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SoL magic thread?

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SoL magic thread?  Empty SoL magic thread?

Post  Nikolas Remes on Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:17 pm

So had this idea about a legit SoL magic thread. Where Sara or (insert character here) causes damage to Nikolas' tavern and is forced to work there to pay for the damages. Probably works more with a church aligned character because obviously, the tavern is a church outpost. And they have to deal with situations and amusing incidents that arise in such a customer-driven environment. Since the tavern is basically a front for Church business.

This is just a basic idea and setting for the RP. If anybody is interested in this idea please feel free to contribute. Just checking interest for the idea and if the staff approves.

Slots: No limit for now.

Nikolas Remes
Nikolas Remes

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SoL magic thread?  Empty Re: SoL magic thread?

Post  Atsa Tsinaajinii on Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:53 am

Sounds like fun, Atsa Tsinaajinii reporting in
Atsa Tsinaajinii
Atsa Tsinaajinii

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SoL magic thread?  Empty Re: SoL magic thread?

Post  Nikolas Remes on Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:07 pm

You also experienced my first crappy attempt at SoL with Wild Hunt. Which is honestly grand, if you do want to see this through I would imagine we have to come with the reason why he would be in the area. Getting lost maybe not exactly work this time. Maybe getting lost while on a mission in Europe? Well what do you think?

This roleplay can easily start with just two people, leaving it open for people to join at any point in the role of customers or just visitors.
Nikolas Remes
Nikolas Remes

Posts : 63
Join date : 2017-06-30

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SoL magic thread?  Empty Re: SoL magic thread?

Post  Vita Vesta Caesar on Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:32 pm

Vita Vesta Caesar, Empress of the New Roman Empire, reporting in for underage drinking and the illegal employment/blackmail of minors! Setting the stage for the collapse of Nikolas' moral cohesion as seen in the eyes of others!

(I am interested in this interest check, yes.)

For Vita's entrance, probably using what you originally thought up for Sara and founded this idea upon as a basis is probably best. Might even be able to share it with Sara if Hakkun wants to join in. But just having Vita be a klutz and smash something feels somehow out of character, so... I offer a customization. Despite appearing accidental, the accident that led to her life as an indentured servant at best, slave at worst was in fact done on purpose! Having heard of Nikolas, his pub, and its patrons through the grapevine of Necessarius, she determined it worthwhile to make an acquaintance of him. And what better way to do so than as coworkers? But how will our sheltered empress fare in the cutthroat world of drinking and dining?!
(Not poorly, seeing as how she is not sheltered in the slightest.)

Minor suggestion regarding Atsa: going from 'got lost trying to find a place in the UK' to 'got lost trying to find a place in mainland Europe' isn't actually all that much of a difference. But Atsa and a shitty sense of direction is a humorous combination. So then, the suggestion: he's actually looking for Nikolas' pub, but it's only after he's in town that he realizes he doesn't know the name of the pub. Or its location. Or who its owner is or what he looks like. Or maybe he forgot, or got the wrong info. But upon realizing it, while brooding over his own carelessness, he wanders into a nearby tavern to get a bite to eat and a place to stay... (Maybe forgot his wallet too if you wanna get in on that indentured servant action. But beware, you may not remain pure)

Basically, Nikolas' pub is supposedly the hub of an information network. It's supposed to attract people, allow Nikolas to make connections to broaden the network and enhance his ability to snake out human trafficking organizations, right? Take advantage of that. Have it actually do that~

Also, Nats mentioned her concern the other day about it being a one-scene, one-note thread like Wild Hunt, right? That should be avoided, yes. Let us give it opportunities to branch out. With that comes the question of "How?", which I believe all those desirous to participate in this thread should endeavor to answer, but especially the GM~ What incidents or accidents might occur to shake things up? What ways can you provide ways to branch off the events (Route A or Route B?!) and provide continued sustenance for the players to RP with? Think, think, think! Do so and create! Drunken brawls? Suspicious regulars? Domestic abuse brought into the pub? Detective-work to investigate a theft? Alien abductions?! With alcohol involved, the sky's the limit! Or maybe not...
Vita Vesta Caesar
Vita Vesta Caesar

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SoL magic thread?  Empty Re: SoL magic thread?

Post  Saravati Nair on Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:41 pm

I'm definitely all for some fun magic side SoL. Count Sara in on this one~
Saravati Nair
Saravati Nair

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SoL magic thread?  Empty Re: SoL magic thread?

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