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[Esper] Accelerator

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[Esper] Accelerator Empty [Esper] Accelerator

Post  Accelerator Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:48 am


Level 5 Vector Change

[Esper] Accelerator 501px-12

"I strive for something beyond the strongest, that challenging me would be the most ridiculous thought ever, that fighting me would be a sin!"

FULL NAME: Accelerator
OTHER ALIAS: The Strongest Level 5
SCHOOL: The Special Abilities Institute

APPEARANCE: A rake thin albino youth. He wears his white hair long in a messy mop that hangs over his red eyes and his skin is pale, almost transparent. Accelerator’s ability has drastically affected his appearance. Since UV radiation is reflected his body no longer produces Melanin, leading to his albinism. It also alters the hormone balance in his body, resulting in his frail, androgynous physique. His expression seems permanently locked in either a savage, crazed grin or a dark scowl. Accelerator has an affinity for black and white themed clothing of a particular brand, typically wearing a t shirt and skinny jeans that, combined with his lank frame lends him a sinister, scarecrow-like appearance.
HEIGHT: 168cm
WEIGHT: 42kg
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Albinism brought on by his ability.

Accelerator’s past has left him bitter and sadistic, a result of his time spent in the care of Amata Kihara. He seems to enjoy causing other suffering and will toy with his opponents in combat before finishing them off.
Accelerator believes himself to be the strongest Esper and aspires to become so powerful that the very idea of fighting him would be considered absurd. He insults and berates those around him constantly, especially those he considers beneath him.
A Loner
Accelerator’s upbringing has made him distrustful of others and he shuns them, preferring to keep to himself whenever possible. Those who do try and get close to him must deal with his prickly attitude and foul temperament and will find themselves receiving the brunt of his acerbic comments.
Highly Intelligent
Accelerator’s ability depends on mental calculations and knowledge of physics while allowing for numerous other factors and influences that allow him to wield his power so effectively. He can also adapt to new threats quickly.
Self Loathing
Accelerator despises himself. Despite his extreme arrogance he believes himself a monster, irredeemable and broken to the core. For that reason he has thrown himself into the dark side of Academy City and will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal, even if it means killing.


Other people.
Being touched.

Ability, Vector Change, mimics superhuman speed and strength as well as allowing for flight and projectile attacks.
Unconscious use of his power grants Accelerator the ability to reflect attacks before he has detected them.
Able to adapt his tactics on the fly, adapting and applying his ability in innovative ways.
A frail constitution makes Accelerator vulnerable to anyone able to circumvent his shield.
Arrogance and overconfidence causes him to underestimate his opponents.
His ability relies on his mental calculations. Anything that can disrupt these calculations or cause abnormalities can render his ability useless, or at the very least less effective.
His ability has limitations. Attacks over a certain number, magnitude or of unknown origin can overwhelm or avoid his shield entirely. Directionless attacks are likewise unable to be reflected.

HISTORY: Little is known of Accelerator’s history as he rarely speaks on the matter. He has forgotten much of his past, including his original name.

Ever since his induction into the Power Curriculum and the emergence of his powers, Accelerator has been isolated from others. Due to his powers e often harmed those around him and this led to an incident in which Academy City’s military were forced to mobilise in order to subdue him.

Sometime later and Accelerator was discovered by Kihara Amata, the man who would come to shape the young child as something of a ‘father figure’. Kihara trained the boy in the use of his powers and influenced the boy enough that Accelerator adopted the man’s cruel and sadistic personality.

Now he has been approached with a new opportunity to grow in power and he has jumped at the chance. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal.

LEVEL: Level 5
VECTOR CHANGE: Accelerator's ability creates a thin field of AIM around him, which allows him to modify the vector values of anything he touches. It can simulate the effects of super human strength by allowing him to lift objects many times his own size and weight. Similarly he can alter the vectors at his feet, allowing him to move at incredible speed.

Other, more exotic applications of his ability include Vector Shooting, whereby he alters the vectors of an object to launch it forward with tremendous force as a projectile. He can also cancel out the effect of gravity to achieve flight and control the air currents around him to produce localised strong winds, storms, tornadoes and even plasma storms.

However, arguably the most impressive of Accelerator’s abilities is his automatic reflection. The thin layer of AIM around his person will reflect vectors automatically, regardless of Accelerator’s awareness of them. For this reason bullets and even explosions have proven useless against him.



Saikyou no Nanori- To aru Majutsu no Index II OST

PLAYER'S NAME: Accelerator
RATING: R for Restricted (Explicit violence and sexual content. Must be kept offsite.)
FACE CLAIM: Accelerator, To Aru Majutsu no Index

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Level 5 Vector Change

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[Esper] Accelerator Empty Re: [Esper] Accelerator

Post  Accelerator Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:50 am

Right. There he is, as we discussed. I'll post our other guy up tomorrow. It's late here. Wink

EDIT: And my samples.

Accelerator trudged slowly along, his footsteps sounding loudly off the concrete of the city streets. It was not the sound of other steps joining his that brought the boy to a stop. Nor was it the jeering calls that rang in his ears, like nails on a chalkboard to the white haired youth.

No. What stopped him was the look on the face of the thug in front of him. The idiot was grinning. A sneering, cocksure grimace peeling back his lips. That face. He wanted to tear the smug look off of that face. Accelerator's expression hardened into a dark scowl.

"So this is the famous 'strongest level 5 in Academy City', huh?" The boy in front of Accelerator spoke in a laughing drawl, his glance drawn between his companions who now surrounded the frail looking albino. To any outsider it must have looked like a massacre waiting to happen. The thug continued to talk, though Accelerator no longer listened. His attention was drawn to a small stone at his feet and he regarded it with detached interest. He tapped it lightly with his foot as though testing its weight. His hands never moved, thrust deep into his pockets. "You don't look like mu-" The thug's words were choked at their source as the pebble slammed into his shoulder. He fell, clutching at the bloody hole beneath his collarbone.

His companions didn't like that one bit. They pounced as one, launching themselves at the lone boy. He didn't turn, or even flinch as they descended upon him. The first attacker swung down with his chain. To his surprise the blow turned away just short of its mark, the heavy flail arcing back and smashing across his face. He tumbled limply to the floor in a heap. The second thug hesitated for only a moment, the low whistle of a steel pipe cutting the air as he whipped it towards Accelerator's head. The rail thin youth merely lifted his arm, caught the bar. He closed his fingers tight, the metal twisting and wrenching in his grip with a strained whine. The thug's face turned pale and his eyes widened in terror as Accelerator's fist flew forward, snapping his head back sharply and shattering his nose in a spray of red. He dropped.


The sound of a gun cocking caught Accelerator's ears and he turned to find the first boy quivering on the floor like a scared child. In his hand he held a pistol. The gun shook from his trembling hand and Accelerator's scowl widened into a grin. The white haired boy stepped forward slowly and a horrible sound crept from his throat. A dry cackle, barely audible at first, it grew louder with every step as though he struggled to contain it.

The first gunshot rang out. The bullet whizzed loudly, shooting off into the distance at a stray angle. And another. And then another still. Like steam hissing from a kettle the laughter bubbled up within the crazed youth, becoming more and more manic until he was standing over the injured boy, looming over him like a predator over its prey. Another squeeze of the trigger and the gun exploded in his hand, showering him with hot fragments of metal as the bullet ricocheted back, straight down the barrel. The boy shrunk back, cowering away from Accelerator.

"Trash." Accelerator spat derisively as he lifted his foot, bringing it down sharply on the thug's face.

So how's that?

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Level 5 Vector Change

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[Esper] Accelerator Empty Re: [Esper] Accelerator

Post  Aleister Crowley Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:00 pm

Great post. Smile


Now get that other character up and we can get started.

Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley
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[Esper] Accelerator Empty Re: [Esper] Accelerator

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