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[SS] The Dirty Job

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[SS] The Dirty Job - Page 2 Empty Re: [SS] The Dirty Job

Post  Furuhashi Gou on Sun May 25, 2014 10:17 am

Honestly. None of the methods they would use seemed to show effect. First the heavy strike on the boy’s wallet, then the good cop bad cop routine. And even now that Kazuki could sit there smiling as if nothing ever had happened. Gou was trying his best and Chisa as well, yet that didn’t even seem to affect their target. What was wrong with that person? The more one would think about it, the more questions would be popping up. Disastrous. Their situation truly was disastrous.
When their pizzas arrived Kazuki started eating, only to leave Furuhashi with a truly surprised expression on his face. While the grey haired boy himself had tried to eat the pizza slowly, piece by piece obviously targeting for the most enjoyment, following the typical rules of dining, the boy on the opposite site simple started devouring the whole pizza as a whole. Well he had taken it slice by slice as well, however, the way he did was far from any dining rules, simply rushing himself through the large plate.
Words couldn’t describe it. Only the sounds one could hear from Kazuki’s mouth could. Sounds of joy, sounds of gluttony, sounds of a monster devouring an innocent lamb.

Another strategy was smashed right before his eyes. The boy had finished his meal within seconds. Looking down at his own plate Furuhashi realised the difference in both their styles of eating. While the boy had devoured his whole pizza in the speed of light, Gou had only managed to eat one slice which left seven to go. ”How…?” He wasn’t speechless, only close to it. Explanations couldn’t be found. Was something like that even possible? What kind of stomach was needed to handle something like that? Did that boy create a portal in there?

Once he stood up the mood at the table had changed. Finally free for a moment there was the possibility of having a secret strategy meeting without being noticed. Something like that really was necessary considering the situation they were in. Caught in an restaurant like that, being forced to eat pizza. Running away and leaving the pizzas behind was not an option. Society’s rules didn’t allow one to leave before having finished. ”What are we supposed to do now? There’s no way this will end well.” One could tell that Gou was fed up with this whole thing. After facing that untouchable Kazuki at the table, he had realised that the battle was lost. Any attempts to continue on simply seemed to become more and more painful.
The status of Furuhashi’s own plate added another difficult obstacle to their situation. He only had eaten another slice, leaving behind six pieces of the cheese and meat kingdom. Impossible to eat all of it, not in that short time they would need to escape. ”We need an escape plan. I don’t really enjoy this either. However, the only way to get over it would be retreating, until the point where we recover enough to finally stop this guy.
As you said, we got all the information we need. So we can strike anytime we want.”
Keeping his voice down as good as he could, the tall boy tried to find solutions together with his partner. Judgement shouldn’t fail at something simple like that. But it seemed that whatever they were supposed to do, in this situation the best solution would be abandoning anything of that!

And then their worst enemy returned, kicking off with a question that made Gou’s blood freeze. He had already figured out what that meant, yet Chisa proved once again that she was quick as lightning…


The blonde girl couldn’t believe the words that left that tall idiot’s mouth. He was giving up? Such a simply thing like running away from that boy became his final solution? ”Stop blabbering bullshit, you idiot.” Sharp words were used to cut down any further panicking that would come from her useless partner. She couldn’t stand it anymore. There was a thing called “pride” that rested within her and as long as it was there, she would never back down. Not that easily. She even would have punched him in the gut, if it wouldn’t cause too much of a scene.
”You are giving in to exactly what he wants you do to. So keep your mouth shut and erase that nonsense from your mind”, she explained in a forceful manner, yet holding her voice down, so that the approaching source of all their problems wouldn’t take notice.

And then she cut in before Gou could answer that question, knowing he would answer honestly, saving both their future wellbeing. ”Oh, we’re from the 156th branch of Judgement. The one with the beautiful window decorations, right on the opposite side of one of those famous steakhouses everyone would love to go to~” Even though it was a lie. Telling the difference between a lie or the truth from her mouth in this very second seemed impossible, especially when following that joyful description she gave.
She bought them both some time, in order to come up with a new plan. Actually there was already something on her mind. If her useless comrade couldn’t come up with anything, all would be left to her once again. ”So do you come here often, Kazuki-san~?” Continuing her cute act, the girl tried to push the topic away from their branch to something more simple, like small talk. Maybe that should be enough to buy them some more time. Of course she would also take a moment to enjoy that tasty miracle of pizza in front of her.
Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
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[SS] The Dirty Job - Page 2 Empty Re: [SS] The Dirty Job

Post  Tanaka Kazuki on Thu May 29, 2014 2:49 pm

”Oh, we’re from the 156th branch of Judgement. The one with the beautiful window decorations, right on the opposite side of one of those famous steakhouses everyone would love to go to~”

This comment surprised Kazuki, he hadn't expected them to just tell him what branch they were from so quickly. Of course there was always the possibility that it was a lie. Oh well, he decided he would check it out later, the allure of a famous steakhouse across the street was reason enough to check it out. If it turned out to be false information, he could always just tell the people at that branch that he was looking for his friends but couldn't remember what branch they were from. He did have their names after all.

”So do you come here often, Kazuki-san~?”

The small Tokiwadai girl's second comment interrupted this his thoughts. She seemed a lot less aggressive then the Chisa from earlier.

"Hmmmm, Oh yeah. I come here a lot. The owner of this place is one of my best customers. He gives me a discount whenever I come here." Kazuki explained, although he had mentioned that the owner was one of  his best customers without the judgement pair being aware of his job. He had also let slip that the pizza hadn't cost him quite as much as Gou had probably thought it had.
Tanaka Kazuki
Tanaka Kazuki
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[SS] The Dirty Job - Page 2 Empty Re: [SS] The Dirty Job

Post  Furuhashi Gou on Thu May 29, 2014 7:34 pm

The 156th branch of Judgement. It was a place Chisa only had known through stories told by Gou. As he had to transfer between branches a lot in the past, he was allowed to come around plenty of places. One of them was the 156th branch of Judgement, a truly remarkable place. Not in the good sense, though. People there were weird, not to say, they didn’t really fit what one would expect of the big organisation that was meant to watch over the school grounds. Honestly the people over there were rather troublesome…
It should be enough to say that Kazuki would step into a lion’s nest, if he really dared to enter that place. After all it was as terrible of a place that even Gou had decided to leave after a few days.
But that was their way of getting revenge on that certain boy.

However both of them had regained to opinion that they wouldn’t let it come that far anyway. Their goal was set and nothing seemed to stop them from reaching it: The annoying boy Kazuki would be caught tonight. Both of them had enough resolve to reach it. Gou didn’t waver anymore. The words the blonde girl had spoken seemed to have touched him deeply, as he sat there in a rather relaxed manner. Well, relaxed didn’t mean the pressure on Kazuki would be reduced. His eyes were following each of the boy’s movements, staring him down, attempting to do some weird kind of torture, caused by the feeling of always being watched.
To the grey haired boy there was nothing strange about everything in front of him. Each word the other guy spoke seemed to not even enter his ears or mind, as he didn’t show any reaction towards his explanation as to why he liked to come here. Caring about such small talk would only weaken the pressure, he was using as his most effective weapon. At least he was chewing on another peace of that tasty cheese-and-meat-kingdom.  

What was his strategy in this situation? Easy. The pressure should do enough in order to break his target. In the end he would surrender out of his own free will, unable to resist it anymore. Of course things didn’t seem to go this way right now. In the end Furuhashi decided to stick to it either way. Maybe in a few minutes or even hours everything would be settled. He didn’t bother. They had all the time in the world after all, didn’t they?


On the other side there was Chisa, who was still smiling and pulling out the most of her natural advantage: Her cuteness, granted by her small size and young appearance. She would even use the effects of Gou’s rather stupid approach in order to close in to victory. The contrast between those two of them would finally win Kazuki over, in order to perform her true scenario. Something like the good-cop-bad-cop story?

”Oh! Having some connections sure can come in handy~” Joyfully as always the girl spoke, while smiling in a slightly mischievous way. Just from looking at her, one could tell that she actually knew what she was talking about. After all that blonde Fuyuki Chisa was one of the spoiled ojou’s of Tokiwadai Middle School, which came from a very rich background. Speaking those words, however she seemed to be holding back from laughing out about the fact that those circumstances seemed to hurt Gou’s plans even more. That poor idiot, really seemed to reach nothing. Yet in the end all would come in for her own advantage, as usual.
”But there’s one thing I wonder about, Kazuki-san. Where exactly are you working? You said the owner is one of your customers, didn’t you? So what kind of job is it that brings you close to that kind of person?
Don’t tell me you are working in the feel-good industry?!”
Of course that all was only a joke. One could tell from the way she acted, making her voice sound as if this whole development was one of those certain moments in a daily-soap.

In the end she returned back to her original plan. Taking up one of the pieces of her pizza, the girl tried to play out her trump card, the ultimate weapon of pulling him on her side! By lifting the piece in his direction, she was already showing him the signal to take it with his hands and have taste. ”Come Kazuki-san, try it out! Eggplant pizza is the best after all~!” Her voice was ringing cheerfully, giving even Gou the creeps, who couldn’t avoid looking in her direction. And then she tried to guide that single piece of pizza in the other boy’s hand, aiming actually for the latter.
One touch would be enough for her final trick to work out. She already had prepared to emit one short electric impulse, only strong enough to paralyse another person, maybe even knocking them out. However nothing all too threatening.

The final ace. The move that would only require one short contact to knock the other party down. Would he take it...?
Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
Level 4 Tremor Touch

Posts : 129
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[SS] The Dirty Job - Page 2 Empty Re: [SS] The Dirty Job

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