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The School Catalogue

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Post  Mugino Shizuri Sat Sep 07, 2019 12:11 pm

Middle Schools
Grades 7-9, Ages 12-15

Sakugawa Middle School
An incredibly ordinary middle school, its grades are middle-of-the-road and it has no particular defining qualities. Identical to schools outside of Academy City in all but its curriculum, it is sure to be filled with correspondingly ordinary students. Sits just across the street from Sakugawa High School.

Tokiwadai Middle School
One of the five most prestigious schools in Academy City. Located in the infamous School Garden, a walled-off section of the city wherein only woman may enter, when it comes to being high-class it is unmistakably of the highest tier. It only accepts espers of at least level 3, and it is famous for having once rejected a princess from a foreign country for not having met its standards and nearly causing a diplomatic incident. It is filled almost entirely with rich and sheltered high-class ladies from prestigious families, and the school’s education reflects its students.

High Schools
Grades 10-12, Ages 16-18

A Certain High School
A rather ordinary high school. Though the standard deviation of its scores runs rather low, it is by no means a poor school, and its teachers are fully dedicated to ensuring the educational future of its students. Despite its ordinariness, it is famous for containing one of the seven wonders of Academy City, and despite having no connection to the dark side, many of Academy City’s secrets are gathered there.

Private Shidarezakura Academy
A prestigious girls-only school located in Academy City’s School Garden. Like most schools in the School Garden, its campus is designed to evoke the traditional streets of Europe. While not as prestigious as the likes of Tokiwadai, its presence in the School Garden is more than sufficient an indicator of the level of its students.

Nagatenjouki Academy
One of the five most prestigious schools in Academy City. It is considered somewhat special even among them for its policy of not restricting its applicants to espers, in contrast to Tokiwadai. Not focusing merely on the raising of esper abilities, it has its hands also in the wide variety of other research going on in Academy City, and talents that will assist in those efforts are welcomed with open arms regardless of their ability in the Curicculum. Behind the scenes, it has ties to the dark side of Academy City, but the majority of students go through their time there without any knowledge of that fact.

Escalator Schools
Mixed Grades, Mixed Ages

Ryouran Maid Academy
Grades 1-12 + University, All Ages
A girls’ home economics school, Ryouran is one of the more unique schools in Academy City. Focusing on the training of maids, it takes students from elementary all the way to university level. Though they raise maids, their students are not being groomed to be merely standard housekeepers, but rather true professionals who can serve their masters in anything from cleaning chewing gum off the sidewalk to meeting with the leaders of the modern world. After being deemed to have achieved a certain degree of capability, students are excused from their normal curriculum and are instead sent to do practical work in various places throughout the city. Unlike other schools, Ryouran does not have weekends off or a summer vacation, preparing the students for the real world after graduation. As no two students’ path of the maid is identical, they allow a considerable degree of customization in terms of uniform.

Kirigaoka Girls’ Academy
Grades 7-12 + University, Ages 12+
One of the most prestigious schools in Academy City, it is a girls-only escalator school that contains facilities for students from middle school all the way to university level. Rather than focusing on raising espers with high levels like Tokiwadai, it instead focuses on raising students with rare or unique abilities, seeking new horizons and seeing greater potential in them than in the students with more ordinary talents. It is considered the leading expert in ‘unconventional’ esper theroies and queer research. Behind the scenes, it has ties to the dark side of Academy City, but the majority of students go through their time there without any knowledge of that fact.

Kankoubi Escalator School
Grades 1-12, Ages 6-18
An escalator school, it contains facilities for students from the elementary school level all the way to the high school level. While relatively average in tier among the many schools in Academy City, it stands out for its dual education track system. Students may choose to enroll in either a sciences or humanities specialization, wherein they receive specialized classes for that field. The school is split two ways physically, with the west wing containing science classes and the east wing humanities.

A Certain Middle-High School
Grades 7-12, Ages 13-18
An escalator school in District 7 containing facilities for middle school through high school. Although relatively average in terms of education level, it boasts a tutoring system that allows middle schoolers to be tutored by their high school upperclassmen, increasing bonds between the levels and decreasing the number of students that transfer out.

Zassou Academy
Grades 7-12, Ages 13-18
An escalator school in District 10 containing facilities for middle school through high school, it was founded by Weed, creators of the famous Gekisho fighting game series. The school focuses on grooming its students to be hired by the company post-graduation as video game creators, directly cultivating the type of talent they would like to find in the labor force.

Ages 18+

Dangai University
One of Academy City’s universities, it is most famous for the large database center it houses, dealing mainly in AI and operational software. Despite ‘housing’ the database center, it is actually located adjacent to the university, and is twice the of the main campus.
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