radio.

Precise Audio Memory
The only truly intact section of Ran's brain was the part associated with sound recognition and audio memory. When he regained consciousness, he could still recognize the sounds of different instruments, cars, nature, and even remember the sound of his mother's voice, but never the words she was speaking; it was a form of mild aphasia which his damaged brain had tried to cover by expanding upon his undamaged sectors.

With the assistance of the devices in his brain, he can create new memories by associating them with the sounds they make. This has become developed to the point where he could recognize facility staff by the sound of their walk or even a slight cough or a sigh, but if he were to be handed a photo of a face or a name, he would have some difficulty remembering to whom they belonged to.

Trained Threat Recognition
While his hearing is most technically standard for a human, his recognition of sounds within patterns of sounds is outstanding. At a maximum range of 50 meters, he could reproduce someone's voice with minor inaccuracies. As for any other sound, as long as he can hear it, it's likely he could recognize it. An example being with a gun fired over a mile away, he could, in all likelihood, narrow down from a number of makes the gun is, or at least it's classification or caliber. He could also determine with considerable accuracy the direction and distance of a sniping assailant, judging from the gunshot or the bullet passing nearby.

When combined with gain increasing microphones from drones or cameras saturating an area, he can almost quite literally hear danger approaching a mile away.

Drone Control
With a wipe-at-will brain, Ran is afforded access to experimental and confidential technology that is usually jealously guarded; Specifically, Ran has access to surveillance and weaponized drones. Through accumulated experience, Ran has become a proficient operator, allowing him to be trusted to independently collect information or support groups in the field. Even when wiping his memories, if handed his controls afterwards, his natural familiarity to the how they worked would allow him to rapidly regain his skills.

Though he has been trained in a number of different drones, most of those previous memories have been wiped before present. Currently he is expected to operate a prototype Edge Bee model of drone swarm:

These lightweight, metal drones are flat and circular, sizing roughly only a foot in diameter, far smaller than the Edge Bee model they were developed on. Originally designed for covert surveillance, they lack the overt weaponization the Edge Bee had, dropping it's chainsaw and focusing it's design on a single set of silent propellers within the drone's circular border. Aside from the loss of it's only weapon, this downsizing causes difficulty flying at high altitudes and at high speeds, as well as in difficult weather; eventually causing the design to be discarded in favor of the original Edge Bee model.

Still, it is not without it's advantages. As designed, it is smaller and quieter, and is able to fit more robust sound recording devices without worrying about it's own engine interfering. It has the same camera and controlling systems the original Edge Bee does and it otherwise excels at it's task as a reconnaissance drone. Specially fit for Ran's needs, it also has a small speaker installed along the entirety of it's edge.

Finally, it retains the Edge Bee's ability to self destruct, though in this case it's more of a convenient way to dispose of the drone should the unexpected occur. When the drone loses contact with it's controller for over a second, determines that it is unable to operate further, or detects any attempt to access or interface with it improperly, it automatically detonates, spewing devastating shrapnel in all directions. Even in it's small form, it can comfortably neutralize a small room of unprotected victims. The somewhat downsized explosive charge cannot propel the shrapnel with enough force to pierce body armor that one might see available to Anti-skill, however, and only adds to the many reasons the design was abandoned.

Firearms Knowledge
Even if he doesn't remember it, Ran has been, at one time, trained to handle and use a large variety of firearms. However, a lack of consistent practice or training leaves Ran unable to consistently hit a target further than even 5 yards away. Because the purpose of the training was more to familiarize Ran with the sound and feel of various firearms than it was to train him as a shooter, his poor accuracy was deemed sufficient at the time. If he is ever expected to be out in the field and armed, it's been noted by various supervisors that Ran might need a smart gun or munition of some sort that adjusts it's own firing; a luxury that is never afforded to such an expendable operator.


PLAYER'S NAME: Is my username different than my character name when I have two usernames? And if so, why is there a separate box for "Other Characters"?
RATING: 10/10
FACE CLAIM: Original character from artist "lpip"

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Re: [Esper] Sakaguchi Ran

Post  Sakaguchi Ran on Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:01 pm

"Hmmm... 100... Maybe 120 meters further? You can do you guys!", Ran sent encouragement over the radio to the rest of the team; a girlish voice full of personality. Crouched in the back of a van, Ran pored over a small screen while hugging his knees, some of the excitement of the situation causing his feet to jitter. The monitors clearly drew a distance of over 200 meters left for the pair to go, but... "It's just a little further guys!" He chirped happily, watching them sprint the distance towards the finish line. They only responded with ragged breathing, pushed to the very limits of their physical and mental endurance, the one in the lead lugging a heavy steel suitcase, the one following toting a rifle and his own satchel on the hip.

Ran perked up suddenly, as one of his many mic bearing drones in the area picked up on a disturbance flanking the clearing. The unmistakable noise of a bolt being set in a rifle. Slowly. Carefully "Four o'clock, 400... 390 out, duck!" Ran shouted excitedly over the radio. "What are you..." The one in the lead barely had time to reply back in confusion. A fatal mistake. He should have just trusted his radio. Multiple drones fed Ran the sound of the gunshot, immediately triangulating where it came from, displaying the shooter on screen; Oh, a familiar face! Who was it again..? however, Ran quickly lost interest in the shooter. What captivated him was the result of his shot. As the man in the lead fell back, the high velocity bullet tearing straight through his chest, the man behind him valiantly tossed aside his rifle, scooped up the suitcase, and spent only the breath to curse once before picking up the hopeless sprint across the field. With eager anticipation, Ran turned up the gain on the dying man's mic, quickly rewarded by his last gasps and wet gurgles. An incomprehensible sound; one of a person desperate to say something, anything, to explain to the world what he was going through, to rail against the injustice. This. This was why he loved this job; these few pitiful sounds were the culmination of this man's entire life, and he would be here to witness it. To remember it. Forever. This man's entire life was Ran's now. Ran struggled to stifle the giggle swelling in his own chest as the man's final breath escaped over his mic.

A stern look from his companion in the front seat brought an unwilling Ran back to reality. Ran was quickly distracted again, however, when he shifted his feet in anticipation for the remaining runner to arrive. Ran was surprised to find his feet slip a little in the red slick that had now traveled across the floor; it had slipped under his feet before he even realized it. Wow. People had this much blood in them? This is rather shocking. A new discovery!, Ran thought to himself while turning his nose at the same time. The smell truly compounded in these close quarters. Lifting the precious console out of reach of the moisture, he pored over it again. Jeese, with that last bullet, he's sure picked up the pace., he thought to himself before sending encouragement, "You should see the side of the car by now! Almost there! Then we can go home! You're almost there!" The response was ragged, desperate breathing, followed by... "Yoshika! I... I see it! Get the engine running! Now!". Ran replied happily, "Yes! Yes! I will! I'll be waiting!"

With that, Ran tossed aside his headset, listening carefully, picking up on the heavy footsteps of the approaching runner. Yes, the footsteps matched the pattern he was used to. Nodding to himself in pleasure, he slowly opened the doors in the back of the van, and waiting some more as he prepared for the man's arrival; his companion in the driver's seat soon started up the van as they'd been ordered. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the runner turned the corner and saw Ran face to face, a tired look of relief on his ragged face.

He froze as he saw Ran sitting before him, at the edge of the van. Ran carefully, carefully, examined the stranger's face as it played through a myriad of emotions. From relief... To shock and confusion... finally settling on fury as he muttered, "Who the hell-" Ran interrupted him by pulling the trigger on a heavy pistol, sending a bullet through the stranger's exposed face. The recoil almost sent the gun out of Ran's hands, but at this close a distance, Ran didn't miss. Ran took a moment to rub the man's blood off his face before responding cheerfully, "I'm Ran! It's nice to finally meet you too!"; he had finally returned to his own voice.

Ran slid off the back of the van slowly, trying to avoid the veritable deluge that was Yoshika's blood, before dragging her significantly lightened corpse out to rest unceremoniously on the man's body. Picking up the suitcase he had so diligently delivered, Ran grimaced before climbing back into the van, shutting the doors again, hoping against hope that his companion would let him roll down the window on the drive home. Having that short breath of fresh air again had only made the reek of Yoshika's blood unbearable as he returned to it. Even worse, Ran noted that her blood that had pooled in the front had begun shifting to the back as the van began moving. His request to open the windows being denied, Ran simply pouted in silence as he returned to his terminal in order to recall the drones from the area.
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Re: [Esper] Sakaguchi Ran

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:34 pm

Trashing the trash? I’m totally in. Hm, that was a short introduction, but that fits…unfortunately.

I. The General Stuff – The eternally lacking

It’s probably my first time faced with a situation where I found myself forced to make this request: But please do actually explain the general appearance in words, not just what is special about it, as that is actually an extra field in the profile template.

Talking about a lack in terms of this profile, I already noticed that this is a rather general thing. Not only does it affect the appearance, but the personality as well. It’s plain and lacking in points, which is unfortunate. However no matter how simple a character can be, I do believe one can still attribute some depth to them. Therefore please expand.

Seriously, a triple time? Going by the little space used up by this profile, it’s actually lacking one of the most important aspects: Balance. I’m counting 3 actually good strengths and 2 weaknesses. Where the issue with that lies is quite obvious, isn’t it? I’d be fine with an overweight of weaknesses, but for strengths I give red flags. Please make sure to even that out, will you?

II. The Ability – Hax Lacks

OK, the next lacking place~! Seriously what is it with you!?

The ability is all nice and stuff, especially since it doesn’t do much, but I’d still like to know about its limits. Is there a limit to what sounds he can cancel out? Is there a limit to his sound production? Answer those things and come up with questions of your own. I want to see more here, much more.

III. The Other Abilities – Surprisingly more lacks!

From reading the test post and applying common logic, I deduced that he should have probably trained with guns and the like. I can’t tell how good he is with them or what he specialises on, yet that’s actually what I’d like to find out. Give us all the input.

Beyond the obvious lack of marksmanship in his skill-set the last thing I’m missing is an actual description on his drones. I see that he has some to serve him, that’s fine in itself. However I’d like to know what those drones can actually pull off. Just mentioning them is too slim, give us equipment, range and all other details you can come up with.
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Re: [Esper] Sakaguchi Ran

Post  Sakaguchi Ran on Wed Jul 19, 2017 3:13 am

Edit incomplete, just quick notes to myself for later:

1. Removed strength: Creativity. I was uncertain if it should even be labeled as a strength in the perspective that I had originally written it. Just because he has child-like creativity does not mean it's applicable to real-life situations and decision making. It's more of a personality quirk and I'm reminding myself now to place that over there.

2. I will reduce the effects of the power in order to better encapsulate it within the bounds of normal person's vocal cords. This way we won't go into the mess of discussing magnification via esper power and it's effects upon sound cancellation. As a fun fact, it was because I wanted to avoid that mess that I ended it with "such as the noise of a car engine or a plane propeller once it is at speed; it is through the magnification of his voice that he can cancel the sounds of such a loud object.". In reality, that just makes the ability more vague than it should be.

3. Basic but poor marksmanship needs to get added. He was trained to understand guns, not use them.

4. See for drone reference and spec idea.
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Re: [Esper] Sakaguchi Ran

Post  Sakaguchi Ran on Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:48 am

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Re: [Esper] Sakaguchi Ran

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:52 pm

At long last the second round for this little honey.

I. The General Stuff – Same old story

My request in regards to the appearance wasn’t fulfilled entirely. You’re too general and I really wonder why? Possibly to suit the entire concept of this character? It’s minor, but still try to actually tackle topics like hair colour, hair length eye colour, as those are the most basic features any person has.

Furthermore I still feel like the personality is a bit too short, even for what he is supposed to be. I do understand that he is intended to be some sort of blank sheet that gets filled only to have its contents erased again whenever his superior see fit, however, I do also believe that giving him some more depth would be a nice sight. Especially looking at your posting style, I see a lot of reason for depth.
Therefore please try to come up with something on that front, Trash-kun.

IV. The History – Ages, the Timeline and Manga Mess

I realised something, or rather upon reading through the history again and again a certain thought crossed my mind! How old was he when he became part of DA’s experiments in regards to the Coffins? This might turn out to become a crucial detail, since the entire project shouldn’t be all that old to begin with, possibly dating back a few months, maybe a year or two (if we consider the experiment already was a – even though not that successful – thing before Estelle arrived), maximum.
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Re: [Esper] Sakaguchi Ran

Post  Sakaguchi Ran on Fri Jul 28, 2017 2:15 am

Added eyes, hair, and an afterthought about eyes in distinguishing features pile. With dress, eyes, hair, bodily stature including weight and height... And even looking at other characters to see if there's anything I missed, I... I think that's everything I can even write without stealing from the "personality" or "distinguishing features" sections.


Added a paragraph. I spent a few days thinking about it on and off, and after scratching my head a little, found little I could add to it without outright copy pasta'ing from the "traits" section just below it, extrapolating from the "likes" section, or outright making up meaningless fluff just to make this section longer. If you can't tell, I avoid that like the plague.

Changed a few words around in history to now read: "his body was used in testing a derivative of the Coffins weapons, as part of an experiment to see if his slumbering body would better control a Coffin rather than an actual corpse." I'm not attached to that part of the history so I could remove or overhaul it completely, but I think this revision makes as much sense as before. Of course, the experiments were still a failure, so there should be no overall effect on the setting.
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Re: [Esper] Sakaguchi Ran

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:34 pm

I have to apologise for the delay on the evaluation, once again. Having a hard time actually finding the time and focus required for these…

I. The General Stuff – Actually done, but…

The thing is: You forgot the most basic of all details! The hair colour. That’s literally all I’ve been riding on.

IV. The History – Sadly…

Thinking it over and over again, even though I really loved this idea, I need to ask you to remove the involvement with the Coffin experiment, simply because the timeframe turns out to be too different. While the original experiment is something that should have been kicked off rather late down the timeline, the stuff he went through should have started early. Therefore the best solution would be to go with something else, so that any complications and contradictions are avoided.
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