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[Esper] Yanagi Mila

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[Esper] Yanagi Mila Empty [Esper] Yanagi Mila

Post  Yanagi Mila Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:17 pm

(Yanagi Mila)

(Trick Art)

[Esper] Yanagi Mila Mila_f10

"I've heard somewhere that a life without fun was a pointless life, and mine isn't pointless!"

FULL NAME: Yanagi Mila
GENDER: Female
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School

APPEARANCE: Mila's hair is a waist length lemon-chiffon. Strands of it are uneven and fly astray, so they are held in place by a blue hair clip. Her eyes are a deep violet, and her skin is rather pale. She usually can be seen wearing a black miniskirt, black bear stockings, and a white t-shirt with a black star logo.
HEIGHT: 4'9”, 1m44
WEIGHT: 88lbs, 40kg
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: When going out with friends, Mila sometimes wears pink hair-clippings.


Under pressing circumstances, Mila can never tell a lie. She is honest with those she cares about, and most of all, with herself—even if the truth is ruthless and harsh. Though it is not in her nature to be fierce with others, if she feels it is most true, she will be.

Mila loves to have fun with family and friends, and disapproves doing anything that is anything but entertaining. Her inner spirit manifests most when doing things she enjoys. She's rather rambunctious around people, and the fact that she is almost constantly full of energy leaves those around her baffled. She likes amusing others as much as she herself likes being amused. Those who know her best, however, know that by herself, she is not a bouncy powerhouse, but a deep thinker.

Yet another thing that leaves those in Mila's presence speechless is her limitless supply of confidence. It is extremely rare to find her pouting, sulking, and discouraged—unless, of course, something didn't go her way. In the face of being told “no” (or something she disagrees with), like a spoiled child, Mila will grow restless and impatient. Nevertheless, Mila never lets set-backs crush her inner drive to get things done.

Surprisingly Mila's unending internal strength does nothing to mask her love for adorable, cuddly things. Anything colorful, lacy, handmade, or delicious is sure to capture her attention. She has a wicked obsession with jewelry that resembles certain foods, and what she desires most is to hug everything cute—especially cows. She takes great pleasure in staring at clothing—particularly that with images, like stars, or ornate designs, like ballgowns.

Often, Mila lets her emotions overcome her logic and reasoning. Her decision-making skills in heated moments are clouded by her fury and sassyness—in her misery, her actions are driven by her sadness. If not absorbed by her feelings, Mila acts solely without thinking. What she does is reasonable at the spur of the moment, but later, she reprimands herself for it.


Spicy things (Probably as spicy as her temper—Mila will not hesitate to add peppers or hot sauce to a meal). Desserts and breakfast, the best meal of the day. Chocolate, and lots of it. Horror.

Insects of any sort (Yes, even butterflies), loneliness, making mistakes (a perfectionist), mathematics, and anything else that might require hard, numerical, or logical thinking. Anyone/thing who bickers with her sister.

Grammatical or linguistic skills, as Mila loves to read. Supportiveness and friendliness. Motivating others.

Biting her tongue. Frequently talks too much where talking is not required. Math. Anything not cute and color-coordinated.  

HISTORY: Mila and her twin sister Miiru were born in east Tokyo to Masa and Michi Yanagi (lovingly nicknamed “Majo” and “Majin” by Mila). Their parents were very wealthy—some of Tokyo's greatest business tycoons, in fact—and owned vast expanses of properties in the city. Due to their strong work ethic, Mila and Miiru's parents were almost never home. If not on a business trip, they were vacationing in a foreign country, and if not that, they were meeting with family members in other corners of the world.

“Business is what keeps a family together,” said Ms. Yanagi while waggling a finger. To this, Miiru and Mila nodded their heads in remorse, and gradually, the children grew farther and farther apart from their parents, who were thoroughly convinced that buying a child an expensive toy or providing them with extravagant dinners was enough to show one's love. They were surprised to find their daughters scowling at the presentation of a brand new doll or video game—why was it not enough?

The couple then hypothesized that the more the children received, the happier they'd be. Soon, Mila and Miiru's rooms were flooded with unopened action figures and teddy bears. Yet, this was still not enough. Left with no other alternatives, Mr. and Mrs. Yanagi acted on the belief that the highest quality of education would make their children happier.

Mila and Miiru were torn from their friends and sent to Academy City—a cursed gift that isolated them, but granted them freedom as well. Mila could both spit in her parents' faces and thank them for their decision; she despised their motives, but she figured she could take this opportunity to help her sister climb out of her shell, and using a means her parents hadn't: fun.

LEVEL: Level X
(Trick Art): Trick Art allows Mila to create illusions or decoys of herself by manipulating light. The illusions she creates fool others into perceiving that she or another object are in a different location than what they really are.

Her ability does not have a cooldown time, and it does not interfere with others' abilities. She can never create decoys of human beings or other things in motion, and when Mila creates a decoy, it cannot be more than 8-10 meters away from her original body. This will decrease the effectiveness of her decoy. Mila cannot target both an object and her own body at the same time. Objects that Mila interferes with must first be thoroughly inspected.


Rhythm Thief Original Soundtrack – Master Instruments (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHc-o4kKKQU&index=88&list=PLRlBWMlwZWb_sj-BXDch1f1-uHHeGyPxc)


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Yanagi Mila
Yanagi Mila
Level 3 Trick Art

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[Esper] Yanagi Mila Empty Re: [Esper] Yanagi Mila

Post  Yanagi Mila Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:14 pm

The sun was high in the sky, a bright, pale blue. Early and bright enough, in fact, to go hunting for limited-edition gacha figures. Mila laced up her shoes, clipped her hair far from her face, and jumped from her bed in a start. "One cannot waste such a brilliant opporunity! Come on, we're going on a search for gachas!" she exclaimed to her sister. Then, she bounded out of the doorway, eased the door closed softly behind her, and ran off to start her journey.

Shopping centers, market stalls, and vendors galore! Everything was so much more colorful and exciting outside, it seemed. Children locked arms with one another and flew down the sidewalk. Restaurants and cafes bustled with activity. In the midst of all the motion and chaos stood the store Mila was looking for—a purple exterior compared to the many reds, yellows, and greens of the city street vendors and strip malls.

"This is it," Mila huffed, extending her arms like a soldier on a mission as she crossed the street, "what I've been waiting for!"

She crouched next to the machine, observing the colorful bubbles inside, immediately distinguishing which toys were trash and which were treasure. Rubbing her hands together in anticipation and blowing a bit on her coin to “warm it up”, she reached a loving hand out to the coin slot and gave it a gentle push. One could hear it clanking within the machine, ever so slowly. If Mila's thoughts were audible, a few might have been scared away by the blaring of her prayers.

This frightening-via-thoughts was not required, however. Once the vibrant bubble made its way to the front of the machine and Mila held it in her hand, absorbing it, she let out a string of violent curse words. Damn. Must try again. And with that, she pulled coin after coin from her purse, the sun rising like a ripe, reddened peach into the sky.

Exiting the store with as many grocery bags as she could carry, Mila let out a sigh of satisfaction. The deed was done. She had forgotten how hot it had gotten out, though, and had to wipe the sweat from her brow. If Miiru were here, she pondered, I could have some sunscreen--

Miiru. Mila turned around to ask her for some SPF, but she was gone. How could one lose their own sister so easily? How long ago was it that Miiru had stopped following her? Mila could have sworn she followed her out the door and through the streets. Did something happen to her?

Mila's brain was racing with questions, and the energy in her brain was enough to overwhelm her body. She sprinted down the sidewalk, looking left and right, down every alleyway, in every park and avenue, flooded with panic. Feeling lost and exasperated, Mila placed all her hopes on a college student with thick-rimmed glasses, gradually making her way down the sidewalk. She asked if she had seen a girl who looked exactly like her, and to Mila's question, the student replied, “Oh, yes! She went that way!” She pointed her finger.

Mila turned her head, and there was Miiru, a green blob in a sea of other speckled blobs, her eyes filled with worry. "Miiru-chan!” Mila sobbed, running frantically towards her sister. She quickly gave her a hug, wiped the tears from her eyes, and sighed. "So..wanna see the gacha figures I got?!"

"I've been looking for you for over 4 hours straight, and you want to show me your GACHA FIGURINES?!" shouted Miiru, shoving Mila away and her face grew a deeper shade of red by the second, while Mila's eyes widened in fear. She hit Mila on the top of the head, running off in silence while Mila followed her home with a good amount of foul words as she rubbed the injury.
Yanagi Mila
Yanagi Mila
Level 3 Trick Art

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[Esper] Yanagi Mila Empty Re: [Esper] Yanagi Mila

Post  Mugino Shizuri Sat Apr 04, 2015 10:08 pm

Just like your sister’s this is an extremely nice and well made profile. I like your character very much!

1. Ability
And just like with your sister, I only got something to point out about the ability.

First the nice message: You can increase her effective range to about 8-10m.

Then I’d like you to point out that she can only target either one object or her own body, not both at the same time (both uses are possible, though).

she will be able to form illusions of objects that she has thoroughly inspected and are up to five meters away from her.
Please add the fact that said objects must be motionless.

Last but not least, I’d like you to state that the illusions she creates are actually deceiving others into believing that she herself or the object she is targeting are in a different location than they actually are.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[Esper] Yanagi Mila Empty Re: [Esper] Yanagi Mila

Post  Yanagi Mila Sat Apr 04, 2015 11:59 pm

Thanks! I'll make the suggested changes right away!
Yanagi Mila
Yanagi Mila
Level 3 Trick Art

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[Esper] Yanagi Mila Empty Re: [Esper] Yanagi Mila

Post  Mugino Shizuri Mon Apr 06, 2015 6:24 pm

I don’t know if Natsumi told you already, but it’d be nice if you added a little more to the appearance description, like her eye colour and the clothing she’d usually wear.

But that shouldn’t block your path. Therefore:


[Level 3 Trick Art]

I hope you will have a nice stay on this board Smile
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

Posts : 611
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[Esper] Yanagi Mila Empty Re: [Esper] Yanagi Mila

Post  Yanagi Mila Tue Apr 07, 2015 2:55 am

Changes made~
I hope it's acceptable! Thank you so much!
Yanagi Mila
Yanagi Mila
Level 3 Trick Art

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[Esper] Yanagi Mila Empty Re: [Esper] Yanagi Mila

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