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[Esper] Furuhashi Gou

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Post  Furuhashi Gou Tue Apr 15, 2014 3:28 pm

Furuhashi Gou

   Level 4 Tremor Touch

   [Esper] Furuhashi Gou Vw4ml7af

   "Work’s done. Everything’s alright. Should I try talking to her today…? No no no no! There’s still something to! Totally!"

  FULL NAME: Furuhashi Gou.
  CURRENT AGE: 16 years.
  GENDER: Male.
  OCCUPATION: Judgement.
  SCHOOL: Akashin Highschool.
  FACTION: Judgement – office 177.

He is someone that may be instantly considered a member of a disciplinary committee when looking at him. Always clad in his school’s uniform, short hair and a somewhat masculine formed body and face. His light-grey hair is the only thing that makes him seem a little bit odd, however that may be one of his only unique features. Its cut however steals most of its uniqueness away, being totally plain. Like in many cases his eyes’ colour does resemble his hair’s, only presenting a darker shade, actually forcing them to become the even more distinguishing feature. Especially upon realising his skin’s bright planes, these eyes of him tend to be more prominent. While seeming a little bit sick at times, due to his paleness, his body is actually built strongly. Broad shoulders, naturally thick arms and legs, as well as a overall strong built, made up by daily exercises and the effort a young man should put into his own body. It isn’t like he wants to become a body builder or some sort of thug, he simply wants to keep his body in a good shape. When choosing not to wear his school’s uniform – which rarely happens – he tends to pick easy clothes, like sweatshirts and sweatpants, along with trainers. Formal suits or shirts are not be found inside of his closet, only the school uniform, which is used for anything.
  HEIGHT: 176cm.
  WEIGHT:  69kg.

Man of justice
Granted by his father, Gou really is someone with a strong sense for justice. He follows what he thinks is right, logic made up from common sense and the law. No matter what the situation would be, he could not let the bad guy do whatever the bad guy wants to do, may it be your everyday polluter or backyard bully. He would instantly walk up to them in order to teach them how to behave as a good citizen!
Wannabe lone wolf
A trait pretty useless in a modern day student life. However Gou really sees this as part of his role! He always acts like he wanted to spend time alone, look into the distance collecting thoughts about matters higher than anything his fellow people would understand, only to look badass in his own way of thinking. In the end it actually pains him to stay like that, he isn’t even able to put that act through himself, as he always will push himself back to other people, to join groups and do what ever any other guy would do. Though he’d never admit that he actually enjoys this way of spending his free time more than any other!
Amenable to discipline
At least he shows that habit quite often. Always working hard on whatever he does, always following the rules set up for life. Whatever he does, he finishes it, trying to accomplish the maximum his abilities can offer. Surpassing himself in whatever way given. Office work, school work, Judgement work, daily exercises, everything is done in the best way possible, trying to achieve absolute perfection in anything, without complaining or showing weakness. Is he a robot of some sort?
So far he seemed like the daydream of a teacher, didn’t he? It’s obvious that he is a good student and good at work, yet that only makes the truth even worse. Gou is and will always be an absolutely useless person in any other regard outside of his duties. Looking at his room for example, someone will instantly realise that he isn’t someone that can live on his own, seeing the mess consisting of empty energy drink cans, magazines and clothes all over the floor and furniture. He is just unable to handle anything that has to do with housework or everyday life situations. Even after so many years of living alone!
Servant of love
The one emotion he had devoted his life for. The one thing that hit him with its full impact. It’s called love! He will always follow the person he loves, he always dreams of being by her side. He would do anything to talk to her, yet he is unable to. Whenever that one person is close to him, he can’t even say one proper sentence - he’s even unable to speak to others about her. The words can’t flow like they usually would do, as his mind goes blank. The worst thing about that matter is the fact that this person actually is kind of his boss, Konori Mii, whom he adored silently for about one year now. At least he’s good at keeping it a secret, always staying away from her and letting his partner handle dialogues. Even if this is just an unreturned love, he won’t give up his feelings that easily.

Energy drinks; office work; Konori Mii; junk food; being around people; helping others out; Konori Mii; rules.
Weekends; trouble; alcohol; smoke; remembering things; not being respected; difficulties; television.
Office work – He’s pretty good at it, there’s nothing to lie about. Sorting, printing, copying, just let him do it and it will be done in the absolute best way possible!
Athletic – For an Esper he isn’t that useless. He’s actually pretty well built, through his nature as well as his daily exercises which pretty much cover a big part of his free time. Physically strong, fast and a little bit enduring, though not like a monster.
Trustworthy – Something very important on the matter of relationships. Whatever you tell him, whatever he promises, he will always keep it in his heart. He will never disappoint those that put trust in him. Totally a guy to rely on.
Housework – Oh right, he can’t do that stuff. Just look at his room for once and you will instantly realise that this guy needs a mother-type roommate. Unable to cook, unable to keep his space clean and unable to do anything important alone, he simply is not made for living alone.
Emotions – Mostly holding himself back and hiding his true feelings, he is unable to work around his own emotions and feelings. It’s already troubling to even think about these, talking would be even more impossible. Not to forget that he can be pretty emotional in certain situations, which only will hurt him even more.
Small spaces – Basically causes by claustrophobia. He just can’t stand being within small spaces, it gives him the creeps, makes him nervous and takes away his concentration, as well as it is rather difficult to even consider using his ability.

Just another sad story of a student in Academy City. How many are there already? Can this even be considered something special? He’s just like any other boy living in the great city of science.
Born in Shizuoka, he never had any extraordinary life. His father was a police officer, while his mother had become a fulltime housewife after his birth. His life had never been very special. The only things mentionable are that his old man was one of these nice guys, who always tried to help others out with his full effort. It was actually quite unexpected, however a close relative came up with the idea of giving Gou a greater possibility within his life: Sending him to Academy City in order to go through the Power Curriculum program. A bright future, so to say, would await the young boy, if this relative’s ideas would really work out. It inspired both his parents and himself to take on this challenge. So he was sent to Academy City at the age of nine.

The time he spent there was full of loneliness, filled by hard work. Experiments, tests, whatever had come towards him, he always wanted to shine for his parent’s happiness, carrying the believe in a foolish dream close to his heart. Someday he wanted to become one of the city’s greatest Esper – just like so many others. His life in the city had never been anything but work, not making any friends or other relationships. Not even once he had spent an afternoon with someone else, unable to walk towards others or to get himself into a group. Social interactions seemed to be impossible for this young man. For him to be that far away from his family made things even worse, not to speak of him always living alone, as no room mate was ever assigned to him.

When hearing word about his father’s death two years ago, his world broke down. The man that raised him, spent so many years protecting him, teaching him, had left this world, not even leaving behind the opportunity of saying “good bye”. He simply had disappeared and there was nothing to be done about that, as Gou lived too far away to travel back for the funeral. It was inevitable that he fell into a world filled with darkness. For days he didn’t even leave the house, couldn’t help himself anymore. Crying, shouting, suffering. No one was there to help him. No one was there to talk to. It was only him, no one else. When he left home, he only got himself into problems like fights or pointless arguments, losing control. What did drag him out of that dark hole? It was the day he was saved. Just when he was about to be beaten up by some Skill-Outs someone saved him. That green armband was all he could remember, the sign of Judgement, his future.

Shortly after that incident he decided to enrol into Judgement, showing true passion about becoming part of that group in order to finally live out what his father had passed on to him: A life meant to help others out and to spread justice. After switching offices for a few times, he became part of the 177th office, where he met Fuyuki Chisa, his new partner and future friend. To make things even better he was able to meet Konori Mii, his boss, whom he had a crush on since their first meeting, which actually made it impossible for him to even exchanges words with her. Mostly staying away from her and the other members, he never had shown much presence so far, only doing simple office work like sorting files etc. Most likely he had never been anybody special or anyone you would notice that easily, except when he would come straight up to you. And so was his life.

  RANK: None.
  LEVEL: 4
This ability’s baseline is built on the concept of vibration, causing waves within an object.

Basically this ability grants Gou the benefit of creating waves through vibrations of surrounding particles within an object. Using his hands and feet as the source of his ability, Gou is capable of creating strong high frequency waves, which are capable of forcing internal damages on anything he touches while focusing on it. You may treat that effect as the creation of mini-earthquakes. The vibrations are strong enough to make inorganic as well as organic objects crumble within a few seconds, forcing them to totally break after a short period of time. However even a short touch – like a punch – can already cause heavy damage. A good way of using these vibrations would be leading them into the ground, causing an actual earthquake within a radius of 23 meters. Making the ground crumbles, breaking it and literally taking away many movement options.
Another way of using this ability would be to make an object, a knife for example, vibrate fast enough in order to make its cuts more dangerous, enabling it to even slice through some metals. That however requires Gou to fully concentrate on this one object, as holding the right frequency for a longer period of time is a difficult matter.
Finally it may also be considered an ability that enables the user some great massaging skills, if he doesn’t accidentally break you some bones.

The ability’s weak spot however is something to be expected. As it very much requires touch in order to do real harm, the user is forced into close quarters, which may not complement in many situations, like when facing someone with great prowess in long-range or power-based combat. Also there is the point of focus. He can only create one kind of wave at a time, as holding up the right frequency and wave length isn’t an easy game. It also isn’t perfect at breaking anything. Materials that can absorb vibrations for example can leave without harm. So it mostly works on stone, earth, glass, bones, weak metals as well as many porous materials.
It needs to be pointed out that tremor touch requires quite an extensive calculation for it to process through and without the precise numerical values his wave emission wouldn't execute, similar to Teleportation not working if their concentration is broken mid calculation. For that reason Gou needs a minimum of second to calculate, before he can cause his target to shatter. So an ordinary punch would only carry a 1/100th of the tremor, making it slightly stronger than the ordinary punch, yet nothing that can break through concrete walls etc.
Basic Judgement combat training
Like all Judgement members, Gou had also been trained in the baselines of hand-to-hand combat, in order to defend himself and others in most situations. His skills mostly focus around grabs and punches, as well as the baselines of disarming an opponent. Of course it’s useful for everyday problems that a Judgement member may face, maybe even enough to work out in real combat. Yet, in the end it isn’t even comparable to anything a true martial artist may present.

Keeping balance
It’s not an actual skill, rather a thing given to him by habit. Whenever he relies on his ability there is no safe ground to stand on, shaking and breaking apart. So he simply became used to standing on any kind of unstable ground and gained enough to skill to always have an ideal footing, making it quite difficult to knock him off his feet.

These painful moments…
A battle…once in a while…

  PLAYER'S NAME: Iva(man)
  RATING: M for mature (Violent or suggestive content such as 'Ecchi' or 'fanservice' scenes.)
 FACE CLAIM: Sanada Akihiko from Persona 3
Considering his love interest, Konori: I already know that that character may never be taken over by a player. However I still had this particular idea in mind when creating him, giving him some kind of downside behind his façade. That may be used for some comedic scenes or dialogues (that may not even involve her as a character).
Also about Akashin Highschool: It’s not really anything special, except that it’s a boys school. However it’s still outside the garden and by that nothing to be considered elite. And I need to point out that him going to some school that I made up myself, is to actually build up a little distance between him and other characters, in order to find other ways – like his work at Judgement – to actually push him into interactions.
Finally something that’s usual for my profiles: I need to excuse myself for any mistakes made in regards of grammar or spelling, as I am not a native English speaker.

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Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
Level 4 Tremor Touch

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Post  Furuhashi Gou Tue Apr 15, 2014 3:33 pm


What was it all about? He couldn’t figure it out. He has never been able to see the bigger picture, at least not in that regard. Staring into the world of pixels the monitor in front of him contained. Colours, pictures, letters, everything was there, yet he didn’t understand. How could he ever be able to? It was written there, written in letters he could read, letters he knew since his childhood. He knew everything necessary, yet it was impossible for him to comprehend...
”What...?”, he mumbled silently enough for the others not to realise. He wasn’t alone in that office after all. Yeah, it was late, but not too late for working times. This was Judgement after all, wasn’t it? They had to do their work as long as they were able to. His glimpse detached itself from the screen for once, checking the environment. No one in sight. Good, he could continue then.
Nothing changed, he didn’t get a word. It was written in Japanese. Why didn’t it feel like Japanese? What was this? This text consisting out of words he had never heard before, written in a style he wouldn’t understand even if he tried for hours. Should he ask someone? He really considered for a second, only to decide that this would even worsen his situation. Nobody should see what he was trying to do there. No one. And if someone did? Well, people did disappear quiet a lot these days, didn’t they?

Steps. They were like a signal for him to immediately react and open another window – he had prepared – by a simple click. Leaning backwards, he presented himself as his usual self, calm and silent, while reading through some of the data he was working on currently. Tense he sat there, waiting like criminal for the moment of being out of sight once again. He couldn’t act, he couldn’t breath, he could do nothing but to pretend to be reading files, he had read tons of times before – just to be able to answer any question about it, when asked.
It felt like hours, like an eternity to pass, but he couldn’t help. His colleague took quiet some time. He watched stealthy as they sorted some papers on the table next to his. Should he at least try to help? Speeding up that task would set him free. It was risky. What if someone else would notice the other window opened on his screen? He wasn’t sure. How could he be? He would be torn apart either way. May it be because of this very site he had been trying to read through this whole time, or because of the tension caused by his colleague being close enough to catch him the very moment he would switch windows.
He couldn’t take it anymore! Sorting papers was not a task to take that long. So everything should be safe. ”Excuse me. May I help you?” Upon approaching the tension had risen. The usual emotionless, a little bit serious mimic didn’t give any signs to the outside, as well as his body language. It was just as usual, a guy stiff from the top to the bottom and vice versa. Who would suspect someone like him?

And just when he was about to take over, suddenly something had reached his ears: The clicking of a mouse, his mouse. Just like being caught in slow motion he turned around, only to see that girl sitting there on his chair. Blonde hair, pigtails, a priceless grin on her mouth and that certain webpage right in front of her eyes. ”Chisa…! You…!?” His mind went blank as he leapt forward. The impact was quiet painful, landing on an empty chair, knocking it over and plummeting on the floor in the end. Upon looking up he saw that mischievous little dwarf standing right next to him, grinning like a child enjoying a successful executed prank. ”You…” It had always been that way between the two of them, hadn’t it? Whenever there was the ideal situation to tease him she appeared out of nowhere…and made him suffer…defeat.

The pink coloured baseline of the website shone brightly on his screen. The cute white letters forming the headline where there, for everyone to see: “The best ways of approaching your beloved one!”

Now everything was over.
Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
Level 4 Tremor Touch

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