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Magic Side Factions and Terminology

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Magic Side Factions and Terminology Empty Magic Side Factions and Terminology

Post  Aleister Crowley on Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:19 pm

Magic Side terminology:

A Magician is a person who is trained to use magic. A 'normal' person can also use magic, though a they will suffer more severe consequences than a magician if they fail. The most important thing about magic is to prepare it properly, it the preparation in itself is done correctly anyone, regardless of magical talent might perform a spell. The opposite is true also as if the preparations are not proper the magic will not only fail, but the backlash will fry the brain of the caster.

Magicians prefer to operate in secrecy, even going to publicly deny the existence of "magic" if they are questioned about the subject and as such most people, such as Espers concentrated in Academy City are blissfully unaware of the existence of magic users. Magicians are typically distinguished from Espers due to the former's use of items with occult properties and being able to yield more than one type of power at the time.

Western magicians carve their sorcery name onto their souls. Their sorcery name is normally the reason they took up magic, or the one dream which they would sacrifice their life for.

Mana is the energy that allows magicians to use magic. Mana exists in all forms of life, not just magicians, although they are the only ones who use it. It has been explicitly stated one method of creating mana is by processing a person's inner lifeforce, similar to how crude oil is refined into other substances. The various schools of magic, for example Nordic and Shinto styles, requires different 'kinds' of mana for casting that other styles might not use.

There is 'natural' mana that exists within the earth itself, which some magicians or magical objects, such as the grimoires, draw their power from, in the form of "leylines". Mana is incapatible with the AIM fields that espers produce, as a result, whenever an esper performs magic he/she becomes severly injured.

Angels are immensely powerful beings with very volatile existences. They can be beings of either divine origin, such as the Archangels Gabriel and Michael of Christian doctrine, or artificial existences consisting of masses of highly concentrated AIM fields built-up from the thousands of Espers within Academy City. Angels of divine origin get their magical power from a substance known as Telesma. If deemed necessary, like a command from God, or being forced from Heaven, an angel can acquire a human form. Angels in the magic side have no free will of their own and that they are meant to be God's perfect tools, and are often referred as messengers of God to humanity. Although, they can malfunction and in turn can be called a Fallen Angel.

As stated angels in both sides are extremely powerful beings, capable of causing great destruction. So much is their power, that their very existence can distort the world. In order to be "summoned" or take a physical form on Earth, Angels must have a medium, or "core", to keep them bound to the Earth. If the core that binds them is destroyed their physical form will leave the Earth.

Saints are powerful people on the Magic Side, with less than 20 of them in the world. Their existence is also called 'Child of God', and marked with a Stigma. Traits that most Saints have include superhuman physical strength, incredible speed, capable of channeling larger amount of mana compared to normal magicians, and superhuman senses. It is possible for a Saint to use up too much power past the limit of the human body and destroy themselves. Saints have rankings akin to the seven Level 5s of Academy City.

A Grimoire refers to a book containing knowledge about magic. They are considered to be powerful tools with esoteric knoweldge and powerful magic spells written in them. It is harmful to all who dare read its contents, as they would drive a human into insanity.

The Power of the World is similar to the concept of mana, Chi and telesma. Like mana, which is formed from the life force of human beings, the power of the world requires refinement in order to be used. It is nigh-undetectable power even to normal magicians and is described as being like air. Although, specially trained magicians and Feng Shui masters can detect and see it's force.

A Ley line is a current of power that runs through the earth, using a number alignments using terrain and monuments, among other geographical interests. Ley lines are alterable by destroying and altering the terrain that runs through it, or applying the art of Feng Shui. However, modification of ley lines is a delicate process, as making a mistake can cause disastrous results. As such, modifications of ley lines are often carried out as big national projects and magicians who use earth for their magic are forced to be careful lest they destroy important magical points.

With modifications, leylines can be used to strengthening the power that flows through a ley line, or as something akin to pipelines. Ley lines can be described as pipelines and the nodes where they meet up act as reservoirs where other pipes are connected. With this, certain affects can be achieved, such as a spell travelling through the ley line from a node to another node, which will then spread that spell's effect through the ley lines it is connected to.

Magic Side Factions:

The Anglican Church is one of the world's three largest Christian organizations. It is one of the three factions that rule over England, along with the Royal Family and the Knights of England, the latter whom it has a very poor relationship with. In its fight against supernatural threats the Anglican Church employs the services of its own magical division, Necessarius.

Necessarius is the anti-magic organization created by the English Puritans who despised magic. However since Britain was a magical country during this time, they were forced to learn to use magic to counter magic, which was regarded as derogatory. Despised by Purists and forced out of Canterbury, the headquarters of the Puritans, Necessarius continued to contribute behind the scenes, building its power over time and becoming the main power behind the Puritans. Their headquarters are located in St. George Cathedral in London.

The Roman Catholic Church is the world's largest Christian organization, boasting a number of 20 million worshippers, spanning across 113 countries. It is one of the three major powers of the world, along with the Anglican Purist Church and Academy City. In addition to an army of magical knights they possess The "Ten Holy Artifacts/Rites", weapons of great supernatural power as well as the might of God's Right Seat, a secret magical organisation whose members possess divine power. Their central base is the Vatican City State, protected by a barrier that incorporates a magical formation that involves 90% of the buildings in Rome

God's Right Seat is a secret magical organization within the Roman Catholic Church. The organisation is originally established to advise the Pope on matters beyond human comprehension, and is supposedly created close to the time when the Roman Catholic Church is established. As time went by, God's Right Seat got hold of even more power than the Pope himself, being able to control the rest of the Roman Catholic Church indirectly by coercing the Pope into following their orders.

The Russian Orthodox Church is one of the three world's largest Christian organizations. It's leader is a young boy, still a child who in truth doesn't have total control over the organisation and is merely a figurehead despite his position.

Annihilatus is the secret branch of the Russian Orthodox Church that deals with magic, specifically the disposal of spirits and such that shouldn't exist, a counterpart to the Anglican Church's Necessarius, who instead hunts witches.

Lesser Magic Factions:

The Amakusa Church is a secret Christian cult based in Japan. They are noted for their subtlety in practicing magic, which is carefully hidden in everyday objects and bodily gestures. Formed when Japan banned Christianity from the country and killed those that believed in it. To escape persecution, they hid Christianity behind Shinto and Buddhism symbols and with their Catholic beliefs. In time these different aspects became muddled, resulting in it being called a 'fusion style' of Christianity by the Magic Side. Though they are a religious sect they do not have any church of worship, rather they meet up in different places outside of Academy City. They are also skilled in melee combat and group battles in addition to their magic.

Return of the Winged One is a magic organization based in Latin America. This organization has almost complete control over Latin America, though not to the extent like the Christian churches where they could influence the government.

The Knights of England are one of the three main powers of United Kingdom alongside the Royalty and the Anglican Church. Their mission is to maintain the status quo between the three main powers. The Knights and the Church, however, bear some grudge towards each other as the Knights dislike that the Church have gained as much power as them when they were originally created and used as a political tool to defy the Roman Catholic Church.

The Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church is a group of warriors created by and serve under the Roman Catholic Church. They were originally formed in response to the Knights of England and as a result utilise many of the same spells and weapons.
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