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Fanfiction: A Certain Armistice Testament (Possible NT Spoilers)

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Fanfiction: A Certain Armistice Testament (Possible NT Spoilers) Empty Fanfiction: A Certain Armistice Testament (Possible NT Spoilers)

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen Thu Aug 11, 2016 1:15 pm

WARNING SPOILERS For early NT and all OT:

Greetings and Salutations,

My motivation of rewriting a series I already completed had been dying for the last few months. And so to avoid it killing my motivation I've put it on the backburner. This has allowed me to drag up a series I wanting to do from a long time.

Series Name: A Certain Armistice Testament
Series Summary: Telling the tales that followed World War 3 as the magic side retreats life for those in Academy city returns to peace. Though there is a darkening mood as the belief Touma had died after the battle with the Archangel becomes increasingly likely as time goes on. With no sight of the one who wields imagine breaker, it has left many in depression over his disappearance.

But there exists one who seeks to step out of his own personal hell and he is known as Tanaka. Seeking to join better his own life after discovering his Esper ability, Pyrokinesis. The boy who is only a level 1 attempts to join Judgement on the advice and support of Tsukuyomi Komoe. But personal hells aren't left behind that easily as his history with Skill out returns in a nasty way and he must decide to either stand up against it once more or fall back into hell he has long sought to escape.

From level 1 and onwards experience life in Academy after WW3 as many seek to make the only home in the world for Espers a better place. But challenges lay ahead and the journey to achieve this dream is dark and dangerous as the world enters a new era after the War.

Character Profiles:
Tanaka Sachi
Kazuki Anna

Volume 1

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Sir Alexander Beathen
Sir Alexander Beathen

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Fanfiction: A Certain Armistice Testament (Possible NT Spoilers) Empty Re: Fanfiction: A Certain Armistice Testament (Possible NT Spoilers)

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen Wed Sep 14, 2016 2:14 pm

No longer the Prologue this still serves as possible back story material for our new hero.

Possible Back story? wrote:You couldn't remember anything else when you stand within hell. With the stench of death overpowering your senses, the cries within the distance starting to fade with the passing of time.

There was no sense of hope, no meaning of salvation ever coming. The only thing you can think about at that moment when you stared death in the face was just simply how life can be so cruel.

Countless of times, lives have been snuffed out by mere accident or just the actions of the few throughout history. And for that moment, it was his time to die like all the others who didn't deserve such a cruel end.

But the desire to live on beyond this point in time, the wish to survive this brutal moment was answered as the flames danced around him. It was then he had realised it was all by his will. The devastating power that had just taken so many lives had bent to his will.

This overwhelming fact was worse than a thousand deaths, taking the lives of so many without realising.

To have created hell on earth without even giving a chance to stop it.

It had broken him.

And as he laid on the floor within a wasteland of ash and charcoal, the voice that he couldn't place had spoken to him.

"I'm here... so let me take away your fears, let me set your pain and sorrow upon myself. Let me take it all away so you can live your life anew."
Sir Alexander Beathen
Sir Alexander Beathen

Posts : 325
Join date : 2015-04-30
Age : 29
Location : England

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Fanfiction: A Certain Armistice Testament (Possible NT Spoilers) Empty Re: Fanfiction: A Certain Armistice Testament (Possible NT Spoilers)

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen Wed Sep 21, 2016 5:42 pm

Prologue wrote: During the final moments of the Third world war, Misaka along with one of her sisters had taken an aircraft close to a fortress falling through the sky.

"Reach him!!"

The aircraft with Misaka stuck to the main wing shook as it approached the fortress. It was then when her eyes met with a certain spiky-haired boy.

He seemed to be utterly dumbfounded at seeing the proposed escape method before him and even so suddenly. At that moment deep down the girl wanted to say “What were you even planning to do, you idiot?”, but there was no time for that now, and she can always lecture him later.

Putting priorities first, Misaka had crept all the way to the end of the wing and stretched her arms out as far they would go. And she was on the verge of reaching him, close to her goal she had hoped to save the boy from this disaster. But then the boy did something she never expected.

He shook his head.

And he stopped reaching out towards his only form of escape.

"Huh!?" Misaka surprised by this action and was set back as the boy tried to explain.

But she could not hear what he was saying, though she was able to tell from the movement of his lips.

“I still have something I need to do.”

Misaka wouldn't understand as her anxiety grew with another significant tremor in the collapsing fortress. It now had begun to move faster towards the earth, and she could only think about forcing him to her despite his words.

But her attempt to electromagnetically force him to her by pulling on his buttons, belt buckle and anything metal on him was suddenly out of reach. Her powers had failed her at that most critical moment, and it wasn't due to her will. She was determined more than ever to save that boy, but due to this boy's strange ability that she couldn't understand.

His last lifeline and the only chance she had left to save him was gone.

Even though she had the power to take on a tank and even though she had the power to stop the firing of a nuclear missile, it was not enough to save that one boy.

But before she could to properly react the aircraft had to disengage from the fortress as it continued to fall. The Sister shook the fighter and Misaka fell back into the cockpit from the wing.

She then closed the canopy and took the plane further from the fortress leaving behind a boy who declared he had something left to do.

But it was only Misaka's cries that remained behind.

“I still have something I need to do.”

That was right as for the boy known as Kamijou Touma the war wasn't over.

He had to deal with the fortress, the Star of Bethlehem from smashing into the earth and the spiritual item that had can control Index from afar. To do this, he had dived further into the collapsing fortress, guided by a distance voice which had only filled him with regret.

There was still unresolved issues from battles that had taken before this one, the problem with his memories and keeping it a secret from Index.

“…I’m sorry.”

He never had the intentions of hurting Index and wanted to set this wrong right. And he promised this to himself that with all his strength, he will survive this and come back to tell her the truth.

“I will come back.” Touma declared as he begun working with Stiyl through a communicationg device with slowing down the fortress and on the way he also had dealt with the annoying spiritual item that had been a bane for Index for a long time.

And he had that it was going to work out somehow. Everything about the great war that had started from a conflict with the Roman Catholic Church had been horrible, but it would all work out in the end. He would make sure it did. Kamijou Touma focused on nothing but running ever forward while believing that to be true.

And then…

The actual final battle was here.

He had done everything that was needed to redirect the falling fortress into the ocean. The worse case scenario now would only cause a tidal wave that would damage all the coastal towns and villages in the affected region. But they have already been evacuated by the combined influence of the Roman Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church.

Which in it self quite scary when they work together, but that isn't what Touma faced here.

All of that was now out of his mind as he ran to oppose the Archangel. Speaking of which had arrived at the Arctic Ocean without a token of resistance able to stop it.

At the same time, the Star of Bethlehem fell straight down from above crashing into the ocean along with the ArchAngel and Touma.

No longer able to stand up to the pressure, the walls and pillars fell apart as Touma used everything he had to head further down. The freezing water and the decreasing oxygen in his body, the boy, paid no heed.

As the darkness grew around him, the fortress was finally swallowed whole by the ocean.

Left with a single stream of light that was reminiscent of moonlight. Touma clenched his right fist with all his strength as the Archangel had noticed him.

The light of their eyes clashed within the darkness.

And the mere human boy who was overwhelmed with a tremendous killer intent continued forward without stopping to the very end.

A lot had happened on his way there.
It had all started at the point where he had lost his memories. He had continued forward after lying to a certain girl to not sadden her. He had fought an alchemist to rescue a girl who had special blood. He had fought the strongest monster to rescue the #3 Level 5 and her Sisters. A fight to the death had unfolded with a traitor of a classmate in a beach hut. A lot had happened on August 31st. He had stood up to a real golem to save his friend who was an aggregation of AIM diffusion fields. He had picked a fight with the largest denomination of the Christian Church to save a nun who claimed to have deciphered the Book of the Law. There had been an incident related to an underclassman of the girl from Tokiwadai Middle School. During the Daihaseisai, he had protected Academy City from the threat of the Croce di Pietro while it had gotten the coordinating committee member and his other classmates wrapped up in it all. In Chioggia of Italy, he had assaulted an ice fleet to save a girl who had once been his enemy. On September 30th, he had clashed with a woman from God’s Right Seat to save his friend who had been completely changed. He had enjoyed delicious sukiyaki with his classmates and then had fought Skill-Out to save the mother of the girl from Tokiwadai Middle School. In Avignon of France, he had fought God’s Right Seat over the C-Document. With the help of the Amakusa Church, he had fought a powerful Saint in Academy City’s underground district. In London, he had stopped the coup d’état led by the second princess.

And now…

"It has been a long road."

Not everything was fun and enjoyable; he had resorted to hurt others and in turn been hurt by others again and again.

Like a destructive cycle, these two things had repeated itself over many times.

But that boy was still able to continue forward as he knew his actions had saved a lot of people. And so he was able to plunge straight away towards his greatest enemy.

The Archangel.

In that final moment he had thought, that one day the earth will face destruction in one of many forms, that there was a lifespan to this planet like anything else in the universe.

But was it wrong to fight against fate? That at the end couldn't they stand up and fight for their future?

Even if it costs them everything.

And so beneath the waves of the Arctic sea, the mere human clashed with an Archangel to defy fate one final time.

At the same time, the Star of Bethlehem was crushed and destroyed under the oceans pressure, ultimately bringing an end to the Third World War.

Time will pass from this moment as many people across the world will reflect on these days known as the Third World War. And while it lasted only briefly, there was a sense of a new beginning in all corners of the world that was involved.

Kamijou Touma wouldn't long be declared missing in action, but it will be some time until the world realise that the spiky haired boy had died beneath those ocean waves.

The true prologue I had planned. To retell the closing moments of the Third World War. You will notice slight differences and changes, while it's not a complete version and pretty condensed it serves the purpose for later events. For example to create dramatic moments later on, lik the guilt of not able to save Touma despite him stoping Misaka.

The sadness that Touma was never able to fulfil his promise to Index and so on.

Speaking of which you may notice in this version he wasn't able to tell Index about his memories but is replaced with a promise, the way the fortress was ultimately destroyed to basically create a tomb for Touma. Either way this isn't a happy start as it basically tells the one important thing.

Touma didn't survive these events in this version of the world.

I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think. This was written by taking extracts from the novel and rewritten mostly in my own words. Though leaving certain bits unchanged as it felt like a crime to change.
Sir Alexander Beathen
Sir Alexander Beathen

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Fanfiction: A Certain Armistice Testament (Possible NT Spoilers) Empty Re: Fanfiction: A Certain Armistice Testament (Possible NT Spoilers)

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen Thu Sep 22, 2016 3:27 pm

Prologue updated and edited. Hopefully this version doest have many mistakes.
Sir Alexander Beathen
Sir Alexander Beathen

Posts : 325
Join date : 2015-04-30
Age : 29
Location : England

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Fanfiction: A Certain Armistice Testament (Possible NT Spoilers) Empty Re: Fanfiction: A Certain Armistice Testament (Possible NT Spoilers)

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