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[Magician/SNPC] Victoria LionHearted

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[Magician/SNPC] Victoria LionHearted Empty [Magician/SNPC] Victoria LionHearted

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen Thu May 26, 2016 9:13 pm

[Magician/SNPC] Victoria LionHearted 5bcIpJy

FULL NAME: Victoria LionHearted
OTHER ALIAS: The Young Lioness
AGE: 23
GENDER: Female
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Victoria is a beautiful young women with Hazel eyes and blood red ginger hair. She is 169cm and wears the standard knight uniform without the helmet. She is often seeing practising her own combat skills or on a mission that she is rarely seen out of her knight's armour. Which is the normal steel plated design suited for a female.

INFORMATION: Victoria is the youngest child of the old knight family house the LionHeart and since she was the youngest she was never trained to rule the family when her parents passed away. Leaving Leadership to her older brother Edward. Which in her mind was the best choice life had given her since she had never had any desire to take the lead. Wanting to be a knight like her brothers, she became one of the few female knights of England at the age of 21.

Regarded as a typical tomboy, she soon proved to be the most skillful with the sword among her siblings as she had no other responsibilities other then improving her physical capabilities. Stubborn in battle she still understands the concepts of a honorable duel and respects the practice but barely has the patience for it as she charges head on into battle with tremendous skill with her family's sword.

The Lion's Heart.

Giving her the nickname the young lioness as she enters the battlefield like a raging Lion. She wouldn't be beaten by a male knight until her confrontation with Alexander Beathen who was inferior in skill and endurance but was able to win based on points alone. While other factors ensured his victory, Victoria left angry that he was defeated by one of the physically weakest knights.

Irresponsible, stubborn, strong and proud Victoria is a powerful knight in her own right. And while she lacks patience for some of the typical practices she understands the meaning of them and respects it. Her joy of not having a position of responsibility could be explained down to her yearning for freedom from the roles which her brothers and father had suffered the later dying from being overworked. This would also explain her hatred or distaste for Alexander Beathen. Because unlike Victoria he works hard to achieve his role as heir for his family, he follows the laws and practices also completing his duties. He believes in service for the family and country while Victoria is the complete opposite. Victoria would normally take missions which she found more enjoyable or posed a challenge to her ability as a knight. Nothing in regards to what is expected from a family member and working solely for herself. But it’s very important to knows she does this not out of spite, but out of concern and fear to watch the rest of her family to end up like her father. And most surprisingly she holds this for Alexander Beathen, but she would never admit it to him.

Currently is very unknown how she would react to the sudden loss of her family in the grail and if she would change, but it would be an important factor in changing not only her core character, but also the beginning of a change for Alexander as he comes to terms with the role as the Lionheart’s closest ally and how to help them in their most darkest hour. While keeping in mind the damage which has equally been suffered to his own family.

This would be the first and important test of leadership Alexander would have to even face before his own issues.

But whatever happens with Alexander in how he deals with the LionHeart question and Victoria deals with the sudden role of responsibility. There is something that Victoria keeps true too regardless of the situation. A phrase which has been taught by her family.

Our Hearts shall Roar.

Future Role: Considering I think the lack of knights on this forum, Victoria is a needed character for Alexander. I don't think it would work without the character being a fellow knight. The purpose of her role is a reflection of someone completely opposite of him. Being part of the LionHearted family she could have a big impact on the Beathen family politically which I would gladly leave up to the staff of this forum. Meaning after the blood of Grail. Victoria is free to used up to the staff's decision, which you could use as a tool to bring in Alexander into any future plot if you so desire.

ABILITIES: Victoria is a powerful knight in battle while she isn't the strongest, she has the potential to grow stronger. Her fighting style focuses on strong strikes in quick succession like what is described as a raging lion. And while she needs work on her defensive skill she isn't some novice when it comes to defense fighting. But her true ability remains in her offensive fighting style, which is considered so relenetless there is no need for a real defence.  

Because her focus on her life style to become a female knight, she has become physically strong and had obtained high endurance for a women of her age. And her frightening skill with the sword is remarked with jealously by many knights. And because she wants to prove she is as good as any other knight, she has a remarkable capability to try and learn new things quickly.


The Lion's Heart isn't anything special other than being a very well made two-handed sword. It's golden hilt with a Lion crest in the middle, it has the family's motto on the blade in Latin. It's a long sword which is roughly 1.6 meters in length it seems to be pretty sharpened well and there has never been known to become blunt in the families history. That is because the family takes care of the blade like it is a fellow sibling keeping the sword well maintained.
Sir Alexander Beathen
Sir Alexander Beathen

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[Magician/SNPC] Victoria LionHearted Empty Re: [Magician/SNPC] Victoria LionHearted

Post  Leivinia Birdway Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:42 pm

Imagine a world where I actually would approve of Victoria after an eval period of thousands of years...

Well, not gonna happen!

[Magician/SNPC] Victoria LionHearted 68oi3ekl
Leivinia Birdway
Leivinia Birdway

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