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[Magician] Emiya Shirou [Dead]

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[Magician] Emiya Shirou [Dead] Empty [Magician] Emiya Shirou [Dead]

Post  Emiya Shirou Mon Jun 10, 2013 12:06 am

Emiya, Shirou

[Sorcery Name Locked]

Ally of Justice

[Magician] Emiya Shirou [Dead] UnxPleF

"I can realize that dream, father. I will become a superhero, and protect others at all costs!"

FULL NAME: Shirou Emiya

OTHER ALIAS: Shirou Kotomine, Fake School Janitor, Archery Club's Vacuum Cleaner

CURRENT AGE: Seventeen


OCCUPATION: Student (A Certain High School)

SCHOOL: A Certain High School

FACTION: Roman Catholic Church (Executor)


The first thing people typically notice about Shirou Kotomine is the rather messy-looking mop of copper-colored hair which nests comfortably atop his head. The reason others tend to notice his hair before the rest of him lies solely in the bizarre combination of "well-groomed" and "messy" Shirou's hairdo seems to naturally enjoy. His hair is soft and kept clean, but beyond the daily dose of shampoo while bathing Shirou makes little effort to actually brush or comb his hair. The reddish-brown color of his hair is also somewhat odd, as the hue of his hair seems to lighten slightly the further up one looks, yet no actual contrast between light-red and dark-red exists; the color tone of his hair is simultaneously blended yet transitional, seeming to change just enough in the shifting light to remain consistent and not draw attention to its unusual, almost fall-leaf shade of red.

Because of his perfect vision, Shirou does not wear contacts or glasses over his amber-colored eyes. The golden hue of his eyes lend his stare an almost eerie nature; but the most disturbing factor about his eyes is their ability to express intense emotions and feelings that betray just how strong his own heart is. His eyes are very sharp, and he can see things others often miss. By default, Shirou's gaze is warm and welcoming, and betrays his sharp mind and methodically observational nature. Because of the "sharp" nature of his eyes, he is often considered to be a delinquent by his fellow students. However, Shirou's sharp gaze can be replaced with a softer light when he is surprised or embarrassed. Few people can meet Shirou's eyes without flinching or feeling "pressure" from his naturally attentive gaze when he is discussing something that means a lot to him.

Shirou's skin tone is slightly more pale than most, but not eerily so or without the slightest bit of color. His musculature does not sculpt out an ideal Adonis; he is more "scrawny" than "chubby", though. He stands at a somewhat imposing one-hundred and sixty-seven centimeters tall, and weighs in at fifty-eight kilograms. He is reasonably strong for one of his physical foundation, but is much more suited to a combination of blinding speed/agility and precise, effective attacks than he is tanking a target. He cannot be called "out of shape,"; even though he isn't a living mountain of muscle, he is very much in good physical condition.

As for his fashion sense, Shirou's choice of clothing for his line of work is unusual to say the least. A simple black, button-up priest's stop with long-sleeves and a priest collar is his usual upper attire. He does wear a white t-shirt underneath this priest garb, but it cannot be seen unless he has his shirt unbuttoned. He wears matching pants: black, formal-but-comfortable slacks which do nothing to impede his mobility in the slightest. For footwear, Shirou wears black dress-socks which reach up to around his ankles, though these are hidden by his steel-toed, formal dress-shoes. These rather modest loafers are simple and match his main outfit since they are black in color as well, save for two bands of steel over the toe-section and arcing over the top of his foot just below the mouth of the shoe. Most of the time, Shirou opts to wear a long, black jacket with trailing coattails which reach to the back of his knees. He wears gloves as well. Almost all of his attire in these "work cloths" are modified in some way to give him protection.

Lastly, Shirou also likes to wear a golden cross necklace which is suspended from a thin, black string about his slender but muscular neck.

When not on the job, Shirou typically wears a long-sleeved t-shirt with a white chest & back, with a deep blue collar that reaches to several centimeters below his collarbone. This color pattern connects directly to the similarly colored sleeves. These are complimented by a pair of navy-blue pants that hug his legs fairly closely without being skintight, ending at roughly ankle length. For shoes, he usually wears a pair of grey-and-black sneakers. Whilst cooking, Shirou dons a pink apron.

HEIGHT: 167 Centimeters

WEIGHT: 58 Kilograms

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Shirou is a rather plain-looking individual, with his average height and unassuming disposition. If his red hair and the uniform nature of his cleric's robes don't make him stick out, then the unusual yellow hue of his eyes will. When he uses his unique form of magecraft, his eyes seem to give off an eerie glow. It is theorized that the more he uses his magecraft, the further his appearance will change over time.


Few people know about this aspect of his personality, but Shirou is actually a very selfless individual. One might even say he lacks the inherent sense of self-preservation that most humans possess. He believes in doing for others, without the motivation of personal gain. In large part, this is why he believes he may suited to the role of Executor. This trait expands beyond the pursuit of justice. He willingly does things like hold doors for others, fix things for school rooms and clubs, and frequently gets involved in situations that may inconvenience himself for the sake of helping others. In this regard, some may see him as "broken", but he considers it his duty to help those in need.

This trait may be credited to Shirou's affinity for archery (including marksmanship), analysis, and his frequent engagement in parkour. He has learned to pay close, constant attention to his environment and those around him. He tends to remember faces before names, he understands directions better if he can see them on map, and he boasts a tendency to notice small details others may miss.

In a true personification of the Japanese spirit, Shirou is a very hospitable person. Perhaps related to his affinity for domestic tasks, Shirou actually enjoys - to some extent - taking care of others, even if in some cases certain people frustrate him at times. To him, there is almost no more important role than being a host. This is not a free license for guests to act rudely, and likewise he always does his best to be as good a guest as he is a host. The Western (European) concept of "Guest Right" is sacred to him, and those who break bread under his roof will have his protection and service.

As a result of his adoptive father's role as a superhero, combined with the "blank slate" the fire left behind, Shirou Emiya quickly became enthralled with the concept of justice. The reason he took his current job is because he considers it an Executor's duty to protect humanity from all threats, especially those that are supernatural in nature. His understanding of the concept of "Justice" may change, but his love of justice will never die. In his opinion, it is the duty of the strong to protect the weak. Recently, he temporarily agreed to associate himself with the Church because they are (in his mind) a symbol of hope and justice on Earth.

When Shirou Emiya has a goal in mind, it is nearly impossible to get him to give up. One example of this is his desire to be a superhero. He has trained hard and practiced the little magic he knows in order to get closer to that ever-distant dream. He is the type to try, try, and try again even in the face of repeated or brutal failure. He once tried to leap a hurdle kept on the track and field team, and it took six hours of constant running and jumping and falling down before he gave up for the evening. And the next day - after school - he was at it again, until he succeeded. In most cases, Shirou would rather get seriously injured or die before giving up on a goal that is truly important to him.


Shirou enjoys cooking immensely, and considers it an art form in and of itself. To Shirou, cooking it a language all it's own. With an infinite variety and combination of flavors, textures, and spices, one can communicate just as wide a spectrum of emotions and thoughts. Food is something the one one preparing it can personalize and make his own. The only thing Shirou enjoys about food more than preparing/cooking it, is watching others eat and enjoy it. His affinity for cooking exceeds even the level set by professional chefs the world over.

Fixing Things
If Shirou's skill in cooking is matched by one thing, it is his gift for maintenance and repair. He is a natural handyman, and - like most things one is very good at - he enjoys it. Specifically, if he looks at cooking as a form of communication, then he sees fixing things as a sort of meditation. He has always watching maintenance crews do their work, and years of various handiwork has essentially qualified him to be considered a fairly skilled carpenter, electrician, or plumber. His limited talents in magecraft also strength his affinity for maintenance work and repair, so it's no wonder he has taken to it so well. In a different sense of the word, this sort of hobby is weird for Shirou Emiya since he is broken himself.

Shirou has - since the age of seven - trained his body on the orders of his adoptive father, Kiritsugu Emiya. Both a superhero and an Executioner must train their body rigorously, considering the superhuman, supernatural nature of their primary targets. For Kirei, his unmatched skill in "Super Bajiquan" is enough. As for Kiristugu, he was in good enough shape to take a good bit of damage or perform athletic feats. Shirou sparred with his father as a child and has even fought with Kirei once or twice, but the bulk of his physical conditioning has consisted of kendo, archery, and parkour on a regular basis.

Shirou didn't have time to dedicate himself to many activities beyond his physical training and studies. However, during the little down time he had that wasn't spent eating, sleeping, or watching/helping the maintenance crews, he enjoyed reading. On long airplane trips and drives, when he was fully briefed and well-rested, reading proved to be an effective and enjoyable pastime. Books he has read range from War of the Worlds to La Divina Comedia,  though he especially found such classic literature to be enjoyable. He isn't a bibliophile, but when he has time to read, he will typically do so even if just to help himself fall asleep.

Shirou Emiya has always enjoyed archery as a hobby. Along with cooking, this proved to be another natural talent he would sharpen his skills in with practice. After a while, he found that he never missed his mark unless he meant to. This affinity for excellent marksmanship - he has recently discovered - extends to the use of firearms and even melee weapons or explosives, but "perfect accuracy" seems to be something he has picked up over time in regards to weaponry. He once described the process as "By the time I release the arrow, I have already hit the mark in my mind's eye". Through only a year of using weapons, he has reached the same level of proficiency as a soldier, though he is more like a "highly trained assassin".


God complexes
With no backing in religion, Shirou simply resents those who place themselves above others. They way he sees it, it is his duty to protect others because he was lucky enough to survive the fire. He believes all humans - including people such as magicians and espers - are equal in the eyes of god or nature or whatever. He doesn't believe that any one person is better than another, and probably couldn't get used to thinking like that given his superhero mentality. To him, the notion that "one person is worth more than the other" is ridiculous.

Shirou Emiya isn't exactly shy or anything; rather, he has simply had limited interaction for most of his life. He has only ever truly interacted at length with his father, a small circle of friends from school, and fellow members of the Church. As a result of this limited interaction, he isn't fond of crowds unless he would find one convenient during a mission or to complete a purpose such as losing himself or a pursuer in one. He avoids things like concerts, where huge masses of people usually gather, though this can all be credited more to shyness than resentment. He can frequent places like festivals or malls, but more often than not he'd prefer a small group of close friends than having several casual friends.

Being well-mannered and polite are staple hallmarks of any child brought up in the East, famed for its manners. As such, it is fitting that he is opposed to rudeness, especially in a conformist society like Japan. Whether this includes people talking too loudly or - god forbid - rudeness at the table, he will generally speak out against inappropriate behavior.

Instant/Junk Food
Considering Shirou's love for cooking, this isn't exactly his most unusual pet peeve. He believes food should be carefully and lovingly prepared with effort if nothing else. So, things like instant ramen and western "TV dinners" make him peevish. He can't even stand fast food, though a restaurant is fine.

Watching others suffer
Shirou likes not just to fix things, but also to fix people. If seeing a broken object makes him cringe internally, then he feels sick when he has to watch other people suffer. If there is something he can do to save someone, or to help people, he will usually do it without a second thought... Even for his own well-being. He does believe people have to want to help/save themselves, but he would be hard-pressed to deny assistance to a person in need. Yet, there is a chance this characteristic is self-imposed over a far more sinister disposition. After all, it was used to fill the emptiness inside of himself, and that could be why he took to it so vehemently.



Strong Willed

Domestic Duties

Physically Conditioned

Natural Affinity for "Weapons"




Lack of Self-preservation

Stubborn to a Fault

Only Human


Ten years ago, the town of Fuyuki experienced a terrible tragedy that has come to be known as the "Great Fire of Fuyuki." Much of the town - including a park, several blocks of a residential area, and many stores - was reduced to ash and smoldering rubble. One structure that caught afire was the Fuyuki orphanage, and within the entire blaze there were seemingly no survivors. A man named Emiya Kiritsugu found himself wandering amidst the smoking ash and billowing clouds of flame, desperately looking for any sign of life. He needed to hold on to the hope that even one person might still be alive. He had wanted to save the world, and now he couldn't even find one person to save. The man who sacrificed everything for his ideal of saving "as many people as possible" was on the brink of a mental breakdown, until he stumbled upon a seven year old boy who was still alive. But just barely. Kiritsugu lifted the boy into his arms and carried him away from the all-consuming fire. The boy - Shirou - had been granted salvation, and in return so had Kiritsugu. The two saved each other; Shirou by surviving, and Kiritsugu by removing the boy from the inferno.

He had been found by the "Magus Killer" after a massive fire burned part of Shirou's hometown of Fuyuki City to the ground. The man managed to find the sole survivor of that terrible blaze, and the two served as a symbol of hope for each other. After bluntly being told Kiritsugu was a magus, Shirou agreed to be adopted and take the man's last name. At age seven, the otherwise nameless "Shirou" became Shirou Emiya. All the boy had before that, all he was... It had all been burned away in the fire. The result was a certain "emptiness", that would become a flaw within him. Shirou Emiya was a broken person. That fire left its mark, by leaving nothing behind. Shirou has one flawed emptiness in his personality. He feels that as the only survivor it is unfair to the deceased to prioritize his own needs before those of others. He has a distorted sense of values where he finds selfworth from helping people without any compensation, as he feels that the very act of “helping people” is his reward. When it comes down to receiving an injury or even giving up his life to help someone, he will do it without a second thought.

When he was nine years old, Shirou swore to himself and his father to become a superhero. The old man with sad eyes looked with a smile upon the young boy whom he had been recalling his own abandoned dream to, and patted his head affectionately. Two years later, though, Kiritsugu disappeared. All Shirou had to remember him by was the Emiya estate in Fuyuki, the countless stories and numerous bits of advice on dealing with people like magicians, espers, and the like... And his belief in justice. An impossible, childish dream: to become a superhero, and save everyone. That was the abandoned ideal picked up by Shirou Emiya. And shortly after passing on this ideal, Kiritsugu seemingly died. Shirou continued to move on towards that ideal, as he had since that calm, moonlit night. He trained his body and his mind since that passing on of the dream, in things like kendo, archery, and parkour. He even poured over Kiritsugu's notes on dealing with supernatural enemies like magicians and Espers once the latter was no longer around to give him personal advice.

Initially, Shirou Emiya seemingly had no real magical talent.

The single magic Shirou has ever demonstrated - without even truly knowing how it worked - was Projection and supplementary magic related to structure. The anomaly was that no one really knew of any wish or sorcery name for him, and Kirei did not want him to live the limited life of a magician anyway. So, Kiritsugu told him "Do not become a magus. Instead, merely exist as a practitioner of magic."

When he was fourteen, Shirou first met the Fake Priest of Fuyuki, Kirei Kotomine. Kirei saw promise in the boy's determined face, and promised to help him pursue the same path as his mentor and watch over him. In short, Kirei wanted to help Shirou become a "superhero". For three more years, Shirou continued his own training regimen that he had since nine years old, and adopted a new one was well. At age fourteen, he became the disciple and student of Kirei Kotomine, and was trained in the ways of the Faith. Appropriately, he has been taught various prayers and given intense physical training and thorough education required to become an "Executor" of the Church: One who specializes in fighting not only magicians and espers, but inhuman/supernatural enemies. After two years of training, Shirou became an official Executor at age sixteen.

Now seventeen, Shirou has enlisted in "A Certain High School" for his second year of high-school level education. He has adopted the alias "Shirou Kotomine" to enter Academy City, and serves as an Ambassador of the Faith. He is stationed as the Assistant to the Head Priest of "The Chapel on the Hill" in District Twelve.

Roman Catholic Church: Executor/Assistant to the Head Priest

Prǫjeqrksjon:Projection is the foundation for the process of "creation", once employed by the nearly extinct race of dwarves, known as the Dvergr. It is the lost magic that allowed the race of dwarves to become history's greatest smiths. Many - if not all - of history's greatest weapons were forged through this skill by the once flourishing race of the Dvergr. But, as the case with many of the old races, the Dvergr - and their magic - have been lost to time. A custom-version of this ancient magic has reawakened in the soul of the human known as Shirou Emiya. The aspect of "Metallurgy" - the creation of metal - is the dwarven ability to "craft" items from one's inner thoughts. Projection is not restricted to metal, but instead allows a magus to shape mana into material from their thoughts. This is a lost magic, and Shirou is the modern world's only practitioner of this ancient power. But, he is still a human and must exercise caution. His body and mind have human limits, even if his magic does not.


Gradation Air, while a high level skill, is generally considered useless compared to Reinforcement due to the higher mana cost, and anything that Shirou initially projects is useless and hollow. Though the objects merely imitate the shape, there are only a few who can identify them as fakes in a first glance. Any practitioner that analyzes composition wouldn't be able to see through them, and even one that works through spiritual mediums would only notice a sense of in-congruence.

The concept behind this Magecraft is rather simple, to shape mana into the material composition and design of an object that is being imagined by the magus. The item is not everlasting, as it is recognized by the world as a "phantasm" that doesn't belong in the natural world, and it will be erased as an inconsistency. The better the image in the caster's imagination, the more stable and longer lasting the object will be, and it can be further improved by having technical knowledge of its construction, such as a blueprint, or having materials to overlay the desired shape upon.

Projection is considered to be an incomplete and mostly useless Magecraft by most modern magi for anything other than immediate activities, such as projecting a sacrificial item to be forsaken in a ritual. It is generally easier and more practical to create an object that will not fade away with appropriate techniques and raw materials. Shirou typically uses his Projection ability to manifest weapons such as blades, firearms, or explosives. This is done by mentally breaking down the object one wishes to create. By "crafting" the item in his mind and by breaking its structural composition down, he can impose the "phantasm"'s existence onto the natural world. Without Reinforcement, the weapons he creates won't last more than a few minutes. He is literally creating the projected object from nothing, and making what he imagines "real".

Comparatively speaking, if a magus uses Projection to create a sword while spending ten units of mana in the process, he will get a weapon with an overall strength of four or five. Meanwhile, if he uses that same mana to reinforce an existing blade, he will get a weapon with a power of twenty or thirty.

Artifacts and weapons created through Projection may be given passive or active abilities upon their creation, typically decided on by the user's needs or wants at the time. This adds additional strain on the user, especially when crafting absurdly powerful or unique items (Must be weapons or magical artifacts designed to be weaponized/used as defensive armaments). Shirou can not just Project anything he wants, whenever he wants. Even if he has the idea of a weapon in his mind, he must have a form for it to take and understand the composition of the item.

At his current level, Shirou can only project about seven times a day (up to ten, though once more past that would hospitalize him from exhaustion). Further, the use of certain Projected items may take their individual tolls on him.

Modification of a currently existing structure is realized through the spell Reinforcement.

Reinforcement: Reinforcement is Shirou's most basic spell, which has been mastered by the young man thank to his methods of training. Reinforcement - while not as costly as Tracing or Projection, still requires a peak-level form of concentration if Shirou truly intends to successfully perform Reinforcement at its highest level. To put it simply, Reinforcement is the most difficult type of magic with the purpose of "Pushing a basis to the utmost'. It is the foundation of all structural magic, that enhances the existence of the target with the purpose of pushing a basis to the pinnacle - the best it can be.

Reinforcement allows Shirou to accomplish feats related to "Structure". For example, the power to analyze the structural composition of objects and increase their effectiveness by understanding their chemical and physical makeup, such as the sharpness and durability of a sword and shield. Reinforcement is the same as adding something to an object that is already complete. In the case of failure, the target of Reinforcement would receive it as poison. One application of Reinforcement allows Shirou to repair the damaged parts of an object, fill in the weak spots of that particular object, and strengthen said object so that it is the "Best it can be".

"Strengthening" Reinforcement allow Shirou to strengthen his physical capabilities. He is capable of enhancing his stamina to a point where he can run fifty kilometer's per-hour, and can easily leap out of the third story window of a castle. Furthermore, Shirou can enhance his eye sight and muscle's to become a devastating fighting force. With this skill, he can gain the ability to see and track objects up to a distance of Five Kilometers away.

Meanwhile, bodily enhancement using Reinforcement allows Shirou to strengthen his physical abilities such as accelerating his reaction time, and multiplying the maximum output of his muscles while simultaneously increasing the density or hardness of his skeletal system or increasing lung capacity.

Shirou is also very skilled in Structural Grasp Magecraft, which allows him to understand the structure and design of objects as if he were viewing a blueprint. Reinforcement is not infallible however ; it is impossible to reinforce something vague. As living things will resist invasion of your spiritual energy, reinforcing someone else is the hardest, as their body will reject the invasion of mana or be poisoned by it. By putting structural Reinforcement into application, Shirou is able to create a bow out of the branch of a tree, repair a soccer ball, or change the shape of an object.

Will unlock in character


Tracing: This is the personal variation of Gradation Air that Kotomine Shirou developed and uses. Referred to as Tracing due the unique aria, "Trace On", that is used for its activation. Tracing greatly differs from normal Projection in the fact that not only does it reproduce the shape and substance of an object, but also the entire history of the object as well. Objects created with Tracing are "perfectly imperfect" imitations due to the fact that only so much information can be gathered by sight alone. Certain ancient or super high-level artifacts (such as Excalibur) are degraded by an entire rank yet do not lose their capabilities. The only exception is a weapon Shirou may have "intimate familiarity" with and one that he both frequently Traces and practices with over time to make the weapon in question "his".

Unlimited Blade Works ultimate purpose is a steel manufacturing factory that produces countless famous weapons and the forgotten weapons without owners that extend into the horizon. It contains all of the raw materials and sorcery needed for the formation of the weapons, and it records and analyzes all weapons and defensive armaments encountered by Shirou. The number of unique weapons encountered and recorded by him could one day exceed numerous thousands, most of which may well be divine or demonic and legendary weapons famed throughout history.

When any sort of weapon or magical artifact (still weapon-based, but including defensive amulets/armaments and such) are seen, their entire histories, compositions, and designs are all perfectly recorded in Shirou's mind. This allows for instant proficiency with the weapons by inheriting all combat skills and techniques utilized by their original owners. To store a weapon in this manner, Shirou must see the weapon with his own eyes, though if a weapon's function is invisible or some power tries to mask a weapon to prevent him from seeing it, his eyes will see through such a defense without a problem.

In order to properly use Tracing, Artifacts/Weapons need to be seen directly in order to be traced, as even with a blueprint and materials, certain artifacts like The Walking Church are impossible to trace. Objects seen through shared memories can properly be traced without a loss of integrity/ability. Due to the extra effort, it is possible to produce incredibly stable, ordinary items that can remain in the world for hours after their creation. Traced artifacts and weapons are not considered "Phantasms" and are as real as Shirou himself. Furthermore, whenever replicating mystical objects such as Artifacts or scientific/magical weapons it is possible to faithfully copy their special abilities and any skill(s) that its owner performed are available for use.

The reason this is possible is due to the nature of Unlimited Blade Works. At a mere glance, this technique records the history, composition, and design of what the user sees, and then provides the necessary materials needed to reproduce them. All artifacts and weapons Shirou observes are stored as "blueprints", allowing for the Traced objects to be considered "perfect replicas" that are not considered phantasms. Additionally, Traced objects are produced much more quickly than Projections and conserve mana much more efficiently. The actual reproduction happens within Unlimited Weapon Works and then they are brought into the real world when they are needed through Projection (Trace version). If the image of the projection is interrupted in any way, the item will be physically weak and shatter upon physical impact. It is also impossible to apply Reinforcement to objects recorded within Unlimited Weapon Works. Tracing, while the strongest of Shirou's magic, is extremely dangerous when used constantly and could eventually kill the user. The primary benefit of Tracing is the ability to perfectly imitate a weapon and immediately gain the memories, skills, knowledge, and abilities of the weapon's user relating to the Traced weapon/artifact.

Shirou has mentally divided the process of Tracing into seven steps, which include:

Judging the concept of creation
Hypothesizing the basic structure
Duplicating the composition material
Imitating the skill of its making
Sympathizing with the experience of its growth
Reproducing the accumulated years
Excelling every manufacturing process

Tracing conserves a lot more mana than Projection, and is much faster, but could ultimately never match up to Projection simply because Shirou's original creations can possess inherent or active properties technically limited only by his imagination, and the strain each one places on his body.

Sword Sewing Regeneration: As a result of his body being "Made of swords", damage done to Shirou's physical body heals much more quickly than most people. In a matter of minutes, cuts and broken bones can be "sewn" together by miniature swords within his body. These injuries can be reopened, however. Too much damage at once may also short-circuit the "body of swords", causing them to do more harm than good. To prevent them from actively working to "heal" him, Shirou must focus and concentrate on them.

While capable of something like reattaching a limb and recovering from decisively fatal blows, recovery from injuries afterwards would still be needed since all injures are simply "sewn" and not actually "healed". Just because an injury has been healed to the point of "restoring functionality" does not mean he doesn't have to be careful about reopening the injury for a while.

Sacraments: Due to Shirou spending his last three years as an Executor of the Roman Catholic, he has gained a working knowledge of using prayers and sacraments as his weapons against superhuman and sometimes mythical enemies. Things like barriers, seals, and even the "Black Keys" he uses are considered Sacraments.

Generally, these are conceptual weapons or prayer/rite-based incantations to achieve some affect far beyond what more focused magic of a non-spiritual variety can perform. In a sense, these are what allow Executors to fight enemies like magicians, espers, and even vampires as mere humans and prevail.

Marksmanship: Whether using firearms, explosives, or "arrows", Shirou rarely - if ever - misses his target. He has learned to harness a seemingly natural gift for archery, and by the time he visualizes a target he has already struck them. Even fast-moving targets or those that are far away are not beyond him, though when a target uses speeds he can't keep up with, he has to rely on his natural tendency to hit the enemy. This gives him an advantage over others, who must actually be able to perceive an enemy before hitting them.

Affinity for Weapons: Shirou has the capacity to master any weapon, including the skills and techniques associated with said weapon. Tracing is by far his most accurate ability of "reproducing" the skills or knowledge associate with weapons, while using ordinary Projection would be more like him replicating the effect/ability rather than actually copying it outright. In the latter case, his ability to analyze structure comes in handy, but the rank and nature of the technique may be changed or require him to improvise.

Additionally, he can Trace weapons regardless of their true origin, bypassing negative aspects that might otherwise make a weapon untraceable. This includes "Grimoire" weapons or others, though certain rules and limitations still apply.


Will be added later.

PLAYER'S NAME: Shirou Kotomine

RATING: M for Mature

FACE CLAIM: Shirou Emiya/Kotomine (Original concept/Nasuverse)


MISC. INFORMATION: Shirou's Projection and Reinforcement could be negated by Touko's Imagine Breaker, but "Traced" weapons could not.

There is absolutely no style of weaponry that Shirou can not (eventually) use as a "Weapons Master". No skill or level of weaponry is beyond either his ability to copy, learn/adapt, or analyze/imitate in his own fashion. Projection and Tracing may be needed to utilize the full capability of certain weapons. However, when Tracing a weapon, things like skill and memory of the weapon and its user are also flawlessly copied over and transferred to Shirou's mind and body.

Also note that the usage of certain techniques or the inherent abilities of some weapons may cause more harm or negative side effects, though those are left up to my discretion and agreement with staff. For example, if he used Tracing and performed an "ultimate technique" belonging to someone on the level of a Saint, then he could easily die or have his mind destroyed, for having pushed himself too far too quickly.

The only way to fully master such a weapon's capabilities without backlash is repeated use of the weapon in question and to practice the techniques in character.

Lastly, this change from magician to "other" makes Shirou more "A practitioner of magic" than a magus. He is not aware of his Sorcery Name yet, and lost a lot of experience in the Church. This helps balance him out, and allows him to grow in a number of ways.

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July 20th; 3:25 PM

Since arriving in District 15, Shirou "Emiya" Kotomine had entertained himself by walking around the metropolitan shopping district. He would occasionally allow his gaze to linger on this or that store display, though he had no interest in actually buying anything. Between the Chapel on the Hill in District 12 and the much larger Church in a nearby city, he had all the shelter and space he wanted. He was a man of modest means, and was a bit used to technology compared to many magicians.

He had learned from many years of observation and practice skills such as plumbing, carpentry, and maintenance. Further, he had always enjoyed taking things - electronic appliances included - apart, and became familiar with them that way over time. Even during his mission as an Executor - when hunting magicians, espers, and other such oddities - he often relied on technologically advanced weaponry. But, outside of weapons or maintenance, his functional knowledge of technology was lower than average. Well, at least compared to the average citizen of Academy City. Operating a vehicle or a sophisticated on-board guidance system for a UAV was child's play, but things like "phone applications" and the numerous, spinning trash cans perplexed and intrigued him.


And with that abrupt, ill-tempered demand, Shirou's attention was pulled from the flashing LED lights and Level 5 bobbleheads to the nearest alleyway. He had passed dozens of identical looking alleyways since arriving in District 15, but none of them had any people in them. Aside from excited children, sweating neckbeards, and scantily clad schoolgirls sniffing about. Shirou had found the behavior of such individuals peculiar, but was not sure about the customs of this city. He did not know if they were all looking for something - the kids seemed to be, if nothing else - or if the alleyways were just convenient methods of getting from point A to point B. But now, his own interest in the alleyways had been peaked. He made sure he was not being watched for just a second.

Then, he melted into the shadows.

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Emiya Shirou
Emiya Shirou

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