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[SNPC/Magician] Enrico Coppolla

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[SNPC/Magician] Enrico Coppolla Empty [SNPC/Magician] Enrico Coppolla

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:07 pm

FULL NAME: Enrico Coppolla.
AGE: 46 years.
Crimson. The most rotten kind of crimson. Blood crimson.

Enrico Coppolla is a holy man and yet the stench of blood is his eternal company. His features are soft and for someone of his age he appears rather young, is he blessed with both deep black and long hair, always tied behind his back. While his face is a tad long and might reside a bit sharper features, the most of them seem quite soft indeed, befitting of someone who has served the Lord throughout their entire lifetime. With his round eyes mostly closed, the only striking feature would be his long curled moustache and goatee, adding a mediterranean accent to his face.
The moment he is to open his eyes however, his entire facade twists from the holy man to the devil. In their deep brown colour there is only death, a blackness, an abyss and an inferno, madness, rage, consuming all those meeting his glance. His features will twist and his true character shine. Not that he oftentimes wears it to the outside all the time.

And yet he is a Cardinal. His clothing speaks that more open than anything. Or maybe it might be mistaken for that of an executioner? Oftentimes wearing the same red and white robes many of his kind would wear, yet covering them underneath a hunter’s coat of crimson leather, pairing them with a horseman’s trousers and boots, he seems quite somewhat in-between the two of them. The decisive factor, though, may play that wide brimmed inquisitors hat of red colour throning on his head.

The Saint
Cardinal Enrico Coppolla is a man that has done a lot for the believers and the believe throughout his life. He has built churches, spread the Lord’s teachings and sunken deeply into the religious theorem. And it is those things that seem to be written all over his person. Even if he is the leader of a branch of the Inquisition, he still is a respectable man of belief, a saint as many would describe him after their first meeting. All he does seems to be of the spirit found in the Holy Bible. Maybe it is truly that spirit which he entirely embodies. At least on first sight.

FACE CLAIM: None, unless someone has suggestions.
Leivinia Birdway
Leivinia Birdway

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