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The Story So Far...

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The Story So Far... Empty The Story So Far...

Post  Aleister Crowley on Mon Aug 06, 2012 6:42 pm

A Certain Alternate Universe

The Story So Far:

As unknown forces infiltrate Academy City, its inhabitants find themselves drawn into a clandestine war between forces they can scarcely comprehend. A magician with a connection to Academy City's enigmatic founder appears, intent on his own mission of redemption. Elsewhere one unfortunate girl is dragged into the city's dark side as she joins forces with one of the Science side's strongest Espers and an unwitting teacher to combat a gang of dangerous criminals. In doing so they have attracted the attention of sinister forces whose plans for them will change Academy City and the world forever.

Arc 1: A Certain Mysterious Stranger.

Academy City, the world's first and foremost technological capitol and pioneer in the field of psychic powers. In this futuristic city live Espers; human beings gifted with incredible psychic powers. They are taught to use and develop their powers within the confines of the city's specialised 'Power Curriculum Program'. Those who fail to display any power whatsoever are classified as Level 0 and are swept aside in favour of their more talented peers.

Here, one of those said Level 0s with the peculiar ability of negating the supernatural finds herself in an unfortunate misunderstanding, leading to getting pursued by a gang of Level 0s. But thankfully she is saved by one of her acquiaintances; the third strongest Esper in the city, Misaka Mikoto, even though their relationship can be called quite bumpy.

At the same time a new teacher, Guy Ashton-Li, arrives in Academy City after being blessed with a position not even higher ups could attain; teaching at Tokiwadai's Middle school in the School Garden. Although, due to a set of circumstances, he is forced to live in a student's dormitory over actual teacher accomodation, leading him to meet Touko.

After getting acquiainted with each other, Guy and Touko separate only for the former to run into trouble leading him to be arrested by Judgement while Mikoto was chasing him, and the latter to end up being forced to help Mikoto find Guy, which they successfully do, but without realising that the three of them would slowly get roped into a gang conflict...

Arc 2: A Certain Magical Index.

After the events of the previous arcs, things had settled down and peace had returned. However, not for long.

Having infiltrated Academy City whilst on the run, here we find the mysterious nun calling herself Index, dragging along with her magicians of a magic cabal; Stiyl Magnus, Kanzaki Kaori, and additionally Vanni who is to support the two while a dark side agent named Haragi Faye is tasked with finding the intruders by the higher-ups.

The mysterious nun ends up in unfortunate Touko's care after falling on her balcony during her chase, and Touko sees herself being slowly forced to acknowledge that there are other types of superpowers in the world other than Espers from Academy City during a contest of stubbornness between the two.

In their usual habit of squabbling, Guy and Mikoto attracts Stiyl's attention in a park, although it couldn't qualify as a good first impression. The magician leaves after a remark, and Guy decides to invite Mikoto at a restaurant after upsetting her with his attitude.

There, they encounter Index, and while Mikoto and Index are clearly at each other's throat, problems present themselves as the magic cabal after Index shows up and destroy the restaurant in their attempt to retrieve her.

Conflicts begin between both sides as Guy, Touko, and an unexpected person grow a resolve to protect Index, and a “magician” girl called Himegami Aisa, from the lurking threat of the magic cabal and of an alchemist named Aureolus Izzard...

Arc 3: A Certain Scientific Experiment.

In the midst of a fight, Index destroyed one of the city's satellites where a super-computer used to rest in, and in the aftermath Index just disappeared. Index was, unbeknownst to them, returned to England for the Anglican Church to recover the 103,000 Grimoires and avoid further political issues as the treaty was breached.

But each of our previous arc's heroes are left disheartened by the disappearance of the young nun, at the time unaware of the fact that two of the strongest Level 5 Espers are at the heart of a brutal project held by the city.

Misaka Mikoto, having to deal with the barbaric reality that the Level 5 Accelerator is killing clones of her created for military purposes, sets out to stop the experiments by any means, even if her own life's at stake.

Accelerator, with the intent of murdering 20,000 clones for the dubious goal of attaining the yet unknown Level 6.

Outsiders become involved as they grow aware of Misaka Mikoto's more than mysterious disappearance from the city altogether without any news being given, and slowly decide to investigate the cause behind it. While elsewhere, one of the researchers deeply involved with the project decides that the Sisters are worth saving and attempts to go through with a certain plan...

Arc 3: False Error.

Rumours go around that the murder of children have been going on, but were unreported to the authorities as they are being subject to a deadly experimentation. Natsumi, who encounters a girl with selective amnesia, accidentally makes Guy the target of many “groups” out to get the girl and another child she knows, and ends up temporarily associating herself with whatever group will get her closer to finding Guy and the mystery girl, slowly coming closer to the source behind those rumours.

In the normal parts of the city, Judgement is helping Anti-Skill with a difficult case of a mysterious bus accident that has no obvious origin as the engine worked perfectly, until they realise one of the suspects is a young girl not even registered in the Bank.

Arc 3: Executing God's Will.

In other parts of the world Roman Catholics rebel against the affront Level 6 Shift is to God, and plan on killing Accelerator. But the envoyee sent to Academy City for that purpose discriminately attacks Espers that only very vaguely look like Accelerator from a lack of any actual details, dragging many white-haired Espers, Judgement, magicians hidden in the city, and our Imagine Breaker in a fight as they try to stop the mysterious aggressions.
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