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[SS] A Certain Valuable Remnant

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[SS] A Certain Valuable Remnant - Page 2 Empty Re: [SS] A Certain Valuable Remnant

Post  Kumokawa Maria on Sun Jan 03, 2021 6:15 am

[SS] A Certain Valuable Remnant - Page 2 Kuroko10
“I think now’s a good time.”

The sounds of keys clacking resounded from next to Shirai Kuroko. Though it was something that would probably annoy most people without headphones or earplugs, she could not say much considering the scratching of pen on paper that was coming from her.

“What is, Shirai-san?”

She had made a decent headway in the paperwork she had accrued in the past few minutes. If she focused on it all, she could probably have it all done in a couple of hours.

“To contact Hitotsumi-san.”

It was probably prudent to gather information at a regular rate. However…

“What if she’s engaged?”

Shirai Kuroko frowned. Uiharu had brought up a good point and an easy counterargument. Knowing her, she had probably caught onto the obvious.

Shirai Kuroko had wanted so desperately to shirk her paperwork and was looking for any opportunity to do so.

“I’ll message her, then. She’ll likely have the sense to not look if she’s engaged, right?”

Was it a show of good faith or desperation? Either way, Shirai Kuroko quickly tapped off a quick message to Hitotsumi Futaba.

Report back your findings once you’re no longer engaged with the target.

Almost instant rejection. The only thing that could have sealed the deal was him going violent and tossing her through a bunch of shelves or something of that sort. It would have been picturesque to her. She would have been lowering her head to a real piece of human garbage.

Unfortunately, he was not the depraved being she had placed her maximal hopes for, but he was still a prime target and Kumokawa Maria was nothing sort of persistent.

And so, she maintained her business-like smile even as she had been rejected and began to speak to him while she shifted her position.

“Oho, Master. You don’t have to worry about that one bit.” With a quick pivot, she shifted herself so that she was no longer standing in the boy’s way, while she still kept herself within the boy’s field of vision.

“I will not charge you a single yen. I am merely here as your humble maid.” She said with a curtsy that still remained even in his view as he may have moved.

Break into the role without question.


Toss away all semblance of a drawback.

The maid-in-training was no slouch. One could compare her to a bloodhound or businesswoman. Once she had smelled even the hint of blood, she would never let go.
Kumokawa Maria
Kumokawa Maria
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[SS] A Certain Valuable Remnant - Page 2 Empty Re: [SS] A Certain Valuable Remnant

Post  Hitotsumi Futaba on Tue Jan 05, 2021 2:46 pm

Futaba was like an American Superhero. She flew in from out of nowhere, and started fighting crime with what could arguably be called super powers. Perhaps it was this thought which provided her with the drive to fight so hard. Or perhaps it was the adrenaline which coursed through her veins, knowing that her quarry this day had access to firearms which could easily end her life if they knew which way to point them.

The sound of gunshots echoed through the acoustic-friendly design of the underground mall. It was a wasted effort of course, because all the bullets would do it possibly damage the wood. However, there were metal studs and iron bars in the battle marionettes body which would hold its structure together even in the face of a true firing squad. Plus, Doubler didn't need to worry about its structural integrity in the first place. It was a Double, so it would be fixed whenever it returned to the original fold in the dimensions it hailed from.

The battle marionette would begin to weave not at all clumsily as Futaba watched the angle the men held their guns at. So long as they were within her visual range, she wouldn't lose track of their line of aiming: She was too good at multi-tasking for that. It would be a moment later that they began to learn the real terror of her battle mannequin. A left straight would be launched as the wooden dummy would finally step in close to one, and the man found himself being slammed with machine-line force, something no trained boxer would ever hope to match. His body was sent careening through the air, slamming roughly against the stairs, his consciousness robbed from him. At least, Futaba had to hope it was only his consciousness, though since they had pulled guns out for this fight, lethal force was entirely authorized.

With a step to the side, a right hook was launched before the next-closest gunman even had a chance to comprehend what happened, his ribs taking the brunt of the impact as he was launched into a nearby wall, his body bouncing off the concrete constitution with a cloud of dust puffing off from the vibrations. The menacing aura surrounding the Battle Marionette intensified as the gunmen, the criminals, would understand fear. This was the true purpose of her battle marionette, to instill despair in those who believe themselves above the law.

Eight men remained. With the sound of cracking ribs, there were seven. With a foolish attempt at physical restraint, and a subsquent bodyslam against the tiles, there were six. Futaba had nearly halved their number within a few handfuls of seconds, certainly no closer to a minute than merely half of one.

Futaba vigilantly looked upon the scene, now making sure to corral them into her line of sight, keeping their backs to the stairs, but not allowing them to escape up it. The blurring speed, unfaltering resilience, and bone crushing might of the battle marionette gave them hopelessness. Futaba would pull out a radio, from her duffel bag and speak into it sternly but in a manner which was unmistakeably chipper. "Surrender now, criminal scum! Your life of crime ends here!" spoke her voice through the radio built into the marionette for convenient Judgement communication.

Her phone would vibrate among her Judgement supplies, and she would glance at the notification. Since she was so good at multitasking, she could notice small details like that one even in the heat of battle, especially from a relatively safe place like this. It was a message from Shirai. She must have picked her up on camera and wanted to cheer her on! Or perhaps it was just more orders. What if she found the wrong guys with guns? Curiosity was eating at her as she returned the brunt of her attention to the gunmen below, only to be interrupted yet again by somebody shouting her name right next to her, and perhaps there was an echo?

No wait, from over there. Wait no, what was this?

The blue haired girl who had blurted whatever nonsense that was to her was holding something. Something familiar. Something important.

"The case!" she would blurt frantically. With neither professionalism nor tact she would reach over to snatch the technological masterpiece from the small blue girl, "You shouldn't have this, young lady! But thank you for bringing it to me nonetheless, I'll see it to safe hands, I swear on my pride as a Judgement officer!"

Wait, how did this young lady know her name? Did she see it on that one article from the newspaper back then? No need to worry about the particulars if it secured the cooperation of the citizens.
Hitotsumi Futaba
Hitotsumi Futaba
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[SS] A Certain Valuable Remnant - Page 2 Empty Re: [SS] A Certain Valuable Remnant

Post  Accelerator on Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:46 pm

She at least had the good sense to let him pass. Keeping his eyes fixed ahead, the albino boy with a fierce expression made for the counter to pay for his purchases.

“Oho, Master. You don’t have to worry about that one bit.”

She was still talking...

Accelerator felt his chest tighten and his breaths became a little shorter. He was tensing up.

“I will not charge you a single yen. I am merely here as your humble maid.”

What's more, she kept hovering at the edges of his vision, like a mosquito buzzing back and forth for the opportunity to land. And like a mosquito, she kept letting out that irritating sound. A high pitched droning. He didn't even hear what she was saying, not really. That high pitched noise kept building, and after a moment Accelerator realised the noise was mostly in his head.

"I mean..." He found himself taking a quick, deep breath through his nose, pinching the bridge as he placed a handful of change down on the store counter along with his canned coffee. "I'm not interested." He hoped that would be enough to shut down any further attempts.

But he didn't know who he was dealing with.
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[SS] A Certain Valuable Remnant - Page 2 Empty Re: [SS] A Certain Valuable Remnant

Post  Shokuhou Misaki on Thu Jan 14, 2021 4:54 pm

Mayhem would be the best word to describe what that doll did to the men in black suits. Even armed with lethal weapons such as handguns their attempt at a fight was overly futile. All it took was a mere moment before they were downed with visible ease.

Not that the blue haired lab coat girl – or rather Shokuhou Misaki who was controlling her from the distance – would care. After all, the item she had just caught at the height of her clumsy struggle was snatched from her hands by that saviour of hers.

«You shouldn't have this, young lady! But thank you for bringing it to me nonetheless, I'll see it to safe hands, I swear on my pride as a Judgement officer!»

Of course, underlined by unnecessarily flashy heroics. The kind that would cost you more time than you actually had.

«Hurry up we don’t have any time ability! Those were only the—!!!»

Annnnd it was gone.

Before she could even muster the time to explain the urgency of the situation, that urgency explained itself with the suitcase vanishing into thin air.

However, things wouldn’t be left at that. Just as suddenly as the suitcase had vanished, suddenly a pair of longitudinal stakes impaled the doll, that had just wreaked havoc over the now defeated thugs, long enough to dig through its body, the floor beneath and the ceiling above, essentially locking it in place. Only on closer inspection that couple of stakes would reveal itself as two street lanterns which had disappeared from their original position behind the men’s clumsy victim and her saviour.

«Honestly, you bunch are useless.»

The suitcase had returned to the side of the incapacitated thugs.

«Since you’re that useless I let you deal with the recovery of the suitcase and other small jobs.»

Someone was now sitting atop it, scolding the defeated in a tone of superiority.

«But I didn’t expect you to fail even at that.»

It was a young girl with dark red hair tied to two low hanging pony tails in a skimpy outfit, consisting of a way too short mini skirt and the jacket of a navy winter school uniform worn over their shoulders, which barely sufficed to cover the reckless amount of bare skin she was showing as the only other piece of clothing she wore were white bandages she used to cover her chest.

«Colour me impressed, the two of you. But that’s as far as you will go.»

The smile on her face was a culmination of all the superiority she radiated, resting a black military flash light on her shoulder as she spoke.
Shokuhou Misaki
Shokuhou Misaki
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[SS] A Certain Valuable Remnant - Page 2 Empty Re: [SS] A Certain Valuable Remnant

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