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[ESPER] Aoki Aiko

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[ESPER] Aoki Aiko Empty [ESPER] Aoki Aiko

Post  Aoki Aiko Sun Jul 22, 2018 8:50 pm

Aoki Aiko

(Level: 3 - Electron Shell)

[ESPER] Aoki Aiko E5b26a149d77748b5ce897d734445234

"Now now, there's no need for us to fight, let's grab some tea and talk things out... Can you spot me though, I'm kinda broke"

FULL NAME: Aoki Aiko
OTHER ALIAS: Any nicknames, code names or aliases your character is known by.
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Freelance Assistance
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School

APPEARANCE: Aiko is a girl on the smaller side standing at around 5'2" (158cm). She has dark black hair that falls to around her shoulders and skin pale to the point you'd think she only rarely gets outside. This coupled with her jet black irises lend her a somewhat unnatural appearance. On most days she can be seen wearing the standard Tokiwadai uniform with the small exception that she wears the winter uniform regardless of the month or weather, and the sleeves of which seem to extent much further than they should. In fact all of her clothes seem to fit the pattern of having overlong floppy sleeves. Her non-uniform clothes are mostly light hoodies with her trademark overlong sleeves. The rest of her casual attire is relegated to skirts and tights, most of which are black or another dark color.
HEIGHT: 158 cm / 5'2"
WEIGHT:  115 lbs / 52 kg
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Her jet black irises and pale skin.

Despite their somewhat strange appearance the people in Aiko's class all know that she's anything but unapproachable. She's nice and likes to joke around with her friends.  
Aiko loves to change things to suit her tastes. She orders all her clothes many sizes too big and tailors them to fit her while having floppy sleeves.  
Not in the sense that she doesn't like to talk to people or is very quite, more so she doesn't express her emotions as intensely. This also doesn't mean she's emotionless either, just better an keeping herself in check.  
Aiko has a habit of poking fun at people or messing with them just a bit. Not only with friends but sometimes with people she's just met. Her messing with people coupled with her strange appearance can sometimes throw people for a loop.  
When something piques her interest Aiko has a hard time letting it go until she knows everything about it. She occasionally gets it trouble for poking her nose where it doesn't belong or prying into other peoples business.

Floppy Sleeves
Fall Weather
Cute Things
Taking Long Walks
Knowing Things
Hot Weather
Questions She Can't Answer
Short Sleeved Clothes
The Sun
Endurance: She's not really faster or stronger than your average person, but she doesn't tire easily
Intelligence: Maybe not much smarter than the average Tokiwadai prodigy, but definitely smarter than your average person. When it comes to math at least.
Navigation: She spends a lot of time just walking aimlessly around the city and has found many quick ways to get from here to there.
Sewing: Aiko tailors all the over sized clothes she buys herself and in doing so has developed a knack for sewing.  
Strength: While above average in endurance and passable in speed and agility, Aiko does not lift. Anything that requires raw strength is not the task for her.
Compulsive Liar: While never to the extent that it would cause someone harm, Aiko can't help giving a little "misinformation" from time to time to make a situation more amusing.
Bad With Money: One of the reason Aiko takes so many odd jobs (see history) is she is very bad at not blowing through any money she has food and cute things.
Fighting: Aiko isn't too capable in a straight up fight. She'd much rather try and talk things out or escape the situation than fight it out. 

HISTORY:  Aoki Aiko was born outside of Academy City in Tokyo. Her father is a weather man on one of the Tokyo area news channels and her mother works as a police officer. From when she was little she had always been a bit of a prankster. As a young girl this was even more true and she got in trouble a lot with both her parents and her elementary school. After an incident involving accidentally letting all the class pets in each grade loose in the hallways of the school, her parents decided to send her off to a boarding school. After some deliberation they decided to try sending her to Academy City thinking, "If our daughter can gain some kind of impressive ability, that could pull attention away from all the trouble she causes".

After going through the Power Curriculum Program, Aiko managed to develop her ability. As she got older and more familiar with how to use her ability, she also started to mellow out from being a trouble maker and was now just a bit of a prankster. As her ability improved her parents were convinced that Academy City was a great place and decided to send Aiko's younger brother Shuuya there as well. Once her ability had matured enough, Aiko was accepted into Tokiwadai. In the time she was not in classes, Aiko would wander around Academy City, looking for cool places and anything that caught her interest or sparked her curiosity.

Idle curiosity and wanderlust managed to get Aiko into many random situations and to meet lots of people from all over the city, some good, some not so good. Many people had problems that Aiko was more than happy to lend a hand with. After a while she decided to just go ahead an make it her thing. Aiko, in her journeys around the city, has met a host of characters that hire her for one off jobs fairly regularly. Many of these folks are regular people that Aiko has made friends with, some are just people who've heard she'll lend a helping hand, and others still are part of Academy City's dark side, something Aiko has managed to stay just on the fringes of without getting dragged in entirely.  

RANK: Your character's rank within their faction if applicable.

Electron Shell: Electron Shell is an ability that allows Aiko to generate and surround herself in a hollow dome of electrons. To clarify, there is nothing inside or outside the dome, the electrons reside in a thin layer that makes up the "surface" of the dome. The dome itself can't be seen, however as it is made of electrons, some visible light gets somewhat distorted why passing through giving the surface of the dome an appearance reminiscent of heat shimmers. Additionally, anyone passing through the edge of the dome would be able to feel some tingling caused by the electrical build up. When one of these domes is created, Aiko can manipulate the frequency of the electrons that make up the shell to intercept and either amplify, lessen, or negate incoming or outgoing forms of electromagnetic radiation. Do to the different proprieties of the different types of electromagnetic radiation Aiko can only have the shell interact with one section of the electromagnet spectrum at a time (Radio Waves, Microwaves, Infrared Radiation, Visible Light, Ultraviolet, X-Rays, and Gamma Rays). Additionally, while Aiko can make it so that EM waves are only being enhanced or negated going in one direction (In or Out of the dome), she can't both amplify waves going one way while neutralizing waves going the other.

Aiko has developed several techniques for using this ability. She could block all incoming visible light to create a zone of complete darkness or the opposite, amplifying all incoming light to make an area so bright it's impossible to see. She could also use it to stop all microwave or radio wave forms of communication, things like cell phones and radios. One of her favorite uses of the electron shell is to lessen incoming infrared radiation (which causes heat) in the summertime to make it cool enough around her for her to continue wearing her favorite floppy sleeved clothes. In the winter she does the reverse, amplifying the infrared radiation to make the temperature more to her liking. During the fall and spring when the temperatures are more to her liking, Aiko uses her electron shell like a form of sunscreen, blocking out all the UV rays, this is much more tiring however so she doesn't do it often.

Aiko has developed a couple offensive ways to use her ability in conjunction with some common items (These involve bright lights so Aiko also carries a pair of sunglasses with her for if she needs to use these). One is to shine a small pocket flashlight she carries with her through her electron shell and amplifying the light to the point where it's bright enough to momentarily daze someone. Another way she can use the shell offensively and by amplifying the power of a high end laser pointer she carries with her. By itself the laser is strong enough to cause damage to a retina or pop balloons, but with her ability to amplify it, the laser can ignite cloth and wood, melt through plastics, and even begin to damage some metal objects that are more susceptible to heating up quickly (Mostly smaller objects like keys, a padlock, or links on a fence). While providing quite a few utility uses and a couple offensive uses, the electron shell provides almost no defensive abilities. All forms of matter can pass through the electron shell with no issue. The only types of attack that the electron shell can defend against are attacks involving electricity, electrons, or some form of electromagnetic radiation (Like a shock from an electromaster could be diverted by the shell, provided enough energy is used).

Aiko is currently only able to generate an electron shell surrounding herself. The shell will move with her if she moves and she always remains at the center of it. She's been trying to create them so they don't have to be centered on her and can be placed elsewhere, but she has yet to succeed. The maximum size shell she can make is a 10 meter radius. The amount of effort maintaining an electron shell takes increases as both the size increases and the frequency of the type of electromagnetic radiation the field is meant to intercept increases. As an example, a personal sized (around 0.5 meter radius) shell blocking out radio waves takes so little effort it isn't really noticeable, while a 10 meter radius shell blocking out gamma radiation is so strenuous that Aiko wouldn't even last a minute. The limit for what Aiko can maintain without exerting noticeable effort is her personal (0.5 meter radius) infrared shell.    
OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.
A pair of stylish sunglasses to protect her eyes from bright lights.
Pocket Flashlight
For when bright lights aren't readily available
Laser Pointer
A high end laser pointer to help facilitate combat, should it be necessary.

CHARACTER THEME: A selection of musical tracks to act as your character's motif or background music. Can include as many or as few tracks as you wish.

Casual Fight Theme
Important Fight
Casual Theme
Being Mysterious
Sad Theme

CHATANGO NAME: Your name on our Chatango chatbox. (Optional)
FACE CLAIM: Oshino Ougi - Monogatari Series
MISC. INFORMATION: Any other important information regarding this profile.

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Aoki Aiko
Aoki Aiko
Level 3 Electron Shell

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[ESPER] Aoki Aiko Empty Test Post

Post  Aoki Aiko Tue Jul 24, 2018 4:00 am

The sun had long since set and Aiko was nowhere close to the dorm. Curfew had long past and she was out wandering the city, taking in the summer air. She glanced down at her phone to check the time... she was really late. "Well, seeing as I'm already late, might as well take my time getting back" Aiko thought to herself. Aiko wasn't too thrilled at the prospect of dealing with the dorm mistress after being out so late, dealing with her was inevitable though. Aiko walked over to a vending machine, the lights inside illuminating a large selection of drinks and stacks. Aiko pulled out her wallet and looked inside... As she thought, empty. The girl sighed "Looks like none for me tonight."

She continued on her night time stroll, aimlessly walking through the city. “Maybe the dorm mistress would be asleep by now and I can sneak back in...” she thought to herself, although she knew there was no avoiding fate for long. “Might as well head back and get this over with.” Aiko let out a sigh and took a turn down an alley she know would lead her back to the dorms a bit faster than sticking to the main roads. As she rounded a corner, Aiko spotted a small group of three older boys, what looked like high schoolers. Stuck between them and the wall of the alley was a girl, a middle schooler it looked like, who seemed to be in a bit of a pinch. “Haha,” Aiko thought to herself “I know this plot well. This is the part where I swoop in and save the girl from this rowdy bunch of high schoolers”. Aiko walked down the alley towards the boys. Once they took notice of her their eyes followed her as she approached… and continued to follow her as Aiko walked straight past them and continued down the alley. “Ha, no way could I do that! There’s no way I can rescue her by myself. Maybe if it was one guy, but three, no way!” As she reached the other end of the alley and was about to turn the corner back onto the main road Aiko heard, barely audible over the sounds of night trafic, the small voice of the trapped girl “help…”

Aiko spun around in place. There was no way she could just leave this girl here, especially not after hearing her call for help! Aiko ran back towards the three boys, throwing herself between them and the girl. Standing between them, Aiko activated her ability, creating a electron shell just large enough to fit the two girls. Using her ability like this was against the rules but Aiko had never been one to care much about something like that. Aiko turned her head towards the girl and whispered “On my que, start running.” “What do you think you’re do... “ Aiko didn’t give the boy a change to finish his sentence. “NOW!” she yelled while pulling a small flashlight from her pocket. As the beam of light passed through the electron shell its brightness was magnified greatly, taking the boys by surprise and forcing them to shield their eyes. Aiko grabbed the hand of the girl and started running with her towards the exit of the alley. “It’s about to get dark but just keep running.” Aiko yelled to the girl as the ran. Aiko concentrated for a moment, then expanded the shell to encompass all 5 of them, at the same time shifting the field from amplifying outgoing light to blocking incoming light to plunge the alley into complete darkness so the 3 boys would have trouble following them… but she could still see. There was light coming from somewhere inside the shell.

Aiko spun around to see where the light was coming from, telling the girl to keep going. One of the boys was glowing, electricity was arcing all over his body, illuminating the darkness. Aiko smiled, it was an electromaster. If it had been fire or something there would have been nothing she should do about this. The electromasters friends backed away from him, seemingly not wanting to get shocked in the exchange that was about to take place. Aiko quickly condensed the electron shell back to a size more suitable for just her and the other girl and turned her back to the other esper. She continued to run towards the exit of the alley as the boy let loose a bolt of lightning straight at her. The bolt collided with the surface of the shell, deflecting off in random directions. The confused boy fired off a few more bolts to similar results before Aiko and the girl rounded the corner, back onto the main street. The other girl was almost out of breath, but Aiko was doing ok. “They won’t follow us back out here, there’d be too many people and cameras that would see them.” Aiko said, looking somewhat triumphant at her escapade. The other girl turned to her, looking extremely relieved. “Thank you so much,” she said “Is there any way I can repay you for this!” “How about a drink” Aiko said with a smile on her face as she pointed towards a brightly lit vending machine “I’m kinda broke right now.”
Aoki Aiko
Aoki Aiko
Level 3 Electron Shell

Posts : 129
Join date : 2018-07-22
Location : Tokiwadai's Middle School, Academy City

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[ESPER] Aoki Aiko Empty Re: [ESPER] Aoki Aiko

Post  Mugino Shizuri Tue Jul 24, 2018 6:06 pm

Three consecutive reads. No errors. No problems. A lovely profile. Not too short. Not too long. Everything as detailed as necessary. Good job.

[ESPER] Aoki Aiko Axdlrt6p
[Level 3 Electron Shell]
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[ESPER] Aoki Aiko Empty Re: [ESPER] Aoki Aiko

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