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Post  Hujisaka Natsumi on Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:46 pm

Stories Archives:

In this thread you will find a list of all the threads in the forum including Main Arcs, Side Stories, Omakes and Non-Canon threads. The stories are accompanied with their respective OOC links as well as synopses. To read them, click on the appropriate link.

If you have started a story of your own please contact a moderator with a link to the thread and a synopsis of the plot. This information will then be added to the list and overall plot summary if appropriate.

Main Arcs


A Certain Mysterious Stranger - Arc 1

The revered, girls-only Tokiwadai Middle School famous for welcoming two of only seven Level 5s greets a new teachers on its premises, starting a story that will prove itself long when he encounters one of the city's most unfortunate person and one of Academy City's strongest Espers.

[Interlude] ; A Certain Magical Index - Arc 2 ; [Epilogue] (OOC)

On the run from a Magic Cabal is a young silver-haired nun naming herself Index. Though she had no plans to remain in the city originally, as circumstances keep interfering with her escape and as she meets more people in her time spent in Academy City, she slowly becomes the target of either more pursuing or the target of protection of the science side despite the war it could cause....

A Certain Scientific Experiment - Arc 3 (Main Side) [Epilogue] (OOC)

The drastic reveal of the horrors behind the re-purposed Project Radio Noise, and her own inability to fight its very source on equal terms, forces Misaka Mikoto to commence a terrorism scheme on any facility involved with the project as a whole, as Accelerator carries on his brutal massacre of the Sisters and more and more of Mikoto's personal acquaintances found themselves dragged into the mess.

False Error - Arc 3 (Secondary Side) (OOC)

A young child has been found roaming the streets of Academy City early in the morning following what appears to be a terrorist scheme of some sort on both a research facility and a more regular bus line. However, the girl has lost a full week's worth of memories, and the people whose care she found herself in quickly realise that the girl is being pursued by far too many groups for your average elementary school kid.

Executing God's Will - Arc 3 (Magic Side) (OOC)

The details of Accelerator's gruesome massacre on mass-produced clones is leaked to the magic side, and specifically to peculiar individuals giving no regards towards the balance between the sides and the supposed secrecy of the magic side. Considering that very experiment to be an affront to God, that magician infiltrates Academy City with the goal of finding and exterminating Accelerator, or perhaps someone who merely looks alike by a pure stroke of misfortune...?

Side Stories


Friendship is Fate's Craft

There are many ways for which a person residing in a city full of children, teenagers and young adults can form friendships. But one of the young elite students from Kirigaoka's academy will be faced with that realisation as she crosses paths with a young man whose injuries seem to have been provoked, unbeknownst to her, by an attempt to protect her...


A Certain Dangerous Intruder

Having deemed one of far too many of Academy City's intruders to be much more dangerous than before, the higher-ups have elected to dispose of them. However, rather than the presumed intruder, the dark side agent who's been hired to carry out the job ends up involving himself with what's potentially the biggest danger of Academy City to date.

A Certain Russian Transfer Student (OOC)

Oddities are most certainly not uncommon in the mysterious place that is Academy City. Yet, the people currently in Tokiwadai's Middle School are about to rediscover that fact as a new Russian transfer student and her eccentric personality and abnormal physical power is about to steal the spotlight.

A Certain Part-Time Job

Between the joys of embracing so many days of vacation that an average teenager would never really know what to do with all that free time, and the pains of having to find a job to sustain oneself during slower times at work, there sometimes tend to be very minor conflict of interests when those people of entirely different groups interact.

Bi-polar Opposites Attract trouble (OOC)

No matter the effort provided, there are some relationships that are bound to never work out; platonic or romantic. However, the status of a relationship doesn't necessarily reflect how efficiently those people can cooperate in a time of crisis, regardless of just how differing the mindsets can be within even a single, small group of people who coincidentally met up during the day.?


Having barely arrived in the city, Sasha Kreutzev manifests herself again in her efforts to dispose of Academy City's newest intruder: Jack Nightingale. But things don't go quite as well when the bothersome and stubborn Furuhashi Gou, along with his sidekick Fuyuki Chisa, butt heads with her, all while Nightingale is granted a "special" audience...

First Class

Tokiwadai's newest male teachers, for all gossiping pleasures, finds himself in charge of the class of a certain electromaster. To make matters worse for the easily irritable girl, despite the first impressions between the two being certainly peculiar at best, terrible at worst, she is forced by the administration to ignore his flippant behaviour and general unwillingness to cooperate and show him around the school and the city.

Intensify (OOC)

The latest trend amongst Level 0s and other Espers lacking in the self-confidence department is the drug Intensify. Unbeknownst to most of its users, it bears many harmful side-effects for what's only a temporary power boost, and as a result many violent attacks against Espers have been breaking out. As Judgement starts getting investigating the matter of this sudden wave of violence, so does the Ace of Tokiwadai along with a few friends to stop the criminals from harming more people.

Intensify - Episode 2 (Failed) (OOC)

The popularity of the drug supposed to enhance one's Esper ability still hasn't died down, and as the trafficking goes strong, so do the dangerous involvements of the Judgement officers who are still trying to capture the criminals and put an end to the drug's distribution, along with the help of a couple onlookers curious about the matter themselves.


The surprise foreign transfer from earlier having been forced upon Tokiwadai in an absolute mess, no accommodation could have been prepared for the storm that is Sasha Kreutzev. Only one alternative remains, and that is associating her with the other "newest arrival of Tokiwadai's arsenal", as her future would-be roommate is forced to handle their... specific mail.

Misawa Cram School

In an attempt to retrieve documents after running late, Mori Kita unfortunately arrives at the worst possible time to be in Misawa's Cram School.

New Territory Exploration

There are many types of people: Those that easily get along with others, the “social butterflies”, and those who just don't. And today is the day of a new beginning, for someone who represents the latter, at his new school!

Project Radio Noise (OOC)

Rumours have been going around that the Level 5 Railgun has been subject of cloning for military purposes. When the rumours start showing rather ugly sides, how will Tokiwadai's Ace deal with the situation?

Reunion with the Lost

A magician managed to find his way to where Aleister Crowley resides; the supposedly impenetrable Windowless Building. Though this magician, Milo Lorelei, seems to have no ill intents towards the superintendent unlike most other magicians, in fact quite the opposite...

Supersonic Angel Descent

It is time for Necessarius to hold another entrance exam to recruit more magicians! This time is particular, for they host the event with the cooperation of the Roman Catholic Church. But what they don't know is that many odd things will occur during the exam, and possibly compromise it...

The Dirty Job

While doing one of Judgement's most boring jobs under the blazing sun, the two Judgement members Gou and Chisa find themselves meeting one of the city's most bizarre troublemakers.

The Ramen Stand

Originally thought that he would spend a normal night at his part-time job while the owner is away, Koyoko finds himself involved in many fights as all kinds of people decide they want to eat outside.

Tricky Cat

Usually, when you see an apathetic cat-loving girl in an alley after finding herself in trouble due to following a cat around, the logical choice is to either ignore them or assist them until they've made it to the authorities or back home; simple enough without headaches… Right?

Unendlich Jagd (OOC)

The dark side is currently host of a three-way battle between a man who is trying to escape the city after his wrongdoings, accompanied by his bodyguards; a group of assassins eager to get to him and exterminate him; and ITEM, one of the dark side's most reputable factions, obliged to capture him alive. Who will claim the victory of this clash between powerful opponents?

Unlikely Reunion

Two individuals that vaguely know each other happen to meet in the most unlikely place that anyone could think of, considering how different their place in the world is.


A Certain Unexpected Accident (OOC)

The first school day for a certain teacher at A Certain High School is unfortunately everything but peaceful as one of the new students, Milo Lorelei, seems to be doing everything he can to not get along with his classmates despite their intentions of getting along with him.

Ba-Zhen-Tu (OOC)

The applicants for this year's special Necessarius Entrance Exam arrive at the floating island where the exams will take place, blissfully unaware of the dangers that actually lurk there in belief of a “normal” exam...

Here we go... Again?

An unlucky boy happens to attract the attention of delinquents wanting to give him a piece of their mind while he was running errands. Thankfully, it seems some people are willing to help him even if they're not the most normal people out there.

For Starters

For many true readers all over Academy City, a very important release date had come! But sadly the great event will soon be overshadowed by a group of mysterious intruders bearing a secret plan...

Ramen Hamburgers

Unlikely pairings occur between a Judgement member and a high-class lady from Nagatenjouki as they work together to fight off some delinquents.

Reflections (OOC)

Fujiwara Sayuri, a magician with extenuating circumstances that have condemned her to never make a single sound again, ends up in her sister and her faction's care, DISPEL, as they try to help Sayuri fit in the city as a... “regular Esper”.

Pasticceria Manicagni

A new pastry shop opens in Academy City, though unbeknownst to its customers, it also seems to serve as a meeting point between Roman Catholics who have infiltrated the city.

Putting an End to Wanderlust (OOC)

Once again, another plan is launched against Academy City, and possibly the world, as the magic cabal behind the intruding magician named Jack Nightingale embark on the final phase of their plan. Their name is “Those who Seek the Truth”, and they have but one goal: Call forth Ragnarök.

Revelatory Hatred

On a day where the boy named Zuisho Ryuketsu decided to take a solitary stroll through one of Academy City's numerous parks, he is accidentally caught using his ability by one of Academy City's numerous inhabitants...

The Grail of Blood (OOC)

Families of Knights have been wiped out in mysterious ways related to blood; a situation so grave that Necessarius, a faction that is usually at odds with the Knights, has to be called in to solve in the mystery of the wipe-outs...

The Walking Church and the Strongest

Each Esper in Academy City is raised to believe the supernatural can only widely exist in Academy City, if we exclude the unnatural Gemstones. Yet when the strongest Level 5 of the city faces the bearer of a forbidden library of dangerous Grimoires, she is determined to convince him otherwise.

Try to be more...

Another reckless day at A Certain High School as two peculiar individuals clash during class, incurring the wrath of many teachers at that school in their attempt to calm them down....

War of the Roses (OOC)

After returning to Academy City as part of an agreement of it being the best place for her to stay, Index finds herself the target of the Roman Catholics as multiple people from the dark side try to keep an eye on those intruders.



[Omake 3a] How can your Love Triangles be so Wrong? (OOC)

Schools, the grounds of studying, friendships and especially love for this particular Academy. On the first day of school for its students, many find themselves lovestruck, and with possibly the most incompatible persons one could think of...!


[Omake 1] A Certain Mysterious Island (OOC)

Stranded on a mysterious island filled with peculiar creatures, many persons find themselves struggling to survive and discover what this island is, and how did they get there from Academy City.

[Omake 2] One Thousand and One Nights (OOC)

During an anime festival occurring in Academy City, an extremely odd case of coincidences leads to an anime producer getting his hands on a Grimoire that had been smuggled out of the British National Museum, leading to the Saint-like being of otakus' dreams being born.

[Omake 3b] We're off to Slay the Demon King! (OOC)

In RPGs, it is most common for the Hero to embark on a long quest ahead to save the land from the strongest demons after gathering a party. It is however less common to have swords that are possessed by the soul of one who used to be the strongest demons, as well as possibly counter-productive party members...
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