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[Esper] Kirishima Haruna

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[Esper] Kirishima Haruna Empty [Esper] Kirishima Haruna

Post  Kirishima Haruna Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:37 am

Kirishima Haruna

(Level 3 Pheromonal Guide)

[Esper] Kirishima Haruna Jtq9Zos

"It’s alright, tell your worries to me. Maybe we can come up with an answer together. If not we’ll just have to ask around."

FULL NAME: Kirishima Haruna
OTHER ALIAS: Disney princess, Insect lady, Petting zoo
CURRENT AGE: 15 (DoB: Jan 13)
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Student, Judgment officer
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School
FACTION: Judgment

APPEARANCE: A girl from the slender end of the spectrum, Haruna doesn’t really stand out much among the already colourful residents of Academy City. She has her blonde hair usually done on neat ponytail or elaborate braids she likes to test occasionally. Usually seen in her school uniform due to Tokiwadai’s strict policies but when given chance likes to dress up in feminine clothing like skirts and pretty tops. This all changes when the weather gets colder and she wraps herself in anything warm she can find.
HEIGHT: 155 cm (5'1")
WEIGHT:  43 kg (95lb)
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: There is always some animal accompanying her wherever she goes. Sometimes it’s a bird sitting on her shoulder or head and other times a beetle or a bee hiding in her clothes.

Very easily approachable and good natured, Haruna doesn’t really like to argue and is often content with just going along with others if disagreeing would risk a confrontation. Some say she is too soft and it hinders her work as judgment officer but she still adamantly refuses to change her way. While often lenient on troublemakers, she doesn’t stand for any harm to come to civilians.

Not everybody was blessed with natural talent and Haruna is destined to be average in all departments, be it smarts or strength. However she makes up this with hard work. She is known to take her studies very seriously and despite what others say about her being not fit to be in judgment her results are undisputed. Also, her reports are never late and she doesn’t complain no matter how menial tasks she gets assigned to.

Animal lover
Given, regarding her esper power. What is less known she was actually very reserved towards most animals in her childhood, especially dogs but she overcame her fears and even learned to appreciate and love all creatures. She has accumulated quite vast knowledge of many species and loves learning more whenever possible. As clichéd it sounds, her dream is to become veterinarian in the future.

Haruna has very caring personality and likes to help people/animals around her. She is very good listener and has words of encouragement for anyone in need but can also scold people if they misbehave.

While mild mannered and kind, Haruna is far from wide-eyed youngster. She knows very well not everybody comes with good intentions but usually decides to go along to see things to the end. She is one of those people who don't like to rush into unknown without a good plan. She also comes prepared for the worst usually but it also makes her unable to do last second decisions on her own.

Pastries. both sweet and salty
Cooking and baking
Music, especially singing
Spicy things
Bad hair days
Breaking promises
Dogs (tentative)

Versatile: Haruna is good at improvising since her ability isn’t direct like most esper powers.
Dexterity: Although not the strongest or most athletic person, Haruna is quite nimble and flexible, which allows her to stay out of the trouble while her animal companions do the heavy lifting.
Observant: Since she can understand small gestures made by animals Haruna has developed a knack for seeing small details and good situational awareness.
Indecisive: Because of her tendency to overanalyze things she gets easily torn between options and it causes her to get flustered easily.
Tarzan out of the jungle: Even though convenient, her power is rather situational in Academy City where you don’t exactly find strong beasts roaming freely. She is usually limited to using animals found in urban environment like pigeons, common insects and domestic cats and dogs.
Fighting: Haruna is not very comfortable with direct confrontations and usually likes to avoid them all together. If driven to corner she retaliates only enough to find herself an opening to retreat.
Preserver of life: Also very reluctant to expose others to harm and this extends to the animals she uses. If there is a high possibility of them getting hurt or worse she'd rather command them to escape than press forward.

HISTORY:  Born in Nagoya, Haruna was the second oldest child and the oldest daughter of a local tycoon who ran a successful chain of hotels and inns. Her mother was your typical high-class house wife who didn’t take any part in the business and busied herself with arranging elaborate charity events and raising the children. Though the surroundings were more than your average child could wish for, Haruna’s childhood was quite normal and uneventful if not slightly sheltered. Her parents, while busy running the business, were loving and gave their children only the best they could afford. Having build his business from the scratch their father taught the importance of hard work and honesty to them while their mother emphasized compassion and taking care of those less fortunate.

Being very traditional company, the continuation of the family business would fall upon the male children so her older brother and younger brother were to inherit the business from their father. Not wanting to leave their daughter without a chance to stand on her own the parents decided to send her to Academy City and partake in the Power Curriculum Program. They had heard the city provided the latest technological advancement, good tuition and more than enough chances for their students to succeed in life.

Haruna went through the power curriculum and enrolled into an elementary school during 5th grade. When her ability was discovered for the first time, she had much trouble adjusting since her exposure for animals had been minimal as both her brothers were highly allergic to most. Her first experiments were very bad and she even got attacked by stray dog she was supposed to control. This send her to short visit at hospital and made her vary of dogs for a while but not being one to give up in face of hardships, Haruna persevered through the training regime and gradually got better using her ability. She also got better with animals although she still shares tense relationship with canines.

Through academic prowess and good results in system scan she was able to get recommendations to Tokiwadai. It was during this time she also took interest in Judgment duties as it resonated with her willingness to help others. With her specs she got accepted with relative ease and has been with the organization ever since. For many who joined the judgment the fact their duties are a lot more communal service than exciting adventures comes as unwelcome surprise but it suited Haruna. She has become known as the one who takes all the boring oddjobs inside her branch but people appreciate her since she always gets them done and it also means less work for them. She also does volunteer duty at animal shelters few times a month.

RANK: Judgment officer
Pheromonal Guide aka Beastmaster: A type of psychometry which allows the user to manipulate creatures by controlling their own and the target’s secretion, flow and distribution of hormones and pheromones. These chemicals can alter the behavior of the targets and generally they only trigger primal responses but Haruna has learned to fine tune her abilities to a degree where it resembles mind control over animals. She can lure animals and make them act in certain way towards herself and anybody she chooses as well give them instructions. They can't overcome the natural limitations of their species but can perform surprisingly complex tasks under her control and she excels in reconnaissance and espionage.

Although unable to read minds like some telepaths Haruna can "sense" the intentions and feelings of an animal and understand them to a degree but in no way speak their language. Instead she can read their silent communication as most exchanges are handled via gestures and pheromones instead of sounds. She can also replicate most pheromones animals use and produce them to interact with different species, making them think her as one of their own. This works the other way around as well and she can make animals avoid her if needed.

The general rule for Haruna's ability is the more simple creature the easier it is to control and their quantity can also be increased more easily ie. a swarm of bees is easy to control but a same amount of birds requires more effort.

Since many insects are heavily dependent on chemical communication Haruna can control exponential number of them compared to vertebrates. In theory there is a limit of approximately 3 000 insects(worth of a colony of bees) but Haruna has never tried in practice more than  500 bees.

As far as vertebrates go, highly social animals with tendency to live in large herds or flocks are easier to guide than solitary animals. A flock of 15 birds is her current max and about 4 bovines. During last system scan she also reached 9 dogs and 11 cats while 2 elephants proved to be almost too much and she had to rest after 10 minutes. She has been working on her control of primates and has reached 2 chimpanzees for 5 minutes but giving them complex commands was too much multitasking. One on the other hand was a lot easier and they even became friends.

Currently her powers are limited to animals since humans can control their instincts and feelings much better than animals and don't respond to the effects of pheromones and hormones as strongly. If she really concentrates and has physical contact with the target she is able to raise sudden urges like grogginess(melatonin) or stress(cortisol) by raising the levels of certain hormones but most people have no problems brushing them off as weird feeling. Doing this also strains her very quickly since controlling endocrine system of a human requires much more than her usual use of power and she tries to avoid using it.

Since her ability is based on pheromones and chemicals, they vary between animal species so she can truly control only one type of beasts at times. Haruna can slightly compensate this by taking advantage of the fact all animals see her as friendly and the effects linger even after she releases her ability. For example she can guide a swarm of aggressive bees to her targets, then let them run freely and be free to change her target species. There is about 50 meters limit from how far she can directly affect target’s chemistry but the pheromones she releases herself are spread far and wide, just like in nature and she is able to call different animals from long distances away. The downside is the lag between the moment she sends the signal and the time it actually takes for the animals to arrive.

Most importantly, Haruna’s AIM has a passive effect of making animals naturally friendly to her and approach without caution which results her being accompanied by at least one animal almost wherever she goes. This has also earned her many nicknames among the people she knows such as disney princess etc.

Yuzu and Lemon
Haruna’s two pet parakeets assisting her regularly in tracking and reconnaissance. Her bond with them is stronger than other animals so controlling them doesn’t require her to use ability.
Portable mini camera
A small camera linked with Haruna’s smartphone. She can attach it to small animals like birds and rodents to see things she otherwise can’t. Max. range 200 meters
Judgment issued training and equipment
This includes basic takedown maneuvers, judgment armband and handcuffs for capturing those who resist and might pose danger for public.
Animal encyclopedia
Haruna has a vast knowledge of all kind of animals, some read and some acquired by observing said species.

CHARACTER THEME: A selection of musical tracks to act as your character's motif or background music. Can include as many or as few tracks as you wish.

PLAYER'S NAME: Kirishima Haruna
RATING: M for mature
FACE CLAIM: Charlotte Dunois, Infinite Stratos
MISC. INFORMATION: Disney owns us all!

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Kirishima Haruna
Kirishima Haruna
Level 3 Pheromonal Guide

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[Esper] Kirishima Haruna Empty Test post

Post  Kirishima Haruna Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:38 am

Test Post:

"A missing child?" Haruna asked in worried tone as she looked up from the report she was writing.

"Yeah, Anti-Skill is already looking for him and judgment is to assist them in the effort. I thought this case might be up to your alley. " The branch head said with serious expression as she furrowed her brow.

"I'll try my best, chief." Standing up Haruna headed outside with the older girl in tow.

"Do we have any leads or location they were last seen?"

"Not really, but fortunately we found the kid's stuffed toy. I'm going to drop this to Anti-Skill HQ as soon as possible. Maybe they can show it to dogs to get trail or something." The other girl took out a pink plushie packed inside an airtight bag and Haruna’s expression brightened.

"Actually, you don't suppose we could borrow the item before handing it over?"

The branch head smirked and opened the bag, handing it to Haruna. "I was hoping you'd say that. Do your best, Disney Princess."

"I've told you not to use that embarrassing nickname, chief." Haruna said with a faint blush as she held the bag open in front of herself. At first nothing seemed to happen but then a faint buzzing noise started approaching them. As it got louder few surprised yelps from the people in vicinity signaled the arrival of a swarm of honey bees approaching the two girls.

The branch leader visibly tensed but the other girl looked like it was the most natural thing in the world. As they got closer the bees formed up and in small packs landed on the toy before flying off to different directions. All this was executed in perfect order until every last one of the bees had dispersed and Haruna closed the bag.

"No matter how many times I see it I can never get used to that."

"I have no idea what you are talking about." Haruna answered in a singsong tone and held the bag towards the older girl who took it with a defeated sigh.

"I guess I deserved that? Anyway, what now?"

"Now we wait."

The two of them stood in silence, Haruna keeping look out for any returnees. Finally after ten minutes of wait one lonely bee buzzed in sight and landed on Haruna’s outstretched hand. Without losing a beat it started to walk along her palm while shaking its behind in a odd looking dance, doing circles few times.

Watching intently, Haruna nodded few times before whispering short thanks and the bee flew off.

"I believe they have located the child. Let's go, chief." Gesturing the leader to follow her Haruna begun to leave towards the direction the bees had pointed.
Kirishima Haruna
Kirishima Haruna
Level 3 Pheromonal Guide

Posts : 18
Join date : 2019-07-19
Age : 27

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[Esper] Kirishima Haruna Empty Re: [Esper] Kirishima Haruna

Post  Mugino Shizuri Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:44 am

While there is one other evaluation still waiting for me to get to it, I will give this one priority to get back into the groove!

I. The Basics – Fix Fax Foox
The first actually glaring thing about this profile is just a minor flaw. You declared her age to be 16, but that is just slightly past maximum middle school age by our books. So you might wanna change that.

II. The Ability – Detail the details
Otherwise my only other request right now is actually detailing the limitations of the ability ever so slightly. You did mention there is a limitation in numbers depending on the kind of animal she targets. I understand that listing this in great detail is a bit of a strain and borderline annoying, but I would at least ask for some more examples to underline the case. Therefore, please drop a few examples for the limitations in terms of numbers.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[Esper] Kirishima Haruna Empty Re: [Esper] Kirishima Haruna

Post  Kirishima Haruna Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:40 pm

Thanks for the quick response Smile

I. Whoops, my bad.

II. I was afraid of this...since I have no realistic idea what would be enough but not brokenly op. Did some numbers and leave it to your judgment how much needs to be fixed

All in all, fixes done
Kirishima Haruna
Kirishima Haruna
Level 3 Pheromonal Guide

Posts : 18
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Age : 27

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[Esper] Kirishima Haruna Empty Re: [Esper] Kirishima Haruna

Post  Mugino Shizuri Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:55 pm

II. The Ability – Balancing
I figured that was the reason. But that’s why it’s so important to ask. Anyway, I feel overwhelmed by the sheer mass contained within these numbers. 100k of anything should be way beyond what a normal Esper should have, even in terms of insects. In general, I would suggest that you tone down the numbers extensively. Even for insects I’m not sure about the benefit of going into triple digits or beyond. With birds I’d say a dozen could pose a maximum, while for anything larger I would recommend below 10 of each. Real big boys like elephants should, of course, take even lower numbers.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

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[Esper] Kirishima Haruna Empty Re: [Esper] Kirishima Haruna

Post  Kirishima Haruna Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:03 am

I figured as much. When I read the numbers again, that's way too much level 5 stuff... Nerfed down them. I still feel that insects work best as four digits just because they are hive minds and work best as colonies.
Kirishima Haruna
Kirishima Haruna
Level 3 Pheromonal Guide

Posts : 18
Join date : 2019-07-19
Age : 27

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[Esper] Kirishima Haruna Empty Re: [Esper] Kirishima Haruna

Post  Mugino Shizuri Thu Aug 15, 2019 6:32 pm

Believe it or not: I actually took my time evaluating this. Glad I had the chance to. Hoping to pick the rest back up as well soon~

[Esper] Kirishima Haruna Axdlrt6p

[Level 3 Pheromonal Guide]

...yeah the Level statistics are broken.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

Posts : 611
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[Esper] Kirishima Haruna Empty Re: [Esper] Kirishima Haruna

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