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[Magician] Nikolas Remes

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[Magician] Nikolas Remes

Post  Nikolas Remes on Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:01 pm

Nikolas Remes

"Bringing salvation to those forever trapped in purgatory."

"Losing my siblings was devastating, but they became scars to remind me not to allow anyone else experience my pain."

FULL NAME: Nikolas Remes
OTHER ALIAS: The Seeker,
OCCUPATION: Tracker/Pub owner
FACTION: Necessarius

APPEARANCE: His hair short and scruffy, blonde in colour and his eyes dark brown. Nikolas is a tall man, with an above average fitness and more often seen in his bartending uniform. Which consists of black shoes, white shirt and a bartender vest. He also on occasion wears black sunglasses and carries a large bunch of keys made from pure silver attached to his belt.

When using his bow he often wears black archery gloves fit for purpose. He's also seen wearing two sickle necklaces one silver and one gold around his neck.

HEIGHT: 1.70ms
WEIGHT: 71kg
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: He has burn scars all over his left side mainly affecting his chest, left arm and leg. Remarkably whatever caused these burns his face remained untouched and these scars are often hidden by his clothes.

While he does come off as cold at first, it's just as result of his past situation. Betrayed and hurt, Nikolas finds it hard to get close to anyone or at least let them in what he's feeling. More often and not this is a result of not wanting to allow the said individual to get hurt themselves or experienced what he went through. Often protecting them by pushing the individual away, but once you have earned his trust he starts to warm up to you and yet remains protective if the situation calls for it. In the end, Nikolas is someone who's personality is scarred by his experiences and yet beneath the murky depths of his personality is someone ultimately kind.
Nikolas deals with problems sensibly and realistically based on practical and rational solutions rather influenced by personal and theoretical considerations. He also sets out realistic goals in a step by step manner to deal with certain issues. Basically, he doesn't believe in idealistic values and sees the morality of the world as it is and makes rational solutions to deal with it. For example with child abduction, the highest percentage of kidnappers are related to the family. This is normally caused by disputes and to solve these matters or to prevent them Nikolas works on settling those disputes and thus removes any reason to not only kidnapped the child but to also keep them captured.
Nikolas sometimes considered cheap he only just excels at managing the resources given to him. Stretching them further than anyone else to survive on just enough to get by; this is shown the most by the amount of money he takes out of his pub business. Nikolas only takes out a small wage to cover his expenses, but he isn't alien to the concept of treating himself from time to time.
You can always count on him to get a job done, the very least seeing it through to the end. Nikolas has a proven track record based on experience and can always be counted on taking up a mission where no one else wants to do either being killing a target or taking on impossible odds.
+The Hunt
He gets excited by any notion of the hunt, either be for animals or to find people to kill or just capture. In similar ways, you can compare him to any hunting animal like his hounds. But this innocent enjoyment for the sport is mostly that, innocent enjoyment. But not every person is completely straight forward if a time comes he lets someone in and cares for that person. And then seeing them seriously hurt or killed this enjoyment becomes temporarily but dangerously twisted. (Check Weakness)

Hunting: He enjoys the hunt, the race to track and find or kill the target.
Hunting Hounds His favourite animals and companions.
Smoking: His line of work can be stressful especially if he fails to find someone.
Classical Music: Peaceful music which helps him focus and train his patience.
Archery: A sport and his most effective skill behind tracking, he enjoys practicing his aim as much the hunt.
Camping: To look at the night sky and witness the wonders of the stars and moon.
Gardening: For ingrediants for the business and herbs for the poisons. It has become a peaceful part of his life.
Cleaning: A clean envoriment for a buisness is always good buisness.
Good alcohol: Good drink equates to happy customers and continued business.
Good customers Good customers equals a safe and joyful envoirment for everyone
Missing Children: Self-explained with his history
Kidnappers Self-explained with his history
Argumentive customers: He likes his customers to feel safe in his pub.
Spicy foods: No tolerance for hot food.
Guns: For replacing the bow in society.
Scammers: Anyone who tried to take advantage of the vulnerable he hates.
Egotists: That attitude just pisses him off!

Hunting is a practice to trap and kill animals and either humans or tracking with the intent of doing so. While originally a skill applied to animal originally it has since been adopted to hunt humans as part of his job to 'find others'. This also includes the art of collecting and using information as part of the method of tracking someone down. It's one of the reasons why his pub business exists as a method to develop contacts and open up potential sources of information.
+Eidetic memory
Commonly known as Photographic memory is an ability to accurately recall images from memory after only a few instances of exposure. This helps Nikolas remember certain aspects about targets, minor clues which can be overlooked and more important observation information of enemy movements or animals to help his hunt.
From learning the practice, Nikolas has learned to understand the techniques and concepts of training hunting hounds. This has resulted in particular advantages in getting his hounds to track targets through smell, follow targets and sneak up on the enemies on command. This also shows a level of devotion between Nikolas and his hounds him finding he can trust the hounds to work with him on important missions. Normally just taking one or two at a time when out on the field. The hound is there to help him track targets or to help guard Nikolas once he's busy firing his bow.
+Minor Strengths
Nikolas has a few minor strengths to note, being his efficiency at running a pub and providing a safe haven but also his driving skills owning a Jeep to travel around in.

Nikolas is a long range fighter and once the enemy knows he's on their trail, it's very easy to predict his offensive manoeuvres. With close combat being poor and likely desperate option for him, it's highly unlikely he will ever consider it from a pragmatic standpoint. So setting up a defence around range combat would be enough to keep him at bay.
Being a smoker is one of the deadly addictions, and without cultivating his addiction he would start gaining the withdrawal symptoms like the 'shakes' which can make it very hard for him to aim properly.
+Twisted Hunt
When a situation arises he cares for someone and that person gets seriously hurt or killed. Nikolas enters a type rage which results from him into hunting down the culprit or anyone he thinks responsible. Basically out for blood, Nikolas' logical senses are overwhelmed and seek nothing but to severely punish or kill those responsible. While this deploys his strengths with no sense of fear of indecision it's possibly his most dangerous weaknesses. He's far more prone to manipulation in this state and can be tricked to believe others are the culprits. He also foregoes any sense of cooperation, destabilising any sense of teamwork previously and will not stop until he sees the matter resolved. One way to break him out of this state is a massive shock to his system making him realise what he had done.
+Minor weaknesses
Nikolas has few minor weaknesses to note, being his inability to travel by Aeroplanes without suffering panic attacks and the problem of limited resources with his arrows. He also suffers from cat allergies much to his discomfort and tries to avoid them but he loves them all the same.

HISTORY: Nikolas is the son of a Greek father and Serbian mother among three children. Born amid growing tensions in the Balkans in the mid to late twentieth century. His father would attempt to protect him and his new family from the chaos by bringing them back to his home country of Greece. But it would be his mother originally from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia who would suck the family back into the conflict.

Both his parents had originally met in South America upon their travels to fix the world problems. This desire to bring order to the world was a shared interest, but also a shared interest in magic. One of those places were back in the region in Balkans and it was this long stay in one place in the world that would lead to a family.

This was more of an accident than something planned, but the idea of the family grew after Nikolas was born. And yet while their family had grown, Nikolas' parents remained active in the field. They never gave up their desires as magicians even with a family and often at times, this tested the limits of the idea of family. To the point where his grandfather would take the children on hunting trips to shield them from situations which would follow his parents home. It was also these trips which first Nikolas had learned to love the joy of hunting.  

But it would be when he was only eight years old, that everything would change when his mother would be stuck in  Bosnia during the Siege of Sarajevo. Which would go on to be the longest siege of a capital city in history.

And it was the moment which Nikolas would finally seek to learn magic and not from his father pushing him. The young boy knew about magic as it was never kept a secret by his parents, but they never bothered teaching him as it was a decision that had to be made by themselves. And Nikolas made it not for any personal glory but to end the suffering of his younger siblings. While he missed his mother and worried about her safety, it was his siblings who really suffered at the idea of not knowing if she was alright.

The idea of waiting for answers, the uncertainty was like torture not only his siblings but also him and his father. This lead to the development and realisation of his magic name, Purgatorium432. (check the explanation below history)

And so his training begun under the guidance of his father, who taught him everything that he known and applied the teachings which have kept his father alive at this point. This includes the very basics and understanding of magic, idol theory and other forms. He also taught him about Greek mythology to help him find a framework and he didn't stop there. Over three years he would learn about magical items and constructions and learn how to track targets. He even began practising with a bow, basing his magic from the sibling Gods.

And Nikolas learned all of this in quick time, thanks to his memory. The only reason why his training took over three years was that there was a difference between knowing and being practised especially with a bow. And it would be after three years when signs that the Siege of Sarajevo was loosening that they would attempt to find out what happened to Nikolas' mother. Using his newly formed magic to track the location of his mother still in the city, Nikolas and his father prepared for the mission ahead.  

Leaving his siblings behind with his grandfather and a puppy called Orias.

And unbeknownst any of them, when they arrive they would find a city not just under siege but a battleground between opposing magician cables in the Balkans. To charge into that city during those years was akin to entering hell. And along with his father and his father's friends they entered the city to save not only love ones but to help break the siege.

Other than Nikolas attempting to find his mother, each magician that entered that city had history; but also they had bad blood with many others. Nikolas though doing his part with tracking and remembering enemy patterns was naive just as the sheer scale of animosity between opposing forces. But he learns the hard way, the cruelty of the world.

Magicians are inherently selfish, not even Nikolas can escape this claim and he yet he never really understood this until now. Slaughter as he found his mother dead on the scene, finding out first hand that his spell doesn't discriminate between the dead or the living. Backstabbings and betrayal as the struggle for survival in a besieged city almost going on four years. And the highlighted moment was his father dead being overlooked by his so called friend Marko.

That was it, that moment is when something twisted had formed in Nikolas as he attacked Marko without warning. He wanted blood and entered a blinding rage in an attempt to kill Marko. Though almost at the cost of his life Nikolas would find his kill as an arrow homed in and lodged into the back of Marko's skull. He was dead, and even in that moment after questioning his own actions he searched Marko's body finding nothing but a list of killed magicians and a cross of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Throwing aside seeing them now pointless, Nikolas turned away from this part of life and headed back home the moment the siege was finally lifted. But he returned to nothing but hell once more, the house he grew up was on fire and nothing but a bloody arrow on top of a note was found. And as Orias the puppy appeared seemingly unharmed, Nikolas read the note found at the scene.

"Come and find them." -M

Unable to do anything else, Nikolas watched as the fires continued to burn. And only after they were put out, investigations had only found one body inside the house at the time. After then he set out towards the rest of Europe, looking for answers and clues to what happened. He even searched for Marko who he believed was dead by his own hands, but the note and arrow found made him doubt his words.

It would be a few years later after working throughout Europe, that Nikolas had approached the Anglican Church. Realising that to find answers he would need and stop someone possibly immortal he would need the help of the best magic hunters in the world.

After partaking in the entrance exams, which had caused him to gain some burn scars Nikolas would pass and for the next seven years would work in service to the church. Binding his time, collecting information for his and the church's benefit. Establishing a base of operations in the form a pub, he would use the business links that come with it to establish information trade network throughout Europe.

And while he struggles to trust others thanks to his experiences, Nikolas would be reliable and always offer protection to those lost on the mainland. And every day, above the map of Europe Nikolas would use his tracking magic to try and find his siblings. Every day the sickles keep turning and turning as if they never existed.

RANK: Field Agent
Purgatorium432: The meaning behind the name deprives of the waiting room between heaven and hell; Purgatory. But the magic name isn't based on the Christian belief but mainly what the theoretical belief implies. It's basically a waiting room which one is tortured based on their sins and thereafter they go to heaven or hell. But that's the thing, this magic name is based on the idea that 'waiting' is eternal torture. This can be waiting for a problem to be solved, like a war or a dispute. But the main example of being away from someone, not knowing if that person is safe or not. Basically not knowing and living in ignorance of the worries you face is in itself torture.

This view point is shared by Nikolas who doesn't know if his siblings are alive or dead, well or ill and continues to worry waiting for an answer. Formed during the Bosnia independence war it was originally a goal made during the Siege of Sarajevo and to help end it along with his father and other fighters. But it grew to adopt the broader definition that 'waiting' for knowledge to answers regarding worries is torture and a pain no one should experience. So while this is a goal and a wish to end the suffering of those always waiting for answers.

This magic name is an oath that sets Nikolas on a path to prevent such situations or to solve them. He does this by understanding the reason behind what causes these problems and solving or preventing them through pragmatic means. But this magic name is also a reminder that he is also eternally waiting in purgatory, waiting for answers for his siblings and will push anyone out he finds along the way.

Magical Abilities: Having studied numerous Greek mythologies for the framework of his idol theory, Nikolas' core focus is on the two sibling gods of Apollo and Artemis. But he also includes a variety of ideas into his spells from others like Cronus, Helios, Thanatos and Hypnos. But also dabbles in ideas solely based on other Gods like Hecate.

+Bow of the Twin Gods
As the core focus of his spells, Apollo and Artemis are symbolised by this magical item. It's a long bow designed to length for Nikolas. It's inlaid with metal pieces of gold and silver; gold representing the Sun and therefore Apollo has symbolic carvings in each gold piece which represents the male twin god and is placed in one-half of the bow. Silver representing the moon and therefore Artemis has symbolic carvings in each silver piece which represents the female twin god and is placed in the opposite half of the bow.

Gold pieces having carvings of the Sun, Laurel Wreath, Tripod and even his sacred animals of the Python, Crow, Wolf, Dolphin, Swan and Mouse.
Silver pieces having carvings of the Moon and her sacred animals of the Stag, Hunting Dog, Boar, Bear, Guinea Fowl and Buzzard Hawk

The bow is then coloured with golden and silver paint which represents the divide and the celestial bodies; one-half painted in gold and the other in silver. The colours then merge as if meeting, a gradation effect in the middle to symbolise when day and night meet.

The idea behind this bow's construction is to mimic the day and night cycle. This is done by the simple method of turning as if representing the celestial bodies travel across the sky. For example the golden part of the bow is facing upwards, representing the day of the cycle and the sun is in the sky. Nikolas can use magic related to Apollo in this situation and can only make the change to magic based on Artemis as simple as turning the bow anti-clockwise. This represents the sun travelling from east to west until the silver coloured portion of the bow is now upwards. And basically to turn back to the Apollo framework is by repeating the same method as the moon seems to travel east to the west across the sky.

But those are only two modes of the bow, the third option is to utilise magics based on the overlapping mythological similarities between the twins. Upon switching between Apollo and Artemis he can stop in the middle when the bow is held horizontally. This creates an equilibrium effect that focuses on the overlapping spells like that both Gods are known to spread disease and to cure them.

The bow has been designed to give Nikolas choice between the two gods and combinatory spells.

+Apollo's Arrow
In legend, Apollo guided the arrow shot from Paris to Achilles' only weakness his heel which ends up killing him. This was an act of revenge in response to Achilles' sacrilege in murdering Troilus, the god's own son by Hecuba on the very altar of their temple. the god's own temple. This ability is performed to the same effect enchanting the arrow to seek out the enemy guided by Nikolas' magic. Nikolas' also twists the logic that Apollo only affects males by using the pagan symbols of male and female. This is done by etching the female symbol into the arrow head known as the chalice. With the male symbol known as the blade is represented by the arrow head itself.

This is done on a few conditions according to the rules of Idol theory.

  1. The golden part of the bow representing Apollo is upward respecting the core symbolism.
  2. And that Nikolas is a victim of a negative action that broke the law of the land, either be assault resulting him being wounded or target of other serious offending crimes. However, if for example, Nikolas broke the definition of self-defence in said land the spell wouldn't work.
  3. Nikolas states verbally the name of the target and the nature of his crime.
  4. To be effective against both genders, it uses the arrows described in the above symbolism of genders overlapping.
  5. And that the target remains in his eyesight and is in the range of the maximum distance his bow can shoot originally and is limited by distance as the arrow would soon loose momentum. (Check Archery in other abilities for details)

This spell's main effect is guiding an arrow towards the target, after following these conditions but it also can be used to reflect certain abilities back like curses. Though it requires for Nikolas to be first inflicted by the curse, by using the spell afterwards he can turn it back on the target. He however still remains infected as spreading a disease, for example, doesn't cure you of it.

The spells limitations of the spell included the limitation of eyesight and the durability of arrows remains apparent. Nikolas' eyes aren't special they hold the same limitations as the average human and once far enough it's hard to distinguish the target. This causes the arrow to no longer be affected as the target isn't properly seen and this is basically the same result when they vanish from sight.

While he can supplement this through extending his sight, by using the Goddess of the Hunt spell it also causes a further flaw. The deviation between his own sight and the hound causes the arrow to temporarily act normal. Since sight requires it be guided, that slight moment of change breaks his sight but returns once his sight is remade with the target. Of course, this slight deviation if known to the target can be more than enough to take advantage and will be noticeable if one properly dodges the arrow.

The final limitations are the rules and durability of arrows. It will still lose momentum even guided by magic and can't go on forever. But it's also just an arrow if you hit it hard enough or manage to hide behind something an arrow can't penetrate. Examples include a metal door, brick wall or even a thick wooden table.

The important thing aspect here is once the momentum breaks or completely stops then the spell is also broken.

+Artemis' Arrow
In legend, Artemis is said to bring sudden death to those who meet her arrow these are mostly women and girls. But to twist the meaning of the effect a poppy is incorporated and tied to the end of the arrow; poppy is the symbol of Thanatos the god of death, but also is the sole symbol of his brother Hypnos. Since in Artemis' mythology states it brings sudden death, this concept is thus drawn to the opposite meaning with the introduction of the Poppy. Since the Poppy is a more powerful and sole symbol of Hypnos, the idea of death is turned to sleep since both are synonymous together.

This is further symbolised where the poppy is tied to on the arrow. Since the arrow head is the intent to kill the target, it also symbolises death as it can be used to kill. By tieing the poppy to opposite end you're not only focusing the symbol away from what is intended to bring death but also focusing on something that doesn't and mainly to help us sleep. (feathers, in ancient Greece, was stuffed in pillows among other things to sleep on.)

Nikolas also twists the logic that Artemis' arrow can only target females by using the pagan symbols of male and female. This is done by carving the female symbol into the arrow head known as the chalice. With the male symbol known as the blade is represented by the arrow head itself.

This represents the overlapping of both genders twisting the logic.

  1. The silver part of the bow representing Artemis is upward respecting the core symbolism.
  2. The arrow has a poppy tied to the opposite end of the arrow head.
  3. To be effective against both genders, it uses the arrows described in the above symbolism of genders overlapping.
  4. The Arrow head is pure silver.

The result is an arrow basically acting as a sleep dart, which puts the enemy to sleep. But since Artemis like Apollo also represents the spreading of disease, the sleeping effect spreads to anyone who makes skin contact with the target. The only way to avoid this is to wear gloves like Nikolas or just avoid touching the skin.

While the sleep spell is powerful any further pain or shock to the target will break them from it thus breaking the spell.

+Guardians of the Youth
Based on the idea that both Artemis and Apollo both known as guardians of youth in their respective mythologies is done by providing the avenue to which protection can be granted. You cannot protect someone who cannot be found and so this spell in effects provides the necessary support to find 'the individual' so that Nikolas can provide the protection personally. Its origins are based on the sibling's guardian concept and the idea of Helios who often identified as Apollo travelled across the sky on his chariot to find Hades wife.

Basically, it's a scrying spell that searches out for the target through simulating either the sun or the moon travelling above the land and the passage of time. This is done by two necklaces, which are two small Sickles one coloured in gold representing Apollo and the other silver representing Artemis. To twist the symbolism of it only targeting youths the Sickle symbol is used to represent Cronus the God of Time.

  1. A map is placed on the ground over the desired area to search. This is important as depending on the map type the location can be either vague or specific. For example a map of Europe the spell will only point towards the country, but let's say a map of a small village with each building marked, the spell narrows down the location to the building.
  2. Dangle both necklaces above the map and them swing around the map representing the day and light cycle similar to the bow symbolism. But the passage of time is symbolised by the turning of day and night anchored down by the sickle and its connection to Cronus. This, in turn, allows the spell to even target older individuals than even Nikolas. Each turn of the necklaces of a full cycle above the map represents a year of a person's life.  
  3. Once the correct number of turns are made the sickles are pulled to the location of the target on the map like a magnet. Again depending on the vagueness and size of the map, the silver one would fall on the targets present location while the gold one representing Apollo who is also the Oracle God will predict a possible future location.

When the spell is done correctly, it provides two answers one being the almost accurate location of the target and if they're not there once arrived the possible future location thanks to the golden sickle. It also helps to narrow down the field thanks to the idea. However this spells relies on information, the more Nikolas knows of the target, like name, date of birth and possibly features the more accurate this spell is in its results.

Date of birth is the most important as, without this information, it's nearly impossible to find anyone or at least narrow it down. And it cements how long this spell will take to find certain targets. It would be quicker to find someone ten years old compared to someone whose ninety as the number years are represented by the completed cycles.

It's important to note that this spell doesn't discriminate against the living and dead, so its never sure how Nikolas will find them on the other end.

+Goddess of the Hunt
Hecate the triple goddess of magic, necromancy and crossroads. She is also the goddess of the moon and the hunt. While her belief system is on the fringes of ancient Greek mythology, she still holds similarities to Artemis. The fact they both represent the moon and the hunt, along with both owning and using packs of dogs as a form of tool. For this spells concept, Hecate used the dogs like watch dogs at night while placing torches around as a method of keeping watch. This helped alert the town just before they get attacked.

Basically turning his hounds as mobile sentries and Nikolas uses them to this effect.

Hecate is known to be symbolised with keys and Nikolas always carries a bunch of keys associated with his business on one ring to his belt. And the torch is required to activate the spell in the present location, the torch has a symbol of a key on them.  

  1. Each key in Nikolas' possession has a counterpart corresponding key attached to the dog's collar.
  2. The prepared torch must be present in the area, for example, if one is lit in Whitby in any location the connection can be made at any time with hounds in Whitby. If the hounds are outside Whitby the given area, the spell wouldn't work with those hounds.
  3. The keys are made from pure silver and the torch base at least coloured in silver.

To this effect, Nikolas is able to see and hear through the eyes and ears of the hounds. And the connection can be continued to made with any hound despite distance as long the torch remains burning. One always exists at his pub, while another at the church with its own hound. This allows him to keep a connection to these locations while still on missions.

To actually choose a certain hound's vision to see through, Nikolas needs to mimic the idea of unlocking the door motion with the corresponding key. To maintain this connection he must keep holding the key and to break it he just needs to do the opposite and mimic the motion of locking a door.  

Other people can also break the connection by either removing the unique key from Nikolas or the corresponding Hound. Or by putting the fire of the torch out in the location. While there is no distance limitation, they cannot be used in any location which isn't either a village, town or city because of the use in mythology. This allows for the Anglican church which has one torch and hound with them to turn it on or off to contact Nikolas at their leisure.

While Nikolas can feel when one torch has been put out or lit through a sense of intuition. He has however got to remotely check the sights of his hounds, if they see the target.

+Siblings of Diseases:Both Artemis and Apollo aren't only known for causing diseases and even at worse the plague, but also healing them. This spell is simple at its core, by recreating the spread of disease and the plague which both Gods in mythology have caused. It's this spreading power which the spell is and can work the same if it's the cure.

This is done by simple steps.

  1. Representing the main symbolism for both gods, by having both sides of the bow on the same level horizontally, representing when day and night meet.
  2. The arrow is dipped into a poison representing a lethal substance for a disease. The choices are based on a random sort of diseases known to the ancient world, these are magically enchanted ones making modern immune systems only at first vulnerable. But one the correct cure or medicine is applied it doesn't take much to reverse the effects as if the infection never happened.
  3. Arrow is shot into a place which would have to draw blood with patient zero or for example a water source. Also shooting the arrow into a farmland, Nikolas could cause a disease to spread among the crops as another example of spreading the plague.
  4. To cure the disease the same steps above must be repeated but instead of poison, the arrow must be dipped into a remedy substance to represent a cure. The second arrow at this point is obviously fired and must hit ground zero. By doing this it basically cancels the magically enhanced disease and all those affected would become better in no time at all.

This ability in effect gives Nikolas the ability to spread ancient diseases known to the Greek likes the bubonic plague, typhus, smallpox, measles, and toxic shock syndrome. Known to be present in the plague of Athens. But in a modern society, these aren't really a threat and can be easily countered by modern medicine and practices.

This means this ability relies on surprise, speed and basically ignorance. No one in the modern world expects diseases that ravaged the world in ancient times would suddenly emerge into an outbreak. With the example, bubonic plague still affects less than a hundred people today. And that is a number out of billions, and many of these diseases can be countered by an organised agency.

The main strength of this ability isn't the power to create plagues, but to push a disorganised target who is already on the run to their limits. It's an idea that to add further pressure to the enemy who is also dealing with problems now have to consider countering disease. Or basically to hinder their resources, by infecting their water and food supplies.

He uses Strychnine poisoning to symbolise the lethal substance for disease and antibiotics powder for the cure method. The spread of the disease really depends on those affected and their response, but the further they go from grand zero the less potent the spread and disease.  

Other Abilities:

+Archery: Nikolas has a remarkable talent for archery ever since he was young and his skill often is considered magical due to his magical framework. But whatever you believe he has put time and dedication in training his archery skills. Just like Artemis, he practices often firing arrows into a tree first before practising on wild animals. He often does this almost every day, early hours in the morning as a workout since the pub doesn't open until later.

He hasn't missed a single day of practice for over ten years, dedicating at least an hour of his time daily. An example of his skills developed with his practice.  

  • Quick Shot: Quickly firing an arrow at a medium-range distance without much sacrifice in accuracy. Good for hunting animals who suddenly appear from the bushes or hiding spots or enemies attempt to sneak up on him.
  • Long shot: The most accurate shot which takes the most time to get it right, it's one of his core sniping techniques and has the most penetrating power along with accuracy.
  • Accuracy: His constant practice has allowed him to develop his accuracy over the years, making him rarely miss and while his aim isn't perfect he has a remarkable track record of shooting down moving targets.
  • Range & details: Nikolas' bow is based on the longbow, its draw power weight is at 60 pounds the maximum it can achieve. While Nikolas has shot a record 800 paces or 243 metres in distance for accurate shots. These are the maximum records that the longbow can achieve and this only made possible in Nikolas' hands due to his experience and constant practice over nearly ten years.

Other Equipment:

+Nikolas' quiver: A normal quiver it holds Nikolas' arrows carrying up to 30 arrows.

  • 25 of the arrows have bodkin points which increase penetrating power and are his normal arrows
  • 5 of these arrows have silver bodkin points, with poppies tied to them.
  • Each arrow as the female pagan symbol carved into each arrow to complete the gender overlapping symbolism.

+Hunting Knife: Just a normal knife he uses in self defense, fletching or skinning animals.

Pets: Nikolas has adopted seven Greek harehounds, loyal companions who help Nikolas achieve his aims. He loves them as like they're family, they help protect his pub and create a safe environment in his small corner of Europe.

Leon:A Male Greek harehound is a loyal and trained companion, only three years old he is a reliable and curious. Making Leon the best tracker among the seven.
Argo:A Female Greek Harehound is a loyal and trained companion, only four years old is a reliable guard dog and very protective of her owner.
Dromas: A male Greek harehound is a loyal and trained companion, almost eight years old is one of Nikolas' oldest companion. He is the most experienced companion in the field with Nikolas.
Orias: A female Greek harehound is a loyal and trained companion, almost ten years old she is the oldest companion with Nikolas. Due to her advancing age, she isn't able to go on missions anymore and spends her time guarding the pub. She has a curious nature and is often keen meeting new visitors and can tell if they're a bad person or not.
Theron: A male Greek harehound is the youngest of the pack and while loyal isn't as effectively trained. Very quirky and loveable Nikolas has lately not pushed to train him considering him only being a few months old.  
Cronus: A male Greek Harehound is a loyal and trained companion, two years old he is the fastest among the pack with a defiant nature.
Alce:A female Greek harehound is a loyal and trained companion, she is also two years old and is a rather sneaky hound among the lot very good at keeping hidden. She remains stationed at the Anglican church as a requirement for a connection between them and Nikolas.

Ye Olde Tavern:The pub founded by Nikolas near the Eifel National Park in Germany was created to help achieve his aims, it also serves as a hub and station for Anglican church members on the mainland continent. Traditional standard pub taking ideas from Britain and Germany, it serves all sorts of alcohol from across the continent and even serves delicious warm food. It gets most of its trade from those travelling between Germany and the Netherlands. It also has a secret entrance to the National Park from a corridor located in the basement.

Nikolas being the owner is supported by a group of staff with connections to the Anglican Church.

Ground Floor: Where the main business is located and open to the public it has an old and cosy feeling like it was a safe environment. The hounds are often seen in the back area, but also one remains near the front acting as a guard and Nikolas' constant eyes on the front. There is modern distractions which are put in place for the general public and customers. It also has a remote people clearing field that can be activated when needed to clear the place out.

Back Garden: Is a large and open garden looked after by one of the staff, it's where most of the hounds reside and keep guard of the surrounding areas alerting Nikolas if required. While customers can sit out here they remain on the benches on the porch. There is a small greenhouse restricted from public access and is where Nikolas grows ingredients for poisons and cures. One of the hounds remains here keeping unwanted visitors away.

first floor: Dedicated to sleeping quarters for the staff and guests, it has a total of eight rooms on this level with each one being large enough to accommodate two people. There is also a shared bathroom on this floor.

Second Floor: Nikolas' private quarters and his personal office. It's basically a home with a bedroom, personal kitchen and bathroom. It also has an office which Nikolas meets with church officials privately or to trade information. Orias and Dromas are the only two hounds allowed up here and while at the pub Dromas is often guarding it at all times.

Basement: A private area where most of the pub's alcohol and supplies are stored it is also the location of Nikolas' equipment and a secret escape route that leads directly to the national park.

PLAYER'S NAME: Nikolas Remes
CHATANGO NAME: AlexanderBeathen
FACE CLAIM: Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!
MISC. INFORMATION: Created as a replacement for Alexander Beathen who has been turned into a SNPC.

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Re: [Magician] Nikolas Remes

Post  Nikolas Remes on Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:41 pm

Test Post::
It was near enough time to close the Ye Olde Tavern, the last few customers are always a trouble to move on. Not because they were annoying customers, but because they were merry and full of life they didn't want to the time to end. But as he soon closed the front doors to the pub behind the last, the door was locked and he turned around to observe his domain. His hounds finally had the freedom to move around without bothering anyone and his staff members also members of the Anglican church begun to clean up.

But as he looked around pleased with another successful day he noticed something missing. Orias the oldest Greek Harehound and Nikolas' eldest companion was missing from her bed. She had taken a liking to sleeping near the front entrance, always curious about those who entered the pub. Often well liked by the customers, she was considered the guardian of the Tavern as she made everyone feel safe.

At this time she would be asleep like a routine in her bed that hasn't changed for years, but she was nowhere to be found. And it would be Dromas who came towards Nikolas this second eldest acting unusual that got him to follow. He would be lead towards the back heading out towards the Beer guardian there on the porch would be Orias lying down.

From that angle and moment, it had occurred to Nikolas for the first time how old she had gotten. She was the eldest of all the hounds he had adopted and has been with him before evening joining the church. To him, she has been with Nikolas throughout many important moments of his life and seeing her like this was an eye opener.

Dromas remained behind them guarding them as Nikolas sat down next to Orias, the old girl slowly moved her head no leaning on his leg. After stroking her it was clear she was tired and exhausted, she previously went along with him on a mission a few days ago and has yet to recover from the fatigue. Seeing this only made Nikolas sad, but he was also happy at the same time.

"It's been some journey, hasn't it?" Nikolas said stroking Orias to keep her comfortable. "You've been with me since my education in Athens and you fought with me during the Nessarius entrance exams..." Nikolas continued pulling on his collar a bit showing just a small bit of his burns he suffered all those years ago. He had only suffered burns on his left side for protecting Orias during an incident as the exams occurred, it was worth the price as Orias had been a faithful companion ever since. "You've helped me save so many people and establish this place in return. Thank you old girl, but it's time for you rest easy and let Dromas here take over." Nikolas continued stroking Orias and then Dromas who moved forward responding to his name.

Greek Harehounds have an average life span of eleven years, Orias has been around for ten years of Nikolas life just as he started education in Athens. Always been there by his side this simple act of retiring the old girl was hard enough for him. But he knows that even if she can no longer come with him on missions, her presence wouldn't be missed as along with Nikolas she helped look after the other hounds as they grown. Teaching them many things as they've grown there was a bit of Orias in all of the other hounds even the stubborn Dromas.

She was a good judge of character, more often than not acting as a reliable guard dog. Ever since opening the pub she has always watched closely as customers entered those door, curious everytime someone came in. Now she can spend most of her remaining days what she enjoys best, and be guarding after the home she helped to establish.

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Re: [Magician] Nikolas Remes

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:48 am

The design is actually quite nice, much like some of the concepts. Good job on those. I’m happy!
Unfortunately, while that is what I would have loved to conclude my first impression with, I’m struck with the realisation that this might become quite a long evaluation phase…or at least a heavy inferno.

I. The History – Major Clearance Sale

Time to jump at your throat~!

An old pact that has been in existence since the Greek War of Independence? I don’t think this will cut it. Frankly, I highly doubt it. No, I’m just against it. Look the Anglican Church wouldn’t wish to make matters more complicated by messing around on another church’s territory on that scale. And of course they wouldn’t hold any interest in recruiting Magicians from somewhere on the basis of a pact, let alone allow for such Magicians to be produced in the first place. I mean, their goal basically is eradicating all Magicians from the face of the world by using those that already exist as their expandable pawns.
That actually brings us right to the next point. Why would that Teacher even take him up, if exactly those conditions apply? This isn’t the first time I’m pointing this out, but please do consider that a Necessarius member would put themselves in danger by taking up something akin to a pupil, since that pretty much hurts the purpose of the organisation.

So please, oh please, remove the whole pact aspect from his history.

Next we’re actually going to tackle another common issue with a lot of Magician profiles.
A Magician never stops being a Magician. This is what the Magic Name stands for and this is why the Magic Name is the first thing that is imparted onto a Magician. Yeah, I am aware that this is probably the rant I am giving every single time, but when somebody becomes a Magician that is exactly the very same time they pick up their Magic Name, basically making it the one purpose to dedicate their life to. When however was that time for Nikolas? During the camp fire lessons or when his siblings were lost? I do not see a proper, insightful explanation on his Magic Name or its origins in this profile, so make it explicit, yes?
Furthermore how, under these conditions, did his grandfather even retire, if there is no such thing as retirement to begin with?

OK, basically his siblings were abducted, his grandfather who, by the way, is an expert Magician war veteran was killed and shortly after that he meets a person telling him they’re using his sibling to blackmail him into loyalty. I don’t know, but if it were me I had plenty of alarms ringing in my head. Think about it.

I mean I already pretty much blocked the path by making it clear that this way of joining Necessarius is not possible considering they’re not into creating new Magicians to their own convenience, but I do feel the overall direction you took is quite messy to begin with. There’s no signs of his apparent hatred for churches and the like, and there is no actual logic applied at various places, like more or less the entire background to him joining Necessarius.

My suggestion would be to rewrite the history entirely in an attempt to seek a less ambitious outcome that avoids the aforementioned problems. Simplicity is king after all. Like for example splitting the history between the time he became a Magician and the time he joined Necessarius, placing them as adjacent events, not inter connected.

II. The General Combat Stuff – It’s hard to balance a character, but

The strengths and weaknesses this time around are really entirely unbalanced. While we do have an overwhelming amount of strengths on the one side, the weaknesses are barely existent. He’s bad at close quarters combat against experts and he’s struck by the issue of having limited resources, like his count of arrows or the fact that his bow could simply be destroyed; both of which conditions that more or less apply to anyone naturally, thus rendering these as impossible weakness candidates to begin with. Aside from that we only have minor stuff like an allergy and aerophobia…

To worsen it we do have someone who is physically strong, capable of advanced first aid, rather adept at tracking, an expert with he bow, can survive in the wilderness and has a photographic memory. All strengths of which each could quite easily outweigh the remaining weaknesses. Not only in numbers but really in overall weight. A weight that goes far enough to not only make him unbalanced but have him step into the domain of the overly perfect Gary Stus, bringing up an even bigger issue.

Therefore do both, add more actually effectual weaknesses and remove at least one strength.

III. The Spells – This is how you Magic

Admittedly, I do like the idea behind the bow. This is a nice Magical Item, really. Good job.

However, whenever I find myself able to praise you, I also find myself able to tear entire concepts apart…

Let’s kick stuff of with the Apollo Spell by making one thing clear: NEVER use the caster’s emotional state or whatever not explicitly physical as part of the symbolism necessary for the spell’s activation. It not only defies the idea of using worldly symbolism like objects, movements or other conditions as a baseline, it just is entirely pointless in itself. Why? Because you can’t be angry all the time (unless you’re a member of this staff for some reason). So please do remove this from the spell, will you?

Obviously this isn’t all, though. I don’t like the spell in general. He can shoot an arrow at a target and that arrow will just chase them like a homing missile guided by his eyesight or whatever. Isn’t that a bit lacklustre? Couldn’t you have brought in some more mythology or some other condition to apply here? Like for example a reference to how Apollo directed the arrow shot by Paris into Achilles’s heel – his sole weak spot, by the way – as a kind of revenge for his evil deeds. Building on that you could very well say that the spell requires for Nikolas to be wounded or in other way receiving a negative effect inflicted by the enemy, then setting the successful attacker up as the target.
Still, even then I’m not really happy with your description on the counter measures against the arrow. Can you fix that please? I need explicit methods, like destroying the arrow, an absolute maximum range or it ending up stuck somewhere.

Heading over to Artemis, I need to say the same thing: I’m not happy with this spell. It feels even more lacklustre than Apollo, simply because it doesn’t feel like anything that makes sense mythology wise or whatever. I mean where exactly does the missile shot idea originate from?
I did actually take a short read into the respective wikipedia articles for both of them and what did I find there? Good info. According to it, the arrows fired by Artemis bring instantaneous death or diseases over the women it hits. The keyword here is obviously the latter effect. So that is what you should actually be working with, not some plain boring nonsensical missile effect. While you’re at it you could also attempt to dismantle the „it only targets women“-drawback by twisting symbols and such.

As for the sibling spell, remove it entirely. The main point of the bow should be choice and combinatory attacks, not doubled effect.

Guardian of the Youth is something I don’t fancy as well. You see passive effect spells are a problematic thing themselves. We were a bit lenient with Alex there, but that was mostly because it was his original main spell. However here I am going to be a bit more critical. The spell is basically always active, which is something I’ll outright reject. You have to perform rituals to activate spells, meaning you’ll have to do it willingly, not just project it on his lifestyle. Even with the Amakusa their blessings were embedded into their everyday actions, but they performed them with the goal of activating it and balancing out the strain on themselves.
Even if we ignored that, I don’t see where exactly this effect is supposed to come from. I’m kindly asking you to explain this to me in greater detail.

Hecate again? Recycling spells like you did with Goddess of the Hunt is occasionally quite good. I’m a bit disappointed that after you announced his main spells are all focussed on Artemis and Apollo this is what I get. There’s a difference between Hecate and Artemis, a heavy one even, so I don’t quite understand why you’re working with the association. Especially if it is as poorly justified as this. You could have simply described this as the third god his spell focusses on and that would have been way better. But like this, it feels like: HMMMM I COULDN’T COME UP WITH ANY MORE SPELLS FOR MY MAIN DEITIES SO I’M GOING TO ADD THAT ONE FROM MY ARCHIVES!!!

I also do not get the brushing his key thing. Ignoring the perverted second interpretation, it just lacks a meaning in itself. So you may wanna expand there.

Concluding my evaluation of his ability section there’s just one more thing: Does he feel like a Magician to you? To me he doesn’t. Yeah, he can do spells, cool. But his role in Necessarius is that of a tracker not of your average combatant. I don’t see anything showing that to me. Yeah, he can do hunting and stuff, but only by applying normal „everyday“ methods, none of which are magical. What point is there then in him having this role? I mean a Witch Hunter Organisation should require trackers that actually can use a witch’s methods against them, not just normal average skills.

I ask you sincerely to fix this, as this is what weighs down the profile the most right now.

IV. The General Stuff – Endroll or Bonus?

You should do your research better, you know. A beer garden is not a garden. It’s an outdoors restaurant with benches and lots of hedges to further the unique summer atmosphere.
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Re: [Magician] Nikolas Remes

Post  Nikolas Remes on Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:43 pm

Edits hopefully are done.

I'm ready for a second gutting.
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