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[Esper] Misaka Mikoto

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[Esper] Misaka Mikoto Empty [Esper] Misaka Mikoto

Post  Misaka Mikoto Mon Oct 15, 2012 1:39 pm

Misaka Mikoto

Level 5 Electromaster

[Esper] Misaka Mikoto Mik211

“I might be a Level 5, but I’m no good with stuff like this… If there is a hurdle in my path, I feel like I have clear it. I’m only Level 5 because of my personality. I’ve never seen this as something special, really.”

FULL NAME: Misaka Mikoto
OTHER ALIAS: Number 3, The Railgun, Ace of Tokiwadai, The Electric Princess, “That crazy bitch from Tokiwadai” (among some in District 7 due to her constant frying of people’s electrical devices, although Mikoto is (fortunately) unaware of this), The Original
GENDER: Female
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School

APPEARANCE: Mikoto looks the average middle-schooler, with chestnut brown hair (a small hairclip on her right side) that reaches just above her shoulders. Her eye colour matches her hair, and she is usually seen around Academy City wearing the Tokiwadai uniform (summer, winter or sports) due to school rules. She always wears shorts underneath her skirt, claiming: “it is easier to move around in” much to the shame of her roommate and junior Shirai Kuroko. Mikoto is often self-conscious about her body image, especially feeling inferior and annoyed about her smaller bust size compared to other girls. To others who are unaware of her internal complexities, she has an athletic, slim figure that can be considered rather attractive. Mikoto blushes very easily, her cheeks and even her entire face flushing a deep crimson when embarrassed. Due to her Tokiwadai uniform and the rich-girl aura about her, she is considered a Lady by many people who do not know her.

HEIGHT: 161cm
WEIGHT:  45kg

The Brat (Tsundere, Prideful, Childish… etc.) with a Heart of Gold
Mikoto has a very difficult time being honest with herself (and is a Tsundere). Her pride would never allow her to admit certain things about herself, including her love for Gekota and childish things. Often she covers up her true feelings behind acts of carelessness, aggression and tomboyish attitudes. Although she is thought to be a respectable Lady, she is often selfish, stubborn, childish, prideful and arrogant. Those who truly know her however, would be able to see the Heart of Gold that Mikoto possesses deep inside beyond her insecurities. She holds a deep concern for everyone, especially those in need (although she tries her best not to show it) and is deeply loyal to her friends. Generally easy-going and friendly to most people, most lower leveled espers may be surprised to find that Mikoto does not look down on them at all.

Hot Headed, Hot Blooded
Mikoto is not one to back down from a challenge, possessing the natural urge to overcome all challenged presented no matter what. This combined with her strong will, are probably the main reasons why Mikoto managed to reach Level 5 from Level 1.  She is also quick to anger, acting out of pure emotions and landing her into trouble. Mikoto is confident of her abilities as an Electromaster and is not afraid of getting into a good fight.

Mikoto is considered a child prodigy, having reached high ranks of level 5 from mere level 1. She is talented in many areas at school, achieving consistent academy excellence and ranking 8th in Tokiwadai. Tokiwadai is one of the top 5 most prestigious schools in Academy city and the most renowned girls’ school in the world. She thinks pretty swiftly on her feet and utilises her power in a variety of creative ways to suit her needs.

Idealist, with a strong sense of Justice
Mikoto is an Idealist, her perception of the world often simplified by optimism and naivety. It is not uncommon to find her fighting for how the world should be, her stubbornness refusing to acknowledge the truths of reality and leading her to misconceptions and mistakes. Her strong sense of justice does not allow her to let go of these Ideals easily and often involves her in Judgement affairs.

Few Friends, Many Admirers
Due to her high Level 5 status in Academy City as the Railgun, Misaka Mikoto finds herself the center of attention in most situations. Admirers always crowd around her, hoping to gain a portion of her fame. Many elevate her above them, showering her with respect by calling her “Misaka-sama” or “Misaka-sensei”. These actions always make Mikoto uncomfortable inside and feel a huge distance between her and her peers. Thus, she hardly ever had true friends she could be herself around with (Shirai Kuroko is her most recently found friend). Her popularity and fame inevitably comes with its downside: enemies and rivals. She has a major rivalry with the Level 5 Queen of Tokiwadai (Mental Out) and her faction, although Mikoto does not believe in cliques and never formed her own. The fact that she grew up with so few friends has also made her very self-reliant and extremely protective of the friends she has. Mikoto would never endanger her friends by telling them her problems if she could help it; she would rather bear any burdens on her own, no matter what the cost.

*Playing arcade games
*A good fight/ challenges/ chances to test her powers
*Reading manga without paying for them at the convenience store Green Mart
*Gekota, Gekota, Gekota!!! :3 (she would never admit it! Before this, she had a Kirugumar obsession)
*Hanging out with her friends
*Cute things (she’d never admit it!)
*Cats (although the EM waves her body naturally emits make them dislike her)
*Drinking soda (especially free ones from kicking the vending machine that ate her money in her first year of Tokiwadai)

*Losing in something/ others besting her
*Being told what to do
*Irresponsible people
*Being stressed. (Mikoto constantly feels under pressure from having to keep up her image as the perfect Level 5 celebrity and representative of Tokiwadai)
*Jibes about her chest size
*Hearing honest statements that she had desperately been trying to hide
*People who hurt others without good reason
*People who wallow in self-pity and the past so much that they never look forward.
*Embarrassing situations
*Bugs... especially those with lots of legs.

*Unfaltering loyalty to her friends
*Strong will to never give up in the face of a challenge may be seen as stubbornness but is also an admirable quality.
*Although she is not honest to herself, she has the courage to admit her mistakes to others and act to set it right.
*Quick thinking on her feet often gets her out of tight situations, her powers of deduction often landing close to the mark.
*Mikoto is very agile and physically stronger than what you would expect from her looks- she's very athletic and excels in sports. Her physical strength is demonstrated by her rather powerful punches and kicks.

*Not honest to herself. Mikoto is sometimes the worst judge of her own self. She would miss a perfectly good opportunity to make herself (and/or others in some cases) happy because of her own lies and insecurities.
*Hot headedness and stubbornness often lets her rush ahead into action without thinking. Her lack of emotional control makes her ability flare wildly, usually causing destruction of nearby electronic equipments (much to the annoyance of the owners) or blackouts of the entire districts/ city.
*In situations she is directly involved in, Mikoto tends to blame herself (even if she is the victim) and by doing so, feels the strong need to set it right. She hates troubling others and bears burdens alone, not wanting to endanger them in any way if possible.
*Her Idealistic view of the world and her optimism can sometimes disappoint her majorly and cause heavy burdens on her heart. Her naivety and tendency to find good in all people are weaknesses waiting for the darkness to exploit.
*Because she relies on her abilities a lot, Mikoto would be much weaker in situations that do not allow her to use her powers.  
*She can be easily distracted.
*Mikoto can be a hypocrite at times- e.gs. often calling others "reckless" when she herself would charge forward without thinking; asking others why they didn't ask for help when she herself would act alone...etc.


The only daughter of Misaka Tabikake and Misuzu, Mikoto had a fairly normal childhood despite her rich background. Enrolling in Academy City at a young age, Mikoto distinguished herself as a child prodigy by rapidly gaining levels from her initial status of Level 1. Some scientists approached her as she grew in fame, offering her a chance to change the lives of young children affected by muscular dystrophy. Mikoto willingly agreed out of the kindness in her heart, giving them her DNA sample in hopes that the children would be able to walk again. Ever since she entered Tokiwadai Middle School however, she has been hearing some ridiculous rumours that her DNA is being analysed for military use…

As she rose in ranks of Espers and became the 3rd Level 5 in the year she entered Tokiwadai, Mikoto lost many close friends and gained masses of admirers instead. Some of her insecurities originate from this; she often feels stressed and pressured, resulting in her taking it out on unfortunate delinquents (she feels her actions justified as they deserve it). In her first year at Tokiwadai, Mikoto lost 10,000 yen due to a certain vending machine that eats money. Ever since then, Mikoto visits the machine to obtain free soda drinks by kicking it.

In one fateful event, Mikoto rescued her future friend Shirai Kuroko from a bank robber with her Railgun. Eventually, Kuroko enrolled in Tokiwadai as well, developing a rather excessive amount of (and perverse) affection for Mikoto- her “Oneesama”. Although her junior, Kuroko later also became Mikoto’s roommate in Tokiwadai Dormitories, Room 208. This occurred when Kuroko “legally” removed Mikoto’s previous roommate who had been ill-natured towards Mikoto.

Being a Level 5 esper with consistently impressive academic grades, Mikoto gained the title “Tokiwadai’s Ace” and is considered the representative image of the School. She is usually at the center of the circle, thus can never truly mingle with others. Mikoto harbours rivalry with Mental Out, Tokiwadai’s other Level 5 also known as The Queen. Mental Out is shrouded in mystery, preferring to enjoy her freedom of secrecy while Mikoto feels the pressure of full attention and responsibilities from the School.

Misaka Mikoto is now in her 2nd year of Tokiwadai Middle School. While she keeps up with her preceding reputation and endless expectations with perfection at school, Mikoto ventilates her built-up stress through arcade games, manga reading, beating up delinquents that deserve it, kicking the vending machine and other “delinquent” and “unlady-like” activities (as Kuroko would put it).

LEVEL: Level 5

As a Level 5 Electromaster, Mikoto can manipulate electricity and use it in a variety of ways. Her maximum output is known to be 1 billion volts, generated from her brain. Some of her common ability uses include:

Using Flemming’s law, Mikoto can fire a coin (or other metal objects) at a speed three times the speed of light, causing a destructive Railgun (also known as Super Electromagnetic Cannon). Her nickname Railgun comes from this finishing move, and is the alias most people know her as rather than her real name. She usually uses arcade coins as her projectiles (for their easy portability and access) and this limits her range to 50 meters. Mikoto’s Railgun has an initial velocity of 1030m/s and can be fired at a rate of 8 shots per minute.

*Lightning Attack Spear:
Pure electrical attacks originating from her forehead.

*Lightning Strike:
Calling down lightning from the sky, regardless of season/ weather. This can cause blackouts in the entire city.

Using electromagnetism, Mikoto can control iron sand from the earth and other ferrous materials for use to her advantage. She can also stick to walls and ceilings by adjusting her own magnetic field against the structure’s foundations.

*Iron Sand Sword/ Whip:
By using her electromagnetic control, Mikoto can create swords (or whips) by drawing out the iron sand from the earth. The weapon’s cutting power can be dramatically increased to something akin to a chainsaw by making the sand particles vibrate.

Her powers allow her to hack into and control electrical systems, and bypass electrical security systems with ease. Mikoto can decode electrical information, directly process a computer’s information in binary code and even erase herself from real time security footage.

Adjusting the magnetic fields around her, Mikoto can fly. This is easier with more structures closely surrounding her. She could also fly above large bodies of water (such as the ocean) by manipulating and shaping the water vapour into wings (using static electricity from intermolecular interactions) and inducing electrohydrolysis to obtain hydrogen and oxygen as fuel.

This is a passive ability. While Mikoto can sense any phenomena related to her powers, she can also see the electric and magnetic field lines in her environment (something that other lower-leveled Electromasters cannot do). Her body naturally generates electromagnetic waves and she can analyse the reflections of these, covering any blind spots. The natural emission of EM waves from her body makes sensitive animals such as cats dislike Mikoto (much to her frustration).

*Defence against Telepathic Manipulation:
This is a passive ability. The electromagnetic barrier naturally created by her AIM dispersion field makes her immune to any attacks of telepathic manipulation. (e.g. Mental Out, Shokuhou  Misaki’s abilities)

Violin playing: Misaka Mikoto learns the violin and can play the instrument very well.
Artistic talents:
Although Mikoto hates it when Kuroko suggests she pick up more feminine hobbies, she actually enjoys artistic activities and is very good at them.

*Only my Railgun by Fripside- Toaru Kagaku no Railgun eps 1-12 OP
*Level 5-Judgelight by Fripside- Toaru Kagaku no Railgun eps 13-24 OP
*Future Gazer by Fripside- Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA OP
*Dear my Friend by ELISA- Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (ending 1)
*SMILE- You and Me by ELISA- Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (ending 2)
*Real Force by ELISA- Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (ending 3)
*Grow Slowly by Yuka Iguchi- Toaru Kagaku no railgun S (ending)
*Sisters Noise by Fripside- Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S OP

PLAYER'S NAME: Misaka Mikoto
RATING: M for mature (Violent or suggestive content such as 'Ecchi' or 'fanservice' scenes.)
FACE CLAIM: Misaka Mikoto, Toaru Kagaku No Railgun and Toaru Majutsu no Index


*Misaka MAD

*Bad Railgun AMV- ENG

*Bad Railgun MAD- "Bad Apple"- JAP

*Memory of Snow

*Misaka Mikoto

*Ultimate crisis- Sisters

*Generic Railgun

*Programs for girls

*With Lightning Speed


*Changing my fate


*ARC 1- A Certain Mysterious Stranger: 17/06-18/06 [Complete]
-Mikoto confronts Touko on the bridge after frying the delinquents who had been chasing the spikey-haired girl. Again, she is frustrated by Touko's defense against her electrical powers.
-Mikoto meets Guy Li who tries to save her from a gang of 'admirers'. She ends up frying them all, but is stunned to discover that this altruistic stranger and non-esper is somehow resistant to her powers.
-She becomes assigned to introducing Guy to Academy City, but finds him uncooperative as he leaves  on his own to eat lunch. She gives chase, hoping to prevent him getting her into trouble.
-During her attempt to find Guy, she runs into Touko. Both of them try to track him down and ends up at the local Judgement office where Guy is being held. Judgement is forced to let him go due to lack of evidence. Exchanges between Mikoto and Guy only deepens Kuroko's mistrust of the boy. Guy soon disappears again, leaving Mikoto furious.
-Guy and Mikoto fight off the SKill Outs while Touko faces Kenji alone. Mikoto eliminates the Skill outs while Guy holds them at bay. When one of the gang produces a gun however, Guy dives to protect her, shielding her with his body.
-Kuroko arrives just in time to arrest the gunman and take the others to hospital.
-Mikoto berates Guy for his irresponsible behaviour. Upon accidentally stumbling on him following a shower, she is surprised to find herself developing a crush on the young teacher.
-Confused and frustrated by her own feelings, Touko's arrival gives Mikoto a distraction and the electromaster chases the unfortunate Level 0 through the night.

*First Class (SS): 25/06-? [completed]
-Mikoto discovers that the rumoured new English teacher is Guy, much to her irritation.
-Throughout their first class, Mikoto stands on the verge of exploding point as Guy keeps teasing her. Much to her annoyance, other girls seem to be very much taken to his charm.
-Guy asks her to stay back after class, increasing Mikoto's frustration. Some girls linger, wanting to eavesdrop and feeling jealous. He asks how she is after the last incident (see ARC 1), putting Mikoto in a state of confusion and mixed feelings. When she starts believing that he is simply mocking her again however, her temper flares once more. He leaves with a wink, making the Railgun shoot lightning at his leaving figure, which hits the doorframe instead. Ignoring the excitedly chattering girls still in the classroom, Mikoto angrily leaves after him, the singed doorframe the only clue of what had transpired during that class.
-A few hours later found Mikoto sitting in the library, hardly seeing the words on the page in front of her. Guy's words and actions keep repeating in her head, distracting and frustrating her. Realising she can't concentrate, she decides to leave the library, obviously in a murderous mood.
-Kuroko finds Mikoto in her foul mood and suggests they go to a newly opened crepe shop that is giving away free gifts. At first, Mikoto immediately rejects the offer, but realises it might be a good method of distraction and agrees.
-Kuroko informs Mikoto that she's also meeting some friends and will take a detour. She also shows the electromaster the flier- that the first one hundred customers will receive a Gekota toy. Mikoto brightens up.
-At the restaurant Kuroko had promised to meet at, Mikoto waits with much impatience, wishing she could get to the Gekota toy quickly. Kuroko seems to be busily leafing through a notebook, rousing Mikoto's suspicions that the perverted teleporter is up to something. As Mikoto asks where her friends are, there is a tap on the window.
-As they walk to the crepe stands together, Mikoto becomes introduced to Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari. While Kazari obviously admires Mikoto as a famous celebrity, Ruiko appears unimpressed by the Tokiwadai girls.
-As they line up to get the crepes, Uiharu tells Mikoto that she is nothing like how she'd imagined her to be. This confuses Mikoto, and makes her wonder wildly (with much embarrassment and panic) if they had realised her childish obsession for the Gekota. She had even allowed Ruiko and Kazari to stand in the line before her, putting on a careless attitude of not caring about the Gekota toy.... But Uiharu replies that she had always imagined Tokiwadai girls to be royal celebrities, but had been surprised by Mikoto's normalcy...
-As Uiharu talks, Mikoto suddenly hears a voice say from the front, "it's the last one." Devastated, Mikoto drops to her hands and knees. Her world had come to an end because now she would never be able to get the limited edition Gekota keyring...
-Guy suddenly turns up, wondering if somebody had fainted (not realising that it was actually a grieving Mikoto), with a Gekota keyring (he had been the last person to receive one) dangling on his finger.
-Mikoto leaps up in anger when she sees Guy and becomes more furious when she sees him with the object she had so desperately wanted.
-In a mixture of embarrassment and rage, Mikoto electrocutes Guy.
-They squabble; Kazari recognises Guy; Kuroko immediately becomes suspicious of him, calling him the "shady character". Frustrated at Kuroko and Mikoto's conversation as if he weren't even there, Guy quickly retaliates with with a statement that shocks Kuroko and embarrasses Mikoto before leaving.
-Kuroko tries to feed Mikoto her crepe despite the fact that they have the same flavour. Mikoto resists and turns to have a "normal" conversation with her other friends instead. Mikoto and Kazari exchange bites of their crepes, much to Kuroko's horror/jealousy and Ruiko's amusement.
-An explosion suddenly occurs nearby, tearing the shutters of the bank open. Kuroko reacts instantly as a Judgement member, along with Kazari. Before Mikoto can even react, she tells her Oneesama to leave this to her. Mikoto sees the determined look on her junior's face and decides to stay put. She consoles Ruiko, who is uncertain about the situation.
-Kuroko confronts the gang of bank robbers.
-Mikoto and Ruiko overhears a commotion- a boy is missing. Mikoto decides to help Kazari find her, and Ruiko offers help as well.
-Ruiko sees the boy being dragged off by a man from a distance. Before she can rush ahead to help however, Kazari steps in. The man pushes the boy away and barges past her, hurrying to a car.
-Mikoto sees Kazari on the ground and immediately becomes angry. As the man tries to drive away on the car, Mikoto fires her signature move "Railgun", stopping his escape with ease.
-Guy, attracted by the commotion, steps in front of the crowd just as Mikoto fires the Railgun. He stares at her in shock, mouth hanging open.
-Mikoto congratulates Kazari on securing the boy and thanks Ruiko for her help. A creep of doubt appears in Ruiko's mind that she hadn't really been able to do anything after all. Maybe Level 0's really could do nothing? She also realises not all high levelled espers may not be as bad as she had originally thought...
-Kuroko starts her lecture on Mikoto when officers arrive, asking Mikoto to come with them. Kuroko immediately defends Mikoto's actions, and the electromaster feels touched. She tells her it's alright when Guy steps in and tells them it was his responsibility. They leave, telling Guy to keep closer eye on his students.
-Mikoto acts ungrateful towards Guy. He seems devastated about that and Mikoto feels a bit guilty...
-They all decide to meet up at the cafe after school.
-Kazari suggests a "sophisticated European style bistro"
-As they enter, Mikoto spots Guy in a maid uniform, much to her shock. Kuroko is filled with horror at this discovery.
-As Guy considers ways to escape, his boss comes around, forcing him to serve the girls.
-Mikoto sees this as a delicious opportunity to torment her teacher further. And she does just that.
-Mikoto suddenly gets very embarrassed when Guy's "acting" becomes rather over the top. Seeing such a red face, Kuroko immediately becomes suspicious of Mikoto's feelings towards "that ape".
-Kuroko "tests" Guy with the most difficult-to-pronounce items on the menu.
-Mikoto threatens to spill Guy's secret (that he also works part-time at the restaurant) to everyone at Tokiwadai. Guy proposes an exchange- for her to keep silent in return for the Gekota figure he had obtained earlier.
-Not wanting to give Guy any reason to go back on his word, Mikoto keeps completely silent with a grim, determined expression for the rest of the meal.
-After their meal, Mikoto receives the Gekota from Guy. Kuroko is furious, but Mikoto says it's all part of the deal they made, so it can't be helped.
-As Guy tells Mikoto to smile more often, rendering her completely speechless, Kuroko resists the urge to pin down Guy like a fly with her metal spikes.
-As they head home, Kuroko keeps noticing the golden, happy aura around Mikoto.
-Mikoto continues to insist it was part of a promise so it couldn't be helped. Little did Kuroko know that the Gekota would be labelled as "special" among others in her collection and always stay in her skirt pocket...

*Intensify (SS): 8/07-? [completed]
-In a certain dark alleyway, Mikoto electrocutes a bunch of young men who had tried to hit on her yet again. As she is about to leave however, one of them reach out for her and accuses of her as a high levelled esper, of being the bully. He had identified her as the Railgun. Annoyed, Mikoto punches him in the face roughly. As she leaves, he promises retribution and tell her his name is Karl and to remember it well.
-As Mikoto heads to the arcade center, she feels a little guilty.
-In the Arcade Center, Mikoto gains a new highscore on a game. As people gather around her in amazement at the new highscore, Mikoto quickly ducks out of the way with a handful of arcade coins. Feeling happy and proud of her recent achievement, Mikoto is about to walk out of the door when she catches sight of another Tokiwadai girl who looked annoyed. She was staring at a beautiful stuffed animal behind the glass, one that Mikoto immediately felt attached to as well.
-Realising the girl was probably in Kuroko's year, she decides to approach her and help, hoping that she may be able to obtain one of those cute things for herself.
-Mikoto helps out the girl (with a bit of cheating, although the girl doesn't know this) obtain the stuffed toy.
-The introduces herself as Kashiwagi Mai, and praises Mikoto on how incredible she is.
-Mikoto glances into the glass again, but does not see another copy of the stuffed animal. Deflated, and after a bit of self-conflict, she gives Mai the stuffed toy.
-Mai's starry eyes full of admiration makes Mikoto self-conscious. But seeing how genuinely happy Mai was now, made Mikoto feel good.
-Mai hesitantly asks Mikoto if she wants to walk back to the dormitory with her.
-As they walk, Mai keeps stealing nervous glances at Mikoto. This in turn makes Mikoto nervous and she attempts to strike a conversation with the girl.
-As they talk, Kuroko arrives, teleporting straight onto Mikoto, much to her annoyance. Mikoto reigns in her anger and apologises to Mai for Kuroko's rudeness. Mai beams and comments on how close they seem. Mikoto becomes grumpy and accuses Kuroko of stalking her. They head back to the dorms, in fear of the scary dorm mistress
-The next morning, Mikoto finds Kuroko on her bed and dishes out punishment.
-Mikoto brightens at the thought of going back to the Arcade center that afternoon to see if the white stuffed bear had been restocked.
-Mikoto questions Kuroko about her judgement duties last afternoon.
-Kuroko talks about the incident where the entire intersection became demolished. The only lead they have was a strange pen-like syringe.
-Mikoto shows a great interest in the case. Kuroko tells her not to get involved. When Mikoto asks her if anyone got injured, her junior remains strangely quiet. Mikoto decides to help out however she could no matter what Kuroko says; the case sounded serious.
-They reach the Judgement office. Mii and Uiharu are already there, along with another guy (Trystan) Mikoto does not recognise (but he recognises her, much to her annoyance)
-Mikoto overhears that the incident had left between 12 to 18 dead. She catches words of the conversation and takes glimpses of the papers. The guy with the green eyes (Karl) enters her mind and she wonders if he was part of Skill Out. She decides to hunt him down later and question him.
-Trystan "escorts" Mikoto and Kuroko out and they decide to work together, trying to come up with a plan. Mikoto suggests a direct confrontation, filled with confidence in her own abilities. But the other two disagree, leaving Mikoto pouting and sullen.
-They all decide to meet and investigate at 17:00. They leave for class. Mikoto smiles at the realisation that Kuroko doesn't know she only has morning classes that day. She'll have plenty of time to snoop around on her own. Mikoto feels extremely confident that she'll be able to handle a bunch of Skill Outs with ease.
-After her morning class finishes, Mikoto walks along the district 15, hunting for clues. She finds the area where the blast had occurred and steps closer to have a look when an Anti-skill cuts her off and tells her to get moving. Cursing her bad luck, Mikoto decides to try and find a lead to Skill Out's base in the dark alleyways.
-As she turns in an alleyway, she hears what sounds like a violent fight. She runs towards the sound, electricity charged up. She fires a railgun, purposely just missing them to simply throw them off balance with the sound waves and intense light.
-As the area brightens with her power, Mikoto recognises the person's face. It is the guy from Judgement earlier- Trystan.
-Trystan tries to explain to Mikoto about syringes that allowed anyone to reach Level 5, but Mikoto waves it off as ridiculous. He then tells Mikoto about a Tokiwadai girl who seemed to be part of Skill Out. Mikoto thinks that's the most ridiculous thing ever and becomes annoyed.
-Impatient to get moving, Mikoto expresses this and Trystan moves ahead with an amazing burst of speed. Grumbling, Mikoto uses her powers to keep up with his speed.
-Mikoto is shocked to find Touko ahead and they squabble a bit.
-Trystan leaves, and Touko follows him. Mikoto quickly follows suit, not wanting to be left behind. She arrives just in time to see Touko flying through the air and landing in a heap on top of Trystan. Thinking the spikey-haired girl is just a massive klutz, she is about to take jibes at her again when her eyes fall upon another figure. She recognises him to be Karl.
- As he runs, she chases him full speed. She hears him call out "Kashiwagi-san!", which shakes her momentarily, since that is Mai's name. But then she decides there are probably lots of other people with the name Kashiwagi.
-The guy lunges at another figure up ahead. It is Mai. Mikoto is shocked. She immediately assumes that the bastard had kidnapped her junior and electrocutes him. What she doesn't realise until too late however is that Karl is holding onto Mai so she would also be electrocuted too.
-Mikoto feels guilty. A part of her anger dies. Trystan leaps onto the delirious Karl and tells Mikoto to take care of Mai. She attempts to rouse her, anger still sparking over the fact that Karl had kidnapped her junior. Mai awakes, completely confused and full of fear.
-Another figure appears, an androgynous figure that turns out to be a woman (Naoto) and the leader of the gang. The Skill Outs advance upon them under their leader's orders. Mikoto tries to get Mai to leave the area with her. She feels betrayed as Mai bolts past her towards Karl, and they leave together. Angered and confused, her electricity whips about when she suddenly feels her body growing heavier, making her unable to move.
-Trystan and Mikoto try to fight on ground against the oncoming mass of Skill Outs, but they are restricted by the weird force weighing them down. Mikoto decides to use her magnetism to escape onto a wall, but she misjudges her targetted place and accidentally gets her arm pierced by a piece of snapped piping. Ignoring it, she fires electrical spears at the gang down below from the safety of distance.
-Naoto offers them a truce, but they all do not accept. Mikoto gives her a crass answer and lets loose a stream of electricity at Naoto.
-Naoto escapes and her underlings move to safeguard her passage.
-Trystan asks Mikoto about her current condition. Mikoto only then realises how badly her arm is bleeding. Now that she is fully aware, she can't get it out of her mind and feels her wound draining her.
-A sense of urgency spreads through her and Mikoto fires three railguns in succession at the walls to break down the Skill Outs formation.
-Growing faint, Mikoto just barely manages to keep herself conscious. She suddenly feels the strange pressure from earlier anew, pinning her against the wall. Naoto lashes out with a vicious kick and Mikoto blearily opens her eyes, confused at how Naoto is flying. Wanting to take her final chance, the electromaster leaps from the wall towards Naoto, electrocuting her with the final drops of energy left.
-Mikoto falls unconscious.
-She wakes to Trystan's voice calling her. Memories come rushing back and she immediately gets to her feet despite feeling weak and in pain. Wrathful eyes search for the Naoto woman, but Trystan quickly tries to put her at ease, telling her that the fight is over... for now. She stubbornly tells the others that she doesn't need time to recuperate and that she's perfectly fine.
-They question Naoto about the incident. Her head throbbing, she decidesto let the Judgement member Trystan take charge.
-Naoto talks about the drug that take make anyone a level 5- and how it is really true. She revels her gained powers to be manipulation of gravity.
-Mikoto tucks the name "Kurama" into her memory for possible future references...
-Mikoto questions Naoto about Karl and Mai, but the older woman tells her she knows nothing. They all realise Karl had one of those syringes and decide to track him down fast. Mikoto decides that no matter what happens, Mai is her friend and she will help her.
-They realise Karl had already used the syringe by his red eyes. They find themselves in trouble against Karl's Level 5 powers, and Mikoto finds herself airborne and crashing into a wall when an invisible force strikes her. Confused, she puts herself on high alert- she hadn't sensed anything coming her way until just moments before it had hit.
- Meanwhile, Mai watches in indecision whether to join Karl or not. She has a syringe in her hand.
- They all work together to try and defeat Karl. But when Mai steps in, they break into two teams to face their opponents. Naoto's payment for using the syringe is singing- and she does just that in the middle of the fight, confusing Mikoto.
- Mai doesn't seem to recognise anyone. Mikoto regains her resolve to save Mai no matter what.
-Mai vs Naoto and Mikoto. Mikoto tells Naoto to not hurt Mai, just simply knock her out.
-They manage to knock both Karl and Mai out. Mikoto jokingly calls Naoto an "opera singer" and "Diva-san"
-As Naoto goes to check up on Karl, Kuroko appears, lecturing Mikoto. Annoyed, Mikoto tries to get away from Kuroko's arm, declaring that she is perfectly fine.
-Naoto cries out urgently that Karl isn't waking up.
-Mikoto gets her phone out to call the ambulance, and she realises to her great dismay that she herself is rather weak in her current state.
-Mikoto wakes up to find herself on the hospital bed. Kuroko is there, leaning forward anxiously.
She moves to stand up, alarming Kuroko, who tells her to stay put in bed. Despite Kuroko's protests, Mikoto tells her she has something important to do and that rest can wait. She promises to allow Kuroko to fuss over her later (much to Kuroko's delight).
-Mikoto heads into Mai's room. She is taken back when Mai apologises first. The older girl tells her that she has nothing to be sorry about and that she was the one who had to say sorry, for hurting her.
-Mai asks about how Karl is. Kuroko answers that the doctor's aren't sure when he will wake up.
-Heaven Canceller assures them that Mai seems to be perfectly fine. He shows them the glowing blue seed that he had managed to extract from her arm.
-Guy appears at the door. He got sent to chaperon the girls back home.
-Mikoto notices how close Guy seems to be with Heaven Canceller, sparking her curiosity.
-She initially rejects Guy's offer to taker them home, but Kuroko senses her worsening mood and tells her they should "make good use of the primate"
-Realising how angry the dorm mistress will be, the girls end up "chaperoning" Guy out instead, dragging him by the arms.
-When they get back, they find themselves face to face with a frightening dorm mistress. Guy pulls out his charms to get her to soften up. Whether that worked or not, no one really knows, but she simply told the girls to go upstairs.
-An hour later, Mikoto rants about how infuriating Guy is. The girls had still received detention from the dorm mother.
-Kuroko decides to "nurse" Mikoto into sleep.
-Blue flashes of light were seen from the two girls' window...

*ARC 2- A Certain Magical Index: 20/07 [Mikoto's perspective continues in Project Radio Noise (SS)]
-It is an extremely hot day. Mikoto walks out of the Green Mart with a look of utmost boredom. She had been trying to avoid the heat by staying inside, but it had gotten boring.
-She goes to the vending machine, kicks it and grabs a can for free. She sits down on a nearby bench in the shade and gulp it down vigorously.
-As she sits there, a spot of sunlight that shines directly on her face motivates her to get moving. As she walks to find better shade in the nearby park, a familiar person catches her eye-- it is Guy.
-She jibes him about his smoking. They squabble for a while. Mikoto notices the person sitting nearby, dressed up like a priest. She laughs rudely at his costume.
-Guy tells Mikoto he will treat her. Mikoto reasons with herself that she will only accept because she is hungry, and because an air-conditioned place sounded ideal.
-They bump into Index (or rather, Index bumps into Guy). She ends up joining in the lunch, much to Mikoto's annoyance (although she herself can't identify WHY).
-At the restaurant, Mikoto orders expensive food while Index orders huge amounts. Guy laments about his fast-emptying wallet. It becomes fast obvious that Index and Mikoto can't get along very well, with Mikoto calling her " a midget". In a bad mood, Mikoto sends jibes at Guy, saying he has a "hero complex" and has problems minding his own business.
-Guy asks whether Mikoto had ever wanted to be saved and Mikoto pridefully says no, and she never would, especially not from the likes of him.
-They have their meal. Index comments that both Mikoto and Guy can't be honest with themselves. Mikoto becomes cross and Guy indignant. To Mikoto's complete embarrassment, Index calls them "a couple".
-In an embarrassed fury, Mikoto yells at Index and stomps her foot in a childish fit, causing the restaurant to plunge into darkness. In the chaos, Mikoto accidentally tries to sit down where there is no chair and falls while grabbing onto the table, creating a huge mess.
-In the confusion, Mikoto goes alone to try and fix up the power.
-She returns after fixing the lights, only to find Guy and Index missing. The angry owner of the shop demands that Mikoto pay for the damages and the food, threatening her that she will alert the authorities about her unauthorised use of powers.
-Angered, Mikoto vows to turn Guy into fried charcoal the next time she sees him. She takes out the Gekota that he had given her as part of a promise [see SS: First Class] from her skirt (it had been there the whole time since then), staring at it. She moves towards the dorms, angry sparks sizzling in the air...

*Project Radio Noise (SS): 21/07- (current date: 22/07) [ongoing]

[to be continued...]

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[Esper] Misaka Mikoto Empty Test post/ comments

Post  Misaka Mikoto Mon Oct 15, 2012 1:49 pm

That’s Misaka Mikoto’s character profile (managed to get it up earlier than expected!). After reading the rp story so far, I concluded that Mikoto hasn’t met Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko (yet?) and her only “true” friend is Shirai Kuroko at this point.

If there are any problems/ errors etc. please let me know!

Now, for the test post:

“Good afternoon, Misaka-sama!”
“Isn’t it a lovely day, Misaka-san?”
“Misaka-sama! I hope you’re well?”

Cheerful, enthusiastic greetings rang sharply in Mikoto’s ears as she made her way across to the gates of the School Gardens. The brown haired teenager replied to each girl with a generous smile and an equally cheerful response. From an outsider’s perspective it was evident she was the perfect role model and popular figure that many girls revolved around without question. Her calm face framed by her shoulder-length brown hair held a gentle expression, creating an approachable and peaceful aura about her.

How deceiving outward appearances could be.

On the inside, Mikoto’s emotions were on a boil, and she was fighting the bubbling desire to sprint across to the gates as fast as she could. But she did not want to draw too much unnecessary attention to herself; she already had enough of that without even trying. Instead, Mikoto resorted to keeping her gait steady, brown eyes fixed determinedly on the gates in the distance and willing them to come closer.

‘Just a bit more… A few more steps…’


Something rather heavy and highly energetic latched onto her back suddenly, appearing out of nowhere as its familiar, vibrant voice pierced her eardrums. Mikoto stumbled forward, but managed to catch herself from planting her face into the concrete just in time. As her stunned mind recovered, she caught sight of a stream of auburn hair with her peripheral vision. Her already shimmering emotions exploded as Mikoto pushed the offender away with surprising strength. She spun around to face the pigtailed girl, who was smiling up at her innocently with an extremely satisfied gleam in her eyes.

Mikoto’s fury doubled.


Mikoto stopped short, realising with frustration that the commotion was causing much unwanted attention. Some girls were now gathered around, whispering, giggling and pointing at them.

‘Damn that Kuroko’, Mikoto seethed inside, and although a small part of her acknowledged that it was her own outburst that had mainly drawn the attention of others, she ignored it completely.

Mikoto’s lips twitched, forcefully pulling them upwards into a grin before her audience. Her entire face flamed crimson as a very awkward laugh rang in the air while she screamed in despair inside.

“Hahaha… Haha… How funny…! It was just an accident, right Kuroko?!

Her last few words contained a hidden threat that she knew only Kuroko could decipher. As an awkward silence filled the area and her own unnatural laughter died away, Mikoto decided she had enough.

“Well then, we better get going~!”

Flashing a carefree smile at the onlookers while inwardly crying, Mikoto grabbed Kuroko’s arm with more force than necessary and ran to the gates at top speed. She did not stop until they were well outside of the School Gardens, dragging a protesting Kuroko behind her. When they finally came to a stop, Kuroko almost dropped to the ground in exhaustion while Mikoto took deep breaths to steady herself.

“Oneesama!” Kuroko wheezed, “You run way too fast! Poor Kuroko can’t match her shorter strides to yours!”

Mikoto gave her a very wrathful and unsympathetic glare. She folded her arms across her chest defensively, retorting back at her junior in a rough voice.

““That’s why I keep telling you to exercise instead of teleporting everywhere! And it’s your own fault for deciding to teleport on top of me, you pervert!!!”

“Ah~ But Kuroko only wanted to fill her empty void of loneliness with Oneesama’s glorious presence!” The Level 4 Teleporter protested as she carefully straightened out her wind-blown uniform.

Mikoto snorted ungracefully as sparks of electricity leapt from her bangs in an agitated manner. She sighed and began to walk at a leisurely pace, her junior joining in beside her. Kuroko appeared content to just accompany her in silence, perhaps sensing that was exactly what Mikoto needed. Shielding her eyes against the bright sun, the Electromaster looked up at the blue afternoon sky and enjoyed the moment of calm for the first time that day.

A gentle and natural smile formed on Mikoto’s lips as she gave a sideways glance at the Teleporter. Although Kuroko was the most perverted, often annoying and embarrassing companion, she was the one person Mikoto could truly call a friend without hesitation.

Hmm… How was that? I do feel kinda rusty. Hope it was good enough to pass the test.
Feel free to give me suggestions and let me know if I need to fix up things!
Misaka Mikoto
Misaka Mikoto
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[Esper] Misaka Mikoto Empty Re: [Esper] Misaka Mikoto

Post  Aleister Crowley Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:26 pm

I can't see any problems with either your profile or test post.

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[Esper] Misaka Mikoto Empty Re: [Esper] Misaka Mikoto

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