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Magic Side, Dark Side & Judgement-Related Changes.

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Magic Side, Dark Side & Judgement-Related Changes. Empty Magic Side, Dark Side & Judgement-Related Changes.

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:09 pm

Hey, everyone.

As you might be aware, lately we've had issues concerning how to accommodate recent Magicians and Judgement characters. From Iva we also have a few changes in store for the Dark Side.

So, we've settled on a few changes for the two groups. Warning, long announcement ahead. Very Happy

Magicians, rejoice. The entrance exams currently being held in the London part of our board will have its date shifted to the September of the year before the RP's beginning. This means that any character that has applied to join Necessarius in that thread will become a full-fledged Necessarius member in the current IC year regardless of the plot's outcome.

Going by this, the character-death option in the entrance exams is now disabled, so none of the OCs introduced by players will have to fear their character's death or coma should they become involved in threads occurring in the current year while they're participating in the Entrance Exams.

We've also decided that it was a bit too much for us to try and handle magic plots entirely on our own, especially with Index's new job, so we've decided to be slightly more lenient with players to make their own London threads compared to before. Keep in mind though that we will refuse any thread that has the goal of giving a power-up or permanent boost to a character; the threads aren't here for that.

Have fun writing up your own plots, but please don't go overboard since we'll still need to overlook them. Razz

Now then, for the science side, we've decided that we'll soon be introducing a new Branch specifically for OCs. This allows for Branch 177 to have a bit more breathing space than it currently does.

Any characters that apply for Judgement after this announcement has been posted will be redirected towards the new Branch, and if that OC Branch becomes full, a new one will open to accommodate the newest members.

Wanted to apply for the canon Branch, though? Worry not, you will get your opportunities to RP with Kuroko, Uiharu, Mii and the others, even if you're not a member of that specific Branch!

Speaking of Branch 177, from here on out any character whose owner has been inactive for over two months will be transferred IC to a new branch dedicated to inactive members. This applies to both older and newer members; we don't want so much NPCing duties for no reason.

And finally for the Science Side’s Dark Side the decision was made to form an official faction for characters to join. The new team will be named ITEM’s B Group!

Yes, you heard right. We settled on opening a special kind of subordinate organisation of ITEM that has similar traits to the key group we all know. This group will often team up with the main group to handle all kinds of missions in Academy City’s darkness or be allowed to pursue independent goals if necessary.
Unlike the main group however they are treated less friendly.

Currently the slots for the B Group are limited to the strict number of 5. A little low but appropriate for a Dark Side faction.
Worry not, there is still the subordinate grunt organisation for all those that don’t mind cruel harassment and/or slavery!

Please note that you are not forced to join any faction if you want to have a Dark Side character; the freelance option still remains.
Hujisaka Natsumi
Hujisaka Natsumi
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