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[Esper] Fuuka Eto

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[Esper] Fuuka Eto Empty [Esper] Fuuka Eto

Post  Fuuka Eto Thu Oct 09, 2014 8:00 pm

Fuuka Eto

Level 2 ; Voodoo Doll

[Esper] Fuuka Eto Photo

"I’ll drag the world into agony along with me!"

FULL NAME: Fuuka Eto
OTHER ALIAS:Witch of Kirigaoka, Burned Witch
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Third year high school student
SCHOOL: Kirigaoka Girls’ Academy
FACTION: Dark Side of Academy City (affiliate)


Fuuka is a sorry sight for anyone to gaze upon.  Though she is fairly pretty, standing at about 5’4” tall and weighing about 112 pounds, the right side of her body and face is covered in horrible scars received after being trapped in a fire as a young girl.  Additional scars can be found over the rest of her body, mainly her arms and legs.  But these scars are from a different source.  Fuuka uses her long black hair to hide the burned section of her face, which often also blocks people from seeing one of her hazel brown eyes.  She normally dresses in her dark blue Kirigaoka Girls’ uniform, complete with dark blue skirt and bright red tie.  But when out on the streets, she’ll sometimes choose to dress in a less conspicuous outfit like a navy blue jacket, white shirt, black pants and black beret.

HEIGHT: 5’4”
WEIGHT:  112 pounds
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: The multiple burn and cut/puncture scars covering her right side and left limbs.


Used to being by herself, Fuuka doesn’t have much to say around others since her social skills are severely underdeveloped.  Even when alone she’s a girl of few words, talking in a quiet tone.

Fuuka has had little in the way of friendship or kindness, leading her to have a very cynical attitude.  She feels that people are only interested in caring for themselves, and she acts accordingly.

Not one to forgive easily, Fuuka holds any grudges for a while, and seeks to make those who wronged her suffer until they’re miserable.

As a result of her practices, Fuuka has become extremely sadomasochistic, gaining a sense of pleasure from inflicting or receiving pain.

Fuuka has been alone for so long that she doesn’t accept any kindness from others as genuine.  Everyone always has a hidden motive behind such acts.

Having been robbed of happiness as a child, Fuuka despises the smiles and happiness of others.

• The dark
• Horror books/movies
• Small spaces
• Being alone
• Competitive games like chess, cards, billiards, etc.
• Revenge

• Other people
• Happy children
• Others’ success
• Bullies
• Loud noises
• Bright/Hot sun

• Reading others (their feelings or honesty mainly)
• Observant
• Deception
• Moving stealthily
• Quick reflexes
• Sensitive skin (scar tissue)

• Easily angered by taunting
• Long term running
• Unwilling to trust easily
• Sensitive skin (scar tissue)


Fuuka was born the only daughter of two prestigious doctors who sent her to Academy City to be enrolled at a young age.  They were interested in the scientific advancements made in the city and felt that such an environment would be best to temper their daughter's medical knowledge as she grew.  This didn’t bother Fuuka, as the possibility of becoming an ability user and making her supportive parents proud thrilled her.  But lives don’t always continue so happily.  When she was 8 years old, Fuuka became trapped in a raging fire when her dorm went ablaze.  Though emergency personnel were able to douse the flames and rescue her from the interior before she died, Fuuka emerged from the experience with terrible burns that covered the right side of her body.  The doctors of Academy City tried to fix the damage done to her body, but there were complications during the procedure that made it and any future attempts impossible.  

Upon seeing their daughter after the accident, Fuuka’s parents tried to be supportive, but the flinching gazes she saw in their eyes whenever they saw her only fueled a massive insecurity in her heart.  She could tell that they only saw her as a damaged product that wouldn’t do the family any good anymore.  These feelings turned into an accusing paranoia that ended up being so difficult that Fuuka’s parents finally gave up and left her to Academy City as a child error.  

Life in the orphanage was no better for Fuuka’s mental state, as young children can be very cruel about someone’s physical differences.  Fuuka became increasingly separated from her peers, and often a target for verbal abuse.  Any who tried to look past her damaged appearance and approach her were quickly removed by a combined assault of the bullies’ abuse and Fuuka’s own unwillingness to trust people.  Around this time was when she began sinking further into her own misery and began to resort to self-harm practices like cutting herself.  Continuing her education in the Power Curriculum Program, her personal reality began to take shape and was heavily influenced by the depressive and angry state of her mind.

When her ability finally emerged, Fuuka’s alienation was complete.  Because of the effects of her AIM Diffusion Field, people would notice an obvious feeling of discomfort when near her.  Though they kept their distance, this new development gave rise to nicknames like the Burned Witch.  Fuuka didn’t mind this as much as one would expect.  In fact she kind of enjoyed others avoiding her for something like fear rather than her appearance.  Her personality became more and more warped as she roamed the streets and used her power on anyone who annoyed her.  This behavior was highly disruptive, and quickly caught the attention of Judgment.  Fuuka was investigated, confronted, and handed over to Anti-Skill.  Threatened with imprisonment, things looked bleak for Fuuka until she was approached by some shady officials associated with the Dark Side of Academy City.  They had connections and authority, and promised Fuuka that they would keep her out of prison if she would serve them as a freelance agent to do their bidding.  Fuuka accepted the terms without hesitation because anything was better than ending up in prison.  The annoying part was that they warned her that there were limits.  She'd have to hold herself back and refrain from striking out at random people on her whims if she wanted them to be able to keep her out of prison for good.  

This new life wasn't so bad however.  Fuuka enrolled in Kirigaoka Girls' Academy while keeping in touch with the Dark Side.  She received training and special equipment to make herself more effective in her roll.  Whenever a job came up, Fuuka completed it with grim satisfaction.  This was how she would live her life now.  The bright days of her beginning had dimmed into a nighttime of gloom and dread, which she walked through without regret.

RANK: Freelance Operative for the Dark Side of Academy City

Voodoo Doll:

Fuuka’s ability was named Voodoo Doll after observing her influence on other people.  Her personal reality influences her AIM Diffusion Field in a way that grants her a kind of reverse empathy in the telepathic category.  She can establish a one-way mental link with others and have them experience the same physical pain she does.  The brain waves she shares are those sent from the centers in the brain that translate damage impulses into the feeling of pain in the affected area. For example: if Fuuka were to stab herself in the arm, the neurons would tell her brain she was hurt. The pain centers then send the appropriate senses of pain back to her arm to allow her to feel the damage. The voodoo doll ability shares a copy of these transmitted pain responses with the target, giving them the feeling as if their own arm was just stabbed, even though there is no real damage.  Her AIM Diffusion Field radiates a feeling of discomfort around her, with feelings ranging from nausea to light headaches.

Fuuka’s ability is purely mental.  Voodoo Doll does not cause real physical harm, though mental psyches can be influenced if a target is tortured by intense pain for an extended amount of time.  The ability is limited to areas on a target’s body that have a relatable part on Fuuka’s body.  Like other telepathy type powers, her ability functions through the use of invisible psychic “wires” that attach to her targets. While the wires are able to be attached almost immediately upon acquiring visual on a target, the mental link has a delay that varies with different targets. Factors include how many minds she's currently "hacking", the mental strength of a target, etc.  While troublesome in a high intensity situation, Fuuka has learned to tap into minds more easily as she practiced using her ability on people and has brought the delay down to no more than 4 or 5 seconds in the strongest minds she's encountered.  The average nervous system she attacks takes about 2 to 3 seconds to establish the link.

As Fuuka’s level increases, the applications of the power grow in strength and usefulness.  When first developed, Fuuka could only target one person at a range of about 10 meters.  This has increased as her power developed; now Fuuka can target a maximum of 5 people within her natural visual range. At her current level, the connection only lasts as long as her gaze and concentration on a target remain.  This can make things difficult when dealing with multiple people as it's hard to keep her eyesight on more than maybe 2 at a time.  Other factors can disrupt or break her connections, such as electromagnetic fields which don't allow the passage of her psychic wires.  This makes her ability useless against high level electromasters.

Fuuka gained one more application of her power as her level increased.  She can deploy an aura of reverse empathy around her to hit all people in her immediate area with her pain sharing ability without the need for targeting.  This aura is an extension of her AIM Diffusion Field and is extremely short range, only spreading about a one meter radius around her.  Scientists who’ve studied her ability have theorized that at the top level of development, Fuuka may be able to amplify her pain to make a worse feeling in the target than she feels or even generate false pain in targets without the need to constantly injure herself.


Knife Expert
Fuuka has fiddled with knives for years ever since starting her habit of cutting herself.  Her manipulation of short blades has become remarkable, though she is not skilled at throwing them as she prefers to keep the tool in hand to make use of its defense and to fuel her ability.  She carries one short pocket knife and a combat knife at all times.

Medical Knowledge
Her family's medical prowess is strong in Fuuka.  She was studying about human physiology from a very young age.  After her accident, the studying took a new direction of intent as she studied the best ways to inflict the most pain on the human body.  This research was also done to keep herself safe while inflicting the most pain possible to targets.

Acupuncture Needles
Another tool used to inflict pain, Fuuka has a pouch of needles used to stab either enemies or more often herself.  After agreeing to work for the dark side, she was given special hollow needles that contain a concoction of pain inducing venoms when introduced into the body.

Extremely High Pain Threshold
Having gone through extreme pain so much in life, both involuntary and self-inflicted, Fuuka has an amazing capacity for pain before she will become disabled.  This is helpful since she needs to remain unaffected by the pain she gives her targets to make full use of her ability.  The level of pain needed to stop her would be something akin to slicing off a limb.

Theme Music
Suspense Theme
Action Theme

FACE CLAIM: Hanako Ikezawa from Katawa Shoujo
OTHER CHARACTERS: Kuro Akarui (Magician)
MISC. INFORMATION: If you need to get in touch with me and I seem unresponsive, send a pm to Kuro Akarui in case I’m checking the site on that profile.

Last edited by Fuuka Eto on Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:08 pm; edited 3 times in total
Fuuka Eto
Fuuka Eto
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[Esper] Fuuka Eto Empty Re: [Esper] Fuuka Eto

Post  Fuuka Eto Tue Nov 04, 2014 8:49 am

The thud of the stone alley's wall pounded hard into Fuuka Eto's back as she was shoved by a rather audacious member of the little gang that had just confronted her. The only excuse they had given was some half-assed story about not liking the look she'd given one of them. Just a bunch of street thugs, probably affiliated with Skill-out or something like that. It wasn't uncommon for such attacks to take place, but Fuuka didn't care about that one way or another. They were fools for messing with her. Her eye's screamed her silent defiance out at her attackers, serving to rile them up even further.

"That's Kirigaoka's uniform isn't it?" The head thug who had shoved her made his obvious remark. "You damn espers all think you're better than us level zeros. We're gonna show you how weak you really are so you don't let it all go to your head."

Fuuka grinned wickedly. She'd previously been in a bad mood. It was a bright sunny day and walking along the streets watching all of the citizens of Academy City go about their happy lives with friends and loved ones had put her off in a bad way. These idiots were the perfect way to let it all out. Her grin was the best bait, as she saw the man's fist flying toward her face while the rest of his six subordinates readied their assortment of weapons and watched for any sign of Fuuka using an ability. No resistance came to impede her attacker and his blow landed with a rather loud smash in Fuuka's left cheek. Fuuka's face flew back from the blow, but so did several of her opponents' faces while the others all brought their hands up to their own cheeks or roared in agony. Her assailant seemed affected the most, as it was the pain of his own attack that had hit him at the moment he'd made contact with Fuuka. The gloomy girl pushed the surprised man back and took a menacing step forward while her right hand began to fumble with a strap on a hip pouch she wore. Her left hand rose up to caress her damaged cheek, almost seeming pleased with the assault.

"Well I guess that was a decent attempt." Fuuka's voice spoke out in a quiet tone that added to her creepy factor. Her pouch now open, she pulled a rather thick needle from inside it. "But it is nothing compared to true pain." With this, Fuuka drove the needle she'd been brandishing into her own thigh. Blood spilled from the wound, but Fuuka only let out a single gasp of shock before smiling in a disturbing pleasured appearance. The gang however, had a much different reaction. About half of the attackers were so taken by the pain of the stab that shot through them that they lost their balance and fell to the alley floor. Fuuka took another two steps toward them, removing the needle and bringing it up to stab herself again. The six supporters immediately abandoned their leader and ran off as soon as they could scramble to their feet. Fuuka laughed at the sight and gave a smug look of victory at her foe and readied the needle again. He flinched and whimpered so soon that Fuuka burst out into laughter. The mood from before was forgotten. This little exercise had gotten her spirit up again. Leaving behind the mentally defeated man, she made her way away from the scene before authorities like Judgement could show up. She didn't feel like dealing with them today.
Fuuka Eto
Fuuka Eto
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[Esper] Fuuka Eto Empty Re: [Esper] Fuuka Eto

Post  Furuhashi Gou Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:53 pm

Sorry sorry sorry sorry for the delay. I can’t even express how sorry I feel for that late eval. But there were some things I had to discuss first.

Well, well what do we have here? A real Dark Side character? Nice nice~ I like your concept a lot.

However that won’t spare you.

1. Before anything else I need to look at her freelance membership of ITEM.

There are various concerns about this coming to my mind: For once that would mean she would be something close to a full member and not only a grunt like the ones seen in Railgun S. And that would mean ITEM would actually have a reason to recruit her as a member, which is highly unlikely looking at her personality. For some reason I believe they wouldn’t have someone as uncontrolled as her within their ranks and I bet she would get in trouble with the other members, especially Frenda and Kinuhata.
I’d also consider it rather difficult to include non canon characters into canon groups like that – especially ITEM. At least without a lengthy discussion.

But – a big but – I’ll make an easy suggestion: Make her a freelance dark side agent. Like that she could probably support any organisation, if she is hired by them. That’d mean that ITEM or rather ITEM liaison for example could hire her to support their missions and interaction would be born.
You’d pretty much gain a lot more of freedom by that and spare yourself the need for any further discussion about the organisation she belongs to.

2. At what age was she sent to Academy City and why did her parents want her to study there?

3. Looking at the rest of her history, I believe that someone using Esper abilities to cause trouble in Academy City would be caught at some point, which means being sent to a juvenile hall – the Esper prisons.
There are actually many cases of Espers imprisoned there making deals with the Dark Side to get out again.
Aaaand that’s something I’d suggest to you as well. I can see her getting caught and making a deal or maybe preventing being imprisoned by making a deal. That’d even give them a good means of forcing her into loyalty. Offering people in desperate situations a way out in order to enslave them is a pretty common method the Dark Side does use after all.

4. 50 people at a time. No. Just no. This number is too high. Waaaay to high. Just imagine what affecting 50 people at once would mean. Taking on armies just like that? Not even the strongest mental Esper could go that far. So yeah, my answer is a straight no. Please tone it down a by a lot. BY A LOT.

5. How long does it take to apply a connection to another person? After all a typical weakness of mental type Espers is attacking them before they can apply the connection or dodging from their vision, leaving them unable to aim straight for the target.

Is there a way so severe the connection? Like leaving the area of effect or…?

I assume she can’t simply decide what sensations the other person experiences? Let’s say: Like whatever she feels the other party will feel as well?
Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
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[Esper] Fuuka Eto Empty Re: [Esper] Fuuka Eto

Post  Akarui Kuro Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:57 am

No problem about the eval. I know people have lives and don't hold them to any schedule for that same reason. As for not being spared, I say thank you. I always aim to rp with fair and balanced characters to keep the experience fun for all involved. So let's discuss.

I'll start with #2: I'll admit I didn't give a lot of thought to that. I set her accident when she was 8 so she'd have about a decade of grief to mold her current personality. I was also unaware that students sent to academy city had a certain subject they aimed to study. Perhaps I can make her parents doctors and say she was sent to go to school there and be around the advancing medical practices. That could provide more of a believable explanation of her knowledge of biology.

Let's tackle 1 and 3 together: I love your suggestions. I wasn't so thrilled about intruding upon canon organizations in the first place. But as my knowledge of the dark side is very limited, I just was going with what I could piece together from watching railgun S and researching on toaru wiki. That's why I like your idea of making her a freelance dark side agent. Not belonging to any organization, but having a relationship with them nonetheless in order to make use of a wildcard like her.

Your suggestion of how that relationship began intrigues me even more. It opens more possibilities for her resentment if she was noticed, captured and inprisoned by judgement. And you're right about the loyalty. Such an arrangement like a "get out of jail free" card would be the perfect way to keep a loose cannon like Fuuka in line.

And on to the ability: I never thought such a large number would actually be accepted. I guess I had my head too full of that level 5 telepath girl and how she mind controlled such a large number of people in that S scene. Maybe when Fuuka levels up more in the future, but for now let's scale it back.

I'd say let her affect about 5 people at any time. Scaling back its lock-on, I'd say it only stays in effect if she keeps them within sight and concentration. There might be room for a stronger, longer lasting link at higher levels, but that will take time and practice with connecting the psychic wires. Initial connection at any level however will require line of sight, since her connection is a one way mental link and she can't sense the target's mind. Speed of connection...I'd say her "wires" can possibly travel at a current speed of 15mph. Fast enough to cover fair distance, but slow enough to be evaded if someone can detect them somehow.

Like stated above, at her current level, if one leaves her vision or breaks her concentration on them somehow, the connection is broken almost immediately. It also shares other "wire" based telepathy weaknesses like interference from electromagnetic fields like Misaka's leaving her ability useless against high level electromasters. And of course, if any part of the wires comes into contact with the imagine breaker, the whole connection is immediately severed.

And finally, once connection is established, the target shares all sensations of physical pain with Fuuka. The brain waves being shared are those sent from the centers in the brain that translate damage impulses into the feeling of pain in the affected area. So if Fuuka were to stab herself in the arm, the neurons would tell her brain she was hurt. The pain centers then send the appropriate senses of pain back to her arm to allow her to feel the damage. The voodoo doll ability shares a copy of these transmitted pain responses with the target, giving them the feeling as if their own arm was just stabbed, even though there is no real damage.
Akarui Kuro
Akarui Kuro

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[Esper] Fuuka Eto Empty Re: [Esper] Fuuka Eto

Post  Furuhashi Gou Sun Nov 09, 2014 12:17 pm

2. It isn’t really about special subjects people want their children to study. It’s just about why parents would send their child to a far away place like Academy City and why they would let them go through those experiments of the power curriculum.
But I guess that doctor idea would be fine.

1. & 3. Good to hear~

4. 5 people would be ok. Remember, you would need to establish each link separately.

5. I didn’t mean that kind of speed actually.
What I meant is the time it’d take until full connection is established. I believe hitting someone with the wires wouldn’t be all that’s necessary to make a connection. Especially if we consider the fact that she needs to concentrate in order to keep herself connected. There still would be need for some setups and adjustment to be made before it’d be able to work, simply because every human is different etc. It’d probably take a second or two, maybe three.
Those wires probably are even faster than what you suggested, otherwise the ability would be really nerfed to hell. So yeah, the set-up should probably be the difficult part.

Alright that’s all~
Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
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[Esper] Fuuka Eto Empty Re: [Esper] Fuuka Eto

Post  Fuuka Eto Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:02 am

Modifications complete, and the profile looks much better because of it. Not only has everything been explained a bit better and fairer, it actually gave the post some decent size compared to the first draft.
Fuuka Eto
Fuuka Eto
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[Esper] Fuuka Eto Empty Re: [Esper] Fuuka Eto

Post  Furuhashi Gou Mon Nov 10, 2014 3:42 pm

Hmm I’m happy that I was able to help you.

There are two little things that I need you to add.

The first thing being about her scars: I mean Academy City technology is pretty well developed so skin transplants and stuff would be an easy measurement to take in such a case. So I’d like you to add that there were problems occurring that caused the transplantation to fail or making future transplantations impossible or something like that. Her scars are very important after all.

The second is about Judgement arresting her. You should replace the word “Judgement” by “Anti-Skill”, because Judgement aren’t really the major police force and can’t do arresting. The people to fear are rather Anti-Skill anyway (I’m not implying that Judgement is a joke! No no!).
Judgement can only take people into custody in order to question them and hand them over to Anti-Skill. So yeah, Anti-Skill can be considered the superior organisation.

And for the rest: Everything else is fine. Good job.
Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
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[Esper] Fuuka Eto Empty Re: [Esper] Fuuka Eto

Post  Akarui Kuro Mon Nov 10, 2014 4:44 pm

Done and done. And no, I don't think that Judgement is a joke. Lol. Even with her arrangements with the Dark Side, Fuuka will have to watch herself around both of those groups.
Akarui Kuro
Akarui Kuro

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[Esper] Fuuka Eto Empty Re: [Esper] Fuuka Eto

Post  Furuhashi Gou Mon Nov 10, 2014 5:52 pm

I usually make it sound like that, though. I really should stop ruining Judgement’s reputation.

Approved [1/2]
Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
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[Esper] Fuuka Eto Empty Re: [Esper] Fuuka Eto

Post  Misaka Mikoto Tue Nov 11, 2014 2:05 pm

Right, so normally Index would be the one to give the final approval to this profile but due to her current absence and my answering to members' requests, I'll be stepping in to avoid delaying this approval any further.

Now, before I give an approval, keep in mind that these type of Espers can be quite often hard to fit in stories, so the possibility of you finding yourself at a loss of what to do with her early on in the RP isn't non-existent, especially if she dislikes being near others.

Though, to be fair, it also seems to be the case with your magician so I assume you're already pretty well aware of this.

Having a plot for her in mind can help you out if you find yourself in that situation, although I wouldn't say it's a definite fix to the issue.

As long as you always keep the aforementioned points in mind, overall, the character seems interesting and I'm rather curious to see what you'll make of her, so I'll give my approval as well. Break a leg.


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"Mikoto speaks"
'Mikoto thinks'

Misaka Mikoto
Misaka Mikoto
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[Esper] Fuuka Eto Empty Re: [Esper] Fuuka Eto

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