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[SNPC/Other] Marybeth

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[SNPC/Other] Marybeth Empty [SNPC/Other] Marybeth

Post  Mugino Shizuri Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:20 pm

[SNPC/Other] Marybeth Sy6ryca3

«To imagine that there is a place like this city that’d give insane people like us access to such power…!?»

FULL NAME: Marybeth.
AGE: 33 years.
GENDER: Female.
An average height, sporty woman with shoulder length unkempt and dry black hair. Her skin is pale and she is mostly clad in high class military gear, consisting of the usual jump suit with kevlar west and all kinds of equipment all over. All in black. The most striking feature however is her eyes, or rather her right eye. While the right is green, the left is missing. Not covered by an eyepatch but actually left as the dark hollow hole left behind by the injury that had taken it. Marybeth had never bothered actually placing anything on there, often using this feature as the intimidating addition to her looks it actually is.

◼︎This trade makes you go all crazy…can’t be helped!!
Ah, the military world. Being part of it just has its ups and downs. Ups probably are the easiest chances to vent frustration off. And the downs? Oh well, it’s just that all this killing, violence, agony and misery make you loose your mind eventually. With a bunch of screws loose Marybeth can no longer be considered anything even remotely close to healthy from a psychological view point. Kill, destroy, do all that with full blown cruelty. She’s a bitch, a monster, a demon. She’d skin you alive with a spoon or use napalm to kill an ant. And she can’t live without the extreme, either. Well just that…or maybe not…haha!

◼︎We are Thanatos and you are not. So why don’t you piss off?
Thanatos is her unit and she is the core of Thanatos. Her entire existence is dedicated to that group and each and every of its members is her family. She entirely adopted the idea of being a vicious demon, a god of death, an outcast. She is fine with that; actually she had never felt as happy. From her viewpoint anyone and anything that isn’t part of Thanatos is her enemy. She only treats those around her with respect, while recklessly spitting into the faces of all outsiders.

◼︎Life is a game without rules, don’t you dare to change it
The reason she never made it through a military career is simply that she has an issue with rules. It’s not just a country’s laws or internal regulations of the army, but even concepts like common sense or honour. She doesn’t stick with any of them, making the only measurement for anything in her life her own pride and whims. But as usual, that’s fine as well. She lives her life like a wild beast and has many of the same nature gathered around her. When she goes out there, all she does is play her own game. In missions it’s taking up the most underhanded tactics there are and in life its just the general act of a reject. But that’s fine as well. After all that’s what she was born as.

◼︎Best place in the world is with your family
Do you know those happy family celebrations you often see in family sitcoms on TV? That’s basically what Thanatos is like as a unit and that’s what it feels like to be a member of theirs. They cherish each other, love each other like siblings and are impossible to separate, except for death. As absurd as it may sound, these gods of death, slaughterers of the innocent, demons of the battlefield, are actually the family type of group. They party a lot, with Marybeth often being the one to sing at the karaoke machine or rule the dance floor. No matter where, be it the party at their private bar or a shootout with another unit, Marybeth always is the drive to the party. Throwing about confetti or organs.

In the beginning there just was a single girl. To call her a girl may be a bit too exaggerated, but she despised the characterisation as woman even more, did she not wish enter that kind of world back then.

That girl, quickly after finishing school, joined the military with great conviction to escape the clutches of everyday life. She somehow made it even into a special training course for a special kind of unit. You know, the kind that looks kind of good in your resumé. However that was hardly fortunate for her. While her results had been excellent, there had always been an issue with the restrictions. It felt outright boring. Just like the world of adults.

At some point she snapped. She thought she could do better than she currently did. She wanted to unleash her true spirit. So she did things her way on a mission. While such high class units usually were the kind to sneak into terrorist bases or the bunkers of some cruel warlords, taking care of everything with utmost precision and secrecy, that girl did something entirely different. Breaking away from the unit’s formation, she disappeared throwing the entire thing out of order, grabbed her gun, a few grenades and blew the place up heavily, critically endangering her comrades as well as the enemy. And when all had been thrown into disarray, she snuck around and killed what came into sight without so much of a challenge. The headcount being comparable to what some teenage boy would claim in an ego shooter, the disgrace weighing even more.
She wasn’t put up for trial due to the mission’s top secret status, but she at least got kicked out full force.

No longer part of the military, her life became boring all over again. She felt grieve over the fact that her success had not been accounted as one. She wanted to get back at those people or at least reach a certain stage to laugh them in their faces. So she tried something new. If the official side didn’t wish to have her around, she’d just join a mercenary unit.

That didn’t go all too well either, though. The company while a whole lot more relaxed, was not able to keep up. Actually they were even horrified after a single mission with Marybeth in the pack. She just was too deadly, too cruel and too hung up over doing things at a pace beyond theirs. They grew terrified. Eventually they kicked her out.

Stranded she was again. Forced to remain that way, even after attempting to join other units. With none she had gotten along. Always being the odd one out. Always being too much for them to handle. It’s a strange term, but that’s what most of them actually claimed.

Eventually she ended up in the corner of a bar, often visited by the rejects of the military world. Deserters, the crippled or the ones that were kicked out just like her. Some of them in search for an entry way to the mercenary world, some just running away from life itself, some just seeing others like themselves.

There she met many people, made friends and finally set the first corner stone for her great plan: Forming a unit of her own. At first she only had two others to work with her, but with time they continued recruiting a varying kind of personalities, the majority odd ones out just like her and her friends. Discarding her original name, she from now on was only titled Marybeth, a name given to her by all those others. They formed a unit on the first level, but became friends on the second, ultimately making them reach the category of family on the third. That was the way those without any other place to go would always end up as; just like a club formed by the bullied kids in school.

Odd Wolf.

Originally bearing not the most creative name, the unit slowly started to emerge into the world of mercenaries. A bunch that had all its restrictions removed began to move out and it became utter chaos. Yet somehow it worked out. With the first few missions being suicide missions handed to them by shady individuals, Odd Wolf actually managed to climb a bit higher and grow a whole lot better managed, mostly thanks to Marybeth quickly adapting to her new position as leader. And in fact, with people that followed her and were able to keep up with her twisted mindset, everything started to work out just perfectly.

Over time they became a known name, yet still despised. Their characteristic in missions was their unending blood thirst, cruelty and outrageous violence, that more or less ended up with them even going against any standard in the world just for the sake of fulfilling their missions. Customers grew afraid of them, so they were mostly left with missions no one else wanted to do, the suicide kind no one would expect them to survive. However due to them even passing through those without losses, soon, Odd Wolf lost all foundation. Nobody wants a unit that can score kills whilst being a harbinger of war’s horrors. They want the perfect specialists in secrecy that keep everything low profile.
Thus they were closing in to their end.

Until the Iwakura Corporation made their move.

Strangely enough that unit no one wished to hire was suddenly approached with an offer too good to be true. Not only was the money beyond anything they had seen before, but their job was something quite out there: Becoming a weapons testing unit for a large weapons producer based in Academy City. They would basically be equipped with technology more than 20 years advanced from current standards for free and even be given support in finding future jobs so that they would be able to use those weapons to the fullest. They would be granted a future and a stable baseline.

However there were conditions attached.

First of all did they have to change their name and erase past records, to allow for a fresh start — nothing all too troublesome.

Second of all they had to accept the company of a scientist, an arms designer — that was an issue.

None of the unit’s members were happily approving of the idea of accepting a newbie among their ranks, especially if it was an outsider like that. They considered it an insult, but faced with this being their only chance at a future they gave in. Even though they planned on secretly getting rid of the burden, by killing them off and blaming it on an accident that was outside their reach.

It never came to that, though. That man was amazing in all categories on the board. He kept up with them, survived and even became a corner pillar on the first mission. His ideals may have been quite honourable and thus outside their liking, but they were forced to admit that he was a fine man. A worthy soldier, a worthy asset, a worthy comrade and a worthy superior.

Kaizen Satoshi.

The man that had requested Iwakura hired them. The man that was made their superior by the Corporation. The man that designed weapons just after the needs he came across when out on the battlefield. The man that even though he should have been an ordinary Japanese high school boy was a god of war. The man that was even more of an oddity than them. He became a figure for Marybeth and her men to admire. He became the sole outsider they ever accepted. And that was just fine.

The unit that was now named Thanatos would become Kaizen Satoshi’s left arm.
The school club of outsiders no one liked had finally been accepted by someone.

Trained, Hardened, impossible to Match
For someone to refer to themselves as a god of death it would hardly be unnatural if they haven’t got some skill. Of course if it’s someone who is seen as that in the military world, that skill has to be somewhat amazing. Marybeth, much like the rest of the Thanatos Unit is an absolute expert in military combat, who not only underwent harsh training but actually grew through first-hand experience in various hard battles. She is well aware of the harsh reality that is war and knows how to act in one. Quite easily she would be able to match a US marine in one on one combat, but that isn’t actually her thing to begin with. What she does and what separates Thanatos from the rest is their willingness to throw overboard any and all sense of honour and fairness. So even if matched with someone she could easily take down by pure strength, she’d first find a way to place a mine underneath their feet to blow away their legs before jumping on them and crippling them with her fists.

Weapon of Choice: Numbers
Marybeth is the kind of person that loves advantages in numbers and knows how to make full use of that. On the one side she is Thanatos’ commander who’d use the full strength of the unit even on a single target, actually bombarding them from all sides, using ambushes and all that to annihilate whoever becomes her target. Having already witnessed nearly anything, she holds the capability to become quite a dangerous tactician, able to bring down even the most dangerous army just with her personal pack of wolves at hand.
On the other hand though, this also explains her personal fighting style in a one on one situation. Numbers is what she uses the most. Be it numbers like mines or other traps to spread the target’s attention, attacks launched from different angles to pressure them or just a large number in offensive power, like a high caliber rifle up to a rocket launcher. If it’s overwhelming, it’s perfect for her in any and all senses!

FACE CLAIM: Original art by hetza.
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