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[Esper] Mugino Shizuri

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[Esper] Mugino Shizuri Empty [Esper] Mugino Shizuri

Post  Furuhashi Gou Thu May 08, 2014 11:22 am

Mugino Shizuri

Level 5 Meltdowner

[Esper] Mugino Shizuri Hhzvlg36

"Don't mess around with ITEM, you damned brat!"

FULL NAME: Mugino Shizuri.
OTHER ALIAS: Number 4; Meltdowner.
GENDER: Female.
OCCUPATION: Mercenary.

APPEARANCE: A true beauty, a model, those are words used to describe Mugino. Indeed, calling her like this is not just a joke. Born with a slim figure, yet not lacking in the regards of curves her body resembles a text book image quite well. Her flawless bright, close to white skin, matches the imaginations and beauty ideals held throughout the country. However the body isn’t the only thing built after an ideal image. Long brown hair slightly curled, shining bright in its natural beauty, resembling the dream many women try to achieve by putting their most effort into it using cosmetics of different kinds, reaches from her head down to the waist. Just naturally her face resembles a shining example for a model, clean and slim as it is, shining due to her seemingly perfect skin. Putting the cherry on top of the cake are the two amber-coloured eyes, completing the image of a perfect beauty, a princess.
Just like a princess her way of clothing is also something highlighting her from the masses. She is mostly wearing elegant clothes like stylish dresses in combination to stockings or tights, as well as pumps or high heeled boots rounding up a classic model’s appeal. Of course she isn’t someone that’s only wearing dresses, so that there can be a greater variety in her clothing. However it is typical for her to wear highly expensive things, not ruining the image. On the other hand it should also be noted that Shizuri does always pick clothes that offer a great amount of mobility and don’t turn into a hindrance during battle. At times she even wears sporty shorts underneath her skirts and dresses, showing off the importance of useful clothing.
All in all it can be said that Shizuri truly resembles an innocent beauty that would be underestimated easily. The perfect mask for an Esper working for Academy City’s dark side.  
HEIGHT: 1.65m.
WEIGHT:  49kg.

Big Sister
Upon meeting Shizuri the first time this is the appeal she presents. Mostly hanging out with her fellow ITEM members she always seems like the big sister, the one leading and caring for the group the most, being the one who looks after them as well as being the one the others rely on. It isn’t even wrong. She really resembles a big sister, not only for being the oldest member of the group or the leader, but for keeping them away from situations they can’t handle, protecting them and seeming quite like an adult, unlike the other three.
Equipped with good manners, a good attitude and all in all noble atmosphere surrounding her, Mugino can be seen like an entity from another level. Her having a good taste and the knowledge to preserve her beauty is a trait granted to her by birth. As the daughter of another rich family, she had always been treated well so that the outcome is obvious for anyone that may face her. Upon looking at her for the first time you really may believe that she’s an upper class woman that wouldn’t even dirty her fingers.
Lady of the battlefield
Her true face however is stained with blood. Like all the Level 5s and especially as the field leader of the group ITEM, Mugino is someone that has seen many battlefields, being absolutely used to these circumstances, so that one can call her absolutely used to these places and the hell those may contain. To her the battle field seems to be her true purpose, displaying the strength she is proud of and destroying enemies just as they come. It is pride that guides most of her movements as well as experience, as she know exactly how to handle certain situations. Often she is shown to defend her own pride as one of the strongest Epsers in Academy City, destroying anyone questioning her strength and trying to take on even stronger opponents in order to prove that she is the one superior. Whatever may come at her, Shizuri is prepared for nearly anything, not wavering, not running, she will handle it. That’s to be expected of Meltdowner, isn’t it?
Cold as ice
Being used to Academy City’s darkness, Shizuri learned how to adapt to the circumstances surrounding her in every step she had taken. Living in a world filled with darkness that woman became a devil herself, a being cold as ice, seeming heartless in heir strictness. She would never bother, she would never leave her path, following her aims until the end. No mistakes, no unnecessary actions and if one of her comrades did they would face punishment just as they deserve. None should be spared, none should escape. So even if one of her comrades would stand in her way, she wouldn’t hesitate to remove the one blocking her path. Emotions are nothing more than barricades after all. Mercy is something not to be expected from her. Meltdowner would simply crush the one before her, even torturing them showing them the deepest of the world’s darkness.
Don’t anger the Meltdowner. Don’t do it. Just don’t do it! Well, it’s close to impossible to manage that anyway. Whenever you provoke her, whenever she fails at a 100% attempt, whenever someone screws up, whenever she is unable to finish perfectly, whenever there is someone that simply pisses her off just by standing before her, she will lose control. Her anger will awaken so that the real Meltdowner will be summoned. A being destroying anything standing in her way, a being cursing and shouting at anyone that is what Mugino really is. She will tear you apart, blow anything up and lose control. Infernos, explosions, that’s what comes to ones mind when thinking about her and that’s what she’s about. The ones that are able to survive can call themselves lucky as there is nearly nothing that will stop her from crushing you.
The most important thing to Mugino? Herself. Being raised as the child of a rich family she was spoiled in her early childhood, never changing that attitude she is right now what she always had been. The only thing she can think of is herself. Her own benefits, her own luck, proving her own strength, to her there is nothing more important than that. No matter how close she seems to be to her comrades, whenever someone is blocking her path she will remove that person, not valuing any life in the moment of killing. The only one important may only be her own after all. After all that his the true face of a princess being raised to believe that she is the centre of the universe.

Stylish clothes
Making money
Her comrades
People standing in her way
Failing, no matter at what
The Railgun
Being provoked
Stupid brats
Being in public
Tough – Not only her ability is frightening, no her body or maybe her mind itself can be quite scary. She can take strong hits, even bullets and is still able to stand up again fighting till the end. Nothing seems to be able to bring her to her knees. Quite frightening, especially when considering her offensive output due to her ability, isn’t it?
Strategist – As ITEM’s field leader, she is pretty good at making up plans and their execution. Not only considering her own abilities, but those of the whole group her strategies can indeed turn out dangerous, which can also be seen in their high success rates. All in all it can be said, that Shizuri is quite a capable field leader, being able to make up deep and effective plans to be prepared for many different situations, leading to the desired outcome.
Physical strength – Most likely another advantage in combat. It’s unexpected, so it will hit the enemy with full surprise, just making it even more devastating. Her physical strength is something not to be underestimated. Anyone punched or kicked by her will notice that it is enough to force you to vomit if hit in the stomach. So even if you may close in to her, that can’t be treated as a real advantage.
Experience – She isn’t ordinary that’s for sure. Being someone used to actual combat by having fought countless of times against many different enemies in many different situations, Shizuri definitely is someone that knows how to handle combat in nearly any kind of situation. Simply put: She’s an absolute pro on the battlefield.
Anger – Explosive anger is something very one sided, no matter how you look at it. Yes, strength may increase just by the fact of losing control over it, however ones mind loses many capabilities. Mugino may be someone gifted with strategic abilities, yet once her mind is clouded by anger her actions may become a little reckless. Taking damage and missing out some details is what that state causes. In the end it will cause flaws dangerous enough to break her neck, stealing away success.
Ambitious – Mugino is someone that won’t give up easily. Her success and strength are to her more important than anything else. She won’t give up at any cost and will even try to accomplish things out of her reach, losing control over herself when failing, clinging to it just like little child. Will that really lead her to the position of the strongest? It may end rather painful.

HISTORY: Mugino Shizuri was born into a life filled with extreme wealth, just like a princess. Her childhood could be described as any little girl’s dream, yet for her it was nothing of satisfaction, leading her to develop a few bad traits early on. Abusing her family’s servants was one of her favourite games, even though it would grow as boring as anything else she would try out over the course of her life.
One that can have everything will never be happy with anything.

To secure a bright future for girl’s life, she was sent to Academy City upon reaching middle school age, sent into one of the most prestigious school there was. Unsurprisingly the girl would become one of the best students in the whole school, mastering all subjects as well as showing extraordinary development in her Esper ability.
While most people would avoid being around her – she had always been a frightening personality – she had found something else to invest her time and intention into. Meltdowner, her ability was so unique and recognised the System Scan would rank it as Level 5 only after a year. Just like that she had reached the ranks of the city’s top Espers, being called the 3rd strongest for the time being.
With that strength all that awaited her were long days in laboratories, surrounded by faceless scientists that would treat her no less than a subject, a lab rat. She didn’t mind, though. In some sense this could be seen as an honour.

At some point in her life Mugino was offered participation in a simulation of a military combat scenario. Said simulation however escalated quickly, due to the people behind the scene planning to test the Meltdowner’s combat capabilities in a lethal combat situation. The end result was devastating, yet a great accomplishment. Of the group she had to fight only a few survivors remained, the rest as well as most of their equipment had simply been annihilated.
Shortly after the incident, Shizuri was employed by the city’s Dark Side, taking any kind of job they would give her. Unlike others, though, she did it out of her own free will, attracted by the entertainment and her longing for strength gained through experience. It was also then that she decided not to head to school any longer.
For once there was something positive in her life, had she decided to work herself up to the top.

The introduction of a new Level 5 Esper became a major turning point in her life.
For a long time Mugino had been treated as the third strongest in the city, had been called the strongest electron based Esper and had been seen as someone untouchable. However a single girl had appeared and taken everything from her. The worst though, was the fact that Misaka Mikoto, the so called Railgun, was nothing like Mugino. Never had that girl’s hands be stained by blood, never had she seen the evil that this city contained and never had she left the shelter of happy life. Yet her progress still hadn’t come to its limit, highly unlike Shizuri’s.
To Mugino who had never lost anything in her life this was a devastating blow of such a level, it took away the last bit of her sanity, turning her into a monster. Henceforth she became a person unable to accept losses, obsessed with victory over any opponent. And if she did, revenge would follow; 1000 fold.

Later ITEM was formed. A group meant to keep balance between the higher entities controlling the city. The organisation’s two corner stones would be Takitsubo Rikou, a Level 4 AIM Stalker and Mugino Shizuri, the Level 5 Meltdowner, with the latter becoming the leader. Both abilities combined would offer the ultimate outcome, allowing for the group to become the ideal hunting force.
The other members that completed the organisation were Kinuhata Saiai, a Level 4 Offense Armor who was one of the few survivors or the Dark May Project and Frenda Seivlun a mystery Level 4 that specialised in explosives.

Over the course of time the group of ITEM had become something very valuable for Mugino, becoming her personal treasure and the means to accomplish her own personal goals.

RANK: Field leader.
LEVEL: Level 5.
MELTDOWNER: Shizuri’s ability is one seemingly made for one purpose: Destruction.
It is based on electrons, or rather the act of forcing them into a state where there are both particle and wave at once, thus making them seem like a solid object. In this state it is possible to create a beam, reminding one of the lasers seen sci-fi movies, owing a similar destructive force. Those beams fired at a very high speed are extremely hot granting them the capability of melting through nearly anything. Even walls made from thick and robust metals can be melted through in a few seconds. All in all the beams created by Meltdowner seem to be unstoppable, always showing a constant speed, as well as it seems rather impossible to block their path. Of course the heat emitted by the beams can also cause explosions when coming into contact with the right materials. Anything not resistant enough engulfed by one of these beams will simply disappear into thin air.

It also possible for the user to create a shield using Meltdowner, which is capable of simply disintegrating objects on touch or block shockwaves from reaching Mugino, turning it into a quite useful defensive ability as well. As this power is based on electromagnetic control, Mugino is also able to influence electric attacks, bending their directions. However it also would enable an Electromaster strong enough to change the directions of her attacks as well.

Meltdowner’s weakness may lay in the point that it is impossible for it to show its true potential, as it creates a powerful blast upon being unleashed. The stronger the beam, the stronger the recoil. Due to a human’s survival instinct the beams will never be released at full strength, as they would normally blow away the user’s body, ending up in a suicide attack. Another weak point is the fact that Shizuri is only able to create four beams at once, which can only be fired in the direction she is facing, leaving her vulnerable to attacks from behind. The worst part about the ability is the fact that Mugino needs some time to adjust the beams strength as well as to aim. If this isn’t applied her own attacks will end up harming her, which can be crucial considering their destructive power. However the delay is only very little, yet it still makes her a good target for surprise attacks, considering her need for preparation.

Silicon Burn is a trick used to get rid of the limit given to the number of beams. By using special cards made from silicon Mugino is able to split one of her beams into a large number of shots, granting her the option to cover large areas with her beam-attacks.


RATING: M for mature (Violent or suggestive content such as 'Ecchi' or 'fanservice' scenes.)
FACE CLAIM: The name of the character and the series they come from if known.
MISC. INFORMATION: Alright. So this is my 2nd character for this forum. As I already said, I felt like making a canon character and this is the result. I know she isn’t ideal for some scenarios the RP may bring, however I believe that her and ITEM could still be a great addition to the forum and its storyline.
I think Mugino still offers a lot of possibilities to me as a player, giving many different options to depict her, for once Slice Of Life, on the other hand the things we already know of her like her work etc. I think this may work out.
So in the end there’s nothing more to say. Once again I’m a little afraid, especially as I’m a little worried about my test-post and the over all quality…I guess that never changes, huh?

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[Esper] Mugino Shizuri Empty Re: [Esper] Mugino Shizuri

Post  Furuhashi Gou Thu May 08, 2014 11:22 am


A scene like any other.

It was mid day, shortly after noon. Academy City’s streets were filled with people, mostly students, looking for an opportunity to have lunch. Just a few minutes ago this had been a war like state, but now everything had settled down. Many of those who were looking had found what they needed.
Just like most others there was a popular family restaurant filled with people. Boys and girls from all ages were filling nearly every seat the restaurant did offer. The waitresses and waiters hurrying from table to table were trying their best to offer as much comfort for any customer present at that moment.

On two comfortably cushioned benches each one designed for two having, only divided by a flat plain table there sat four girls. On the first glance each of them would seem rather normal. Starting off with a natural blond girl wearing a beret and stylish yet cute clothes seeming all talkative, probably catching the most attention at first glance, ones sight would move on to the girl next to her. One wearing a cute pinkish fur-like top and hair brown hair cut to a childish bob, matching her small size and young age. The next one was a black haired girl, a little bit older than the other two, wearing a pinkish track-suit, whose face simply touched the table’s plain surface, seemingly sleeping. The final one however was obviously the oldest of the four sitting there. Her brown long hair, her model like face and figure and lastly the overly noble dress she was wearing, everything gave her the appeal expected by a modern day princess, not to say snob.
Even though there were great differences between the four of them, not only regarding their age, all of them didn’t draw all too much attention, as they could also be seen as ordinary customers, sitting in an ordinary restaurant, talking about ordinary things like any group of girls would do.

Shizuri listened to the once again lively talking blonde called Frenda, spitting out the words just as they came. She had always been the loudest of the four and so it was to be expected that most of the commotion surrounding that table was caused by her. The more that girl was talking the more annoyance built up within the bored looking Mugino. The more Frenda spoke out, the more a feeling of anger rose within Mugino’s mind. She couldn’t stand it anymore, already forming a fist with her left hand, pressing, straining. It was just as if there was a ticking clock, attached to a bomb, a time bomb that was about to explode any moment. Indeed, there was not much time left until it would happen again.
But what was that topic that had activated the hellish countdown to that devastating result drawing closer word by word? It was obvious that simple things like breathing exercises wouldn’t work anymore. Even some kind of meditation or a calming song would only seem like a drop of water spilled on a lonely rock in the desert. Nothing would stop it. Alright, there was one thing: Frenda finally closing her mouth before her head would be chopped off.

”…Frenda…” The brunette girl’s voice rose filled with an aggressive tension. As if struck by a lightning the blonde girl turned her head hesitantly into the voiced direction, sweating strongly, shivering, staring. ”Eeh…?” Her eyes filled with fear, directly meeting the anger-flooded eyes of the older girl on the opposing side. Words weren’t needed. It was obvious what Shizuri wanted to express. One didn’t even need to look into her eyes, just sitting close by was enough to make one tremble. She was angry, really angry. ”Shut. Up.” Two words, that was enough. Anyone would have followed that order immediately, knowing that even the slightest sign of disobedience would end up quite painful.
Mugino took a breath. Silence. ”It was you that nearly ruined everything yesterday. If we wouldn’t have stepped in, everything had gone wrong. And now? Now you are the one joking about how close it was?! YOU ARE THE ONE MAKING JOKES!?” Sentence by sentence her voice grew louder and louder, in the end loud enough to be heard by everyone in the whole dining room, maybe even on the streets. Then she fell into silence, realising that many faces were turned towards them, having attracted too much attention. Silence.

”We’re leaving.” After a short break, she finally decided to stand up from her seat, followed by the others. With the bill already paid there was nothing left to do. Finally leaving the building, she took the lead, still showing obvious signs of anger, stomping on the stony sidewalk. The other four remained silent, at least silent enough not to be heard by their boss, knowing that even a single word would be enough to make the bomb explode…

Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
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[Esper] Mugino Shizuri Five_zpsd5ba29e4


Finally we have a Meltdowner on our boards! Grats and hope to see you taking an active role as Mugino~!
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