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[SNPC/Magician] Bláthín Neve

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[SNPC/Magician] Bláthín Neve Empty [SNPC/Magician] Bláthín Neve

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:08 pm

[SNPC/Magician] Bláthín Neve Qwgml25t

☆☆☆ Radix343 — To bring back our belongings to my roots! ☆☆☆

FULL NAME: Bláthín (little flower) Neve (dazzling).
AGE: 13 years.
GENDER: Female.
Small, underdeveloped body for her age, big head, big face, big eyes, truly a cutie, that’s what best to describe Bláthín as. Her most striking features however is her long wavy, silky, glamorous hair tied to a pony tail in combination with her emerald green eyes, not to forget that small canine tooth sticking out from her lips, even when they’re closed. Her skin — which is usually quite exposed with her skimpy outfit of only a dark green tube top covering solely the chest area and dark green leggings with one leg cut off — and hair are truly of miraculous beauty, so well cared for that they both actually shine and glitter, bearing a characteristic of glamour in the truest sense of the word. Preferably she matches the skimpy baseline of her outfit with the presence of a tiny leather vest and belt, along with an overly long yellow scarf around her fragile neck.

☆☆☆I’m a Faerie! A real one! Not that garbage they try to sell to little girls! REALLY NOW!
From the day she first was told the tales about her ancestors by her grandmother to the day she will die. She’ll never shut up with her claims that she is indeed a descendant of the faeries, an old folk that is said to be the origins of these tiny little beings all over multicultural lore. While her origins and the truth value of the tale itself are still doubtful, it can at least be said that she takes extreme pride into being what she believes to be. Add in a loose mouth, childish attitude and a squeaky voice as underdeveloped as her minimum size body and you’ll have the greatest annoyance…uhm I mean…a true fairy…? I MEANT FAERIE.

☆☆☆I like vanilla pudding, bananas, pineapples, gold, wind. Yes green is my favourite!!!
Admittedly, she is a little difficult to deal with. Oftentimes she appears to be rather self-immersed or at least occupied with rather out of context things. Even if you listen to her words, which are rather many, it’s hardly ever useful for you. And the worst part about it is that she’s quite the mischievous little imp, usually playing her trumps in a way that harms others or at least makes them tear their hair out while slamming their heads against a wall or desk. And when that happens, she’ll laugh wholeheartedly.

☆☆☆I wonder why you’re so upset. What could someone like me ever do?
Her expertise and role within Necessaries isn’t just focussed on the topic of fairies but onto a much more handier thing. In actuality Bláthín is often tasked to serve as a spy or infiltrator, something she truly excels as. As the frail, cute little girl she is, nobody would dare to suspect her of any ill will, especially if she starts pretending to cry. Unfortunately that’s usually the exact game she would play on others, at least if she is caught. In most cases, though, she would simply rely on her ability to make herself invisible. After all that’s what a faerie would do.

☆☆☆Accept me god damn it! Accept meeee!
If there is one thing Bláthín had been struggling with throughout her entire life, then it must be the acceptance of others. Besides her grandmother there has hardly ever been someone ever coming close to accepting that strange little girl and her rather strange fantasies. Among other children she was always the weirdo and among expert Magicians most of them looked down on her for believing in theories that have neither been confirmed nor are anywhere near important. Especially with there being other truths to faeries that may have been confirmed or not. Like that she always ends up as the laughing stock for everyone she runs into, leading to a rather heavy trauma in many senses…

☆☆☆Radix343 — To bring back our belongings to my roots!
The only thing ever straight forward about her was her desire connected to her ancestors. It’s not something she build up for herself, but was raised to do by her grandmother. Inheriting her strong belief in the past, little Bláthín wants to return things to what they used to be, pretty much regaining the lost land in her ancestor’s, thus her roots’, name, giving them back what they lost to the invaders that had driven them into the deep caves. And if she won’t be able to pull that off, she’d simply make her heirs desire the same thing, leaving behind her Magic Name for them to take over.

☆☆☆Sorry. I’m just better than you, you see. You seen? That’s called skill! S-K-I-L-L!!!
She’s quite a number. Already being an expert Magician serving Necessarius, the world’s most dangerous witch hunter organisation, at only 13 years, is still quite some deed, especially if you’re even being considered an expert in a certain realm. However such success doesn’t only bring positive side effects. Sometimes it just spoils the shit out of you. And guess what happened with her. Her ego is tremendous. Like really tremendous. She isn’t however the type to simply rub it into other’s faces with decency, but actually does it in the most ill mannered way possible: Bragging like a little brat.

FACE CLAIM: Felt — Re: starting life in another world from Zero.
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